Ads of Ill Repute, #7

What is this about? 
This feature started years ago when nannies looking for work and families looking for nannies came across disturbing ads on the internet. Sometimes the ads were funny or just too good to be true or required things not inline with quality "busty nanny with penchant for rock climbing". If you come across any ads during the course of your week, please don't hesitate to send us the url ( We appreciate your submissions.

Milwaukee & Kalamazoo WI

"Maybe they intend to rigorously screen candidates, but I doubt it."

Mobile, Alabama
High Standards. "I will buy you an ashtray".
Phoenix, Arizona
People capable of providing good care to babies don't work for $400 a month.
Not just any female. Come hither look appreciated?
York, PA
NYC area
Came across this while looking for a Sunday nanny for our family. Not to be rude, but my faughter would not be happy with Ana.
Not only am I not paying a red cent for childcare and providing room only, but you will pay me $200 a month for said room!
New Mexico
Colorado Springs, CO
Personally, crunchy families annoy me.

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Anonymous said...

LOL I saw the Payson ad and have considered taking it. I'm a former nanny who took time off to take care of some elderly family members and ended up in a bad situation. Hell $400 is more than I'm making here and the hours are less. I actually live in AZ and might take them up on it one day. I have more patience with kids then I do with old fogeys :)