Friday, December 29, 2006

May the coming year bring you every happiness
Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year.
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Worth Checking Out....

ABC's Primetime -Basic Instincts asks the question "What would you do?" How willing are people to get involved in a situation where someone is being mistreated? This blog is evidence that although many people want to do the right thing and are bothered after the fact for having not done or said something, taking action isn't as easy as we would like to think. If you haven't seen the series so far, it is worth checking out. The limited 5 part series airs on Wednesdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.

Holiday Bonuses 2006 Part 1

Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Thank you to all of you who have responded to our survey thus far. If you have not, but would like to participate; please email us with this information.
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Holiday Bonuses

Position:Full-time Nanny
Bonus: $1200 (after tax)
Your Weekly Salary: after tax about $800
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: 5 days paid time off (not part of my 2 weeks vacation- just a nice surprise)
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: March '06
City, State and Country: San Francisco, CA

Position: Full-time Nanny
Bonus: None
Your Weekly Salary: No response
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: None
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family:3 months
City, State and Country: San Francisco, CA
"I have been working for 1 family in SF for 3 months. I didn't get any bonus. Not even a Christmas gift. They said, they very lucky to have me and the baby loves me very much.
I was so shocked !!!, I didn't get anything. I'm trying to look for another job. I just wanna share w/ you about my problem. Thank you !!."

Position: Nanny
Bonus: See below
Your Weekly Salary: No response
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: None
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family:Not long
City, State and Country: North Austin
"I live in North Austin. I received full weeks pay for two weeks when I only worked three days of each. I felt this was fair due to not have been working for them a long time."

Position: Nanny
Bonus: $300
Your Weekly Salary: $440
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: None
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 16 months
City, State and Country: No response
"I was a nanny for a family from Aug. 05 until Dec. 11 of this year. They gave me a $300 bonus even though they knew I was leaving. I thought this was fair considering I was leaving. I was being paid $11/hour at 40 hours a week."

Position: Full-time Nanny for three children
Bonus: None
Your Weekly Salary: $300
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: Candle from the Dollar Store
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 3 years
City, State and Country: Sacramento, CA
"My Christmas bonus was a candle and nothing else. It really sucked considering I gave all 5 of them nice Christmas gifts and they gave me a candle from dollar tree. I'm from Sacramento ca and I have been with this family for 3 years. I make $300 a week for them they have 3 children. I work from 7 am to 8PM".

Position: Nanny
Bonus: None
Your Weekly Salary: $1000 per week on the books (take home around $750) (corrected 12/28 10:18 AM-JD)
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: $250 gift card to family owned spa
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 8 months
City, State and Country: No response
"Bonus? What's that? I worked for my last family for 2 1/2 years and never received a bonus from them while every other nanny I know received in the $500 range. I have been working for a billionaire family for the past 8 months. I am on salary for 50 hours and consistently work 70+ hours per week with no further compensation. I work late without notice, I work last minute weekend hours. During this time I have figured I would be getting one great holiday bonus....well, the holidays came, and I got a $250 gift card to the spa that they own. They own the place! It cost them nothing! Not to mention that I will never use this gift certificate because every time I have to go to this spa for work purposes (drop something off, etc.) I feel completely out of place among the millionaires in their Armani suites waiting to get Botox....ugh! That was their last chance...I'm looking for a new job!"

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ex-Nanny Sues Billionaire Supermarket Magnate.... (read more)

Nanny's 4-Year-Old Son Causes Fire That Leaves Family Still Struggling 15 Months Later... (read more)


Friday, December 22, 2006

We don't anticipate having many sightings to
post this week, as most people are with their
families at this time of the year.
Wishing you all safe travels and Happy Holidays.


Bloomingdale Branch of New York Library

Received Friday, December 22, 2006
Thursday afternoon. Short nanny with short red/brown hair in a specific style. Very thin/high arched eyebrows. Toting little boy about 4/5 with her.Little boy wore a green/blue jacket and had thick/dark/curly hair and blue eyes. The nanny let child wander while she plopped down to read Spanish language newspapers in one section. I helped him look for books for himself. I was with my own son. The nanny-after 20 minutes came to our section and yelled at the child for talking in the library and bothering an adult. I wanted to say something harsh to her, but in the spirit of the holidays I did not. Seems to me that it would be basic common sense/kindness to assist the child to find his books and then sit down and read your newspaper while he looked at his books. Not abusive-but generally just not nice. Also, I noticed the boy was wearing what looked like brand new tennis shoes which were mostly white with a small amount of red and resembled/or may have been KSwiss and I am fairly certain the nanny called him "Ben".


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

TO: Dear I Saw Your Nanny:
FROM: Nanny Molly, Co-CEO NannyWorld International

Nanny Tina and I are starting a complementary site titled, I Saw A Mom!!!. It will be a pull-back-the-blankie reportial blogsite to list for public view all the lazy, self-indulgent women who care for children themselves. These are women who don't care enough about their children to hire Nannies and get jobs. They are very rare indeed in Tribeca, but yes, we have routed out a few, often seen talking inanely, feeding slowly, and even cuddling the little ones. Unlike a Professional Nanny who understands that children want to go to Filene's Basement during the sales and to congregate with other Nannies for coffee and endless conversation, these outrider moms actually treat their charges as as extensions of themselves! Is it any wonder that our culture is collapsing before our eyes!

Our site, I Saw a Mom!!! will encourage all readers to report moms who scab as childcare workers and put those of us with credentials out of work.

Wishing you the best for the holidays and continued success.

Nanny Molly


Baby-sitters in the News..........

An Ohio babysitter is facing child endangerment charges after going bar hopping with a toddler in the car...... (read more).

A two-year-old Glendale boy left with his 25 year old babysitter is in critical condition after being pulled from the bottom of his backyard pool...... (Read more)

Miami Sitter questioned in death of boy she was minding...... (read more)

Babysitter's Husband returns missing 3 & 4 year old boys... (read more)

Don't leave your child in a car seat indoors..... (read more)

Baby Nurse - False Identity

Received Tuesday, December 19, 2006
I recently hired a baby nurse through Absolute Best Care agency to help me care for my newborn baby for three weeks. I was assigned to a Jamaican woman named Monica (last name available). When she arrived on the day we came home from the hospital, everything seemed fine. After the first week I started to question whether she was as experienced as her resume indicated... By the end of the second week, I began to question whether she really fit the description given to me by the agency...Midway through the third week I became suspicious that she was actually not Monica (-) at all...Finally, I confronted her and she broke down crying with regret for what she had done... I asked to see her identification - and she was a completely different woman. The real Monica (-) had sent this woman in her place as "a favor for a friend in need of the money" (and charged the gal a small fee for the favor). While the woman caring for our son was pleasant and loving, she had never actually worked as a baby nurse before (she had no green card or authorization to work in the U.S. / her passport indicated that her occupation was a "dressmaker"). We were horrified - an imposter had been in our home for eighteen days impersonating a baby nurse sent to us by a reputable agency. We sent her home immediately and paid her a portion of what we owed her in cash. We are grateful that nothing happened to our child, however, we hope that the real Monica (-) is never placed by an agency again. While Absolute Best Care waved our placement fee, they never refunded us the cash.


NY Kids Club in NYC

Received Monday, December 18, 2006
NY Kids Club, approx 2:25 pm, Friday, 87th st location, white mid 20s sitter, reddish brown curly hair pulled back in a pony tail, watching 4 yo blonde girl before her 2:30 gym class. Sitter was being nasty and had a foul look on her face. Kid was not misbehaving, sitter was just in a bad mood. After the gym teacher came out to pick up 2:30 class, she walks out and actually said out loud :"One whole hour of freedom from watching the brat". I was shocked and one of the nannies waiting near me (our kids are in another class) heard it too and said she was going to try to follow up with the staff as to who the parents were. No physical abuse, but the girl was quiet and subdued, even when the other kids were getting riled up for gym class so I would guess being around this ray of sunshine sitter sucks for this little girl.

Joyce in Raleigh/Durham

Received Monday, December 18, 2006
Nanny Joyce in Raleigh/Durham area spends entire day on, not watching kids. Neglect led to injury of young infant that she tried to get away with (didnt call parents). Computer logs show the days she was with kids she was literally on the computer from the minute the parents left to 30 mins before they were expected home. This was a nanny of 7 years experience, screened by a nanny service, 6 references!! Parents: check your computer logs! Put unbreakable passwords on your laptops, your desktops, everything. Who wants to pay $600 a week for someone to ignore kids, put their wellbeing in jeopardy, so that they can chit chat with their myspace buddies????? Parents be wary!!


5th Ave and 97th Street in NYC

Received Saturday, December 16, 2006
Walking today, I crossed the paths of many sitters and parents with children. Two of these encounters stood out.

One was a very cross, African American Nanny, over the age of 50 who demonstrated a lack of patience and even contempt for her three year old charge. (On 5th Avenue by St. Bernard's School). She said "you are a bad, bad boy" With this the boy apologized and then the nanny said, "You will be sorry when you get nothing from Santa Claus". This made the boy burst in to tears. The nanny was now just past me and I heard her say "oh too late, it is too late now, bad boy". The stroller was blue and had a striped seat, I think made by Volo.

As I pushed my daughter around the corner and through the park (across 97th) I pushed off to the side to dig for my cell phone. It was then I chances across a real live manny chasing two children, a boy and a girl- the boy about 8 and the girl perhaps 6. They were laughing hysterically and running. They had a Frisbee. He had so much energy. He was young with dark blonde wavy hair, a thin build and may have had a German accent. I am not certain about that. It was past time to go home and he then challenged the children to race to the tree for an extra ten minutes. He let them win the race. As I pushed on my way, he said he had to call their parents to let them know they were still at the park.

Boston Public Library at Copley

Received Saturday, December 16, 2006.
At the 10 am Friday sing along music class at the main branch of the Boston Public Library. The nanny was in her early 20s, Asian, wearing a yellow long sleeved polo, a black hat, eye glasses, and was very slender. She was with a boy with brown curly hair wearing a shirt that said something like "winter waves". He looked to be about 2 to 4 years old. I was sitting next to this nanny during the sing along and she caught my attention because she was so enthusiastic! She knew all of the songs, was singing them, moving about, trying to make the class really enjoyable for the little boy. She was just so sweet that she even caught the attention of the little girl I take care of. I was really impressed by her and hoped that her employers realized what a great job she was doing. She looked to be so happy and when the nanny is happy, the child is happy.


Friday, December 15, 2006

May your Hanukkah be happy, healthy and bright.

Durham, NC

Received Friday, December 15, 2006
On December 12, Nanny Ashley admitted to me that she was lying to the parents of her 21 mo. old charge. She showed him t.v. against their wishes, was not honest about the places she took their child, and gave him medication without telling the parents. She took the child to the Emergency Room for six hours one day without contacting the parents. Ashley was fired, but is still seeking a nanny position in the Durham, Raleigh, Chapel-Hill area. She also has a nursing degree.

Nannies in the News 12/15

San Jose Teen working as a nanny in Paris falls to her death from a high rise.....

Long Island live-in nanny conceals her pregnancy and dumps baby.....

Danville, CA hit and run nanny appealing conviction again.....

OJ Simpson's former nanny.....

Tiggy Legge-Bourke, the former nanny to prince William and Prince Harry.....

Coldwater Canyon Road in Beverly Hills, CA

Received Friday, December 15, 2006
Looking for the person on Coldwater Canyon Road (Beverly Hills/ Beverly Glenn area)who is allegedly now employing my former nanny Monica. She would have started working for you between November 27-Dec. 1, 2006. She worked for me from September 17- November 22, 2006 (in Bel Air). I would be interested in speaking with you. Please email me at Please verify it is my former employee by supplying her last name. I have some information that I think you need to know about.

Santa Barbara, California

Received Friday, December 15, 2006
It was a sweet sight. She had 3 children with her, all of them under 2 or 3, although I think at least one of them had to be hers because I think I heard one say "Ma". She was pulling a wagon, one of those that have an extra extention to hold 3 kids, but only one was in the wagon, another was "helping" her pull the wagon, and the youngest (maybe 8-9 months old?) was being held. She wasn't irritated by the fact that they weren't all in the wagon, she made the best of it. She seemed happy to be around the children and you could tell the children felt that she wanted to be there. She kept talking to them all, telling them how funny they were and how nice it was to take a walk. I wish I would have stopped and talked to her, because good child care is so hard to find. I am going to the community garden on the Westside of town everyday next week in hopes that I find her. You should be so lucky to find someone who seems to be so in to your kids!


Starbucks at Broadway & 42nd Street in New York City

Received Thursday, December 14, 2006
Bad nanny sighting today! (Wednesday, December 13, 2006) Leaving Starbucks and I know it was crowded. This little, brown haired girl in a pretty pink, puffy jacket who was about 6 was walking out ahead of her nanny who wore a long sleeve striped shirt, very short straight black hair and African American. The nanny was carrying her frozen drink and a bottle of water (one in each hand). The little girl was I guess supposed to hold the door open and didn't. This did shut on the nanny's shoe, but only barely. I was coming in so I caught the door. The nanny transferred the bottle of water to the same hand she had the frozen drink in and using the back of her right hand she wacked the little girl in the upper arm and said something like "thanksalot". Because the girl was wearing a vinyl puffy jacket, I heard the thwack but I don't think she really hurt the kid. It just demonstrated a lack of patience to me. And if you were the mother of that girl, I don't think you would like to have seen that.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

My nanny experience. I have only had two full time nannies. One was good; the second was great. She was the nanny from the time my youngest was 2 until he was 6. He is now 8. I also have a 10 year old. Now that they are all in school full time, I have a college student that helps after school with the children. She is good but fortunately our old nanny is still in our lives.
My previous nanny is now married with a seventeen month old child of her own. We are fortunate that she has remained close to us and we consider her to be like family. My own family lives in California and my husband is from London. On those rare occasions my husband and I travel without the children, the children stay with our former nanny. This is a treat for them and affords me incredible peace of mind. This summer our former nanny came and spent a week with us with her child at our summer house.
I can't imagine what my life would have been like without her. And to all of you who seem content to settle for less at your children's expense; I am ever so sad for your children. The best thing for a child is to be raised by his own parents, if you have to work or you choose to work, you owe it to your children to leave them in the very best hands you can find!



Playground at Ancient Park in NYC 12/12

Received Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Nanny/ Au Pair/ Sitter Caucasian with reddish-brownish hair, somewhat disheveled looking, wearing an orange and navy jacket. The nanny was pushing a child in a stroller. I saw her from the back. The stroller was I think one of those Bugs in an orange color with an orange canopy and black wheels and handle. I didn't get a good look at who was in the stroller when she passed. Walking next to her was a little girl who was oh I would say 3. She had on denim jeans with hearts on the cuffs of the jeans and pink Ugg style boots. Her jacket was black and red. What caught my attention was as she was walking away from us the Nanny/ Au Pair/ Sitter seemed to be unsteady on her feet. This was about 10:30/ 11:00 this morning.
As I watched her on her exit, the Nanny/ Au Pair/ Sitter again lost her footing literally knocking the 3 year old into the iron gates. And I don't mean a slight /unnoticeable nudge. She really was dizzy or something. I mean I exchanged looks with another mother standing at the opposite side of me. The look was "what is going on". I don't think this is abuse but something was wrong with that Nanny/ Au Pair/ Sitter. Something was wrong! Yes I probably should have stopped her and asked her if she was okay & I feel terrible!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Happy Happy Birthday!

Gymboree in Hamden, Connecticut

Received Tuesday, December 12, 2006
I know many people think that I saw your nanny should be about negative nanny sightings, but no where in the title do I see that. With that said, I wanted to take the time to mention a great nanny I saw today (Monday 12/11) . I was in Gymboree for free play (at 10:30 a.m.)with the little boy that I nanny for when I observed the love and care that this nanny was giving to her charges. The children were named Annika (who was about 3 or 4) and Ronan ( Around 2 or 3) and did not look related to eachother. The nanny was African American and wearing jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt material shirt. Her interaction with the children was better then some of the mother's that I see there. She was playing with both children equally and had them playing together nicely. You could tell these children adored their nanny. What also caught my attention was what she told another mother. The mother had mentioned that it was very warm in there, and the nanny told her that she agreed but the Gymboree that she used to take the children to (which is about 30 minutes away) was far too warm. One day she looked at the thermostat and it had read 80 degrees and that was when she decided to switch them to this Gymboree. Now this is an assumption, so I hope noone jumps all over me on this, but I'm guessing that the familes live near Milford, the location of the other Gymboree, which means that she travels that extra half of an hour just so they can play and not get overheated. I just couldn't help but post about this good nanny, because being a good nanny myself, I know one when I see one!


Broadway between 96 & 97th in NYC

Received Monday, December 11, 2006
1:00 pm , today, Broadway between 96-97 Sts., near Gourmet Garage. The temperature is 55'. A woman steering very overdressed infant twins in a high end carriage. Babies (in striped caps) were pointed directly into the noon sun and whipping their heads from side to side, attempting to shut it out. No response from the caretaker.

Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois

Received Monday, December 11, 2006
Hallmark on the lower level today at 2:30 PM. As I was paying, I noticed a little girl who was between 2-4 lingering just outside the entrance. I got closer to her. She had tears in her eyes and looked panicked. I approached her cautiously. I asked her if she needed some help. She opened her mouth to talk. She started crying. No one was immediately around her. I got down to her level. I asked her if again if she needed some help. I assured her it would be okay. She struggled to get the words 'I can't find my...' out. By now only a about 90 seconds had lapsed. All of a sudden her arm was seized at the elbow by the person I assume was her caregiver. She started to yell at the girl telling her 'I told you to hold my hand'. I won't pass judgment on the caregiver for getting angry. I can understand being panicked. Although, it does takes two people to hold hands. In a crowded mall, someone with negative intentions had a good amount of time to abduct that girl. I am glad that your little girl will be home safely today.
Description: Little girl-under 3 feet tall, possibly Hispanic with dark hair, straight past her shoulders, dark eyes, wearing green denim pants, a white & yellow jacket and white tennis shoes that had a velcro snap and an M logo.
Caregiver: Between 5'4"-5"6", 140 lbs, African American, light brown hair combed back off of her face and worn behind her ears and wearing a navy blue peacoat and black slacks.

If you are interested in submitting a nanny sighting, click here!

Riverside Park in Lyndhurst, New Jersey

Received Monday, December 11, 2006
I work part time. On the days I am home with my child, I am overjoyed to be able to go to the park with her. Three days a week I am stuck indoors for 10 hours a day. On my days off, weather permitting I go to Riverside Park in Lyndhurst. I have often observed nannies; great and not so great as I made my rounds with my daughter. Last week when it was so cold, the nannies were involved with and laughing with the children. Possibly because they knew that they didn't have to spend an extended period at the park? Today the weather is not quite so cold. I have to wonder if what I see as disregard and unkind behavior is really caused by micromanaging working mothers who mandate that the nanny must take the child to a park or "outside" for a certain period of the day. While that may be well intentioned, I think you miss the boat when you don't hire a nanny who is first of all enthused to be outdoors with your child herself. At noon today it was about 52 degrees. Very pleasant weather for a child to be running around on the equipment, but the nannies look so unhappy.
At this time of the day, the children present are babies and toddlers. Not a single one of the nannies looked as if they wanted to be there, in fact their grim faces brought me down. If you are a parent to a nanny that goes to this park, please make a surprise visit there and see how your nanny interacts with your child. These nannies were looking at the sky and hoping (praying) for rain. I don't know how that transcends to other areas of their job performance, but I have to imagine the lack of enthusiasm and apparent dread carries over into other aspects of their work.


Cross County Mall in Yonkers, NY

Received Sunday, December 10, 2006
I am a nanny doing my shopping at the Cross County Mall in Yonkers, New York on Saturday afternoon. Mostly I was looking for a gift for my employer who I have been with 10 months, but I still didn't find anything! I noticed something at the mall worth mentioning.
A woman dressed in capris length tight jeans, with black high heeled boots and a cream colored fluffy sweater was at one point standing next to a very well dressed little boy about 6. He had dark, very short short hair, and a blue jacket but I can't remember anything else specific about the clothes. They were looking at some jewel items laid out on a table at the middle of the mall. The woman was about 26. I hate to say this but she looked like she had money so I don't know if she was the nanny. As I was standing there a well dressed man came up to her and said something like "can you take her, I have to go on the outside to get into Verizon". With that he left a little girl about 3 who I think was the sibling. She was also well dressed. They kind of seemed out of place at this mall. Left with both kids the woman looked displeased and didn't try and hide it. I would go so far as to say she gave the little girl a dirty look when she was left with her.
I go in to Home Goods and come out. There is the woman now outside Home Goods walking around. I see the little girl now but not the boy but don't think anything of it. The woman is now sipping on a straw in a drink and just looks like she can't wait to leave that mall. She seems to roll her eyes at everything and everyone in the mall, including me as I pass her by. I leave Home Goods to go down a level to leave through the exit I came in.
As I am walking towards the door, I see the father stroll in the door. He is now coming from the outside parking garage which has I believe 4 floors. I keep walking. As I get near the door to go outside, the boy pushes the door open and screams "Daddy, Daddy, wait". (He is coming in from the outside of the mall). I kind of gasp and stop and turn around as his Dad spins around surprised. His reaction is "Jackson.. What the...Come here". Not mean, just shocked. Then the woman comes around the corner first sipping her drink. The three year old is about 5 feet behind her and she comes around the corner. The father says to the woman "how did Jackson get outside? You scared me half to death" or something like that. The woman said something like, "It is too crowded in here, this is impossible". The father looks at her with disbelief. I realize now she isn't the mother but she also isn't the nanny. The father looks at the woman with his mouth kind of agape. I am thinking he is thinking "these are my children" by the look on his face. Then he says, obviously not happy "well I got the phones you (<---emphasis) wanted". So while he left her with the kids, he was doing something for her. She isn't the step mom either. She is like Daddy's new girlfriend. And if you are the mother of Jackson and a little 3 year old girl with dark, curly hair that were at that mall on Saturday between 1:20-2:30, this is a warning for you. That woman didn't care at all about those kids. If I was the mom, I would make sure she wasn't intrusted with their care in the future. I don't know how, but I would! I stood there for a minute trying to make sense of the whole scene but there was no sense to be made of it!
And if anyone has any ideas about what to do for my employers for Christmas, please respond. I am 22 and this is my first nanny gig. Thanks in advance.


Mckinley Park in Sacramento, CA

Received Friday, December 8, 2006
There was a large, Hispanic babysitter in grey pants and a sweatshirt with a child walking from McKinley Park in Sacramento. The little girl was very fair and had on a vinyl purple raincoat with big flowers and butterflies. The little girl wanted to stay at the playground or something because the nanny got angry and turned around and slapped her hand twice. Then she pointed her pointer finger in her face and said some kind of warning to her. I don't slap my child even on the hand so if I was this child's mother, it would bother me. Whether it bothers you or not-well only that matters if you are the mom. The little girl was also wearing black ankle boots.

Bridget in Baltimore County, Maryland

Received Friday, December 8, 2006
I thought I would take a moment of my time to tell this story: There is a nanny/babysitter named "Bridget" who I saw and see often through my window.
I am a neighbor and when she is outdoors with the children, I watch. She is always playing with them, the kids hugging her, she actually plays basketball and soccer and catch with the two children (under ages of 6) and she seems very happy as a babysitter/nanny. It's not often that you find/see this. I just thought that I would like to honor "Bridget" for her hard work and her beautiful smile. It makes me smile to know that the babies that grew up to be children -are in good hands when mom and dad are busy!


Plea from a mother regarding letters of reference....

Received Thursday, December 7, 2006
Many nannies will be leaving their positions this time next year or not returning after the Holidays. I don't know why this is but it seems that January and September are the big hiring times for nannies. Some of these nannies will leave of their own volition, perhaps even because you failed to show your appreciation to them at the Holiday time. And for those nannies, I am sorry because if you are lucky enough to have a nanny that takes good care of your children and you trust her; there is no dollar amount that is worth.
However I am aware that many families make changes to their nanny/child care situation in January (and September). Some of you decide to go with daycare. Others decide to stay at home. In attempting to end things amicably, most of you will give the nanny severance pay and a letter of reference.
I am asking that you please show due diligence when writing a letter of reference for the nanny. If you have fired her because she endangered your children, please don't put in writing that she was wonderful and trustworthy. In small towns, we sometimes give a letter of reference that comes from a name we recognize more credit than it deserves. I appreciate you wanting to end things well with your nanny but do not provide a false reference for her just to get her out of your hair.
We had the misfortune this September of hiring a mother's helper/housekeeper type that came with a glowing child care references from someone who I knew of. During the first week, the employee left a full bucket of ammonia filled water in the laundry room which I was directed to when I found my child splashing in it! (We keep a very childproof home). I brought it to her attention and she apologized profusely and said she forgot so I let it go. The next time I left to run to the post office, I returned home to find my four year old had plugged in a hair straightened and curling iron and was using a cosmetic sponge to put on "pretend makeup" which was a bowl of water on her face! This person was not a horrible person, but she was no kind of child care provider. Upon investigation, I found out that the previous employer who wrote the glowing letter of reference for her had never ever left her alone with her child. (Although in her reference letter she speaks of how she was able to do just that and with tremendous ease!)
I was originally going to provide the first name of this person who is again looking for work. But I won't. I just ask all of you who are terminating employees to say as many great things as you want about them, but please do not overstate or outright lie about their experience with your children. It is unfair to put someone else's children in danger and for what? So you can feel better about firing someone who most likely deserved to be fired.
Thank you,


Three Questions- December 6, 2006

Happy Holidays

Hi so having read this site - how do I go about doing a good background check on a nanny? I am in NJ/NY. Even calling references doesn't really seem like enough. Thanks!
A background check is fast and easy to do online. I have had great success using Akiba which offers diverse search options and Intelius which at $49.99 is one of the lowest priced options for online background checks. Additionally, many private detectives agencies, such as ASG will complete the background check for you. JD

NYC what is the going rate for a live in Nanny?How many days a week does a live in Nanny usually work?
Most nannies work a five day work week, either Monday thru Friday or Tuesday thru Saturday. According to the International Nanny Association in Houston, the average salary for a live-in nanny is $500 a week, while a live-out nanny makes $550 a week. The National Alliance of Professional Nanny Agencies in Seattle puts the starting hourly wage for a nanny without nanny-school training ranges between $10 and $15, while an experienced nanny with a degree may earn $16 to $25 an hour. The going rate in New York is dependant on the qualifications you seek in the nanny, her background and experience and the number of children she will be responsible for.
For Nannies.Com offers additional information on nanny salaries and compensation packages. JD

What is the average bonus for a great nanny? We hired an amazing nanny seven months ago and hired her away from a family she really loved. We want to make sure we don't shortchange her this holiday.
Nanny bonuses vary from one week's to one month's salary based on tenure and customs in your area, plus a personal gift. (Source)

Battery Park Playground, NYC

Received Wednesday, December 6, 2006
'Missy' the nanny was acting angered towards your child who was little and less than three. The child cried 'Missy please, please, please' for five minutes. The little child wanted more of her juice that was in plain sight but 'Missy' didn't want her to have an accident. Missy had a stiff face and kept saying 'no, you have to learn' 'no, you will learn'. I don't know what she had to learn because the little girl was as sweet as could be. 'Missy' just wanted to read the newspaper and nothing else. That was obvious from the way she treated the girl.


Tuesday, December 5, 2006

There are no sightings to share with you today. Many people still don't realize that this free database is in existence. The more people who are aware of the existence of this site and our email address; the more submissions we will be able to gather. So please take the time to email today's entry to someone you know and spread the word! And don't hesitate to share your observations of those amazing nannies that cross your path (or are in your life). Tell a Friend About I Saw Your Nanny
Until Tomorrow,
Jane Doe


Herald Square in NYC

Received Monday, December 4, 2006
I saw your nanny today at approximately 11:30 a.m. in the Herald Square area with your two children. She had a Macy's shopping bag, so she had already been to Macy's. She was pushing two young children, both under three, one as young as 10 months. She was pushing a silver 3 wheeled double stroller that had black handles and the name /brand [?]"Jane" on it. It was cold, and crowded before lunch and your nanny was singing with the older child. Singing. As she walked down the street. And smiling. And both children were bundled up and smiling. The older child that was singing was a fair haired boy who was also laughing. In a crowd of pedestrians, the three of them stood out and brought a smile to my face.
The medium height, heavyset, African American nanny wore her straight hair shoulder length & was wearing a mint & cream colored jacket, black jeans & brown shoes or boots. In response to your anticipated question, yes I am certain she was the nanny. And no, I am not the nanny writing about myself. I have enclosed my contact information as I submit this [do not publish] so that the blog proprietor may verify this account.


Starbucks in Scarsdale, NY

Received Saturday, December 2, 2006
I went to Starbucks this morning and I was sitting having hot chocolate with my daughter. A nanny came in with a child that was 2-3 years old. He was a little boy with black curly hair, in a jacket that was dark blue on the bottom half and light blue on the top. The hood was dark blue with a white stripe going down it vertically, he had on nondescript blue jeans and tan hiking style boots. They sat down. The child was just playing with his hands on the table and didn't respond. The nanny said "you scream as loud as you can". I thought she was going to go get more cream or something BUT she went to the back to go to the bathroom and was gone for TEN MINUTES. I don't know why she would take that long. And I don't know why she didn't take the child with her to the restroom! Does that feel safe for the child to be left alone? She could have asked someone nearby to keep an eye on him. I wish I would have said something at the time. If this was my nanny, she would be FIRED! This is the busy Starbucks on Central Ave!


December 1, 2006

December Coat Drive
The Giants, FED EX and New York Cares will host their ninth annual Coat Drive on Sunday when the Giants play the Cowboys. Fans are encouraged to donate their gently worn coats by bringing them to any of the FED EX trucks that will be parked at each entrance to the stadium prior to the game. New York Cares is a non-profit organization that helps warm thousands of men, women and children by providing winter coats to homeless shelters, community organizations, centers for battered women, and agencies serving senior citizens across the metropolitan area. For additional drop off locations in New York State, click here.
For national coat drive programs and locations, click here.

4th Avenue in San Diego, California

Received Friday, December 1, 2006
Approximately 9:30 A.M. southbound on 4th. Avenue between Broadway and market Street in San Diego, driving a Mazda Tribute in white with a gray bumper, lower door and exterior. I saw a woman reached in the back seat and smacked the older child. 5?6?7? And she struck the boy hard. I saw the child's head flop when the nanny smacked him.The nanny was white, 40's, dark hair pulled into a pony tail and she had bright red finger nail polish. My thought was that it was a babysitter, but this could of course be a mother, passing by in a car doesn't give me the best vantage point. But if it was you and you're the mom-that was most definitely uncalled for. In which case I hope your husband sees this and knows you are hitting children.
*the little girl was sitting behind the driver and wearing a head band and something pastel (?). the little boy had dark hair and was wearing something blue. I wish I had gotten the lic. plate.

Houston article on a Nanny Service Accused of Faking References

Received Friday, December 1, 2006
This is a link to a story that our local KPRC in Houston aired Wednesday on a nanny agency that helped candidates fake their references. (Click here)
I thought this would be of interest to parents.