Edgemont Park in Montclair, NJ

Received Monday, April 30, 2007
Nanny with little girl, approx. 18 mos of age with a yellow and white pacifier. Child had on purple socks and a pink bow in hair. Nanny was African American, wearing jeans, with tight bun in hair. This happened between 9:15 and 10:45 AM (Mon 4/30). The entire 40 minutes I was playing with my own child, the nanny did not interact with her charge. Most of that time she was on her cell phone. Even when I tried to engage the nanny in some group play, the nanny didn't respond. When she put the child on the swing, she would occasionally push her, but barely. She didn't even look at the child and said not one word to her that I could discern.


Sunday, April 29, 2007

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Kids in Action in Brooklyn, NY

Received Saturday, April 28, 2007
If your nanny took your little girl with reddish hair and very pale skin to the Kids in Action playground late this (Friday) morning, I have a complaint. The nanny (an Irish nanny by her accent, brown hair, shoulder length, blue jeans, blue sweater) was joined by a short, stocky African American male. Although the nanny did move from area to area to watch your daughter on the train and soft play area, the two were groping each other. While your daughter may have been too busy having fun to notice, other people did notice. This is a child's establishment. Give your nanny a day off so she can GET A ROOM!


Intersection of Yonge and St. Clair in Toronto, Canada

Received Friday, April 27, 2007

Nanny: Dk. hair, straight, mid back-Jeans, Light green jack with hoodie.

Child: Light Brown hair, straight, shoulder length-purple sweats, purple sweater, jean jacket three years of age, (give or take).

Child and nanny were standing just outside Shoppers Drugmart, nanny was engaged in conversation on cell phone, while child was approached by homeless man lingering near the Yonge street curb selling papers. Nanny did not bother to pull child back as the man approached. Nanny was just laughing and talking away, meanwhile your child could have been taken by this man. Anything can happen in these times. Nanny should have been more aware of her surroundings, gotten off the phone and held your child's hand.


Columbus Circle in NYC

Received Thursday, April 26, 2007
I saw a little blonde girl with her Asian nanny at the fountain at Columbus Circle. The nanny seemed very involved and attentive taking photos of the little girl. Except for the fact that the little girl was walking all around the park area WITHOUT SHOES! The pavement was filthy and she was playing in the fountain, which was freezing. The Nanny did wash her feet at the end of this little escapade but then the little girl was seated on the pavement with her hands and over the dirty pavement. The little girl was wearing a tee shirt with writing on it and a pink hoodie over it with light blue capri pants. The stroller was a grey and pink Maclaran. Besides the unsanitary part of this sighting the Nanny did seem very loving and attentive.

Dunkin Donuts on Broadway & 50th. in NYC

Received Thursday, April 26, 2007
I think your nanny is a rageaholic who needs to be drinking DECAF not size large regular coffees. Which she ordered. The nanny went in to DD this morning around 9 am to get her coffee and had a little boy with curly hair, olive complexion, blue sports vinyl jacket with her. The boy asked for a donut. She said no. The end. The boy was off to the side of the line with his finger to his mouth, somewhat talking to himself about what he saw. Very sweet and well behaved. The nanny exited the line, doctored up her coffee and grabbed the little boy suddenly and harshly by the wrist. He wasn't doing anything. In fact, could he have had more model behavior for a 3 year old? I don't think so. Nanny then said, "come on I don't have all day". What was he doing? She basically dragged him behind her holding his wrist. She was very rushed and abrupt, treating the child like a rag doll. The nanny was short, plump, African American or possibly Puerto Rican. She had very light skin, wore a lavender shirt and blue, cotton pants with slide in sneakers. Before you say this doesn't seem like anything, maybe not. But everyone in the store was looking at this nanny like "what is your problem"?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A former nanny who alleges a billionaire falsely accused her of $17,000 in unauthorized credit card expenses can take her lawsuit against him to trial, a judge ruled, court papers obtained Wednesday show. (Click here to read full article)

CVS on Broadway in Chicago, Illinois

Received Thursday, April 26, 2007
Great Nanny Sighting at CVS in ChicagoNanny has dark brown hair with bangs, black coat, rain boots, early twenties maybe? One little girl, "Chloe", just turned one, pink coat, bundled in white blanket, blue eyes.Your nanny is wonderful with your child. She walked your daughter all around the store, explaining what things were, singing and talking to your child, repeating the sounds that your daughter was making. I was behind them in the checkout line and commented on how cute she was and asked about her. Nanny appears to adore your daughter. She was also very polite to her, using please and thank you when taking a box of something from her to be rung up and asking nicely if she'd like it back. I believe I've also seen them at BN on Diversey for story time. She holds your daughter in her lap and sings along and claps your daughter's hands. They seem to really enjoy one another. Good find.


Ancient Playground on E. 85th. Street in NYC

Received Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Light Blue shirt that said Disney on it with a picture of Minnie Mouse, dark blue socks with some character on them, fuchsia sweatshirt tied around her waist and blue jeans that were somewhat short on her. (Crop?). White tennis shoes with shiny stones on them. She had blonde hair cut very short with bangs (pageboy?) and had light skin, Caucasian. I think she had blue eyes. Little boy had khaki and tan striped long sleeve shirt and khaki colored pants. The boy had a shaved hairstyle, light brown, medium skin color,Caucasian. The nanny was attractive, late twenties to early 30's. She had a very pleasant smile and voice when talking to her friends. She had short, curly hair that was trained back in a way that almost appeared like it was held by a headband. She had small gold earrings that looked like coins, African American, dark complexion, wide set eyes with professionally manicured eyebrows.
Here is what happened, I was with my child at the park this afternoon around 2:30-3:00 PM when I noticed a group of nannies talking off to the side. No big deal. I saw a girl of about 4ish run up to one of the nannies (described above) and ask her something. The nanny didn't verbalize a response but shooed her away like a fly. The little girl ran back off to the playground. The nanny continued talking to her friends paying the children no mind. Then it started to sprinkle. Nanny decided to part way with her friend and caught the attention of the girl and waved her in. The nanny asked "where is your brother". At this point I had not seen the brother at all. I assumed he was an older child. The nanny told the girl to get him and tell him they were leaving. Mind you, I am packing up my things at this time so I am not watching their every move. I then hear a boy say "I want to go down one more time". I am not watching him or her. I hear the nanny yell, "when I say it's time to go, that means NOW". Her voice is much different than the voice I heard fraternizing with her nanny pals. As I was heading off the boy ran off to the side and the nanny screamed, "If you got your pants wet, your mother is going to KILL YOU". Now the little boy stops in his tracks and burst in to tears. His little sister jogs over to him and says "Not really, mommy isn't really going to kill you". The little boy says, "she's not?". Then the little girl (such a sweetheart) says, "course not". The nanny is about twenty feet ahead of them and screeches out, "let's go, let's go, let's go". The kicker? The little boy was likely 2 years old. Maybe 3! The nanny wasn't watching him on the playground and she sure didn't hold back her mean mouth from attacking them.
Sometimes I see these mean nannies with their stern, angry faces and I wonder how any parent could employ such bullies. This nanny has a very pleasant appearance. Never judge a book by it's cover!

Trader Joe's in Florham Park, NJ

Received Wednesday, April 25, 2007
I would describe you/your nanny if I had seen you, but instead I only encountered your unsupervised 2 year old daughter. She was prancing through the store with her own cart, filling it with various items, and although she was very cute, she was also very alone. Because of the size of the store, I was able to keep an eye on her but never spotted you. When I was checking out, your daughter was standing RIGHT next to the door. Hesitant to approach an unaccompanied child, I informed the manager who assured me she would deal with the situation. But given the smiles your daughter was shooting me, I (or anyone) could have waltzed out the door with her and you would have had no idea. If this was a nanny - what are you thinking! And if this was a mom - it's very scary.


Sheep Meadow in Central Park, New York

Received Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Great Nanny Sighting in Central Park
This occurred on Monday, April 23, 2007. Nanny was African-American, wearing long sleeved blue shirt with jeans. Child was 15 month old, Derek, with a royal blue Bugaboo. He had a yellow bus toy that sang alphabet songs. Your nanny is very sweet with your son. I know there are a lot of bad nannies out there, but I wanted to let you know that this nanny was a good one (for the time I saw her). She was playing with him and talking to him and singing to him and she genuinely seemed to like spending time with him in the park.

Now That The Awkward Moment Has Passed...

Received Tuesday, April 24, 2007
I am a SAHM with young children in a a live in nanny. The children are all in different schools and programs throughout the day, so the nanny I and I split the driving and are in and out with them. As is my usual, I often go shopping on the avenue after I have dropped the oldest off for her full morning program. This morning, I had a migraine headache come on and went immediately home. I went to my bedroom to lay down and found the nanny (that I have come to love) exiting my closet. She is dressed in her own summer clothing and she isn't carrying anything. The shock and headache prevented me from doing anything other than looking at her. We have a full time housekeeper, there is no reason for the nanny to ever be in my room, ever. Additionally, she was technically "off" at this time. This is our third nanny in six months. Two previous nannies quit on us abruptly, one citing that I as a stay at home mom was too hard to work with. Now I feel I am in a corner, my children love this nanny and I am fairly sure I don't want to lose her over her being in my closet, but I can't let it go- or can I? Does anyone have any advice? The sooner I address this the better, but I am not sure how to revisit it. I have not seen the nanny since she left my closet. Thanks in advance for your help.

E. 72nd Street Playground in NYC

Received Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Spotting #1: African American nanny of proportionate height and weight, wearing nondescript clothing in shades of blue and navy was in the park Monday during the early afternoon. She was with your baby in a McClaren blue & grey stroller with your very fair, baby of 12 months-18 months. I could not tell whether baby was a boy or a girl; but here is the disturbing thing- nanny was allowing the baby to have coffee from her cup. The nanny next to her asked her in surprise what was contained in the cup and the nanny said "iced coffee". When that nanny gave her a look, the nanny rolled her eyes and said "she's not really getting but a drop". Why? Where was her sipping cup full of water or juice?

Spotting #2: Same day, ten minutes later and I am in the sandbox with my daughter, 19 months. A little boy between 2-3 wearing a forest green t-shirt with a lion on it and light blue Gap looking jeans with elastic waist enters sandbox. The boy is playing with a very small, yellow plastic dump truck. At this point I don't know who is watching him. I am sitting a foot away from my daughter who is not doing much of anything. Nevertheless, in the next minute, the little boy pulls his pants down and pees in the sand. Sand splattering on the wood and contaminating our shared area. I looked around in disgust for anyone to recognize their child. Nothing. I picked up my dd and relocated to another spot on the playground. Sometime later, I witnessed his nanny; a very thin, African American with very high cheekbones wearing a plain white t-shirt call out to him and ask if he needed sunblock. The child said no and ran to go down the slide. Not even three and he determines when he does and does need sunblock. Impressive. Where was the nanny when Dr. Sun was having his pee party in my corner of the sandbox? I'm asking because I didn't see her at all then.


Hippo Playground at Riverside Park in NYC

Received Monday, April 23, 2007
If you have a daughter named Sara/Sarah who is about 2 years old and an African American Nanny who took her to Hippo Park today, you should know that your nanny is very rough with the little girl. The nanny yelled at her, grabbed her forcefully and pushed her in her stroller. This was not a pretty site to behold on such a pretty day.

Target in Houston, Texas

Received Monday, April 23, 2007
This occurred at the Target at North Freeway(45) and Cypresswood. Your nanny was standing in the check out line ahead of me. Your 3-4 year old girl told the nanny she had to go potty. The nanny responded in disgust and told the girl to hold on. The little girl was holding herself with both hands and sort of dancing around. She really had to go! She told the nanny again she needed to go potty. The nanny responded with even more disgust, "Fine, come on!". She then turned around and asked me to watch your 1 year old son, who was sitting in the shopping basket chewing on the package of a mascara tube. I took it from him when the nanny stepped away, and gave him one of my daughter's toy links. She returned 5 minutes later. The little girl was crying hysterically. I'm not sure what happened in the restroom, but the nanny was very angry and the little girl very upset. She repeated over and over again to the girl "Shut-up!". She paid for her items and left the store. I left my things at the checkout counter to follow them. The little girl was walking about 5 feet behind her, and this continued until they reached the car. I watched for cars backing out so your daughter didn't get hit. By chance my car was right next to the nanny's. I watched the nanny while I pretended to take a long time putting my daughter in her car seat. The nanny loaded the bags into the trunk and then put the little boy in his car seat. She did NOT buckle him in! Just sat him in the car seat. The little girl got in on her own. She sat in her seat and buckled the chest clip, but could not manage the buckle between her legs. When the little girl asked the nanny for help, the nanny said "You'll be okay, you don't need to be buckled in!". Then she pulled out, of-course without her own seat belt on. I would have followed the nanny to see where you lived to notify you, but I had to pick my daughter up from school in 20 minutes.

The nanny was wearing blue jeans and a white tank top. The little girl was wearing a pink tank top and blue jean capris with pink sandals. Your son was wearing blue jean overalls with a green shirt underneath and brown sandals.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

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Click here to read the Forbes Magazine article, Invasion Of The Nanny Snatchers by Lauren Sherman.


Getting in to a Cab on 57th & 6th. in NYC

Received Saturday, April 21, 2007
Physical description of caregiver: Hair net on her head. Medium colored brown hair, short looking. Medium height and weight. Navy light weight jacket with white lining.
Physical description of involved child/children:Two children: One was a baby of about 6-10 months. She had dark, dark curly hair and very fair skin. (a lot of hair for her age). She was wearing a cream colored fleece. Then there was a little boy of maybe 3 who had same coloring but straight, dark hair. He was wearing a two toned blue fleece, dark pants & black tennis shoes.
Address or venue of observed incident: This was at 57th & 6th. They were getting into the back of a cab that was heading towards the park.
Date and time of incident: This was at about 3 on Friday.
Detailed description of what you witnessed: The nanny had no patience and was yelling at the boy. She had an accent I couldn't decipher, perhaps Slavic? She was yelling at the boy who was only about three to do this and do that so she could fold the stroller. The boy of course didn't know what she was talking about and the nanny got very angry. She yelled at him to get in the cab, by then the cab driver was helping her with the stroller which was a very lightweight looking stroller with a dark blue hammock type of seat and a green frame. The nanny wanted the stroller in the backseat with her and jammed it in the backseat and yelled at the boy to "move it". She made a lot of disgusted sounds like "Urghhhh" and "Arghhhh". Then nanny climbs in back seat with the little girl. No car seat. She was just so rough, even in the way she naturally moved. Little girl's head was bobbing all over the place. Not a soothing, normal or kind word was said to either child during this entire exchange-which if you are nanny in NYC must be fairly ordinary.
Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver:
Yes the stroller which had the green frame and blue hammock like seat. It was lightweight. Nanny also carried a pastel, plaid diaper bag or carry all.


Mississauga, Ontario in Canada

Received Friday, April 20, 2007
At Square One mall yesterday, your Filipino nanny was walking through the parking lot with your daughter Sarah (as she referred to her, without even looking back just calling her name and waving her hand at her to catch up), your daughter looked to be about 4 yrs of age. She had dark brown hair in pig tails, blue jeans, and a pink top with strawberry shortcake-your nanny had short dark hair, baggy blue jeans, and an over sized gray shirt. She was walking ahead of your child on the cell phone while your daugter was walking behind her, which is extremely dangerous as any of these cars could have been moving out and possibly hit your child. Your nanny should have been holding your daughters hand instead of walking ahead of her on her cell phone. If you recognize this as your nanny I suggest you have a talk with her as she is not giving the child the attention she needs. Perhaps her cell phone is too much of a distraction for her!

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Hillsdale, New Jersey

Received Friday, April 20, 2007
I found myself shocked to observe a nanny hooing and hahing inside the KFC in Hillsdale, NJ while waiting in line and then for her order. She was very loud and abrasive, decked out in Street clothing and wearing a lot of makeup. Her hair was flattened and almost "feathered". She was about five foot three-five foot six and weighed over two hundred pounds. She was wearing an open print button shirt with a purple colored top that was very tight on her and hugged her tummy tire tight. She had her cell phone and was disruptive as she spoke very loudly into the phone and then passed back details of what the caller said to another female who was along side her. I was already put off by this woman when I realized that the little boy rolling himself along side the wall belonged to this woman. She was most definitely not the mother of this child. I don't say this because she was AA and he was White but because of the way she spoke to him. He had a car in his hand and was driving it on the wall and minding his own business while she carried on. She was abrasive even with the workers there making sure they didn't forget this or that in her mammoth order but saying it in a really obnoxious way. All along this boy is just minding his own business not bothering a fly. When the nanny was on her way on out of the store, she hooped and hollered, "lets go" or something. She might have been calling a dog. The boy didn't immediately respond to her. Frankly, he was in his own world. The nanny then said in her same loud, obnoxious voice, "Yo, let's go". The boy who was probably 5 (?) kind of gave her a nasty look. The nanny's response, "Oh don't make me take you home and bust your ass" or she might have said "bust on your ass". I have a pretty good feeling it was just an idiotic threat but this woman was just a boar. I did not see a shred of kindness in her demeanor, no sense of warmth or compassion. Just a vile nanny entrusted to a very sweet, lonely looking child. Boy was wearing l/s green striped polo style shirt. The shirt also had white and dk. blue in it. He was wearing blue jeans and had on a pair of white and blue almost high top looking sneaker. They may have been Stephon Marbury shoes, but I can't say for certain. This all took place on Thursday at about 4:40 PM.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

A nanny who reported being approached in an Encino park by a man who asked to buy the baby she was caring for made up the story, Los Angeles Police Deputy Chief Michel Moore announced Thursday. (Click here to continue reading this story).

Click here to read the Time Magazine Article on Wet Nurses.

Granite Club Addict in Toronto, Canada

Received Thursday, April 19, 2007
You or your nanny bring your daughter Monday thru Friday to the Granite Club. SHE IS MISERABLE!!! Has it ever occurred to you, that instead of rushing your daughter to programs right after school she might just want to have some down time? Children need a break too! You and your nanny must be tired of rushing right after school to make sure she gets to her programs on time! I'm sure she would love it if your nanny took her to the park and just let her BE A CHILD without having to rush to skating, tennis, etc. I know you or your nanny are there every day because when I'm not I have friends that tell me your child is!! Perhaps this is why your child throws tantrums and has such a look on her face? Let your child BE A CHILD! There is nothing wrong with having your kids in programs but when you OVER PROGRAM them then it becomes a problem. I know none of the "Granite Moms" will you see you at the park everyday but it would definitely make some of US happy to see your daughter HAPPY, don't try to impress us-impress your daughter-LET HER HAVE FUN!!-Toronto Mama


Storytime at the Downtown/Uptown Cafe in NYC

Received Wednesday, April 18, 2007
I saw your nanny. If your child is a 2yr old girl named Darby, your nanny was sleeping at story time at DTUT Cafe on 2nd. Ave and 84th. today. Your nanny slept through the entire hour, while the little girl kept sliding off of her lap, playing with and biting her cell phone. The little girl hit her head on the table in front of her a few time. The nanny only woke up twice and said, "you have to stay 'wit' me" (not with me). I really wish the mother knew what type of person is taking care of her child.

Mathews Beach Park In Seattle, WA

Received Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Your nanny. Sitting on the slide wearing an over sized blue nylon rain slicker. Little girl with her in yellow & pink rain coat. Little girl was likely 2 or just under. Curly, Blondy hair. The weather was wet. The child was sitting on the nanny's lap and the nanny was sitting on the bottom of the slide. The nanny was crying, somewhat hysterically. I asked her if she was okay and she said she was. The little girl looked at her face and kissed her cheek three times. I am not saying she is a bad nanny, I just felt so terrible for her. This was yesterday (Tues) at about 2:30 PM. Nanny had dark, straight hair with chunky blonder highlights. Nanny was nearly inconsolable. I don't pretend to know what the situation was. The park was dead. I just imagine this nanny needed a personal day or something. If you have a good nanny, treasure her. Don't let her suffer. This nanny was clearly suffering. If you don't think of your nanny, think of your little girl who was clearly upset and almost felt responsible for the adult nanny.

Nanny Share Question

Received Wednesday, April 18, 2007
I want to get the opinion of nannies and parents: At what point does a nanny-share become a daycare? I am a full-time nanny for one family and part-time for their neighbor. There is the potential that another one of the family's friends will be seeking a nanny soon. I am willing to take on this third child full-time (giving me two full-time and one part-time). Does this cross the line from being a nanny share situation into being a daycare?


TJ Maxx in NY, NY

Received Tuesday, April 17, 2007
If your nanny took your child to TJ Maxx on 18Th and 6Th. Ave this evening around 6:30 PM, EST then you should be aware that she treated him with disregard. He was screaming and crying and the nanny completely and totally ignored him. This went on for at least a half hour. The boy was Caucasian, about two and in a Red Bug. He wore an orange top and brown pants. The nanny was African American, possibly 45-55 y.o. and wearing a denim jacket and jeans. I felt very sad for this little guy. At the same time everyone else in the store knew that someone was ignoring their screaming child. The nerve!

Sleeping Nanny in Toronto, Canada

Received Tuesday, April 17, 2007
I didn't know about this site till I was recently contacted by a friend. Your nanny was spotted at the Park near Milden Hall and Lawrence. She had dark brown hair shoulder length, East Indian background but could possibly be from the islands as well, late 30's-early40's. I am not 100% sure. She frequents the park with your young son and spends most of her time sleeping on the park bench. I assume since she does it at the park then she probably sleeps in your home or others as well! I commented to her about the sleeping incident and she had nothing to say to me. I have seen this nanny coming out of a red brick home on Wanless with your child, not sure if this is where you reside or if the nanny was simply there on a play date.

Please try to include as much of this information as possible-JD

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Probe of Nanny Agencies Finds Widespread Abuses
Parents and nannies should beware of unscrupulous, unethical, and unlawful nanny agencies, a City Council member said yesterday after releasing the findings from a more than two-month investigation into agency practices. (Click here to continue reading the New York Sun article by Grace Rauh)

Police Release Composite Of 'Baby Buyer'
LOS ANGELES, CA (CBS) -- Police have released a composite drawing of a heavyset man who is wanted for asking two nannies in an Encino park if they would sell the babies for which they were caring. (Click here to continue reading article)

Could You Be America's Next Childcare Expert?
Ricochet Television is creating their next parenting phenomenon. Following the sensation of SUPERNANNY on ABC, the production company that created the show is now looking for America's next child care expert to host and star on a brand new television show.
Casting producers are searching the country this spring to find a dynamic, caring and credentialed person to carry the series due out this year. Are you a male nanny, a teacher, a doctor, a child psychologist or another type of viable family specialist? If so you could be the person chosen for this major opportunity.
Childcare experts and people with a background in family issue resolution who are interested in hosting the show should CLICK HERE or call 888/7-CASTING. Potential candidates should fill out their application and submit it along with a five-minute video introducing them, and showing them working in their element by May 1st.


Monday, April 16, 2007

April 16, 2007
There are no postings for today. If you have a nanny sighting or if you would like to share your experience either as a nanny employer or a nanny, please email ISYN.


Peggy Notebart Nature Museum in Chicago, Ill

Received Sunday, April 15, 2007
This happened on Thursday, April 12 10:00-11:00. Two blonde Polish women were at this museum with 4 kids between them. Mia was the only girl in the bunch, blonde hair in pigtails and a pink shirt on. Conner and 2 blonde boys were the other children. None of them could have been older than 3. I witnessed these women sitting on the side of the museum while the kids ran around the water area of the museum. They were just chatting away and would yell if they needed to get a child’s attention. At one point one of the blonde boys and Mia came over and asked me for help because they weren't tall enough to play on their own. Anyway she grabs him back and begins to scream at him again. I was highly disturbed by the behavior of these women and their lack of respect for these little kids. Oh and while the one was shoving cheese in her kids mouth the other was on the phone while 2 of the boys were playing with the string for the blinds and wrapping it around their neck and pulling. I stepped in and told them it wasn't safe they should let it go and got the most horrific look from one of the women.They finally packed up in a hurry and ran out when a mom started to approach them about one of the kids who were screaming. One of the boys had a yellow and blue Columbia coat with a navy blue fleece hat. I'm sorry I can't describe the women better I was with my 3 kids and trying to keep an eye on them as well! I get the feeling these women are there all the time, they knew the ins and outs of the museum pretty well.
04/17/07 More info regarding the Peggy Noteabart museum incident: I'm the original poster here--I ran into 2 of the women yesterday at Briar and Broadway. They are not stylishly dressed and were not at the museum either. They both look to be around 5'7 with dirty blonde hair, one of the women has shoulder length blonde hair with very dark roots showing through while the other one has hair that reaches past her shoulder. At the museum it was in braids yesterday it was down. I have to believe that the families they watch are around Briar and Broadway because the little girl was walking yesterday while the little blonde boy with curly hair was being pushed by the nanny with the shorter hair in a black single mountain buggy jogger. hope this helps! I'm sure I'll encounter these women again as they are close to me so I'll keep my eyes out.


Lawrence & Avenue area in Toronto, Canada

Received Saturday, April 14, 2007
Have spotted this nanny numerous times around the Lawrence and Avenue area. She is dark skinned, usually wears a hat. I see her frequently when she is picking up the child she cares for who is a boy between the ages of 7-9yrs, straight brown hair slightly past the ears. The nanny walks in front of the child while she has music blaring through her ipod! I have never seen her try and make conversation with this young boy when they are walking, she is always preoccupied with listening to her music! What if someone happened to sneak up behind them and take the child? She would be none the wiser till they reached their destination and found the child missing. If you are the parent of this child, I would highly recommend you having a talk with your nanny, hopefully she can leave her ipod at home and focus more on your child!


Realbirth Center on 22nd St (between 5th and 6th Ave) in NY

Received Friday, April 13, 2007
At around 12:20 pm today (Friday April 13th), after attending a Developmental Movement class for young babies (8 weeks - pre-crawling), nanny left crying/screaming baby (3-5 months old) unattended and out of her sight atop narrow and high counter of kitchenette outside classroom. Nanny had turned around and was no longer facing baby. She had also taken a few steps away from baby. I had a horrified look on my face, and a complete stranger instinctively put her hand on the baby for a few mins. until nanny came back. The distressed baby could have fallen any second. And it only takes a second. Also baby was crying uncontrollably and she did not make any effort to soothe him/her on way out. While that is forgivable,leaving the helpless upset infant on a counter is not. This nanny is inexperienced and oblivious to infant safety.

Nanny was very chatty, in her late 20s, early 30s, and said something about baby being sick/not feeling well. Also said something about travelling upstate tonight, probably in reference to baby and family. It seemed like this job was somewhat new to the nanny who described herself as a personal assistant as well. She was talking about having just been offered a live in position to supplement her current one, starting at 7 pm making dinner for some children etc.

Nanny is of petite stature and thin (maybe 5'2 or 5'3 at most - 125 lbs or less). Caucasian with black curly (but not frizzy) shoulder-length hair. Wore light blue jeans and a green cable-knit sweater with hood. Baby (3-5 months) appeared to be a girl but I am not really sure. Nanny wore a baby Bjorn (black, with red trim).

Park Slope, Brooklyn-New York

Received Friday, April 13, 2007
This text of this post was deleted on Thursday, April 19, 2007-JD

West Side of Manhattan in NY, NY

Received Friday, April 12, 2007
Much to my shock and horror, I saw your nanny smack your child several times across the face, then shake your child back and forth in the stroller. Upon locking eyes with her, she stopped. I was on my cell phone with my girlfriend at the time, walking between a doctor's appt. on West End Avenue/65th and the radiologist's office on 59th btw 9th and 10th.

Nanny: I'm guessing in her 50's wearing an army green coat with same color fake fur trim around the hood. She had dark blue denim jeans or pants. Her shoes were very distinct. They looked almost like toddler shoes in an adult size. They were either dark navy or black with an off-white daisy at the buckle. She has short brown hair and I think she is Hispanic.

Stroller: light gray McClarren Quest with red trim. There was a bright green pacifier in the stroller netting. Very bright green.

Child: around age 3 1/2 or 4 with light blonde curls wearing dark beige or light brown corduroy pants, a navy puffer jacket (waist length), white and navy hat, navy leather sneakers. I'm 99% sure he was a boy, but the scarf threw me off initially because it was very light pink and had stripes. He was also carrying some sort of lovie in his arms. It was light blue, medium blue and yellow.

I followed the nanny and child around very discretely hoping they'd return home. Finally after a few stops and 30 minutes or so, they did. I left my phone number with the doorman at a building called WEST END TOWERS. Unfortunately, the doorman and desk clerk weren't paying attention when the nanny and child walked in roughly 1 minute ahead of me, but they promised to look out for them (I gave the description) in order to identify the parents.

I hope they come through and you call. Or I hope you read this here.

Do you think what the nanny did was out of line?

This is more a solicitation for advice than a nanny spotting. This afternoon, I was walking down my driveway to get my mail when I noticed something fall out of my across-the-street neighbor's upstairs window. This crash was immediately followed by shrieks of horror coming from inside the house (but audible to me, standing in my own driveway). I was concerned about the yelling and wondering if I should ring the doorbell and check to see if everything was okay, but before I could do that, my neighbor's 6 year old son came running from the garage, crying and screaming, with his nanny following him. He threw himself to the ground on the driveway where the crash had occurred. Apparently, the 6 year old had intentionally broken one of his older brother's Lego creations, and as punishment, the nanny threw his Lego castle out the window. The 6 year old was devastated as he picked up the pieces of his creation, and when the Nanny came near him, he got up, yelled "I hate you!" and ran away from her (toward the back yard). The nanny chased him around the yard for a bit, urging him to get into the car because they had an errand to run. He kept running from her and she kept walking toward him, sternly and angrily, and finally, after verbal threats, he conceded and got into the car.

So my question is-- do you think what the nanny did was out of line? Certainly everyone is entitled to their own philosophies of discipline, but throwing a child's toy out a window seems to me to be very aggressive and probably scary to the child. If it was out of line, should I tell my neighbor what I saw? We've just recently moved into the neighborhood so it's not as though we're great friends and I could just casually mention it. Part of me thinks I should mind my own business, but the other part thinks that if my neighbor ever witnessed my nanny treating MY child like that, I would very much want to know.

Man Tries to Buy Babies From Nannies at Local Park

Police are asking for the public's help in identifying a heavyset white man in his 40s who reportedly asked at least two nannies at Encino Park this week whether they wanted to sell the babies they were caring for. (Click here to continue reading story)


Barnes and Noble in Park Slope, New York

Received Thursday, April 12, 2007
I watched a little girl running all over the place at the bookstore today (4/11). She was not being supervised and was tearing books up. Ruining them! She had an older sibling too and both were in the "care" of a nanny who was making great use of the magazines. The nanny was reading a stack of Entertainment style magazines. While the little one was dragging books all over the place, the older one was trying to entertain herself but at some point she hurt her hand. When the girl brought this to the nanny's attention, the nanny said "Stop crying, you don't have a boo boo." She barely glanced up from her magazine. Of course she was sitting on her duff and not about to M O V E. The little girl was really upset and kept asking her nanny for help, "Please? Please?" She wasn't screaming or tantruming or anything, she had a pained expression on her face. And the sweeter the little girl was- the meaner the nanny was. The nanny said very abruptly, "Stop, okay, we're going home-RIGHT NOW". This older girl was only about 4. She was completely dependant on this nanny who seemed to be thrilling from her sadistic power trip. I walked through the child's area there and saw many unsupervised young children. I am guessing their caretakers/parents were off elsewhere. I was really upset by the fact that this particular nanny had no sympathy for the child. It is one thing to be lazy, another to neglect your charges but still another to not respond to their very basic needs. The little girls were Caucasian. The younger one had lighter hair then the older with curls at the end. The nanny was African American, had a gaunt face and was an older nanny. This all happened at the Park Slope Barnes and Noble on 7th. It was April 11 (ed.) at around 3PM. I have never posted before on this blog, but oddly enough as I was witnessing this, a post from this very blog that happened at another area B&N echoed in my head. What I would love to see is for parents who's children go there with the nanny to stop by there- or send someone to check things out. I am surprised the store staff doesn't complain more and set up more restrictions, because B&N's seem to be used as a giant nanny breakroom.

LICH Playground on Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights, NY

Received Thursday, April 12, 2007
This occurred on the TODDLER playground (for small children) on Tuesday afternoon, 4/10, around 5:30 pm. Your nanny allowed your son, "Sam", who appeared to be 6-7 years old (sorry, I'm not good with these ages) to pee in the playground. The pee (and there was a lot) ran down a 2-ft. wall onto the ground where lots of young toddlers walk, put their hands, etc. I think your daughter,who was younger, maybe 5 y.o., also peed, but I didn't see it. I just saw the girl and the nanny straightening up her pants. I went over to your nanny and asked if she had allowed the boy to pee, and she said, yes, because it was late and he couldn't hold it. I asked her to take him to a restroom next time, and she asked where? I told her there are plenty of restaurants on Atlantic Ave.where she can take him.Your nanny was 5'2-4", Hispanic, dark hair pulled back. I think she may have had agold crown on one of her front teeth. She seemed quiet and nice and was apologetic when I addressed it with her. Your son has dark hair and was wearing a mostly light blue jacket, with an orange stripe and white hood. Your daughter had short brown hair and was wearing a mauve jacket and mauve socks.I doubt if you know that your nanny is allowing your children to pee in the playground. Please advise her where she can take your kids so they can pee in privacy, and the rest of our children can play pee-free. Thank you.

Harrison Avenue School Playground in Harrison, NY

Received Thursday, April 12, 2007
Another Great Nanny Sighting-Harrison, New YorkI just had to send this in. I saw a super nanny late this afternoon (4/11) at the playground by the Harrison Avenue School. She was supervising two boys who may have been twins or may have been very close in age. Both boys had very light hair and light coloring. One boy wore a black and blue nylon jacket and the other boy wore a solid navy jacket. The boys were probably between 4-6, but the nanny was still on her feet the whole time. The nanny was timing the children. How long could they hang. How long would it take them to run in the grass from point A to point B. You could just tell this nanny loved those boys and they loved her. There was a little girl at the playground, I believe with an older sibling who was kind of left to her own devices and every time she went down the slide and the nanny was anywhere near, she stood at the bottom of the slide to watch out for this kid. A stranger's child! The nanny was an attractive, heavy set African American with bright eyes and a huge smile. She had a short style of medium colored brown hair and was wearing a cream and peach colored jacket with mesh style pockets and was probably between 25-35.


In Connecticut (quick rant)

Received Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Dear Stay at Home Mother with Nanny,
You seem to wear your nanny with the same amour propre and gusto as you do those hideous Valentino bow ballet flats. Why, just why do you bring your nanny with you to our baby class? One ordinary child does not need two caretakers. Perhaps you think this is a sign of social status and your dominance; but it truly is something you might wish to rethink. And preferably before next week.

Am I overstepping my boundaries? Nanny seeks advice....

Received Wednesday, April 11, 2007
I am a live-in nanny for a family and their wonderful 19-month old toddler. I have been with the family for about 6 months and am wondering whether or how to bring up some concerns I have. Their child is generally a happy kid, she plays well and is well-tempered almost all the time she is with me. However, I am starting to worry about her development. At 19 months, she has no words that she uses consistently. She occasionally tells the family dog to "sit", but it is literally once or twice in a month. She also has a fascination with anything that has wheels, and would spend all day rolling the same barbie car back and forth if I didn't guide her to another activity. Sometimes when I am talking to her, it's like I am not even in the same room, and in order to get her attention, I have to literally take her by the hand and lead her to another activity. The last odd thing is that she doesn't make eye contact. She will briefly, for a second, and only when you call her name and she actually looks, but she looks away right away.

What is strange is that different parts of her behavior are always present, but sometimes she will be very vocal and affectionate, sometimes she will want to involve herself with whatever I am trying to get her to play with, and she definitely plays with her parents and the dog. It's just strange, something feels "off", but I don't want to bring up to the parents what I think she may have. I have done research in college and plenty more research lately about autism and I keep thinking that she has very autistic tendencies. The only thing is that autism sounds like a scary thing, because it has such a wide spectrum. I want to definitely see if her parents are interested in doing tests to see if she does autism that way we can start therapy now, but I don't want to step on their toes or scare them about this. What should I do? I love this family so much and I don't want them to feel like I betrayed their trust, but I do want to help their daughter developmentally get on track. I would love any advice other parents or nannies have to offer. Am I overstepping my boundaries?


Starbucks in Brooklyn Heights, NY

Received Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Huh?I saw a nanny in Brooklyn Heights on Montague Street in front of Starbucks yesterday. She was very caring and nice to the child she was charged with. "Steven you are such a good boy," she said. Little Steven was very calm and well behaved with her. That was until a woman, clearly the child's mother, came around. He started crying and hiding from the woman. Then she began to scream, "Steven you little horror! Be nice to Mommy or I'll smack you." I looked over and saw a tear forming in the nanny's eye.

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Barnes & Noble in Brooklyn Heights, NY

Received Tuesday, April 10, 2007
I witnessed a nanny yesterday who lost her temper with a little boy. She was not watching him that closely and I don't think his behavior was good. But if she had been minding him more carefully, he would not have had the opportunity to pick up a book and hold it over the ledge and drop it from the second floor down to the first floor. He was only about two years old. A fury rose to the nanny's face and she smacked the crap out of his hand. She slammed him in the stroller and looked at him with this evil face. I think that had this nanny been watching this approximate two year old more closely, this never would have happened. Her harsh reaction to such a small child caused myself and the people in our party to be a bit speechless.


JJ Byrne Park in Brooklyn, New York

Received Monday April 9, 2007
This happened at JJ Byrne Park in Brooklyn on Easter. The occasion was an Easter Egg Hunt and most of the people there were families. A few families brought their nannies. Most of the nannies are the great nannies, but one nanny was completely out of line in her reprimanding of the older child in her care. I had originally assumed she accompanied a parent but she left with both kids by herself so perhaps the family she works for was out of town. The children were a little girl of about two and a boy of about 5. The girl had on reddish hair, a ski style headband over her ears and a pinkish jacket. The boy was wearing a grey sweatshirt hooded blue jacket. (Two materials-one jacket). He had brown hair, brown eyes. Both children were Caucasian. The nanny was about 50 years of age. She had on a long red coat (knee length) and wore ballerina flats with a leopard print and had a hair style that I would imagine an older woman gets done once a week at a salon. Her hair was dark, she had a medium complexion and I am unsure of her ethnicity. This is what troubled me. The little boy was so excited to be hunting for eggs. He wanted to help his little sister find eggs. He had the sweetest smile and you could tell he loved this little girl but nanny didn't want the boy anywhere near him. She kept pushing him off. He wanted to take her hand and lead her away, she literally "karate chopped" his hand away. She was very ornery to this little boy. She picked up the little girl in a huff and carried her away from the little boy. The little boy wasn't even looking at or for eggs. He was just by himself. He slumped to the ground and just watched nanny dote on his sister wistfully. I felt so bad for him. I tried to get my son to go over and play with the child, but the boy buried his face in his jacket sleeve. Unfortunately, I think he perceived the pity I was feeling for him. To the parents of these children- you have two beautiful children, please know how great your little boy is to his sister and how awful your nanny is to him! It was heartbreaking!

One Nanny's Happy Ending

Received Monday, April 9, 2007
Hi. I am a nanny and have worked as a nanny for four years. About ten months ago, I was working as a nanny on The UWS (Upper West Side, NYC) for a family that never kept to the agreed to schedule. At the end of the week, they would hand me my check and it never reflected the overtime I worked. Never. I had to figure it out for them, break it down, sort it out, graph it, etc. I hated that! I met a mother on maternity leave at a park and to make a long story short, I ended up going to work for her. It was tough at the beginning because my old boss went totally crazy when I gave her notice. She called the building manager and told him I was a thief and not to be aware of me hanging around the building. She called the older child's preschool and warned the school that I might try and pick up the child but that I had been FIRED for STEALING and the police should be called if I came to the school. After a solid two months of stress and repairing my reputation, I settled in to my new position. Now as a nanny for three children, the oldest of whom is 5. I am writing this because I just returned from Spring Break with the family. I won't say where but I just feel so grateful for the family I have ended up working for. We went to a very nice destination where I had a beautiful room on the beach with the youngest child. At 8 in the morning, the mother had a sitter arrive at my room to watch the baby so I could join the rest of the family for breakfast. A leisurely breakfast. After this I would usually take the oldest child swimming in the pool while the parents readied themselves for our daily plans. This included packing lunches, beach gear, etc. I was always invited to come and did participate in many activities with the family. I would get the baby from the hotel babysitter and take her to play on the beach with me (if the family was elsewhere) or with the family if they were beach side. The baby spent about 60-90 minutes on the beach a day. In the late afternoon, I would also take the baby swimming in the pool. Aside from that there was a babysitter in the hotel room all day long for the baby (and on a few occasions for the second youngest). They made the vacation so much fun- for me. So much so that I was in shock! I found a family that I work with as a partner and it is truly a two way street. They are so great with their children, it was only at my suggestion that they take a night for themselves for a romantic dinner. "This is our family vacation" the mother would say. I stayed in such a beautiful room. They paid for everything for me. Not just meals, but things like sunblock. They bought me hats and t-shirts. I "worked" less on this vacation than I did on a normal day, but I did "work" two Saturdays and one Sunday. We returned home early this afternoon. We were all beat so I helped them unpack the children and get the baby down for a nap. The mother kept shooing me away, "you deserve a break" she said repeatedly. After lunch, I went downstairs to my room. I am a live in nanny. I was so tired that I fell asleep. I woke up and there was an envelope under my door. I nearly passed out when I saw what they paid me for "travel". This is on top of treating me like a member of their family and making the vacation so much fun for me. I am so lucky to have found this family. They are so great with their children and such happy people that I look forward to going to work everyday! For all you nannies who are dealing with inconsiderate people, always keep your eyes open. You never know what opportunity is right around the corner!

Reminder-Drop in on your daycare providers

Received Monday, April 9, 2007
I am writing to make parents that use 'in home providers' aware that you need to know what type of care your kids are in, just as much as if you were to hire a nanny. there is a home in my neighborhood, that provides such "care" if you can call it that. during the summer, the woman is outside all day long, washing her car, weeding her garden, planting flowers, mowing her lawn. During the school year she has a 5 year old boy that walks himself to the bus stop for kindergarten, I would bet that his parents think he is being taken to the bus stop, but the woman doesn't even WATCH OUT THE WINDOW! He walked right out in front of my car one day crossing the street! I looked around trying to figure out who he was with, and he was all alone! How SAD! Just an eye opener, if you pay an in home provider, consider dropping by from time to time unannounced, you may learn something!

Calavera Hills Park in Carlsbad, California

Received Monday, April 9, 2007
I saw a very impatient nanny dealing with a small child at Calevera Hills Community Park on Saturday, April 7 at about 11 Am in the morning. The child was a little girl between 24-36 months with a dark brown,short hairstyle. The girl had dark eyes, long lashes and light skin. She was wearing a yellow windbreaker with two blue stripes on the sleeves. She was on the merry go round with a two other children. One of the children got off and then the male ( 5'9-5'11, short shaved style hair, with Boston B baseball cap and nice build) asked a little girl who I think was his daughter if she wanted to 'go fast'. That little girl affirmed that she indeed did and he started spinning both girls around. The nanny's little girl then asked for it to stop so she could get off. The male stopped the merry go round and she got off but fell and conked her head. The male bent down and asked the girl if she was okay, he apologized. The nanny stormed over and said "You need to get tougher, you are so weak". With this the little girl burst in to tears as the nanny took her away from the play area all together. I heard the nanny say to the child, "stop your crying or I'll give you something to cry about". The nanny was about 30-35, overweight with acne scars. She had medium length black hair and appeared to be Hispanic. I honestly think this nanny treated the little girl so badly because she was crushing the young dad. The nanny acted like she was embarrassed by the little girl's very normal behavior. Honestly, what kind of person is impressed by another person mistreating a child???
No one I know.


Friday April 6, 2007 - MeMo Baby

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Babies can't talk, but what would they say if they could?
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Manny at Harbor Park in Mamaroneck, NY

Great Nanny Sighting in Mamaroneck, New YorkI just returned from Mamaroneck's Harbor Park where I witnessed a wonderful "Manny" in action. This Manny very closely resembled Tucker Carlson, puffy hair, slight build, fair skin. He had two boys with him that were about 5 and 7. The boys were white with dark, short hair and strong builds. The Manny had them playing soccer and Frisbee, relishing in the wet grass. The more times they fell, the messier they got and the more fun they had. I don't know if this is a temporary Manny while school is out for Spring Break or what but this is the kind of caregiver I would love to hire. Older boy had on nautical looking windbreaker and younger boy had red jacket tied around his waist and Nike swoosh sweatshirt on. Swoosh across middle of chest, sweatshirt in black. It was nice to hear the laughter and the tone with which this person talked to your kids. He was having as good a time as your boys!

Cove Island Park in Stamford, Connecticut

Received Thursday, April 5, 2007
Everything was wrong with this sight (4/4, 10 AM-ish). The nanny was on her phone. I could not help observe her VERY long red fingernails. Nanny was wearing tight black jeans, very tight fitting shirt, lots of jewelry and straight or straightened black hair. Her hair was shoulder length and she was pushing a little boy on a bike toy with a hand held pole. The little boy needed to be pushed because he certainly could not have driven it. He was not that very steady on the bike and she kept getting annoyed with him. Why? Because she had to stop and use both of her hands (gasp!) to recenter the little boy on the bike. This causes her to struggle with continuing on her animated phone call. And just for the record, I have no problem with a nanny being on the phone, under normal circumstances this might be an opportune time for a cell phone call, but this child was young and SMALL. This nanny gave off a vibe that said to me "I don't even like this kid". The little boy had on muddy white tennis shoes with black stripes, blue jeans and a brown jacket. He had curly/wavy hair and was probably about 2. The child was white and the caregiver was Black. She spoke with a very loud voice on her phone and I think I detected an accent but I could not place it.
It wasn't the best day to be in the park with a child. Kind of on the cold side. Very wet. Even sprinkling now and again, but more rain imminent. That is why I say everything was wrong with this sighting! I was there walking. One last thought, the little boy might have been able to hold on his handles more but he kept rubbing his ears. Isn't that still the textbook sign for an earache? And did the parent know he was out on such a cold, wet and windy day? I certainly hope this is not a case of a mother ordering her nanny to take the child to the park! But even so, I would never hire a nanny with such dramatically long fingernails! There, I've put my two cents in!-VL, Stamford


78th Street and York Avenue in NYC

Great Nanny Sighting at 78th and York in NYCReceived Wednesday, April 4, 2007
A great nanny sighting! This morning (Wed) in NYC - waiting on 78th and York for the 78th street crosstown bus - Your nanny was with your little boy (Braden? Grayden? maybe) who is adorable - wearing an orange and blue winter coat and a blue fleece hat with brown shoes. She was wearing green pants, brown shoes and a black? coat - holding a small Nike backpack. She was so engaging with your son - talking and laughing and just keeping him totally occupied and entertained. He was clearly happy to be with her and she with him. What struck me most was that she spoke to him with respect - she asked him questions - if he would rather take the bus or walk, and called it a 'silly bus' cause it was late - he kept laughing and saying "silly bus" - just a lovely site to start the morning. I know some people will say that is 'normal' and doesn't need to be pointed out - but I was really struck by how lovely the two were together

Easter Gift Ideas?

Received Wednesday, April 4, 2007
Couldn't help but note there aren't that many nanny "spottings" this week. Have a quick question. I have a great nanny. She has been with us just about two months, with Easter coming up- would getting her something for Easter be an appopriate gesture of appreciation? If so, any ideas? We do not celebrate Easter, but I know she does. Also, she is a live-in nanny.


Ignorant Nanny at Ancient Park Playground in NYC

Received Tuesday, April 3, 2007
This really started to bother me after the fact. Your nanny struck up a conversation with me today at the playground (Ancient). Your daughter wearing denim overalls and a long sleeved white shirt with hearts on it was playing with my daughter. Your daughter is biracial. I and my child are African American. The nanny was harmless but ignorant. My daughter had two tight pony tails in her hair and the nanny commented that she wished she could do something like that with your daughter's hair but you would "sh-t" because you don't like anything "ethnic". Your daughter has short kinky hair and the nanny says she tries everything to keep it under control but it is just "the worst hair-impossible". She asked me for tips. That was a very offensive conversation to have, but it bothered me more after the fact! Please consider the message you and your nanny are showing your bi racial African American daughter by referring to her hair as "horrible". She seemed to be about my daughter's age (3). Realize that your daughter can understand what you are talking about! And if not your daughter, than other little girl's around her with the same beautiful hair!


Nanny for SAHM needs advice

Received Monday, April 2, 2007
Perspective & Opinion
I took a job working as a live-in nanny for a stay at home mom a month ago. I don't see her husband excepting the end of the day when our paths cross for about 10 minutes. He seems great. The pay is great. great perks and the little boy is a doll! The only problem is, and it really isn't a problem so much as a situation I am not used to- the mother follows me everywhere. I have friends that work for stay at home mothers so I assumed she would be out to lunch with the girls or playing bridge or playing tennis or doing charity work but she doesn't do any of that. She is home all of the time. If I am playing the farm toy set with the child on the floor, she will come in and just watch us. I don't have anything to hide, but it's hard to keep doing the farmer and pig's voices when someone is just watching you. What makes it worse is the child will always ask Mommy to play and she always says no. This makes it very hard to keep the child interested in what we are playing as the little boy then wants to follow her when she leaves. Mommy is also there when I get him ready for his preschool and he always wants mommy to take him. Her answer is always, "no. that is what X is for". This makes me feel terrible! There have also been times when we are knee deep in finger paint and mommy uses the home PA system to call us to come downstairs saying she needs X (the child) right away. So I clean him up and take him downstairs and she says something ridiculous like, "I need to know if you think you want to take karate next term". The child is not quite 4! Is she doing this on purpose? Is there any point in talking to her? I feel I will just offend her. I passed on 3 jobs with working mothers to take this one and my mistake thinking it would be easier. I also feel that despite the fact that mommy is home all of the time, the little boy is getting very attached to me. In which case, isn't it best to leave before he gets more attached? It couldn't be more difficult, harder, more awkward. etc. etc. etc. Any advice??

FYE at Edgewater Commons in Edgewater, NJ

Received Monday, April 2, 2007
Nanny: 5'2"-5'4", 140-160 lbs, brown wavy hair, maroon cloth headband, olive skin, light eyes. At one point nanny was shopping in the CW section and had a Tim McGraw CD in her hand, but nanny left without buying anything. Her music taste might help identify her as your nanny. She was wearing converse old style tennis shoes and had a Lt weight, brown athletic jacket on with fila written on it.
Child: 2-3 yrs. old, medium build, carrying small doll with yarn style hair. Child had dark, straight hair, brown eyes, fair skin. She was wearing a mint colored jacket that had other colors in a pattern on the front in a diamond shaped pattern.
What happened: Nanny was trying to look for Cd's and child was being whiny and wanted to be picked up. Nanny used her hand to push child away (the same way I push my dog away so she doesn't jump up). The nanny did this repeatedly. The little girl had red cheeks like she might have been sick. The nanny was very focused on her CD needs and was very rude to the little girl. The little girl followed her up and down the aisle. While some sitters have to call out for the kids they are watching, this nanny seemed annoyed that the child was too close to her. And I have to repeat, she could have been as young as 2. The child really looked like she needed to be picked up. If I had to guess, she was running a fever. But nanny did not care! I didn't say anything to the nanny but I did look at her with an expression on my face that I hope conveyed "what is wrong with you". This may be one reason why nanny left the store without making a purchase.
Where: At FYE in Edgewater Commons in NJ.
When: Between 12:30-1:00 today.


Greenwich Park in Bethesda, Maryland

Received Sunday, April 1, 2007
Friday afternoon between 4 and 5 pm I saw a couple of caregivers in the park, both of them African American, one between 20-30 and the other 35-45.. The older caregiver was with and infant in a stroller, I don't know the brand o model because I don't know about baby gear but it said "Universal" in it. The boys we both 1-2 years old, both of them dark blond, they might be siblings, maybe twins, but it seemed to me that each caregiver was looking after each child (or at least supposed to). One of the boys was wearing a plaid shirt and the other a fleece sleeveless jacket and I am not sure but I think one of the boy's name was Andrew and they were playing with trucks.

What I saw and bothered me was this two caregivers talking to each other nonstop paying barely attention to the little boys they were supposed to be looking for, they were talking in a different language I couldn't recognize. In one moment both of them went into the basketball courts where older kids were playing. The little boys were playing in one end of the court while the caregivers where standing up chatting far away in the other side of the court.They could had gotten hurt with the heavy balls

After this the kids went back to the playground playing by themselves all the time and the only interaction with this women was when one of them start yelling NO NO NO because one of the little boys was trying to get the toy from other kid, but then she went back to her conversation.From time to time they looked at them but I don't think that was enough.

This boys were really small and they shouldn't be unsupervised like that, this went for more than the hour we stayed in the park.

I am sorry I can't describe better but I was with 3 kids myself so I couldn't pay to much attention to details.

Beatley Library in Alexandria,Virginia

Received Sunday, April 1, 2007
Great Nanny Sighting in Alexandria, VirginiaNot a specific sighting, but rather a few observations over a period of time. I've seen your nanny a number of times at the Beatley Library in Alexandria Virginia. She's got to be a nanny or a full time babysitter - WAY too young to be these kid's mother - she cannot be older than 17. She's great with your kids. She seems to have a great routine with them, settling the two older ones (possibly 7-9?) down for homework and reading to or listening to the younger one (4?) read. She always sets aside 15 minutes to look for "checking out" books, and is positively full of suggestions for them to read. She also interacts with other kids in the children's section, and once it ended up reading not only to your daughter but four or five other little ones who were around. I'm at the library all the time with my two youngest ones, and I can hope that when I look for a nanny I can find somebody as fun as she is.