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.... WHAT?!

1) LOVE KIDS AND DOGS?? (Milwaukee)
Looking for a wonderful person to care for our twin boys two days a week preferably Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-6pm on a long-term basis. Please note: Our house is a zoo! We have two big dogs who are our first children and must be treated as such - and 2 1/2 year old twin boys who are into EVERYTYHING. So, the ideal candidate must be quick on their feet, love chasing, playing and running with them all as well as reading and quiet time. Only candidates who truly LOVE dogs and toddlers should apply. The right person would also be organized and willing to clean up with the boys as they moved from project to project and after them at the end of each day.

2) Don't hate me cause Im beautiful (Chicago)
I have lost alot of jobs because I have maintained my appearance over the years. It seems like everytime I have gone on an interview and the mom is obese, I am deemed a threat. If you are so insecure and worry your husband might show undue attention to me, you have bigger issues to deal with. I am here for work and only interested in your childrens development and well being. If you have weight issues, dont take it ouit on me. Sooner or later your spouse will find compaionship with anyone other than you.

* Response from CL reader:

3) RE: Don't hate me cause Im beautiful (Chicago)
You are obviously immature & childish to even post something so stupid on here. This may be why you are not getting hired because parents what a MATURE nanny for their kids. Try getting a job where your fantastic appearance and your immaturity are a top priority and I'm sure you will get hired. I also can see that typing is not something you're good at, judging by your typos. Therefore an office job might not work either.

4) I'll potty train your child in 1 week (New Jersey)
It is suggested that children as young as 16 months have a decent amount of bladder control and can "hold it" until they make it to the potty. So why are some 3 year old's still not potty trained??? Whether its fear, laziness, nervousness or an inability to recognize "the feeling to go" i believe i can help.

As a nanny for the past 7 years and a part time sitter for a total of 10 years I have assisted in potty training numerous children. Over the years i have picked up many great potty training tips and have come up with a few ideas of my own that i found to work very well. When put all together and done in steps (5 steps over 5 half days) i believe i can be very successful in potty training any young child. Since my ideas and theories have never been combined and used on any one specific child before, i am offering this service FREE of charge for the first 4 children. I am very confident it will work and to keep the child to potty teacher ratio small i will only accept 2 children per week. This ensures each child gets the necessary amount of attention to accomplish his/her goals.

In the five days your child spends with me we will work on recognizing urges, overcoming fears (falling in, the sound of flushing etc.), cleaning up messes and most importantly....Confidence.
By the end of the five days you will have a happy, healthy, self-sufficient, confident, potty trained toddler.

Your children will love being here for the 5 days. To help encourage urination your children will get plenty of sugary drinks. Yum! Along with a never ending supply of drinks, salty snacks and high fiber foods will be offered to help encourage soft, easy Bowel Movements.
**A sugary drink will never thoroughly quench a child, therefore encourage more drinking.

You have nothing to lose and only a potty trained toddler to gain :)

If interested, please email me and i will send you some more information on how your child will spend his/her days with me. Feel free to ask any questions

5) Babysitter needed Friday and Saturday nite!! (Madison)
I am in need of a reliable trustworthy babysitter! Just got a new job and have 2 gigs this weekend!!
Friday- 830pm-12am
Saturday 8pm-2am
The child to be baby sat is 17 months old. He is a well mannered lil boy. Can watch him at my house or yours. Please send references with email and a lil about yourself. $3 an hour.

6) Childcare (New York)
hello. I am a single mom of a 13 month old little girl. I work 6am-6pm 3 days a week in Vestal and we live in Windsor, so anywhere in between is just fine. We have had horrible luck with daycare so far, and I am very picky. I do get DSS assistance and pay on top of that. What you an expect from me: I provide everything- clothes food drinks diapers wipes toys etc. I get my schedule at least a week in advance so you will know ahead of time when I have to work. I am a casual employee so I can work around YOUR schedule as well. What we need from you: You MUST feed my child when she is hungry, not when you have the time. She needs to be in clean dry clothes whenever possible. She needs to wear sunblock when she goes outside. If she gets filthy she needs to be bathed. You MAY NOT put your hands on my child as a form of punishment. You should not have so many children that you cannot keep track of my child. You need to assist with potty training- she does very good at home and with Grandma. She needs to be active and not stuck in front of a television. She needs to be treated as a child and not an infant- bouncy seats and exersaucers are just not age appropriate or safe for her. Really I would LOVE to find an older woman with experience who just wants a child to love and nurture and watch grow. She loves to be outside so you should too. She loves music and painting and dancing and climbing and water. Daddy day cares are gladly accepted as well as retired people and stay at home moms. I cannot afford to pay you $50 a day so please don't respond if you are in it for nothing but the money or if you want to watch enough children to make a small fortune. Feel free to reply to the email address or text my cell phone at 607-343-****. my name is mindy. thanks!

7) BARTER: Part-time Mary Poppins in exchange for free room and board (D.C.)
Our family lives in a large single family home in DC.
We are seeking a live-in part time nanny (before and after school, effectively), for our two children.
In exchange, we are offering free room and board in a large and private room of your own.
The ideal candidate is female, age is unimportant. French-speaking is a plus.
You MUST drive. Ideally, you'll have your own car.
Our expectations are that you will get the children up, dressed, fed, and out the door in the morning to take them to school. All day (from about 8 to about 2:30) is your time.
In the afternoons, the children need to be picked up, helped with homework, fed, and gotten ready for bed.
Dinner needs to be prepared for the family (you included, of course), but breakfast is just the kids.
There is no heavy housekeeping, but the kitchen, family room, and the kid's room would be your responsibility.
There will also be some errands, play dates, rehearsals and the like in the evenings.
We need someone who is responsible, ORGANIZED, takes direction well, and is pleasant, reliable, and fun.
If this sounds like you, please contact me.
We would like to find someone with whom we can have a long term arrangement.
This may be an ideal situation for a responsible individual who is taking classes part time.

8) Babysitter needed (Norfolk)
I am new to the area and in need of a babysitter for my two boys (one and five years). I am not looking for a full time person just someone that does night out gigs. Someone to watch my boys while dad and I get out you a while. I would perfer that this take place in my home just as a confort factor to my boys. If anyone is interested please feel free to email me at damiesmommie@****. I will be checking this throughout the day, we would like to go out tonight. Thanks to all

9) Need flexible sitter asap (Norfolk)
Looking for someone to care for an 11 mo old boy & 7 yr old girl in our home. We have extremely flexible schedules ( to be specified if interviewed)...ranging from day and night hours various days a week. Must have experience, OWN transportation, and good demeanor! Need someone soon, but not willing to settle. These are my kids and I WILL fire you in a heartbeat if I dont feel comfortable leaving them with you! Please have references and experience. Serious inquiries only!!!

10) childcare who work for you (Norfolk)
hello my name LaShonda and i just gettin started with my daycare iam 20 year old lookin from kids to start it up the ages is 12 months tooo 4 year old the hour is mon-firdaya at 5am-6pm while your kids in good hand they will be doing abc's, colors, number,ect they would be havin fun her i would work with ur buget soo if u have any more question feel free to e-mail me ny time i make sure ill hit u up asap

11) Child Care Needed (Las Vegas)
I am in a bind.........

I have a 1 year old.... (her father my soon to be ex will have her every other week)
5 year old triplets who start Kinder this year after school starts I will need someone for them from noon till 5:30P
and my 10 year old will be home from school around 4 or so.

Until school starts I would need someone for the baby (every other week) and the 4 other children. They are independent basically take them to the little community park or water play in the back yard... The baby naps well and is pretty independent for a 1 year old.

I am newly going through a divorce and am trying to get on my feet. Instead of me saying I can pay X I'd rather not be laughed at and let you tell me what you would charge. Thank you

12) Live-in Nanny needed for 3 month old (D.C.)
Needed immediatley! Single mother needs live-in nanny for one Wednesday, Friday, and next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Rent free. Meals provided, and $200. Please contact me as soon as possible at my email. Thank You.

13) Nanny/Assistant needed (New York)
I am a mother of FIVE young children ages 8, 4, 3, 2.5, and 20months. We also have a 22month old several days a week in addition. We are looking for someone to come in to our home 2-3 days a week M-F to help out with the kids so I can get some house chorus and paper work done. In addition we would like it if you could be available one night a month (either Friday or Saturday) to watch the children as my husband and I go out. We have many appointments through out the week so you must be willing/able to watch all children while I am at meetings/appointments. And must have reliable transportation and a good driving record as you may be asked to pick up 1-2 children from their various summer programs. Other than that, we are a pretty laid back family. We enjoy time outdoors, walks, visiting local parks, the zoo, and the discovery center. The children each have their own personalities but get along great together and very much enjoy playing with nieghbor kids. Exact hours and days are flexable however we could really use someone on Tues. and Thurs. You must be responsible, have good personal refferences, and must love kids. Please e-mail me if you are interested and pay will be discussed. All applicants will be interviewed and I maintain my right to make my selection without question.

14) Full-time Nanny wanted (D.C.)
we are a married couple with two children. a 2 and half year old girl (potty trained), 1 year old boy.
we are looking for some one with experience with kids with good references and clean background.
we prefere a living nanny you will hvae your own room your private bathroom. you get to save on rent utitlities, food, etc. you will have a day off a week and obviously most eveninings. you will be one o fthe family and you will be very comfortable with us. we are very outgoing couple we are both 29.
Second option is daily commute to the house however, we ll only need you Tuesday to Friday in most cases. usually it ll be 4 days a week but there are weeks when my wife will not be working from home and it will be a noraml week.
we have had 2 living nanny's and we were paying $800 in cash since you you will not need to pay for rent,gas,utilities, food. if you decide to commute the pay doesn't change as this is the most we can afford.
if interested please email me with your availability and your phone number and we will be in touch with you. we need some one as soon as possible.

15) Sitter needed ASAP (Philadelphia)
Sitter needed for a few hours today! from about 12:30pm-4pm.....when responding please leave phone number, address and most important your rates! I have two boys very energetic so only write back if you can keep up with them=D
Love running around so space is needed............I hope to hear from some of you:)

16) Babysitters Wanted (Chicago)
We are looking for babysitters. We need different levels of experience for different jobs. For example, we need someone who is 13 years or older for times when we are just going out for a few hours in the afternoon or early evening. We need older sitters with clean driving records for other times when maybe I need help getting one kid somewhere while I go somewhere else with the others. So everyone is encouraged to contact us, we want to have a good list of people to call upon.
We need a sitter on Friday, July 17 for when we go to Pitchfork for the day/night.
There is also a situation coming up where we will have to fly out of state to attend a funeral. We will need someone to stay with three of the children during this time. I can't tell you when it will be, but I understand it will be in the next 6 weeks. This particular job will require an adult 18 years of age or older with drivers license and experience. For this particular gig, we will pay a flat rate to be agreed upon before we leave that will pay you for your time, experience, food, expenses, etc.
Who are we? We are a blended family who lives in north Evanston. We have five children- 4 boys, aged 11 1/2, 10 1/2, 10, and 7 and one 7 year old girl. Three of the boys live with us full time and the 10 1/2 year old boy and 7 year old girl live with us only half of the week and on alternate weekends. So chances are, it is only the other three boys who need sitting.
REGULAR BABYSITTING RATE OF PAY: We need to discuss rates with you. In the past year when we lived in Lincoln Park, we had been paying college students $10 an hour cash. I know there are professional nannies and child care providers out there with great qualifications that make them more valuable. I don't really need them. Our kids are pretty much able to be on their own with the 6th grader in charge. They all have cell phones, have been through the home fire drills, know where the first aid kit is, can make themselves food if need be, know not to play with fire/do stupid stuff, etc. Babysitting these kids pretty much means playing video games and watching tv...not a whole lot of experience required, just common sense and the ability to function in the rare case of an emergency. So we again encourage anyone with any level of experience to apply. If I were hiring someone to take care of my newborn, I would be a lot more particular. For us, we just need a nice babysitter!

17) babystitter needed for tomorrow (Norfolk)
Hello im looking for a babysitter to come to my home and watch my two girls ages 9mon and 2 you must know cpr!!!! willing to come buy tonite to do a interview perfer to stick with military family references is a must!! please call 434-409-****

18) Babysitter needed Thur, Fri, Sat (Norfolk)
Hey! So, me and my husband are wanting a "vacation" hehe.. We planned on family watching our little guy but that fell through, so we are just going to pretend. We already found a Wonderful sitter for during the day, but are now looking for someone during the night time. We would like our son to be cared for in our home, so that he is comfortable and can sleep in his own bed, and we dont have to transport him late at night. He is a wonderful 10mth old little guy, he loves to play, and is very set in a routine, so you will have no problems with this bed time routine. If you think that you might be able to help, let me know ASAP. The times would be 4:30- to around 10, and his bed time routine starts at 6 and in bed by 7. Thanks so much!

19) i need a sitter (Seattle)
hello out there am looking for a sitter for my 2 girls 4 and 11 for tonight me and wife going out and our sitter just told us she was not doing it for today so let me know how much you will charge and your experience pls be honest and we may use you for our nights out it will be from 9 pm to 2 am thx

20) need babysitter Sat from 12noon-9pm (Norfolk)
hi! Hoping someone will be available last minute... just trying to cover my work shift. I have two boys, 2 and 3 years old that need a babysitter/referee for the evening! I live near oceana, but work in greenbrier so open to pretty much anywhere... If you're available, please let me know a little about yourself and your household and what about you would charge, thanks!! :)

.... HOW MUCH?!

21) Need responsible babysitter/nanny (D.C.)
Seeking responsible, reliable, caring babysitter for 5 month old. Hours would be Mon-Fri 7am-5pm in our home. Looking for someone who is experienced, dependable and actually cares about the child she is watching. Being a nanny is a great job because you get to "stay home all day" and relax, no dress code, etc but that does not mean that the focus of the day should be watching TV. The focus should be the care and development of the child. Light housework would be expected but in a very minimal amount, requiring approximately 20-30 minutes per day about 2-3 days per week. (no bathroom cleaning or anything like that) We will conduct a background check and at least 3 references are expected. Non smokers only. Pay will be $200 per week to start and you will receive paid federal holidays. Must speak english.

* Response from CL reader:

22) RE: Need responsible babysitter/nanny (D.C.)
7am - 5 pm = 10 hours a day X 5 days a week .. that equals 50 hours per week. You're so kind to offer $200 a week which equals out to roughly $4.00 per hour to care for your NEWBORN -
You get what you pay for - probably someone that's gonna smack your baby around, probably someone that will leave your baby in a shitty diaper until 4:50pm, someone that's going to snoop around in your persnoal business, perhaps even a child molestor - they probably wouldn't mind getting paid $4.00 an hour to rape your kid, right? What a FIT mother you seem to be!! Good luck!

23) RE: Need responsible babysitter/nanny (D.C.)
While doing this job you only really work MAYBE 4 hours out of the day. The rest of the time you can relax and hang out. So you are making $10 per hour under the table, which isn't bad money asshole. And that's $200 per week to start. If we find someone we really like- they would obviously be worth more. Maybe you're rich but the rest of us aren't. So fuck off

24) Babysitter in Milwaukee *** Bilingual (Milwaukee)
I take care of kids in my house cause i dont work and i take care of my 2 kids... we'll have lots of fun my daughter is 5 my son is 2 so we play allot. i also speak spanish for anyone who's babies don't speak english =) I'm 27 and very good with kids, and I know it's had to find a good sitter wich is why I rather stay home with my kids..... I wont charge much 8 hours a day for $15.00 thats $75 a week or if you work more hours we can just talk about it ... you can contact me at 414-248-**** my name is erika or send me a message at smileygirl_23@**** thankssssss

25) Babysitter needed (Las Vegas)
I am a single mom who needs a babysitter. I am slightly picky in a few areas and this is what is FIRM and I won't change: Need references, house (plugs and cupboards) MUST be child proof, NO pit bull dogs in our out in the yard, and NO smoking in house or cars.
What I need: for a 20 Month old Boy
Childcare from 830-430 Monday to Friday one week and Tuesday to Thursday the next week - $25 a day
Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack
I work in a Dr office and sometime patients can run late so every once in awhile I might be a little past 430 but I would text or call you
STABILITY - I need only SERIOUS inquiries as I don't want to be taking my child to a bunch of different places -
What I provide:

I can bring toys if needed
I have a carseat I could leave with you
I can bring a playpen as he still sleeps in a crib
My son has allergies so a runny nose is sometimes present but I will NEVER bring him sick - I have a STRONG belief that sick kids belong at home

If ALL of this sounds like a position you have or something you could create for the right child lets talk. Call, email or text (402) 599-****

26) Full-time Nanny needed (Atlanta)
We are looking for someone who can provide FULL-TIME, PERMANENT loving and nurturing care for our 5-month-old twins. We are in need of care between the hours of 8:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. , Monday through Friday. The position will start on July 12, 2010 with a paid training day of Saturday July 10, 2010. Between the dates of July 19, 2010 until August 6, 2010 you will temporary supervise 3 additional children. Their ages are 7, 7, and 9. This will be a temporary arrangement (just until school starts back) and you will be compensated accordingly for this adjustment. Below I have listed the MINIMUM requirements we are seeking for a qualified applicant to this position. Only applicants who meet these requirements will be considered.
* Your own reliable transportation (By this we mean a vehicle that YOU own and are not sharing, borrowing, renting or some other temporary arrangement)
* Be between the ages of 23 to 45
* MUST be professional and articulate at ALL times
* Willing to accept payment of $275 per week for your services, with periodic increases based on performance.
* Lives 15 no more than 20 minutes from Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd off exit 111 (Hwy 85)
* No prior commitments that will interfere with the above schedule (i. e. school, church, extra-curricular activities, etc. We are not saying that you cannot do any of these things, we just ask that they do not interfere with the required schedule. Just because this is nannying does not mean it is not a serious commitment)
*Available for a telephone interview as soon as Monday, July 05, 2010 and an in-person interview the same week.
Preferred Requirements
* CPR Certification
* Experience with infants
* Experience as a mom
If you qualify, please respond with a brief summary about yourself and a telephone number as well as how far you live from the above name location. Thank you for reading and HOPEFULLY, thank you for responding!

27) Need a sitter from 5:00pm-7:30am (Tulsa)
We have two little kids (under the age of 4 ), we are looking for someone to babysit at night time... price is $20 a night... email us your information if you are interested..

28) Summer care needed (Seattle)
Summer care needed two days a week for two tots in my home. Must be dependable,reliable, and have own transportation. SAHM's are welcome to apply. Must pass a background check, be willing to sign a nanny cam waiver, and have viable references. Pay is $25/daily Please reply with resume and references.

* Response from CL reader:

29) RE: To summer care needed (Seattle)
This is MY response to you:
$25.00 a day for taking care of two babies?
If it's a nine-hour day, that means $2.77 per hour.
Divide that by two babies, and you are paying $1.38 for each child per hour.
Hey, you can afford a nanny cam, but you can't afford to pay a decent wage for your sitter?
What's wrong with this picture?
If you value your babies, you should be willing to pay an acceptable wage so that your nanny can survive, i.e., pay for food, clothing and shelter.
How do you expect her to survive on $25 a day? Must she live in a tent? In a sleeping bag by a stream? Go to a women's shelter? Or are you looking to take advantage of a poor undocumented immigrant?

30) Full time babysitter needed (California)
I am looking for a full time baby sitter for two toddlers, a 3 and 4 year old, sitter will need to be atleast 18 years of age and have their own home, be available 5 days of the week.. the pay will be $100.00 per child a WEEK to start off, i will provide sancks and intertainment utilities, this job is for a stay at home individual who is lovable and caring, who is patient and outgoing with children.... so if you are interested in this position and fit the description of this job please email us back or you can reach me @ 209.241.**** my name is WENDY, i look forward to meeting with you soon...

31) I need a nanny ASAP (California)
Hi i need help with my 7 month old son Dylan i just moved here 2month's ago i have had a live in nanny but 2weeks ago she had to leave do to illness in her family so i had to take time away from work for this 2 weeks not good for me at all i love spending time with my son but i also like paying my bills lol well long story short i need help i dont have alot to offer im not making much yet but i can help someone in need of a little extra cash i can pay 130-150.00 a week i know thats not a lot for what im asking for cause i need someone to stay in my place which is nice i live a block away from the broadway plaza mall and everything is blocks away nice area theres a pool spa and you can take him out for the day and shop or whatever you can stay in watch movies when he sleeps i need someone from like maybe 10-11am till 7-8pm monday thru friday if i need time with my husband like maybe a date night i will pay extra on Saturday but from maybe 6-7pm till midnight or like 11pm please when i start making more money i will pay more but this is what i have right now if you can help please call me ,oh and i need to add that my husband and i are smokers a lot of people have a problem with this but its mostly out side sometimes inside but not around the baby so if you smoke that dose not bother me at all thanks for reading and if theres anyone out there that can help let me know thanks.

32) Need childcare for 2 children (Dallas)
Point blank, I don't trust anyone, the daycares I have checked out recently are terrifying, the home daycare settings I have checked out were even MORE terrifying.

I need someone reliable, that has no other children, with references, a PASSED background check, and a BRAIN to watch my 2 children. I have an infant daughter and a young son.

I can only pay $200 a week, your hours will be 7:30-5:30 Monday through Thursday. You only work 4 days a week and you will have the sweetest, easiest children to watch. AWESOME.

I will also provide extra money for movies, gas if you take them somewhere, etc...

If you are a felon, if you even have a misdemeanor, DO NOT CONTACT ME.

33) looking for a great babysitter for my 2 children! (Las Vegas)
I'm looking to find a great babysitter for my two daughters... They are ages 2 and 4, they are energetic and tons of fun to be around. They are very sweet and polite little girls. I would need someone very reliable. The hours would vary but start time would always be the same... Which is 2:45 pm and usually be off at 10:45 pm. I'm off every tues and wed so that would also be two of your off days. The babysitting schedule would also depend on my mothers work schedule so there may be days where I would need you from 2:45 pm to 6:00 pm because my mother will get off at 5, and you also may have more days off if her days off are different then mine. I'm looking for someone who is willing to come to my house so my kids can have a proper bed time and be more comfortable. As far as pay I have paid my previous sitter 50 dollars for days 6 hours or longer and 30 dollars for under 6 hours. On average I pay my sitters 150 per week... But I will supply all food and any activities all you would need to do is take care of them and have fun with them. If you are interested email me or give me a call and leave a message. I do also have a small dog who can be put in the kennel if its a problem. And if you would ever need to bring your own kids along that would be just fine... My girls love making new friends! Thank you!
( If you call you might also speak to my mother Beth)

34) Live-in Nanny for one great child. Free room, board, salary (Las Vegas)
Are You looking for a really nice family? We are it!!!
Your home will be a beautiful 6 bedroom home on the Lake in Desert Shores. You will have a private entrance to a very private and Spacious FURNISHED bedroom with adjustable king size bed, dresser, and fridge. -- your own bathroom, Your LARGE Bedroom is equipped seperate air conditioning to adjust as YOU would like it!!! - As well as the most gorgeous view in Las Vegas. -- Home does have a pool a jacuzzi with waterfall - Also lots of bread to feed the ducks.
Your hours will be Mon - Fri 10:00 Am - 5:30Pm. 2 Saturday nights per month. --- Duties will include -- Childcare for ONE 3 year old sweet little boy. ( 4 on September 18th) -- Housekeeping: keeping floors clean, and laundry washed only. We will do dishes and other household work.
Must speak only SOME English. Must be kind and caring. Responsible, and over age 45. ( If you are in your 20's or 30's please skip this ad.)
We are a very nice family - . We are very, very flexible and honest.
Please Call or Text Lissa Conley (702) 538-****
Salary is $400 p/month to start for first 3 months -- Will increase to $800 - $1,000 Per / month after 3 months. Increase in Salary again after 12 Months.

35) Occasional/On-call babysitter (Seattle)
I'm looking for an occasional/on-call babysitter for the weekends, Fridays and Saturdays for every other week. The hours will most likely be evenings on Fridays. Saturdays, it will mostly be early in the morning to afternoon or just afternoon. The hours will be plan a week in advance but they may vary every time depending on my plans for the weekend. I am looking for a long term commitment for this position. It will be $50 a day for 8 hours a day or less and I will pay at the end of every shift. If the shift ended up being more than 8 hours, I will pay $10 for the additional hours, but that will usually be arranged ahead of time.
A little bit about my son, his name is Mitch, he is half Asian, half Caucasian. He is a big mover and likes to walk, go places, get into things and just very curious and too smart for his own good. He is 1 year and 3 month and has the most amazing cute smile. He likes to talk all day long unless he is tired than he gets a little grouchy which would be your cue to change his diaper and put him to sleep. He loves to play with about anything and enjoys it more if you play with him and he learns everything super fast.
What I expect from my future babysitter:
I'm looking for someone who loves kids, especially kids around Mitch's age so I would like fun interactions between you too. I know it's not a lot of hours, since it will only be 2 days every other week, but I still want nurture and care (LTC). You will have to pass the criminal background check and I will need 4 references from you. I prefer someone with past experiences, at least 2 years and if a student, need to have good academic records.

On Friday night, it will pretty much be an easy evening because he will most likely be going to sleep once your shift starts, but on Saturdays, since it will be during the day, I would like play time, reading time and park time. I have toys for him to play with and toys for you to play with him. I live a block away from a nice park with slides and a jungle house that you could take him to during the day and no cooking will be necessary, just microwaving. I will have a schedule for his breakfast, snacks and lunches and what he will eat that day. I will have it cooked and food will be provided for him.

If you have any more questions, we can go through it once we meet or you can call me at 206-272-**** or e-mail me at the e-mail from craigslist. If you're interested, I look forward to hearing from you!! Otherwise, gook luck on your search!! Thx!!

36) Childcare needed (Chicago)
Working mom looking for childcare in my home from 2:00-11:30 starting in Mid August when school starts back up. Pay is $75 a week or $15 each shift. I may ask you to stay overnight occasionally and pay is a additional $15, which I will be back by 7:30. I have 2 children ages 7 and 5. the 7 yr old is in 2nd grade and the 5 yr old is in Kindergarden. They should be getting home the same time around 3:00, but ride separate buses. They will get a snack and then homework. The 5 yr old will need some direction with homework if any is given. The 7 yr old you will need to be strict with doing spelling and studying it. Everything else he is ok with but homework does need to be checked. A tutor may come 2X a week and help him with other work not related to school work. Bedtime is at 7:30-8:00 on school nights. If I was unable to cook for that day for then then you will need to make them something for dinner. No other housework is needed, just make them clean up their messes. Your really physically with the kids for 4 1/2 hours, the other time they are asleep or not home. I will need you every other weekend, since this is 5 days a week. I can give you a month by month schedule of my days off. You need to be drug and alcohol free. We have a deck if you need to smoke cigarettes. Be responsible and on time every day.

37) I need a babysitter (Norfolk)
I need a babysitter come to my house i offer 100+ a week for about 40 hours to start
soon possible i work and go school my son is about 17ms old most of the time he is sleeping duties is just take care of him clean after him if have any other question feel free to email me thanks for you time a

* Response from CL reader:

38) RE: I need a babysitter (Norfolk)
My Post: Do you realize that you are asking someone to basically work more for half of what he/or she should get paid? $100 a week for 40 hours a week is only $2.50/hour. Would you work for $2.50 an hr; 40 hours a week? Especially when your son is only 1 & 5 months. I see a teenager ( maybe ), or a stay at home mother who has other children reply to your ad. It would be the perfect job for someone IF you were paying more. A babysitter can be expensive but it is all about the quality that is the most important. At least pay $30 a day just because of your son's age. The younger they are the more expensive childcare is. It is the same way in day care. I just find this absurd that people bring precious children into this world and then can't afford to take care of them. That is not me being mean but being honest and real. If someone who I didn't know offered to me to watch my child for $100 a week ( for the age & time ) I would walk away. That sounds to me this person just wants the money. Someone who is willing to get paid only $100 A WEEK to watch over your pride & joy. I couldn't trust them. Someone who see's their value & their quality of babysitting high would want to get paid a decent wage. This is just my opinion, but who knows I am not the one who has to pay. Hope you find what or who your looking for!
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