Battery Park Playground in NYC

Received Monday, July 2, 2007
Physical description of caregiver: Young, 20-27 year old Asian nanny who is think, with long dark hair. Speaks with an accent. She is quite attractive and was today wearing a black shirt.
Physical description of involved child/children: Little boy who is very fair skinned. About 3 years of age and possibly named Vaughn. Or name that sounds like Vaughn when called out by the nanny.
Address or venue of observed incident: Battery Park Playground in NYC
Date and time of incident: Afternoon, July 2.
Detailed description of what you witnessed: She has long hair which she brushed nonstop. And then, she fell asleep. She fell asleep right on the bench where she was sitting with her back to your son anyway. Your son was in the sprinkler area and your nanny was seated facing the river). I watched her sleep for about fifteen minutes, then I went and sat next to her and called out sharply to my daughter, and she woke up. Later, I walked by again and she still had her back to the boy and was hacking away at her toenails with some kind of nail tool. Gross and rude. She didn't give a damn what her charge was doing and it was really heartbreaking to see. Luckily, he is a good little boy, and played nicely with other kids.


Anonymous said...

This is awful! The boy should get this week's paycheck for babysitting himself. I hope the parents see this post. Good job OP.

Anonymous said...

That was a smart move ... sitting down next to her and calling out for your daughter loud enough to wake the Nanny up. You gave a pretty good description, so I hope the little boys parents see this post and fire that Nanny ... how dangerous!

Anonymous said...

everyone must be on vacation! if more people aren't posting in opposition of toenail manicuring in public.

so gross.

ble said...

Low class, disgusting as well as a bad nanny. Hopefully the parents see this and care. Gross and useless, not to mention potentially harmful....not qualities I would look for in someone to care for my child.

Lorenza said...

Gross, disgusting and unacceptable. Hopefully, someone will recognize her via the description and information given here and the child can be rid of this ogre.