Possible Bad Sighting at Nailsway in NYC

Delilah Smith
Where: Nailsway Nail Salon in NYC  (1st & 73rd)
When: 5/26 Weds.
Description of Nanny: Black nanny, American, long straight hair, white tight jeans, black and white polka dot shirt, got her toenails done purple and gold.
Description of Child: White child, 6-9 months, boy, green lightweight plaid pants, blue socks, white shirt. Slept in Black stroller with orange wheels, and later took a bottle.
Incident: I went to this nail salon in a pinch today. I saw this nanny come in and get it pedicure. The pedicure took a long time, two flushes through the footwash machine. I have seen other people bring their children here, so I don't know if this is a problem for you. For me, I don't want my children in a place where the technicians wear masks over their face to prevent inhaling the toxins. There was also a lot of foot skin being shaved and filed off, literally so much so, that I felt myself needing to exhale deeply to keep pushing it out of my lungs, just in case. I was a nanny for four years and I would never take a young child into a nail salon and expose them to the fumes & fungi. Just me.

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Anonymous said...

I never go to salons that wear masks, period...m let alone a child. I find well ventilated salons. The rest....youre a bit overboard. That said, unless the charge was getting a pedicure too, I wouldn't go at all. There are plenty that are open after normal business hours.


this_nick said...

She outright says "I don't know if this is a problem for you;" she's just bringing a possible issue to attention. Not over-the-top to share her impressions of the situation.

Me said...

Not a good idea for sure! Kids shouldn't be there. Plus when I go to a Salon for a manicure or pedicure, I want to go on my own listen to music and relax. Can't have been much fun for the nanny.

Nina said...

I was in a salon with an old woman next to me getting her callouses filed off and I had to bring my t-shirt up over my mouth, so much skin was flying in the air.

get your nails did said...

Angi, your decision to go to a nail salon based on whether the techs are wearing masks is misguided. All nail technicians who are working with should be wearing masks, especially if you're based in New York. Governor Cuomo issued an emergency order requiring all nail workers to wear masks, and respirator-type masks are preferred. Experts say the hospital-style ones are ineffective at filtering toxins.

Anonymous said...

OHHH get a grip! Who are babysitting the bubble boy??

Thirty something. said...

Wth! Who goes to the nail salon when they are working, let alone with a kid in tow. I am a SAHM and I have shitty looking hands and feet because I don't have free time to go to the salon anymore. No chance I would take my kids with me, not just because it not the best idea health wise, but because the other customers deserve a pleasant hour or two to relax. I would be livid with a nanny who went to the salon on my dime. Potentially a sackable offence in my book.

Anonymous said...

If you nanny an older child who wants/likes to go.... What's the issue? I had a 10yr old who had a mother who ignored her and wanted to do these things. She had an 8 yr old brother. Both wanted to go, both well behaved and dad loved the idea. All where happy and both were quiet during their treatments.


Anonymous said...

The salon I go to us very well ventilated. I have allergies... A lot of them. This salon and a few other's I have gone are fine. Not all salons are created equal.


STAHP said...

If the child is old enough and parents don't mind, then by all means have a Salon Date. Young kids/babies shouldn't be there at all especially since the other patrons are paying for an hour of peace and relaxation. I wouldn't take my child - just turned three. And I would fire a nanny who took her while the nanny was supposed to be working. During the day, I encourage outings, but to the zoo, museum, aquarium etc... not salons

Anonymous said...