Santa Monica Dog Park in Santa Monica, CA

Received Saturday, July 31, 2010
nanny sighting I saw a nanny at Santa Monica Dog Park on Friday, July 30. She was blonde, tall, slim and dressed in black pants and a black sweater. She was at the Santa Monica Doggie park inside the big dog yard with a small black dog and two blond children. The first child was a girl very blond and around 5 or 6 years old. The second child was around 3 or 4 years old most likely 3 and a boy also blond. When I came into the big dog park with my big dog the little boy was drinking from the dog fountain. It is low to the ground and several dogs were surrounding the little boy. There is always water sitting inside the bowl and the little boy was licking inside that water and drinking from the faucet. He was on his knees and the little girl was running around with water all over her face so she most likely had drank from that as well. The water fountain has a taller fountain and the low down fountain. I have never seen any person even drink from the higher one as the tall dogs jump up and drink from that as well. But this little boy was lapping up the left over water sitting in the bowl. I said to the little boy oh baby don't drink from that it's dirty you will get sick where is your mom. He was laughing and just ran off way up to the back of the doggie area. I walked up there and saw a very blond lady and asked her "is that your little boy and girl". She said well no I'm their babysitter. I told her the little boy just drank out of the dog water fountain and he was actually lapping it up like a dog. The fountain is very far from where she was sitting on a bench. She said to the kids oh well don't drink from that we have a bottle of water in the car. I said to her you better tell his mother he could get extremely sick from drinking that water. She just ignored me but another lady came over to me and said a few minutes ago the little boy had the big dog scooper and had scooped up his dogs poop. This lady said when the little boy tried to dump the poop into the trash can he missed and the dog poop and everything else fell all over him. A little while later I saw the nanny had left the doggie area she was sitting on a bench and letting the two children ride their scooters up a hilly area near the doggie park. She was close enough and was calling to them but I'm just mentioning that as they both had razor scooters. This happened at 10:15 a.m.


Saturday, July 31, 2010
june cl wtf 7
.... WHAT?!

1) baby sitter needed (Atlanta)
Handsome Dr. ISO female baby sitter for his 3 month baby boy.
Must be between the ages of 21 and 35 with nice shape. I want my son to be around attractive women!! LOL Please send pics with responses. $15 hr

2) Housekeeper with a twist (Miami)
Looking for a lady that can be eye candy around the house while cleaning up and working around my home. Very laid back person with an open minded that also willing to have fun. I also have young kids that are off at summer activites but will need overnight babysitting when I go out at night. send info and two current pics. $80 a day.

3) In need of care tonight in my home (Norfolk)
I am looking for childcare in my home tonight 8-2. I have two children ages 3 and 4. Also must be pet friendly as I have two large dogs. If interested please email me. Thank you! Tina

4) PT Nanny/Babysitting job (Norfolk)
Looking for a nanny/babysitter for Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Two sweet, smart kids, twins going on three years old. A little light houseword while there napping...some vacuuming and/or laundry...cutting veggies/light meal prep/healthy cock only general keeping the house neat. Additional hours of babysitting on a regular basis. Please email for details and with references if interested.

My name is Mickey I'm 15 and am currently looking for a job. I'm great with kids and have babysitted numerous times before, I am a certified babysitter. I can babysit at either your home or mine. I do not have a set price for my services, I will discuss payment with parents depending on how long I will babysit for and how many children I need to watch. You can contact me with my email sableferret95@**** or you can text my cellphone 757-761-****. I am available Monday through Sunday during the summer. Also my mother and I have spare bedrooms if you need weekend babysitting or overnight stays.

6) babysitter tomorrow night (Norfolk)
I need a babysitter tomorrow night from about 9:30 till 1:30 ill pay 6 an hour if you could come here that be great please email me!!! With information about you.

7) MWF mourning nanny (Miami)
I'm currently looking for a job MWF mournings can only work until 12 or 1230 due to another job. I'm also available on weekends. Ive been a nanny for 13 years with a variety of ages and I'm currently working for a family now. But since the baby will be in school in the mourning I'm looking for another family that needs help.

8) Live-in Nanny needed ASAP (Atlanta)
Am looking for a loving caring fun smart mature minded nanny with own reliable car asap for my 3 children, position will start 8/16/2010 which will start as a temporary and could strongly lead to permanent with the right person who takes really good care of my kids for they are my life. I will need 2 recent work related references with DMV Records and Background Check as well if you are interesting, please send me a little detail about yourself along with 2 references and resume to the above email and i will get back to you asap. Now let me tell you a little about this position. for the right person can work my job and still work another job or go to school from 9am-5pm elsewhere if want. for my require time for care is only from 7pm-7am monday thru friday and few hours sat/sun but the night is a must when i am not around. I need someone who can do laundry, housekeeping (my house is clean)and meal preparation (dinner&breakfast)for my kids only, run few errands while live-in at nights please serious inquiries only and will pay $.Thank You for your time.

9) WANTED: PT child care 3hr per day, 2-3 days per week (D.C.)
We're looking for someone to watch our seven week old daughter two to three days a week for a few hours each day in our home. She eats, sleeps, and poops. Other than that, she's pretty low-maintenance. Time of day for part-time care is flexible, but must be within regular business hours.

10) night out care (Norfolk)
i am offering moms night out this week to anyone wanting to go out this weekend and have some fun while knowing that your children are safe. I am a 2 yeas old stay at home mom. There will be planed activities a healthy home cooked meal and lots of love given. Over nights are also

11) Childcare GURU (N.C.)
Hello. My name is Morgan. I am 14/years/old and an Honor Roll student. I am seeking a job where I can share my childcare experience and skills. I have experience in both babysitting and tutoring young children, and personal experience caring for my younger sister. Children warm up to me immediately and we bond easily. I am healthy, high energy, creative, dependable, trustworthy, accountable and hard working. I am CPR registered and can offer excellent references. My fee is $6/hour. I look forward to hearing from you !! Call me @ 919.326.****.

12) Babysitter available for boys (New York)
Babysitter available for boys. I am going into my junior year of college and am home for the remainder of the summer. I go back the end of August, so, all of August I am available to help out. If you are interested, and request a resume, let me know. I am great with kids, and I have great references. Why you would want to hire me to watch your boys? Because boys may want a guy babysitter to look after them, someone who is into sports, or games, or just to talk to hang out, and someone they can look up to. Thank you, Dave

13) female babysitter/teen/adult english spanish or (Atlanta)
one child
you do nothing but sit and watch tv . simple job just someone here while im working /
nothing to do but be here with the child thats all
no cleaning no cooking no nothing
if you have no transportation or car ill come get you if in reasonable driving distance
im in a upscale gated community loft apartment home newnan,ga
please call 770 873 **** /thanks
facebook com / boduguard.rob contact me also but call first please
im a limousine driver and bodyguard / drive limousine day and nights different hrs and days
plan b-live in nanny english/spanish ok

14) Need a babysitter for 7 month old (Madison)
Hi there. We are looking for a sitter to come into our home and watch our 7 mo old. We dont have a lot of money so we cant afford to pay much so if you are looking to make bank this is not the job for you. We need someone to come to our home starting in Sept when our current girl goes back to school. You wouldnt work more than 4 days a week and most days would be 8 to 10 hours but somedays would only be 5 hours. NO weekends or night required. You will have access to the computer, TV and whatever food you want. Make yourself at home just as long as our son is your number one priority. If you would like more information please email and we can set up a time to chat/interview. Thanks!!

In the past few years nannies have gotten spoiled rotten by the rich. I have had about 10 nannies since baby was born and even the best of them took the life out of me and my family.
I’m not super clean and tried to be extremely nice give them valuable gifts, treat them like family and they still spit at the hands that feed them!!!
They stole my camera with all the baby pics, always lying , sweeping dirt under the rug, disorganize the house so we can’t find anything , stood me up when I need to go work - lying they were on the way... even hitting the baby because they think some rich lady can pay them more.
The sad thing is when we spoil them the single or working mothers that really need them are compromised the most in society
Why are they charging 10$ hr? I mean even if they speak English. Even if you went to school for 2 yrs for degree, you probably won’t make $10+ after taxes. I can get someone with degrees who teaches kids French for the price they want.
DON’T FORGET, they don’t pay taxes and you can’t write them off your taxes either because we pay them cash. That means you’re actually paying them about $20 an hour.

You do this because they have trained us well. They are united and teach each other tricks so YOU don’t get spoiled even though you paying them and they to show you who is the boss. All the moms are afraid of their nanny!!!
Also they are not afraid because the maid services take them back even after you inform them that they stole or hit a baby.
Parents, lets stand up and unite like them!!!
1. We are their employer and the only way to get them to do their job is treat them like an employee not a friend who is doing you a FAVOR. Interview and show the work in a proffessional strict manner.
2. Don’t pay them more then minimum wage AFTER TAXES, it’s about 5$. Let them know they don’t pat taxes and you can’t write them off your taxes either.
3. Always leave yourself a 1 wk deposit that they lose if they lie to your face and don’t show up!!!! This way they stop playing games and training us.
4. They couldn't make a restaurant manager do the dishes with them why should we? If you end up helping them take it off their salary and tip. They don’t get paid to HELP us they come to do THEIR job, e have enough to do. let them know from the start you are their boss not the opposite
5. If you have too much money to give them use maids with degrees and skills... those are priceless - but please don’t overpay and spoil the under skilled nannies for the single working moms that really need them.
6. Get their prints, pictures and address. If they steal or abuse call the police and post their info and pics to let us know. Be assertive not passive it will only feed the beast.
7. Let the Maid Services know what you will do if they take them back.
8. Put hidden cameras if you can and don’t be intimidated because they are working with your kids. The more we spoil them the worse the abuse will be when they don’t get what they want.
Treat them like you would a bad teacher. They are replaceable and they know it. They only respect when they fear. This will give single and working moms the chance to be financially independent and contribute to society. This shouldn't cost us an arm and a leg.
You are also helping them learn not to spit in the hands that feed them and be professional. With this attitude they will never make it in anything in America or anywhere.
Desperate Mom

.... HOW MUCH?!

16) Need female 3x a week to help w/children & light housework (California)
I am looking for a female babysitter for my two daughters (ages 3 & 5) on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 11:30am-4pm and Wednesdays from 8am-12:45pm. Need someone who is punctual, reliable, patient, good with children, and has reliable transportation. MUST HAVE A CLEAN DRIVING RECORD, NO CRIMINAL BACKGROUND, NOW SMOKING (My brother is in law enforcement and we will be conducting BACKGROUND CHECKS as well as FINGERPRINTING so if you have a questionable record don't bother applying). Must have a legal right to work in the U.S. and speak English. Bilingual (English/Spanish a plus).
Will be responsible for the following:
Tuesdays & Thursdays- pick up my 3 yr. old from preschool in Cypress (Moody & Ball) then pick up my 5 yr. old from school (Moody & La Palma Ave.). Bring girls to my home in Cypress and help tidy up/light housework while they play.
Wednesdays- Drop off my 5 year old at school then take my 3 year old to her Mommy & Me class (Shoemaker & Artesia Blvd.). Pick up my 5 year old from school.
Prefer someone who lives local (Cypress, La Palma, Cerritos) since you will be using your own transportation. Pay is $85 a week cash. Job starts August 24th.

* Response from angry CL reader:

17) RE: need female 3x a week to help w/children & light houseclean (California)
I want you to drive my two kids to different locations, and then pick them up at different locations. And with all your extra time left, I want you to do light housework, My pay is a whopping $85.00 a week, meaning, I want you to work slightly over 8 hours, not compensate you for gas and disorganize your whole day, while helping me out. It's very obvious that I do not really care about other's feelings, because the most important thing to me is to let people know my brother is in law inforcement, and if I was really intune with reality, I would understand that all hardworking individuals out there bustin their fannies to make ends meet could give a flyin rip that your brother is a cop. You need a reality check my dear, get your head out of the sand, this is 2010. If you really think someone is a whacko, run a check on them before you hire them, you don't have to tell them you're going to do this, intimidation is for weaklings. I'm always amazed the people with the biggest, scariest, long list of to do's, is the people that are so cheap, they rub a nichel till the buffalo sqeals. You'll get someone for your price, but they'll either be extremely tired and unmotivated because they work too hard, and/or rip you off blind while your back is turned, because they know you are cheap!

18) Part Time Nanny (Seattle)
I am a current college student and we are looking for a nanny during the day starting fall term (September) for our 1.5 and 3 year old. This is a possible live-in position working approx 30 hours a week in return for rent and utilities. We are looking for someone who will play with them, take them to the park or on walks and do educational things with them. We live in the Kent area in a nice neighborhood. This would be a very good job for a student who is interested in free rent in exchange for some hours as a nanny. If this is something you are interested in, please e-mail me and include anything you think might be valuable information to me.
Thank You! Compensation: Free rent & utilities for 30 hours of babysitting.

19) Nanny Needed ASAP - $200/week (D.C.)
Nanny needed in my home Monday - Friday, I leave the house for work around 8:00 a.m., so ideally I would like for you to arrive between 7:45 - 8:00 a.m. I normally return home at about 5:45 - 6:00 p.m. I have two very active boys, they're twins, 5 yrs old, and they are very very busy happy little boys. I would like for them to go out daily, preferrably to the park, library, or other fun places, and I will pay any costs that occur while out for you and them, including gas money. Must have own car, and driver's license. Please reply via email and I will get back to you as soon as I can, Thanks!

20) In search of childcare provider for newborn in my home!! (Atlanta)
I am seeking a childcare provider for my daughter, she is 2 months old. I am seeking someone who is responsible, experienced, friendly, dependable, loving childcare provider for my 2 month old in my home! The hours would be 11a-7p Sun-Thurs in my home. Pay is $90 per week (paid weekly). I work from home and will be there with you everyday.
I'm looking for someone to start Monday Aug. 2.
Must have own transportation and be punctual as I start work at 11am. I live in McDonough.
Please only serious inquires!! Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you. Che'

21) Live in Haitian Nanny perferred (Atlanta)
If you're good with children and able to be home Monday through Friday 6am-6:00pm, please call us. We are offering a private room and a bathroom plus 100/week just to watch a very well mannered 3 year old. You will not have to cook (unless you want to cook for him or yourself) or clean(except to clean up after him). You will be off from the minute we get home every afternoon and Friday evening through Monday morning at 6am. We perfer a Haitian Nannie who can speak at least some English. You must have references. You must be good with kids. He must like you. We are a fun loving and kind family with big hearts. This would be the perfect job for someone looking for a place to stay while attending night classes. We are near Strayer University and West Central Tech and can even help you learn about different programs to further your education for free. If you are interested please email me, I would like to start interviews this weekend.

22) Live in Nanny for cheap rent (Oregon)
My family and I are looking for a female roomate that is looking for lower rent for sitting in as a live in nanny for our 3 year old son. We require a severe background and credit check, and you have to have some experience with children. The room comes with free internet and furnished. Free food. The price of the room with me negotiable but still low. If you are interested in this, please e-mail me with your resume and some rental history also and anything else that might help me.

23) Need a modern day Mary Poppins (California)
The Basics:
Need someone to care for my 3 year old son, in my home. We live at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in a very good neighborhood in Plumas Lake. My son is a very sweet, very loving & active little boy, who has been "labeled" hyperactive by his physician, we are working through this as much as possible with a low sugar diet and natural supplements. We have tried the traditional daycare option, but it has not worked out. His physician recommended exploring the option of finding a nanny, so here we are! I need someone who is patient and can handle strong-willed children well. My son does best with environments with which is familiar and comfortable, thus being another factor supporting my decision to seek a nanny.
I would require care be provided Monday - Friday from about 7:30 a.m. until I get home from work at 5:15 p.m.. My place of employment is 10 minutes away, so I would be close by if ever needed. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!
The Rate:
$150 / Week - $175 / Week
URL: not available

24) Childcare needed in my home (Norfolk)
I would like to have a sitter come to my home to watch my girls when I work, and on call on occasion. I have 2 daughters, ages 4 & 1. My job is only 20 hrs a week right now, but will pick up eventually. I am offering 2.50 an hour per child, some days will only require watching one of them. I provide all meals, snacks, etc, as it will be in my home. Taking the girls out and about can be an discussed. I would be happy to give a full description of what exactly I am looking for in a sitter, if you would email me a number to reach you, and we can set up a date to meet. Only those willing to set up a face-to-face interview will be taken seriously. Please email me with serious inquiries, and you can get a full description from there :)

25) Live-in wanted (Atlanta)
Female live-in helper wanted to help single mother. Mornings, some afternoon chauffeuring (usually within a few miles of the house), and some overnights for when I have to go out of town. Payment: Room & Board (Private room, utilities, wi-fi cable, basic food) provided. You will need to be employed during the day, and have your own car. This family is an active, outgoing, healthy, athletic, mostly vegan family and expects the same. We watch very little TV. There are housekeeping tasks, which varies based on family needs. My boys are gone most school holidays. You would be free 2 or 3 weekends a month, during the week day, and most weekday evenings (I always travel one weekend a month (military duty) and need to be able to say yes to work trips, hence the overnight care that's needed.) And, of course, most school holidays and summer vacation are free time from the kids.
A successful candidate will have experience with children (educating, parenting, coaching, mentoring), makes a good houseguest, respects the family rules, and is the kind of person I want to stay.
To calculate Room and Board add the costs for the following: rent, water, gas, electric, cable, internet, monthly basic groceries.

26) Wanted: Babysitter (Atlanta)
Hello, I am in need of a babysitter to come to my home Monday through Friday 7 AM-5 PM to babysit a 1 year old little girl. I am looking for someone who is reliable, has reliable transportation, childcare experience, and MUST have CLEAN BACKGROUND! This is a TEMPORARY position. Needs to be able to provide references and can start immediately. Serious inquiries only. Will be interviewing Sat. July 24th. The pay will be between 80-90 a week since it will be a temporary position.( about a month or so). If you have all the requirements above and would like to make some extra money please respond. I will provide everything that she will need plus food for you as well.

27) babysitting pleeease!! she's a doll!! (Seattle)
I am looking into a babysitter for my first time and just realized how expensive day care is in my quest to find some needed help!
I am looking for the occasional 2 days a week.. mayyybe 3 if called for it. Normally family watches her but has been very difficult with maintaining reliance, due to their own personal lives. I am starting to get a load of wrk and normally wrk from 9 to 5, I started a month ago for a cleaning business and its just been getting very busy. I am looking for someone affordable, flexible ( at first, but we can set a schedule that works for you :) )& EXPERIENCED!! (either with relatives or children of their own) my daughter is delightful and a great character, so it wont be hard to get along with her or very difficult. SHE IS ALSO AGE 2,she has just been taught to potty and loves it, but occasionally has an accident so bare with her.
BTW smartest/ most sociable 2 yr. old you will ever meet. She is the love of my life and I am in much needed help. I think I'm only gunna try this craigslist thing once, so please respond : )
I NEED YOU. 425 971 ****.. leave me a voicemail please. as its rude for me to take calls in my line of work, thank you! 50-75 wk

28) still looking for overnight sitter (Madison)
We are in need of a overnight sitter from 5pm to 630am. Sitting would be for our 2yr boy either in our home or yours. Sitting would include dinner baths and bed time. He goes to bed between 830-900pm. So the job would be simple. He sleeps threw the night. I work from 4pm-12am sunday-thursday, so if you would be at our home you would be able to leave when I arrived. My boyfriend works a 4on 4off schedule 6pm-6am so we would only need you whenever he would be working. Some times it would be on weekends when he would be working. I work in Columbus and he works in deforest. Pay would be discussed when if interested. We are thinking some where around $30 a day. We are hoping to find someone in Poynette area. If you would do it in our home we do have a 2yr lab which he is very well trained just a lil excited for new people. If interested please email or call me with any questions. Thanks for looking. Sam
samanthajk291@**** 920-296-****
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Marhsalls Department Store in Waterbury, CT

Received Friday, July 30, 2010
nanny sighting I witnessed a very sneaky nanny today. I am confident that she was shoplifting. She left your baby outside the fitting room door of her stall and went in with a y ellow button up shirt and three pants. She came out with two pair of pants. I figured, 'okay she is buying the one pants and one shirt' or 'ok she left it in the dressing room'. Nope. It wasn't there. It wasn't anywhere in plain sight. I wanted to get the staff involved but I have a family member that works there and I was pretty high.
If this helps, here is your nanny...
She has magenta hair that is very soft looking and slightly curly,
She has very pretty cocoa colored skin and wide set eyes.
She is not thin, but curvy. She was wearing tight blue jeans and a belt and a green cap sleeved shirt with ties that hung off the sleeves.
Your child....
He is a boy. He was sleeping. He is a tow head with curly hair. He doesnt have any distingusinhing characteristics except a navy blue and white striped mini blanket he had in his hand and his stroller which was light blue with a cap hood and handlebars that faced away from the pusher.
This all transpired at Marhsalls on Wolcott Street.


Money Talks

Received Tuesday, July 27, 2010
perspective and opinion I am a nanny of a five year old and a one year old. I have been with this family for just over two years and I am going to watch the children for a weekend. It will be from a Thursday until Monday. My question is how much to charge. In all technicality, charging for 24 hours a day, but half rate when the kids are asleep, comes up to about $1,330. Everyone seems to be in a bit of a pinch these days, even my employers, so I don't want to feel I am gouging them, but I also don’t want to get ripped off for the work I am doing. I’m wondering if there’s a way to be fair to both sides without either of us feeling cheated. I also happen to know that they are already spending a little over $2000 on airfare and the B&B they are staying at, not to mention whatever else they might need or do over the weekend (to be fair, it is a combination of 10th anniversary/ dad’s 40th birthday celebration). My boss, the mother, has a mom who is…well, pretty rich. So, on one hand, I feel $1,330 is fair but I hear my boss talk about financial problems every once in a while, so I’m not sure I feel right taking that much. I’m not sure what to do. Any advice?


Discuss - Groundbreaking Domestic Law

Monday, July 26, 2010

For anyone who hasn't heard, legislation was recently passed in New York. This new law will protect nannies, babysitters and those who care for the elderly, providing for basics such as protection from discrimination and abuse, overtime pay, and paid vacation. For the first time, domestic workers would have a set work week of 40 hours a week — 44 in the case of live-in workers—- and at least one day of rest a week.


Mt Washington, (Baltimore), MD

Received Sunday, July 25, 2010
nanny sighting I am a nanny for a family in Mt. Washington, a neighborhood of Baltimore City. I attend the Mt. Washington Swim Club with my charges 5 days a week. What I see everyday astounds me. I never see a single nanny or babysitter in the pool with the children. I get comments all the time about how great it is a I play in the pool with the kids instead of sitting on the sidelines texting like all the other babysitters. Yesterday was a specific incident that annoyed me alot was a 6 or 7 yr old African american child by the name of Moses. This child is rough with other kids and has on several occasions climbed on my back and hit me. I see this child at the pool several days a week with no babysitter in sight. Yesterday he was using profanities and called me a Mother F***er and used other not so good words in front of lots of other children. Another little boy said his babysitter was babysitting him, and I asked him where she was and he pointed up the hill and told me she was sleeping. She was laying on her stomach with her head facing away from the pool. She was nowhere near the pool. First of all, she needs to keep this kid under control, and she needs to keep an eye and make sure he is safe, he is too young to be in the pool alone. Another child went up the hill and told the babysitter what this child was saying and she finally got up put a cover up on and she took the boys and left. This babysitter was wearing a yellow bikini with a red cover up she was young, probably 17-20ish and blonde, and thin. This is not the only problem babysitter at this pool, I see plenty of babysitters just playing on their phones, the other day I witnessed one babysitter sit and text for a long time, while her charge played in the pool, she looked at the clock, got in the pool and 5 mins later the mom showed up, so it appeared she played in the pool. If your babysitter takes your kids to this pool (or any pool) please make surprise visits and see what your babysitter is really doing.



Saturday, July 24, 2010
june cl wtf 11
.... WHAT?!

1) BDSM Lifestyle Couple seeking Babysitter (New York)
BDSM couple living in Manhattan seeks kinky babysitter. We may be looking for someone to travel with the mom or both of us in the future as well. We really want someone who is into the BDSM lifestyle. CHILD WILL NEVER BE EXPOSED TO ADULT ACTIVITY. If interested, please write at least a couple of sentences about yourself and we can arrange for an interview.
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East Ballard between NW 11th and 8th, between NW 65th and 62nd - NY

Received Saturday, July 24, 2010
nanny sighting
Where: East Ballard between NW 11th and 8th, between NW 65th and 62nd.

Nanny: Approx 5'5" early 20s, longish blonde hair. Facial discoloration tan/white. Gave her name as "Rose."

Child: Short dark slightly curly (I think) hair, white helmet, nice bike with training wheels, has green on it. Male approx 4 years old.

Incident: The boy was running back and forth on the sidewalk, bawling his head off. No one was in sight. I ran out of the house, asked him what was wrong. I was unable to understand him. After a little time had passed, I saw the female about 1/2 to 2/3 of a block away.

I asked the child if that was his mother and he said No. He did seem to have a name for her, though I couldn't understand it.There was no way this woman could have heard the child say anything. Before I could say anything to her, she said to me "He's lying."

I continued to speak to the female, expressing concern that I didn't see an adult. She told me she was his nanny, he was having a temper tantrum and she was letting him walk it off. During our exchange she seemed really snotty, unconcerned and not at all empathic about my concern. She gave her name as "Rose" and said she was "just down the block." I don't really believe anything she said other than that she was his nanny.

After this incident I went around several blocks I described earlier asking folks if they had seen this kid and everyone said no.


Pregnant Pause

Received Friday, July 23, 2010
perspective and opinion We just learned that our nanny of five weeks is five weeks pregnant. I want to give her some time to enjoy the thrill of being pregnant before discussing her plans, and I understand a lot will depend on her pregnancy and wants but I'm curious what I can expect and what may be expected of me. At what point will she stop working? At what point would I want her to stop working (my son is 10 months old)? How much time will she take off? Am I expected to provide any kind of compensation for her time-off (which we could not afford)? We like her very much but she's only been with us for five (5!!) weeks so are not so connected to her that we feel the need to bend over backwards to accomodate the situation. In all honesty, because she's only been with us for such a short time (and may have been pregnant when we hired her), my first instinct was to let her go, as I was concerned she would not have the energy to take care of an infant/toddler, in addition, I was very concerned about finding a good replacement during her maternity leave and that she will not be as available/flexible upon her return (which we need b/c of my unpredictable hours) or that she may not return at all. However, I could not in good conscience fire her but fear that keeping her is at my child's and family's expense (emotional and financial).

Crossing the Fine Line in Being Part of the Family

Received Friday, July 23, 2010
perspective and opinion Is there anyway a nanny can become "too much" a part of a family? I mean, what are the boundries. I recently put in my notice to leave my job after being there for a year and I was told that I was "ruining their family"...but I'm not a parent...I guess there is a fine line.

From Professional Nanny to Mother's Helper

Received Friday, July 23, 2010
perspective and opinion I'm a nanny with 8+ years experience & almost 2 years experience as a night nanny for triplets (2 differents sets). The going rate in my area is $17 minimum a *professional* nanny for triplets. I interviewed with a family that doesn't want a nanny, but a mother's helper. My question is this: what is an appropriate amount to request for this position? I haven't worked for less than $14 since... well, over 4 years. I'm getting the impression from the parents that the $13/hour I originally suggested is too high... DadBoss mentioned their "other sitters" were asking less, but didn't specify how much less. What would the readers suggest? To clarify, mom or dad would be home & not working the entire time, the infants are 13/14 weeks, were born at 30 weeks, and while two have the usual feeding issues with premies, one has some health issues as well.


69th and Broadway on Upper West Side, NYC

Received Thursday, July 22, 2010
nanny sighting Your nanny was a tall, Slightly heavy African-American (Jamaican accent) with an adorable blonde toddler in a stroller. She had a complicated corn-row haristyle and was wearing a blue shirt today (7/22). She was in a store on 69th and Broadway, Upper West Side, with the kids and another nanny at about 4pm. While she was shopping and ignoring the child in the stroller, the child started to fuss. Your nanny yelled at the child, "Suck it UP!!! Suck it UP!!!" I called her out on it and she told me to mind my own business. Your nanny SUCKS and doesn't seem to care about your children at all.

Employer Seeking to Do the Fair Thing...

Received Thursday, July 22, 2010
perspective and opinion Not a nanny sighting, but I read your blog a lot and I know that many of your readers give great advice for this kind of situation so I thought I would see if you would post this question:

I employ a full time, live out nanny for my 3 year old and 14 month old. She's paid on the books, 40 hours/week, plus overtime for > 40 hours (usually ends up around 45 hours/week), 2 weeks paid vacation, most holidays paid as well. She started with our family when I went back to work after having my youngest, so she's been with us for just over a year.

Starting in the fall, my son will be going to preschool. I am wondering about how to deal with her salary and raises in this situation. I know it's standard to give a raise at this point (though it's not in her contract, I know it's the right thing to do) but in just one month she will be taking care of one child, not two. One day a week his preschool ends at noon so I will drop him off back home and return to work, but apart from those 5 hours each week, she will really have no responsibilities for my older child anymore.

Is it reasonable to forego the raise in light of the decrease in responsibilities? For what it's worth, I am not getting a raise at work this year and my son's school costs money too so raising her salary will be tight for us, though still doable. She has not brought the issue up at all (and I wonder if she will, since I recently learned that we pay about 25% more than the going rate in my neighborhood). And speaking of raises, what would be a reasonable amount?

What do ISYN readers think? I want to do the right thing but I also can't afford too much!

Canned Nanny Left Wondering...

Receievd Thursday, July 22, 2010
perspective and opinion Last summer I was supposed to work full-time for a couple and their 2-year old son. The mom had told me that she wanted to use me for a chance to get work done on her dissertation and also to be able to go to work several times a week (and also for date time on the weekends with her husband). The first few weeks were great and I really got attached to her son very quickly. It got to the point where he was excited to see me and would even greet me by jumping into my arms. I was always happy to go over there and see them and see the little boy.

After a while though, things went downhill. The mom started to stay home more and more, which at first didn't bother me too much because it was her home after all, but what DID bother me was that she started doing everything for me: cooking, planning activities, reading books, cleaning up, and sometimes diaper changing as well. It got so bad that I wanted to ask her why exactly I was there if I wasn't going to be allowed to do my job. I soon realized that it looked like a trust issue because on the days when she needed to go to work for the entire day, she took myself and her son to her mother's house which was a 45-minute drive one way. The grandmother sometimes went to work, but was often in her office at the house which made child care very difficult at times. It got to the point where the little boy was throwing tantrums because he did not want to get into his car seat to go to the store, etc. because he already spent over an hour and a half in the car seat several times a week and he was starting to rebel. It wasn't until the mother confronted me and told me she found her son had diaper rash and if he needed to be changed that day that I had to come find her and tell her so she could do it. That particular day was hell for me because even when I took him outside to play in the sandbox, his mother came outside and would not let her son get more than 2 or 3 feet away from her. She also insisted on putting him down for his nap that afternoon even though she had just told me the week prior that I was better at getting him to fall asleep and she couldn't figure out why. I realized that she didn't trust me anymore and I could tell by the way she was acting, that she wasn't going to really tell me what was going on or give me a fair second chance, and that I could no longer reach her.

I also thought maybe it would have helped if she got out a little more. I was at the house often for 50 hours a week and she almost never left. Even on date nights, she and her husband walked downtown and were gone for an hour and a half at the most. I told her she was more than welcome to leave, that we would have been fine on her own and she should go shopping or do something fun, but she never really wanted to. :/

In the end, I chalked it up to the mom having an issue with me personally and because she couldn't find any true reason to criticize me as a caregiver, she had to make something up. I know this because diaper rash is not a real reason to accuse someone of neglect (I have seen plenty of children get diaper rash, not on my watch, and they have perfectly competent parents whom I respect) as this was during the summer so the weather could have really been affecting him, something about his diet, or maybe I just plain didn't check him quite often enough. I just couldn't figure out any other reason for being accused of neglect other than maybe the mother was just plain jealous of me because of how quickly I bonded with her son. And I know that no matter how many times I tried to explain to her that she is the mother and no one can ever compete for love with the mother, that her son will always love her the best and that it is good for him to also love a second caregiver, learn trust, etc. etc., blah blah blah, it didn't do any good. To this day, I just shrug it off as a crazy helicopter mom incident and move on, though I do miss the little boy TERRIBLY. He was just too cute not to miss.

Anyone else have anything similar happen to them?


Questionable Counselors at Bronx Zoo

Received Monday, July 19, 2010
troubled emoticon I was at the Bronx Zoo today (7/ 19/10), along with what seemed like a billion day camp outings. While most made no impression and a couple even made very positive impression based on the counselors + campers attitudes + behaviors (Happy Dragon, Tutor Time, + Asphalt Green- I'm looking at you! You seem to have quality employees!), there were two camp groups who made me worried for the children in them. The first were all wearing shirts that read "WES JCC". Most of the campers were Hispanic or African American, as were their counselors. There was an older Caucasian woman whom I took to be perhaps the camp director. They were split in to large groups, girls in one, boys in another. The female counselors seemed competant, the male counselors not so much- although the director woman stayed with the boys it seemed. I constantly heard the male counselors cursing in front of the kids, calling them liars, complaining when a child needed to be carried (the child was judging by size maybe 5 and obviously had Down's Syndrome). I don't think the counselors were trying to be mean, but they definitely need ALOT more training, and that JCC that sponsers the daycamp should be aware- I just can't find them on the internet. The second camp was "Ohr Avner Day Camp". Just awful. They had alot of very young children- and alot of VERY young counselors. At one point, I was next to 3 little boys, no older than 6-7, who were being watched by a girl who looked about 10. Granted, she seemed kind, caring, and quite diligent- but she was 10! Watching 3 younger children by herself! In the Bronx Zoo- in NYC!!! I kept hoping the rest of the group was around the sea lion enclosure, but not so much. They were completely on their own. (And yes, I was at least a mother's helper by her age, and had even babysat alone, but a home in the suburbs 18 years ago is quite differant than NYC, so please don't jump on me for having issue with her age.) The rest of the counselors for that camp were not much older, looking on average about 14-16...shouldn't they be maybe CIT's? Not by themselves? Because they obviously needed someone who knew what they were doing + more training, because the kids were running rampant (climbing up on ledges in phone booths, running through the wooded areas of the zoo). The interactions with campers by counselors that I observed tended towards negative + loud, without giving proper guidance or discipline. Again, probably not "bad", but in definite need of more training. I know these aren't nannies, but they are childcare, and people are paying money for their services + trusting that they are being well taken care of, so I wanted to let people know that perhaps these camps are not the best.

PS- And for those that worry about it, most of the best counselors that I saw were male college aged counselors! Good work guys!



Received Saturday July 17, 2010
cl wtf july 2
.... WHAT?!

1) Looking for Live in Nanny -- House keeper (Atlanta)
I am looking for someone to keep my 3 kids and keep up my house. Im working about 18 hours a day right now trying to expand my business and I just need a little help. I am willing to pay the right girl $1000 per week for the job. I am a 28 year old attractive male with full custody of my kids. I will also pay bonuses for the right services from the right girl. If interested just send me an e-mail and please attach a photo. Thanks
Special thanks to the following Readers for their Contribution: ChiTownChick1983, afnt81, HungryCollegeStudent, NannyBee, mbargielski, Cinder38, CSNanny, Veids385, NirvanaLives, NannyDebSays and LadyBugBlessingsCrafts... all of you did an amazing job this week! Please send next weeks Ads HERE or use MEEBO. And don't forget to include the Links!



North Mountain Road in Montclair, NJ

Received Friday, July 16, 2010
nanny sighting I was recently in Montclair, New Jersey on North Mountain Road near Berkley Road on Monday late morning, June 14th. As my husband and I were passing by on North Mountain Road we noticed a toddler alone on the sidewalk. We turned the car around and stopped by the toddler. She was a little blond girl who appeared to not have a command of speech. I got out of the car and asked her where her Mommy was and was leading her on the sidewalk to try to find her. After a few minutes a young slim woman whose hair was a dirty blond and was kept in a ponytail came out of a house. She had a foreign accent and did not seem at all concerned. I told my daughter in law about this incident and she is going to try to find the child's parents. We think this young woman was a babysitter and are concerned that this child could have easily been hit by a car on the busy North Mountain Road. The child was alone for at least 5 to 8 minutes.
-Concerned Nana


Under Pressure....

Received Thursday, July 15, 2010
perspective and opinion I know this is gonna seen ridiculous to most of you nannies and unemployed nannies, but my boss keeps asking me to find her nannies for her friends.
When my best nanny friend was looking for a better position, I reached out and asked my boss if she knew anyone. Well her friends loved the nanny and hired her on the spot. Now for some reason she thinks I'm an Agency and keeps asking if I know any other nannies "like me" that need a job. I very happy she thinks highly of me but honestly I don't know many nannies who need a job. I feel pressure to find her some nannies for her friends because they treat me so well. I know I shouldn't but I love my job and want to help out my boss. I'm also scared to recommend nannies I don't know very well because I don't want their possible bad behavior to reflect on me.
I also want to help out down and out nannies because I know these are well paying jobs with great benefits in Boston.


Daycare Teacher is a Bully

Received Wednesday, July 14, 2010
perspective and opinion I don't know where else to turn. I am a teacher's assistant in a preschool room. The lead teacher in the room is very abusive, in my opinion, to the students, verbally and physically. These are three and four year old students. I have seen this teacher grab children roughly by the arm, scream at them, scare them to death and make them cry. I have spoken with other teachers in the room and they say they of course see it, but that this teacher and the director are best friends. I spoke with the director and she said that she has never seen any of that behavior so she did not believe me. What should I do? I want to report this to someone, because the director is just not listening to me. And nobody will stand up to this teacher because apparently everyone who has has gotten fired. I am not afraid to lose my job, but I cannot stand by and see the children treated this way, when the teacher who does this behavior acts all fake to the parents and to the director. She is not a good teacher: she is a bully.

Bead Store in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn - 244 Smith St

Received Wednesday, July 14, 2010
nanny sighting It was at 244 smith st, (bead store in cobble hill, brooklyn) on tuesday july 13 from noon to one. Two children, blonde, older one named Maeve maybe 8, younger boy in stroller. Nanny was middle aged carribean woman with long wooden necklace. She came in on a personal errand, completely ignoring the children. The one in the stroller screamed consistently, which was ignored by the nanny as Maeve tried to comfort him. At one point the stroller tipped over while the kid was in it, backwards. The sales lady and older girl rushed to help and the nanny seemed unconcerned. She then proceeded to stand inside the doorway of the store for over an hour waiting for the rain to stop, as the younger child quietly sobbed and the older one begged her to leave. It was baffling. Also, it was drizzling. Also, I did not see her speak a word to either child. All I could think was, I bet their parents don't know this is happening. She needs to not be near children. Ever.

Galleria Mall Food Court in White Plains, NY

Received Wednesday, July 16, 2010
nanny sighting I saw your nanny. (Tuesday at approximately 1:10 PM) I don't know why you would hire her. She's clearly judgmental, clueless and lazy. Maybe you LIKE that kind of combo. Me. I don't. Especially when your nanny approaches MY daughter whilst sitting enjoying some fried rice and tells her that her shorts are too short for a young girl and "your momma can't know you're wearing heels THAT high". That is when I approached, carrying my own fare. I looked at my daughter who looked shocked and said, "what, what?". The nanny walks away and rejoins YOUR child. Who is YOUR child? The toddler sitting by himself 3 tables away in a big navy blue stroller, the sort that looks very heavy and has lots of pads and bells and whistles. Yes, YOUR nanny left YOUR charge alone while she came over and berated my daughter (and me). After your busy body, imposing and intruding nanny left my daughter, she told me exactly what she said. For the readers at home, my daughter was wearing NORMAL jean shorts that every girl her age wears. Jean shorts that are sold in TWEEN stores. Her heels are 2 inch wedges. She is 13. She is going to be okay. Your nanny, however, will not be okay if I ever see her again-without your child-. I would love to have a minute alone with her in a dark elevator. Who in the hell does she think she is? And why wasn't a nanny watcher watching her abandon her charge to accost my own? When I looked at the nanny, I was seething, but out of respect for your child, I said and did nothing. Just the same, you should KNOW that your NANNY is overstepping her bounds and terrorizing tweens while on the clock. Your child is a blonde boy of about 2. Your nanny is a Black woman of about 38-42, 5"6" wearing a green polo with white collar and jeans.
Food Court at the Galleria Mall in White Plains


Multiple Choice

Received Tuesday, July 13, 2010
perspective and opinion So I´ve been teaching English this summer in Spain since June. The first family that I worked with wanted 4 days per week and had a flexible schedule. For the last 2 weeks of June they were my only job so we pretty much made plans with 24 hours notice. Since the beginning of July I have added 2 more families, one just starting this week. Here´s the dilemma...

Family 1 - originally wanted mostly afternoons with some mornings and now has changed to wanting mostly mornings. They have 2 girls who are 4 and 8. The older girl is the one I´m mainly supposed to be working with. She is extremely rude and basically uninterested in me being there. At times I´ll just play with and teach the younger girl, who is also rude, but not as bad. When I´m just with the younger girl the older cries and says that I don´t like her and only like her sister even though 90% of the time I¨m there I´m with the older girl. Not only are they the most difficult kids that I work with, but their parents also pay the least.

Family 2 - From the start said that they wanted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday´s from 11 - 12:30 which seemed like it would work fine at first because family 1 at that time wanted afternoons. They have 2 girls 5 and 7 who are very polite, well behaved, and I actually have fun with! Both of the girls have had english lessons from a young age so me coming and doing activities isn´t anything new.

Family 3 - I just started with today, they have one girl aged 8 that I teach. They want me Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 - 1. This girl already speaks english well and was a real joy to teach today. Usually after about an hour of lessons with family 2 things start to get boring and I really need to get creative, however with this girl the 2 hours flew by. When I took this job I knew that family 1 wanted mornings and I only had those tuesdays and thursdays left, but I took it anyway without even trying to change the times.

I really like the PARENTS from family 1, they´re nice, funny, and respectful. They realize their kids are pretty bad and very difficult to teach and work with me quite a bit to help settle the girls but nothing really works. Not only do they pay the least, but I really just don´t like their kids at this point. The 8 year old isn´t your run of the mill rude but she asks things like ´how much are my parents paying you to be here?´ or ´why did you say you came at 12 when you got here at 12:03?´ ... are you kidding me? I told her that it was between me and her mother and that it wasn´t her business and let me tell you she did not like me saying that. She also controls everything.. there are a lot of examples but I´m sure most people here have dealt with the controlling older sibling so you get it.

Family 1 is starting to notice that I´m not coming ANY mornings anymore and they realize I´ve added other families. I know they want to talk tomorrow about why I scheduled other people at their preferred time spot. I´m not sure what to tell them.

Should I
a) just flat out tell them that other families wanted the mornings and because of the kids behavior I gave them preference
b) Tell them that the other families ONLY could do the mornings and didn´t have flexibility or..
c) I need suggestions!!

Clearly option ´A´ is a bit rude but it might be pertinent to the future when they have another english teacher because I know that my friends who teach said that they just flat out would not work with these kids. I´m a teacher, not their nanny or even babysitter, so its not my position to correct their behavior. The parents might benefit from knowing WHY they´re being put on the back burner.. but at the same time I really like the parents and have gotten to know the whole family (ie grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) from both sides of the family.



Blah Blah Blah...

Received Monday, July 12, 2010
perspective and opinion I've been a Nanny for the past 2.5 years for the same family. I started when the child was 2 weeks old now he's 2.5, obviously. Anyway, when I came on the interview for the job I was assured that both parents would be returning to working. Long story short mom never returned to working full-time. She works 2 days at the office and 3 days at home. At first I thought it was a new mom anxiety thing, not wanting to leave the baby with a stranger but would soon see there's nothing to worry about, that I can be trusted, and I take GREAT care of the baby. Needless to say it's been 2 years and mom still hasn't returned to work on a full-time basis. The job has progressively gotten harder, with mom being home, sometimes she works from home all 5 days. The child is increasingly getting very hard to deal with, especially since he knows his mother is right down the hall (the apt is tiny). Everything is a struggle. When I brought the subject up about 5 months ago that I'm uncomfortable and stressed with her working from home, mom just simply said to me in a very sarcastic tone"you just have to get use to me working from home". Yes I know it's her house and she has all the rights. But I always get the feeling that my opinions for unimportant to her, this is very hurtful. Personally, I don't think I need to get use to anything. All I need to do is get a new job. I feel as if I was tricked. Honestly I really tried to adjust to the situation, but it's hard and mom doesn't make any easier. Finally I found a new job and I really want this new job, how do I break the news to my current employer? I intend to give 4 weeks notice, but what do I say? Should I be honest and tell her how I feel and why I am leaving? I really want her as a reference for future job hunting... Or just make up something? What to do?


The final update for the Sole Caretaker question..

Received Sunday, July 11, 2010
perspective and opinion I was really enjoying blogging about it, but unfortunately a creepy semi-stalker was using it to follow what I was doing, so I had to stop. It was really great just knowing that others were reading and offering occasional encouragement.

My position ends in 12 days. I've had my share of crazy jobs, and not just in the nanny world, but I think this one tops them all. I cannot wait to leave.

Has anyone else ever taken care of a child that they just really couldn't stand? As much as I try to like him, I just can't. I've never met a child who is as rude, disrespectful, and mean-spirited. He says things that I would never consider saying to another person.

Up to this point, I hadn't really discussed the child's bad behavior with the father because I didn't think it would have any positive impact on the child. We were getting along better and things seemed to be going more smoothly. Bedtime was easier, he was eating better, and the attitude was happening less often too. Unfortunately, last week the father came home for a visit. I didn't ask for specifics, but I assume that he was given a random week off sometime during his 12 week employment, and it just so happened to be 2 weeks before the job ended. I didn't stay in the house while the father was at home, because it's a very small house and it would have been extremely uncomfortable for both of us.

Since he's been back at work, things have gotten so much worse. Today I was yelled at more times than I can count. He makes faces, slams doors, calls me names, and insults everything I do. It takes all of my strength and patience to not scream and walk right out the door. Then, he turns around and acts as if nothing happened, all the while making smart comments that allude to the fact that I'm the worst nanny in the world (when he's not being passive-aggressive, he just says that out loud instead of hinting around). Trying to do schoolwork with him is next to impossible. I try to do fun things with him but nothing is ever good enough. Disciplining him seems to do nothing, as he knows that in 12 days his dad will be back and things will be just the way he likes them again.

I want to cry all of the time and I have no respite from him, ever.
I'm at the end of my rope. Today I had finally had enough, and I wrote this email to his father.

Hey ________
I'm sending you this email to let you know about some issues ____ and I have been having.
Things have gotten worse since you left, and I'm sure part of it is him lashing out because he's upset that you're gone.
I'm not sure how you want me to handle things, but I will give you a brief rundown and the way I've been approaching the issues.

He has been very rude and disrespectful. I've dealt with some of this in the past with him but things were getting better. It mostly occurs when I ask him to do something he doesn't want to do, or when I tell him "no" when he asks to do something. For example, today when I told him that we needed to get some schoolwork done before he watched TV or went over to play with ________, he responded with hostility, followed by ignoring me completely. In response to his attitude, I told him that as a consequence of being rude and disrespectful, I would not be taking him to the skate park that day. I told him that if he was able to change his attitude and act more kind, we could go sometime next week. I then waited for him to cool down and when he did we got his work done and he went outside to play.

He responds to almost everything with telling me that he doesn't like me, I'm the worst nanny ever, and I'm nothing like his dad.
I have explained to him that I realize I'm not you and I cannot be you, but that I would like him to tell me the things I do that he's unhappy with and I'll try to work on them.
The only explanation he gives, is that I'm not fun, I'm boring, and I'm mean.
I'm sure that I am more strict than you, but I'm not going to change that. I won't tolerate disrespect or being spoken to in a rude manner. I try to do fun things with him often. We went to the pool yesterday, and we've played baseball, soccer, gone to movies, gone hiking, and played games. He seems to enjoy all of those things while they're going on, but as soon as he's unhappy with me for some reason or another, he lashes out and tells me that I only "try" to do fun things, that they're not really fun.

He's a good kid, I realize that all of this is hard for him. However, I don't know what you want me to do about his behavior. I've sent him to his room to cool down, asked him to take stars down from the fridge, and taken away privileges like going places and watching TV, but things don't seem to be getting better.
He tells me all the time that he doesn't want me to watch him when you go away at Christmas, and if that's really the case then I shouldn't be watching him. I like him, but I can't enjoy an environment where I'm told how terrible a job I'm doing ever day.
Anyway, just thought I'd let you know. Thanks, ______________

I don't know if it was even worth it to write to him. I'm sure he'll be concerned, and will call and talk to the child about it, but at this point, I'm almost too exhausted to care.

There are only 12 days left. There's not much I can do during that short amount of time, and luckily for me, it's short. I really appreciate all of the support I got from everyone this summer; it made things much easier. I learned so much from this experience and I hope others were able to learn from my mistakes too.


Down and Out Overnight Nanny

Received Saturday, July 10, 2010
perspective and opinion I am an overnight nanny who has just been told that I will not be need for the whole month of august because the mother is taking the daughter on a trip the first two weeks of the month and the father (because they are divorced) is getting her the second half of the month. I will not get paid for any of this. When I was hired in April I was only told of the two week trip not two two week trips. Should I start looking for a new family to work for for that month or for good? I really need the money because I just moved out of my parents' house into my own apartment. I can't afford to lose a whole month's worth of wages. What do you suggest?


Saturday, July 10, 2010
june cl wtf 10
.... WHAT?!

1) LOVE KIDS AND DOGS?? (Milwaukee)
Looking for a wonderful person to care for our twin boys two days a week preferably Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-6pm on a long-term basis. Please note: Our house is a zoo! We have two big dogs who are our first children and must be treated as such - and 2 1/2 year old twin boys who are into EVERYTYHING. So, the ideal candidate must be quick on their feet, love chasing, playing and running with them all as well as reading and quiet time. Only candidates who truly LOVE dogs and toddlers should apply. The right person would also be organized and willing to clean up with the boys as they moved from project to project and after them at the end of each day.
I wasn't able to decide on a Feature this week because there were too many good ones to choose from! Special thanks to everyone that Contributed: mbargielski, MissDee, xay911, cheesenipsaregood, hijabiniqaabi, missmannah, nannydebsays, etereia and kristinm2176. All of you did an awesome job and we really appreciate your help! Please send next weeks Ads HERE or use MEEBO. And don't forget to include the Links!


Starbucks on Clarendon Blvd in DC

Received Saturday, July 10, 2010
nanny sighting This happened at the Starbucks on Clarendon Blvd on Thursday, 7/8. As I got out if my car I saw that a baby was left in the car parked next to mine. It is extremely hot so I remained by my car to see if a parent/caregiver would come out soon. After about 3 minutes I started dialing the police. As the phone started to ring a lady came out and got into the car and drove away. She was blond and wire a white t-shirt with jeans. The car was a silver Acura with a dent down one side. I noted the number plate if the car and regardless of whether any one responds to this posting I am going to submit the number to CPS.

If you recognize the description of this car and you think this is your caregiver then please let ne know and you can confirm with the number plate that I noted down. If that was a mother then I am astounded. If you add the 3 minutes I waited plus whatever time it took for the lady to order and wait for her order, that baby could have been in the car for more time than it is safe. Please don't leave your children/charges in the car in this heat.


Nanny Sightings Needed
What details do I include in my nanny sighting?
Physical description of caregiver:
Physical description of involved child/children:
Address or venue of observed incident:
Date and time of incident:
Detailed description of what you witnessed:
Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver:
Video and photo are always welcome.

How to leave your nanny sighting:
1) Email sightings to
2) Leave sightings as anonymous comments on this
3) Leave sightings as an anonymous instant message by using MEEBO.

Nanny Uncomfortable with Tight Living Quarters

Received Wednesday, July 7, 2010
perspective and opinion I am needing some opinions on this...
I have never technically traveled with the family I nanny for and they asked me to join them for a couple days while they are visiting a family member. I told them it worked for me schedule wise to come so they booked me a flight. They then fill me in that the family member they are staying with lives in a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment! This makes me very uncomfortable... Not only because I have not traveled with them yet but because it will be EXTREMELY tight quarters (The 2 young girls I nanny, their parents, the family member, and me). I will have ZERO privacy... who knows if I will even get any bathroom time to shower or anything! What would you all do? Ask for more compensation? Ask for a hotel room? (I know they can afford it!) Or just suck it up for a couple days??? I keep trying to tell myself it will be fine... but I am also thinking it may be DREADFUL!!! Any advice is much appreciated!

Employers Wanting Exclusivity Give Nanny a Hard Time

Received Wednesday, July 7, 2010
perspective and opinion I have a question and I would like some perspective here, both from parents and nannies alike. *Sigh* This is a problem that I have been experiencing a lot of lately and am wondering why people do this and what can be done about it.

I am a nanny who seems to only be finding jobs right now on an as-needed/occasional basis. This is not my problem. Some of these families only use me twice a month, etc...again, this is not my problem either. My problem is that since I am only working for these families on an as-needed basis and the hours are maybe 6-10 per month, if any, I also try to find other "as-needed" work w/other families as well. Well, when I ask my current families if they can provide a reference for me, they get angry and stop asking me to work for them. Again, I only work for these families 2x month for 3-5 hrs at a time and can certainly continue doing so. I just would like to have some more hours too. It seems the problem here is that people want me to work EXCLUSIVELY for them, even though the hours are so small. I did say at the interviews that I had 100% flexibility and at the time I did. However, I have a right to look for other occasional jobs don't I as long as I keep my original family first, right? But this has happened recently w/a few families and now I am wondering why this is happening. In other words, if I say at an interview that I have full flexibility and I agree to work w/a family on an occasional basis, then later on...I find other jobs on an occasional basis as well, am I doing something wrong? Am I supposed to work for only one family at a time and if I don't, then am I the one in the wrong here?! I never promise these families I will work only for them. Any and all advice and input would be well-appreciated. Thanks ISYN!

Questions About Gaining Childcare Experience

Received Wednesday, July 7, 2010
perspective and opinion I have a question for the community: How did you first gain experience with infants and toddlers? I have only worked with older kids, and I am stuck now because I can't find a paid position with babies that will take someone without experience. I would like to get Early Education Certification, which is what many jobs in daycares require -- but in order to get that, you need experience! I can't afford to volunteer 12+ hours a week for the next 6 months. Would it be strange to offer on craigslist to be a low-paid or unpaid mother's helper so I can learn how to watch a baby, in exchange for a reference or future job? Or is volunteering my only option? (Also, I know NOBODY who has a baby, so I can't just ask a friend to watch their kid or anything.)

(Not) Burning Bridges...

Received Wednesday, July 7, 2010
perspective and opinion I was a nanny for a family for two years. I worked 50 hours a week for a couple that "worked" from home. We went on vacations together and they even had two new babies during my time with them. We had a wonderful relationship for the first year, but year two really became a struggle for me. I even posted a rant on this site seekiing advice. Eventually, I left the job, before things got too tense and confontational. I moved on, got a 9-5 job, and went back to school. I had no contact with the family for about a year. It broke my heart to leave the family, but it was the healthiest thing to do for all of us.

In the last year, the family has started to contact me for childcare, petcare, ect. I was so very excited to hear from them and to be able to reconnect with the people that had shared the last few years with me. It has been a wonderful situation. The family know they can trust me with anything. That makes me feel great. I just wanted to let parents and nannies know the importance of being professional during a transitional period. I know it is tempting for either party to take an "f you" stance when relationships go sour. But in the long run, we all care about the same thing. THE CHILDREN. Burning bridges may be satisfying at the time, but in the long run, it is generally best to keep in mind that adult relationships change naturally. Our needs and what we can bring to a relationship can evolve without us being totally aware of it. Being an adult in these situations can help sustain meaningful long term relationships even after an nanny's stay has ended. That's all. Just wanted to share! Thanks!


JJ Byrne Park in Brooklyn

Received Monday, July 5, 2010
nanny sighting Oh lord have mercy do I have a sighting for you. This nanny took the childs belt off the child and whacked the child with it across the back. Three times! The child was not listening, but STILLLLLL! This happened this morning at JJ Byrne Park in Brooklyn. I was so disturbed. I was going to call 9 1 1 but the nanny hit him with a belt to get him in his stroller and then jetted out of there. Ok, so this nanny had kind of cinnamon colored hair in a short style, but full, almost like soft curls, her complexion was medium AA, she had on no jewelry or makeup but a soft, wide face that was pleasant. Good teeth. Wide set eyes. She was wearing a white t-shirt that said Jamaica on it with some dancing people across her chest. The child was a boy of 2. Maybe 3. He had dk red hair, freckles, Anglo. Wearing a safari style short set, top and bottom matched and top buttoned up and had some safari netting accents. The stroller she was trying to get him into reminded me of a lawn chair because the fabric seemed thicker, like eighties lawn chair fabric, and was stripes of dark green, mint green and white. The body of the stroller was white and dinged up but the fabric part was new.



Saturday, July 3, 2010
june cl wtf 4
.... WHAT?!

1) WANTED: Referee (Seattle)
You heard it, referee – I don’t have babies, so I don’t need a babysitter. They are Toddlers , wild and crazy toddlers. I don’t blame them I mean they have a lot working against them. They are 2 and 4, brother and sister, they are kids – I’m the parent, they have a lot to fight for. My son is 2, he hits out of frustration sometimes, but if you catch him before you can change his mind. Its his way of trying to get his point accross. (also part of being a 2 year old boy)

My daughter, the 4 year old is a princess…REALLY she thinks she is. She tries to make the world revolve around her. I didn’t want to be the mom that says in an ad ‘my children are perfect little angels’ – They’re not, but they are pretty darn good kids (most of the time)! They are best friends and never leaves each other's side.

You must love dogs, we have a pitbull.
“those vicous, heart-less beasts who were only put on the earth to eat small children and kill all animals they come across”
-found in some article your mom read. Author unknown.
This couldn’t be farther from the truth, they are lovely dogs. Our little lady is our best friend and has a full time job as a pony in our house.

You HAVE to have a sense of humor, be responsible, love to play inside or out, play dress up, build block homes, do art projects, throw an occasional ball for the dog and just really enjoy kids. I am pretty easy going. They can have popsicles when its hot and jump in puddles when it rains. I just want them to have fun and be kids.

Looking for someone for July 15th for a few hours. My kids have never had a babysitter before, always been with mommy or grandparents or their dad. We would love to find someone who we could call from time to time for a break – mommy’s and grammy’s are allowed to get tired too ya know? If interested please respond with your rate, experience and anything else that will set you apart from the other responses!
Special thanks to the following Readers for once again giving us a hellacious CL-WTF: mspanyc, mbargielski, krupitzerb, nannybee, nirvanalives, kiddiepsyc, missmannah, mcdirhim, Betty_Spaghetti, sarahvargas1, JulieK1994 and cheesenipsaregood... all of you did a fantastic job! Please send next weeks Ads HERE or use MEEBO. And don't forget to include the Links!


Nanny Browbeats Deadbeat Mom

Received Saturday, July 3, 2010
rant 2 I am your nanny...I have cared for your son since he was 12 weeks old, He is now 20 months, I love him as if he were my go to work at 7:30 am, you pick him up at 10pm..or 1am. you have given me 4 packs of diapers in this time, and maybe 3 weeks worth of food. I buy him diapers, food and clothes..because I want to. and I love him. You would rather buy beer then get him diapers.. You call me late at night for diapers and food for him...You have paid me $20 a day for caring for him cause I was in need of the cash at the time. I know I have another child, close in age to yours, cause you told the mom about me. She is way cool..brings diapers, food, milk and juice. I cook both breakfast and lunch and sometimes dinner for both babies...and they enjoy it. when dinner time comes around you are nowhere to be found, so I feed your son. when you come to pick him up, you ask, did he eat, I say assume I would. if I say no...just to mess with you, you get pissed. did you bring your son food..milk, snacks..NO., diapers..pfft, you know I keep them on hand. if I had known what other parents pay I would have thought twice about my price. enjoy your time with me, as it will come to an end...I may not be a live in nanny but your son comes home with new words and knows his french and spanish. if you don't under stand what he is saying...ask him. I also charge the other babies the same amount...$20 a day. it was my fault ...not knowing my worth. I love him too..he is younger and thinks I am a super nanny..(showing cape)...between you both I make $40 a day. I am not trying to get ritch..just noticed and appreciated

♫ Happy Birthday! ♫

Received Saturday, July 3, 2010
perspective and opinion I have been the nanny of an 11-month old boy for about 5 months now. The family has been great and I have really enjoyed watching this little guy grow up over the past few months. Throughout the time that I have been working for this family the have been nothing short of the perfect boss. They discuss any important issues, trips, or any new things they may be introducing to my charge at least 2 weeks in advance, they always pay me on time and sometimes even include bonuses, and they have bought me passes to the aquarium, the zoo, and to Disneyland. They are also very understanding of the fact that I am a full-time student taking online classes, and have no problem with giving me time off around midterms and finals. The reason I am writing this is because my charge's 1st birthday is quickly approaching. I hope to stay on with this family for quite a long time, and have no sign that they feel any different. I am wondering what I should do for his birthday, should I not just get him a present but also the family? Should I write the family a thank you card? Would you readers give me some ideas of some appropriate and genuine things to do? Thanks for any help.

Sprinkler Park - Zionsville, IN

Received Friday, July 2, 2010
nanny sighting Zionsville, IN Sprinkler Park, 7/2 - Little girl was 3 years old. Wearing a pink bathing suit that kept falling down. I unclipped the back and tied it tighter for her. This little girl was left ALONE for long periods of time on the boulders with rocks and water. She kept throwing rocks and I'd explain to her how that can hurt others or hurt herself. She was sweet and didn't know any better. She was very happy when I praised her for putting the rocks down gently. I looked for the nanny wearing a white tank top, overweight lady. She had a son with red hair around 10 or 11 yrs old and another boy she was watching with dark hair. Little girl also had mesquito bites on her back. She had sandy colored hair just above her shoulders. The sitter was in the shade on her cell phone not even looking at this little girl and there was a pool of water she could have drowned in too. I should have been the one getting paid to watch this little girl, because I was the one doing it!