Show Us The Money!!

Please feel free to email us your Bonus/ Other Gifts this year from your NF, or TO your Nanny, or from the Nanny to the NF
- all submissions are anonymous

K.S.  9 years and nothing

K.L.  1  1/2 year and nothing

JSY  2 years, $3000 Bonus and $500 for Christmas

SF  1 weeks pay

SG  expecting 1-3 weeks pay at my current job, at my job before this - nothing

MJR  Previous 4 year NF  $600, 2 weeks off with pay. Been with new NF for 3 weeks and got homemade baklava - it was very good lol

AC  3 years, 1 week of pay plus a small gift, and my NKs draw me pictures. My former job I was there 9 years and they would give me $200 each year - btw they made 4 times the money my present
NF makes.

DG   10 years, 1 and 1/2 month of pay plus several other special, thoughtful gifts

TRS 8 years, a few hundred $ for Christmas and another larger bonus at the end of the school year


Make FUN Designs With Crayon Pieces For Holidays and More!

Little crayon pieces are officially valuable! They can be used to create larger crayon themes. This post shows multi colored Christmas tree crayons but - the sky is the limit - you can make only one color,two colors etc. These can be just fun for your littles or Holiday gifts for friends. Melting crayons gets stinky, so be ready to open a window lol.

You will need - Crayon pieces, an old knife, silicone, holiday molds, baking sheet

heat the oven to 250, remove all the paper on the crayons, cut up the crayons with the old knife, fill the silicone molds with the crayon pieces, place the silicon molds on the baking sheet, bake 10-20 minutes, but watch everything very carefully because the crayons are different depending on color and different kinds etc, watch carefully to see when the wax melts and then remove and cool in the fridge - then pop out the crayon molds!!  from Heather Sawyers Marinkovic, pics and activity!


TIME to Rant and Vent!!!!!

Dear Biatch MB

I have just about had it with you! Today I was 5 minutes late, which I never am, because of a major traffic accident on the freeway and you gave me heck! While YOU are 30 min to an hour late almost every day! You do not even care when I have important time appointments - like a meeting with my doctor and my mother's birthday dinner as she is sick and may not be around much longer! When I discuss this with you, you either ignore me, change the subject, or give me a blank look like I am not even a human. I am about ready to smack that blank wide eyed stare off your face! The one saving grace is how cute and good hearted my charge NG,4 is. It's probably a lie she is related to you -- uggghh!!! I am not going to take this much longer!

Your Little Will Love Knowing How GOOD They Are!!

I write on the certificate good things - like- eat veggies! Give hugs! Pick up dirty socks from under the bed! And - BTW, if you own a business, or some other agenda where you want to get your name out there - tactfully include your info on the certificate.