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.... WHAT?!

1) Looking for Live in Nanny -- House keeper (Atlanta)
I am looking for someone to keep my 3 kids and keep up my house. Im working about 18 hours a day right now trying to expand my business and I just need a little help. I am willing to pay the right girl $1000 per week for the job. I am a 28 year old attractive male with full custody of my kids. I will also pay bonuses for the right services from the right girl. If interested just send me an e-mail and please attach a photo. Thanks

2) Going to Disneyworld - Nanny wanted - Free ticket/great oppty - 49 (N.C.)
Young, good looking attorney seeking nice pretty nanny for no strings attached trip
to disneyworld on August 6-9
contact for details.
must be good with kids. need to supply pic-

3) Babysitter needed TONIGHT (Detroit)
Hello, my name is Jessica. I live in Sterling Heights near 16 mile and Van Dyke. I am looking for a babysitter TONIGHT to watch my son who is 5 months old. My son was born prematurely so he is developmentally the same as a three month old, and the size of a three month old, but has no special needs or disabilities. We are looking for someone to watch him for 3-5 hours in our home, and you must have reliable transportation and your own cell phone. Punctuality is a must, and you must be 16+, sorry I'm uninterested in anyone younger than that.
Rates are negotiable based on experience. You name your rate and your reasoning for it. Keep in mind he will sleep through most of your shift. If you call me as soon as you read this then I'll gladly interview you over the phone and have you come over, we need a sitter ASAP...TONIGHT! I know this is last minute, but we had something come up and need to leave and don't have family that can watch him.
Upon your arrival I will need to see your driver's license and copy down any information I feel relevant. You may not bring anyone with you, or have guests, including your own children.
Please call me, NO EMAILS!
Ask for Jessica - 586-329-****
If you come through for me tonight I promise there will be more work to come quite often, although there will not be a schedule. Just random, sporadic scheduling for you.

4) Live in Dog Nanny (Dallas)
I am looking for a live in dog nanny.. I will not accept young, pregant or single young people so please do not waste my time or yours..

My husband passed away 3 weeks ago and I travel 3 weeks a month and do not like my babies being left alone...
I want someone who loves dogs.. That is a must as I have 6 of them.. It is no life for them to be home alone all the time. I have someone that sees about them but that is not what I want.

I will be acceptable with someone who works a job during the day and home all night long.. A person who draws a check would be perfect as it will be free room and board plus a small salary.. If you can not speak english you need not reply..!!!!

5) Female help needed with my kids at water park (Milwaukee)
I want to take my girls 4 and 6 to a water park later this summer. I am divorced and live in Chicago. I can't handle both alone at a water park so I need someone to help. So I am looking for a companion to go with us. I am thinking of coming to the Milwaukee for the weekend with them. I will pay for the room and the water park pass and food. Lets discuss the options. I am open minded. Maybe you can hang out with us for the weekend. It will be fun. They love water parks and are decent swimmers. I look forward to hearing from you.

6) Looking for a live in nanny but untill the still looking for a nanny (Orlando)
looking for a trust worthy nanny to take care of my kid during the day and part of the night
my children are 2 and 3 and very energetic they a 11 months apart so they are alike and differnt in their own little way im will to pay 100 to 130 a week for btw 9am-9pm possibly if my room need a nanny for his duaghter occassionally night to bc we are young parent for more info plese email me for more info 407 221 ****

7) mom needs help babysitting 2 times a week call me (Sacramento)
hi me and my husband of four need help with our kids 2 times a week only to go to church but must come to church with us and one night at our home please if intrested please call me will pay $10 to $12 hr please help need some time to ourselfs our kids our lovable must have exp....a must and loves kids and mostly loves the lord cause without jesus we are nothing John:3.16
god bless here is my phone # 916-969-**** must have good friendly out look on life.

8) Needs a sitter 4 hours per night in my home starting tonight!!! (Colorado)
Hello my name is Shiri I have an 8 year old boy and I need a reliable sitter to watch my son in our home in the Rockrimmon area every other week from approx 5pm to 9pm Monday through Friday starting today and occasional weekends if available. I'm also looking for a permanent sitter on occasional weekends at night my sitter that I used for 2 years moved away I was paying her $4 per hour and am willing to pay $5 for someone reliable and permanent my son is independent and you won't need to do much I just need someone here for him if interested please call 719-232-**** ASAP Shiri.

9) Live in nanny for amazing 2 year old boy (Seattle)
OK... So I'm very unsure about doing this on Craig list but Im running out of options... I have an amazing 2 year old little boy named Joey... I work full time and I am trying to build my own business on the side so I don't have to work full time anymore! I am moving in to a 3 bedroom apartment at the end of November... I would like to find someone that will care for my JoJo while Im at work and in meetings... in exchange for a free place to live... I will NOT live in the Ghetto so that will not be a problem and I have NO pets... I would like to find someone soon so we can get to know each other and you and my son can get comfortable with each other... Please email me your qualifications, a picture, and contact information if you are interested...

10) need a baby sitter possible live in? (Seattle)
ok so my wife just went back to work after having number three and we dont know any one close to help with the kids. any one with a cheap rate i would like to talk to, or will be making another room in the house so if we have too and actually preffer if some one needs a place to live and can watch the kids that would be great. my wife and i will need to meet any one and check out your background so i dont have to worrie about my babies. we would preffer a younger lady that is trustworthy and wont try bring their friends over all the time. if we meet and approve of them is one thing but for most part dont think its a good idea. if i dont answer my phone please text or call back later dont bother leaving a message as i hardly check them. my cell is 253 880 ****. my children are, f 6 years old, b 4 years old and she is 5 months. thanks

11) Weekend Nanny (New York)
I am looking to hire a weekend Nanny for my 2 young boys. It is a very busy home and long hours.
You will get breaks during the day when not busy. Play sports, swim and help with keeping the boys
things neat and clean. I would like someone in their late 20's early 30's cute upbeat and bubbly with
Would love if someone in addition to English spoke Polish or Spanish BIG PLUS.
lots of energy. E-MAIL YOUR RESUME $800 GROSS

12) Sitter for tonight (Norfolk)
I am looking for a sitter for tonight. I have two toddlers ages 3 and 4. I would need it at my home and the time I need it is 8 until the latest being 2am. I also have two dogs so you must be pet friendly as well. Thank you.

13) Looking for a part-time baby sitter (Chicago)
I'm single mother to a 21/2 year old boy, And I'm in need of someone to Pick him up from daycare, and sit with him in the Park for 2 hours. On certain days of the week, I work until 7 pm and he needs to be picked up No later than 5:30 pm, From daycare. I'm looking for a responsible person, Who has Experience with Toddlers, And a love for Children. Pay is Negotiable, This is a Part- Time Position, That Has the Possibility, of turning Full - Time. If Interested , please Reply with 2 Personal References, And one Business.

14) Room and Board (Atlanta)
Hi my name is Joyce and I am offering Free Room and Board in exchange for childcare. We have 4 school age children. Childcare for us is very expensive. For further details please email me your contact info. No crazies please.

15) Free room in exchange 4 child care (Atlanta)

.... HOW MUCH?!

16) Need a babysitter in my home (Arkansas)
I have a 2 year old son. I need childcare as follows : Wedensday-Friday 6pm-10pm
I will pay 35 a week to the right person. I know it doesn't seem like much but it is all I can afford. We have a small dog here as well so you must not be afraid of dogs she doesn't bite or anything. I am open to you bringing one or 2 of your own children with you. Please contact me with "BABYSITTER" in the headline or I will not respond. Thank you.

17) Part time sitter for 8yo child (Denver)
I am looking for someone to watch my boyfriend's daughter while I am at work. I do not know what my schedule will be since it is entirely dependent on whether I have someone to watch her, but I am trying to do Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

I could need you as early as 8:30 AM and could be gone as late as 9:30 PM with the exception of Fridays I will be trying to be home by 5:30 PM.

I would let you know what my schedule is as soon as we confirm that you would be a reliable sitter and thus can put in for time at work.

I would prefer to find someone to come to my place to watch her. My dad will be in and out. She is fairly independent and easy to watch. I will provide some simple snacks or frozen lunches so you only need to do light cooking. She may go outside and play with the neighbors or ride her bike, but I would prefer she not leave the complex for any reason. You may feel free to watch TV or movies so long as they are appropriate for her to watch as well. (Keep it under PG-13.)

I work part-time at minimum wage so I cannot afford to pay much. If you know any responsible teens or young adults looking for some summer cash, I would be willing to speak with them as well.

Must be at least 16, but would prefer 18 or older. Must have own transportation. Bus is acceptable. Punctuality is necessary.

Please reply to anonymous_female_1985@**** and a copy of your profile or resume and references. Rate is $3 - $4/Hour
URL: not available

18) stah mom of 4yrs now needs a sitter for her 2 kids (Pennsylvania)
m a 23yr old mom of 2 boys and been a stay at home mom for the past 4 years and due to hard times im left with no choice but to find a full time job and would like to first have a sitter lined up to watch my 4 year old son and 8 month old son. I will provide food/drinks and toys if needed and could pay up to $90 a week m-f 6am to 4pm is the hours im looking at. It may be hard for my 4yr old since he has been with my 24/7 and takes awhile to warm up to strangers unless there are other kids so it would be nice to have other kids around for him to play with but if not im sure if you give him attention and play with him things will be fine. Im not the kind of mohter who is looking for someone to teach my kids anything, all i ask for is supervision especiall with the baby since he just started crawling and likes to climb onto things and tend to fall but never cries, ive always been told my boys are the happiest easy going kids ever!!! if you could help me out i would really like to hear from you either by email or yes im on facebook and you can get an idea of our life style. only thing i ask is you be at least 20yrs or older!
facebook: search dngsmommab@****

i love my boys and will do anything to make life easier for us and by working i can provide them with the things we need, i refuse to accept hand outs and govt assistance. thanks and hope to hear from you =]

19) babysitter - $5.00 a day (Colorado)
hello im a 13teen year old babysitter that is willing to babysit your children between new born -- 10 year old's just call me at 465-**** ask for sylena m**** any time day and night but one thing is that i babysit at my house need a good babysitter here you go call me

20) Looking for a nanny (Atlanta)
I am a full time working mom of three kids, twin toddlers and a 5 yr old. I am looking for in home Nanny care for my children and some light cleaning. I will be open to discuss care at the Nanny's home also. The starting pay will be $100 per week and $120 per week after three weeks. I speak some spanish and am open to all ethnicites and ages 18 and older. Please have transportation or live in the Cobb area.

21) Nanny needed - live in?? (Seattle)
I am in need of a nanny M-F from 8am-5:30pm. I have 4 children. Three of them are age 7 and up, the little one is 2 and will need constant supervision. I need someone that will help my kids clean up after themselves, interact with them, make breakfast and lunch for them and eat with them or at least sit at the table with them. They each have chores that need to be done before they play. I don't want them sitting in front of the t.v. all day. I need someone responsible, over 18, with a license. I don't want any guys at my house when you are caring for my children. You may use my computer only while my 2 yr old is sleeping.

You will need to be able to pass a background check. Some of my children are foster children. My children are extremely important to me and have had hard lives already... you must be responsible. This may just be a job to someone but, it is much more than that to me. $25 per day plus free rent, utilities, food, cable and internet. nights and weekends off.

22) Live in Nanny wanted (Las Vegas)
Looking for a single 45+ year old woman to live with us in our summerlin area home to help take exceptional care of our newborn boy (8 weeks old). You would have two days off per week, sometimes more, normally wednesday and thursday although this may vary due to our schedules. You would be responsible for taking care of the baby on your on days as needed and responsible for some light housework. You will have full access to our three bedroom home, you will have a private furnished bedroom with private bath and access to wireless internet, cable tv and community pool, tennis courts and park. Your room and board will be part of your compensation on top of $100 per week. We are looking for someone who is responsible, clean and respectful. You must speak some english, pass a background check and have references. You will also need to be kind and caring as we only want a nurturing environment for our son. Please send an email telling us about yourself and why this may be a good fit for you.

23) babysitter needed (Chicago)
i am looking for a reliable adult to watch my child from 130am till 630 am 4 days a week. husband and i both work midnights he will be home before me. he does a paper route and i am on midnights at the nursing home so i wont be home till 730am as i work in valpo and he works in crown point. pay is 50 a week . 219765**** misty

24) Sitter needed immediately (Atlanta)
Looking for sitter to start immediately to watch my 9yr old son. Son is pretty self-sufficient, just looking for someone watch in my apartment from 1pm to 8pm Mon-Fri. Food will be povided there is also a pool on premises, so if you love to swim so does he. Must be at least 16yrs old, experience a plus but not needed. I share my apartment with my sister who will be relieving you at 8. Pay is $65/wk paid every Friday. Please respond immediatley, looking to interview this week, could start as early as Tuesday

25) Babysitter needed (Nashville)
Babysitter needed.

Will be required to work 30 hours a week/3 days. Pay is $70 a week. Hours will be determined at the start of each week. Flexability is required.

Job requires you to watch / play with my 2 1/2 year old son. You will be at my apartment and you will not be asked to take him anywhere. You will be asked to pick up after him.

Food for you will be provided, you will have internet access and cable as well.

My son is very good and well mannered. Very easy to watch.

Please email if you are interested. We will respond via email and set up an interview with you to meet us and our son.

When you reply, please include any experience you have, age, if you have any days/hours you are not able to babsit and also list your last 3 jobs. If you have any questions please let me know as well.

26) Nanny Needed (Minneapolis)
Present nanny is pregnant and has chosen to stay home once her baby is born. She would like to quit as soon as I find a replacement. July 26th is the preferable start date. This is somewhat negotiable.

$230 per week paid bi-weekly ($920 per month)
Self renowned Craigslist Police - This is a fee for a service - minimum wages do not apply - please do not flag

Mon-Fri, 7:30-4:45
***On rare occasions I am required to work a little later.

Megan 6
Riley going on 4
Abigail 2 (presently potty training)

Megan will start school August 30th so she will require only a few hours of care once the school year begins.

We live in a 4 bedroom 3 bath town-home located near Lowes and Canterbury Rd. There is a very nice outdoor pool, trails and parks all within walking distance.

There are bikes and a trailer for bike rides. A large wagon for walks to the pool. I work within five miles of my home so I stop in for lunches on occasion just to see how the day is going.

Please email a brief description of yourself and interests (other then kids) and I will respond within 24 hours.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

* Response from CL readers:

27) RE: Nanny Needed (Minneapolis)
Last I checked, minimum wage was NOT less than $5/hour. I would not trust someone willing to accept such low wages to watch my children. Good luck, lady.....

28) RE: Nanny Needed (Minneapolis)
To the person who replied to the original post:
I'm sorry but for what she is asking that is the going rate for a nanny as well as a home daycare. Especially for a schoolager, and 2 preschool age. Yes when you break it down it is only 5 dollars an hour but I do home daycare and on average when you break down the weekly rates it is close to 3 an hour. Don't you have anything better to do than pick on other peoples post. For someone who is 18-20 that is good money. You should mind your own business and stay out of others!

29) RE: Nanny Needed (Minneapolis)
No, $5 an hour CASH is not only an unacceptable rate for an in-home nanny of 3 kids (the going rate for an experienced, qualified person is $15/hr), it is an insult AND illegal to pay "CASH!!!" Maybe you are looking for an illegal SLAVE, but clearly not a competent, qualified, experienced or caring person for your precious children.... No wonder the other nanny wants to quit a.s.a.p!!!

30) RE: Nanny Needed (Minneapolis)
Try doing the math again please. It is a 46.25 hour work week, which translates to $4.97/hour. And daycare providers get to stay at home. They don't waste time with travel and gas, plus wear and tear on their car. If the mom wants to pay so little, she needs to find an in-home daycare. Not a professional nanny. If you are going to hire a babysitter for that cheap, you get what you pay for.

31) RE: Nanny Needed (Minneapolis)
It is a bit low considering you are having them come to your house instead of you bringing them to their house. I (daycare provider) normally would charge about 10.00 a day for the 5 year old = $50/wk and then I would charge 110.00/wk for the 4 year old, and then 120.00/wk for the 2 year old so all in all it would normally cost $1120 a month but most providers offer a discount for multiples. Mine would be 20.00 off a week so on average I would charge 1040.00 month

I do think that the price should be raised a bit, as it is hard to make ends meet with the prices of everything raised out there. To be fair you said you live in a 4br,3ba TH with a pool accessible...and you live in Shakopee, which is a nice area. I think you could afford to raise the pay a bit for loving and caring care that your children will get with a Nanny. These people are right, nannies do average $10.00-$15.00/hr on average. Therefore if you were actually charged $10/hr by a nanny you would be looking at paying $80.00 a day for 3 kids, cleaning, laundry, cooking...= $400 wk =$1600.00/mo

With the extra duties that a nanny does, what i listed above is not unreasonable for 2.5 kids even. Babysitters make more than $5.00/hr and they come to your house play with the kids, put them to bed and eat your food.

I am just saying you need to be more flexible with pay than what you are. I think you would be a great parent to work for, I just think the price is wrong, that is all.

* Response from Original Poster:

32) RE: Nanny Needed (Minneapolis) - OP
I've been biting my tongue on this one...

My current nanny also has a 2 year old that she brings along with her every day. She loved this opportunity because it allowed her to be with her child and have money on the side for fun stuff! This isn't a job that involves endless hours of flipping burgers, or brewing coffee, or dealing with nasty customers (which some could probably pick out those types from this site). It is more about having some fun with some kids, watching movies, going on nature walks and hanging out poolside (with life jackets of course). Don't get me wrong, kids are a lot of work, but it is a different kind of work and can be rewarding for the right personality.

I will perform a full background check, check references and go with my gut during the hiring process. I'm not worried. This is my second time around, and it worked out great the first time. This would be a great opportunity for the right person.

Like I tell my kids "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"...

* Response to OP from CL reader:

33) RE: Nanny Needed (Minneapolis)
Just to let you know that daycare providers can take in 10-12 kids, so really $3 dollars and hour per kid would really mean you are earning between $30-36 an hour!!! The "going" rate for nannies is between 10-15 dollars an hour. Daycare is not the same as having a nanny. I was a professional nanny for 12 years and when I finally retired to have my own children, I was getting paid $20 an hour. Nanny's have to go to their home, the parents don't have to get kids ready for daycare, the nanny does light cleaning and cooking as well as some run errands and run the households. $230 is not a lot for a nanny of 3 children. With the hours requested this is less than mininum wage, nannies still have to pay taxes just like a daycare without the ability to claim a LOT of things. This is less than what would be paid at a daycare, but with the benefits of having someone come to your home.

You may want to look into having an AUPAIR, they earn a wage around $200 a week with room and board.
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