Hot on Crusty Bagel Cafe on Lexington in NYC

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Earlier this morning (7/10), I witnessed two nannies with their charges at the Hot & Crusty. The smallest child was 9-12 months of age, with a thick thatch of brown hair and he was wearing this little summer striped jumper. The nanny spilled very hot coffee on the child. This was an accident. Both nannies freaked out and started to clean the boy off. They were wiping the coffee off of him. Around him, we attempted to offer help. More than one person told them not to wipe the coffee. Another insisted sthe nanny get ice. Another suggested that they should have the boy checked out at his pediatrician. The nanny kind of rolled her eyes. Another woman asked the nanny if she wanted her to call the child's mother. The nanny somewhat guffawed at her as if she was being ridiculous. I don't know how severe the burns were, but the boy was still crying when I left and nanny still was not interested in taking any practical advice. This would be a great place for a link to Red Cross first aid courses.


Anonymous said...

It would also be a great place for a better description. Is your goal to bitch to us or to make sure the parents know about the injury?

What did the nannies look like? Did they have an accent or not? What sort of stroller or carrier was the child in? What did the other kid look like?


I can't understand why some folks haven't learned to keep scalding hot coffee away from young kids.

Did we not disuss this extensively a month or 2 ago with the post about Stu and Cori?

Anonymous said...

the parents are not going to not know that the child was burned. they dont need a description. they dont have to wonder like stu and cori if their were witnesses. there were. and they should contact the shop now, imo.

i see this as a cautionary tale.

Anonymous said...

We don't know that the child was burned at all. The tears could have come from the frantic people around and the coffee could have easily been lukewarm.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the child may not have been burned. I've spilled hot coffee before and didn't suffer any consequences.

However, the parents do need to know of the account nonetheless.
That is why we need a description!

What sort of waste of time is this if there is no description? How do we even know if the parents saw the child's outfit this morning, and whether or not it will be changed by the time they come home tonight.

Anonymous said...

how many nannies with babies were at that cafe this morning? Are you saying they go without telling the parents? If your child is that age, look your baby over for burns. Duh.

You sound like a gossip gangsta.
It isn't your kid. You just want more dirt.

Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

I don't require my nanny to report her buying a coffee. Sheesh.

There are probably no burn marks. Still, I hope this one gets snagged just for her attitude alone, and the fact that she COULD have badly burned the baby.

ps: it's g-a-n-g-s-t-e-r.

Anonymous said...

If I were the parent of an infant, (which I am, actually, but sans nanny!) I would not want my nanny taking my infant to starbucks, or at least not hanging out there. What is the purpose? If you must get a drink while you are out, get one to go, and go have it on a bench and if it is a hot drink for christ sake, nannies, let it cool before you open it next to the baby? I agree that nannies need a break, I used to be a nanny. I took my break when the children (infant and toddler) were home in bed for their naps.

Anonymous said...

sounds to me like an UES side nanny with a mommy complex. as in "i want to hang out at the trendy coffee shops and be seen as one of those hot ues mommies when in reality i am just the babysitter, but shhhhh dont say anything, act cool"

cheryl said...

I can't comment on the severity of the situation with the burn, but it sounds like she was probably annoyed by having so many people butting in to a situation she was taking care of. You said yourself she freaked out and started tending to the boy immediately.

You don't know that she wasn't going to tell the parents. Maybe she snickered because the mother is unreachable by phone during the day. Perhaps she just found it silly that a stranger offered to call the mother for her. Who knows the real reason? You assume it is because she didn't care.

I personally would be annoyed too if I had a bunch of onlookers trying to tell me what to do. It would also make me quite nervous.

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:44 - It's great YOU were allowed to take your breaks while baby slept, but some of us actually have other responsibilities like cleaning and housework (among others) that sometimes can only be done while the children sleep. Stopping for a coffee, regardless of where nanny (or mom or whoever) drinks it, should not even be an issue, because if the coffee helps nanny be awake and full of energy for baby, then who cares! Often times the baby I look after enjoys sitting in a crowded coffee shop, watching people, learning new words, and just being out and about. So judgemental!

nyc said...

re " cleaning and housework (among others)"

are you looking for isawyourglorifiedhousekeeper.com

I'm a nanny. I work as a team with the parents I work for. I don't answer to anyone else and I most certainly don't busy myself scrubbing their unmentionables while the little boys sleep.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I was being judgemental, just giving my opinion is all. I know several nannies and they are not required to do housework above perhaps baby laundry, baby dishes, bottles, or picking up after kids, which doesn't take long. Actually the family I nannied for had a housekeeper, as do the families my friends nanny for. It is standard to allow the nanny to take a break while the kids are sleeping. I always admire nannies of older children because they don't always get that luxury, in which case I could more understand why they would need to stop for a coffee.
You sound angry, but I don't blame you if the family you work for takes advantage of you like that.

Anonymous said...

Nannies are not housekeepers. My nanny has specific instructions NOT to clean unless it's tidying the children's stuff.

Housekeepers clean. Nannies nanny.

--the mom who pays her nanny off the books.

A Nanny in Baltimore said...

For starters, I am a nanny for an infant. My responsibilities are:
1) the baby
2) the baby's dishes, toys, laundry

I often do things above my duties (i.e. grocery shopping, vacuuming, parent's laundry, etc.) but only because I love the family I work for and want to make their lives as easy as possible so they can spend their time with the baby.

That being said, I also work for wonderful people who encourage me to take their baby out, regardless of the weather, so she can be around different places and different people. This includes occasionally meeting my husband for lunch or running a few personal errands. They don't mind this because they want the baby to be flexible and they know that I will make sure the baby is fed changed and loved no matter where I am or who I am with. In fact, I can sometimes be found sitting in Panera Bread, eating a sandwich, with the baby sitting right next to me. But I can also be found at the playground having a "picnic" with her and giving her a chance to observe the children playing.

I would imagine that the nanny in this story was intimidated by so many people rushing over, and there is a good chance the baby was crying because he was startled by the spill and the commotion surrounding it. I certainly would not have been very gracious of everyone in my face because I would be in "protection mode" trying to make sure none of you people were attempting to take the baby.

Oh, and by the way, you never put ice on a burn! A cool, damp cloth is more appropriate. The immediate temperature change of ice would cause a blister. And YES, I have taken first aid classes.

Anonymous said...

I am a nanny who enjoys keeping busy. When I was hired on as the nanny for the family I started with 2 years ago, I asked if they needed housework done, and for a substantial amount of extra money each week, I do clean. I would rather spend my timing cleaning the environment where I am 45 hours a week than sit and watch tv or something mindless. Sure I take breaks here and there, but if baby sleeps for 2 hours twice a day I'd feel lazy just sitting there. There is nothing wrong with a nanny who does housework as well (as long as you are paid for the two separate jobs) and to all the people who want to argue that, I sense LAZY! Going above and beyond for the family I work for has only gotten me nice raises, bonuses, extra time off (paid) and various other items. Sure are some pretentious snobs in here!

-- not taken advantage of

Anonymous said...

Yawn. I tell my nanny to nap when the kiddos nap.

Anonymous said...

5:45 PM
I don't think you are a nanny. I think you are an employer who expects her "nanny" to do housework. If you were hired two years ago, that would make the "baby" at least two, and he/she takes two hour naps twice a day? Come on!

Anonymous said...


I think you called that one correctly.

On a side note, I still don't understand why employers expect their nannies to houseclean, regardless of whether or not they pay extra.

The fact of the matter is, if the nanny is nannying correctly, she is devoting her full energy to the kids. No wonder my nanny isn't a couch potatoe slug.

I should add that many "nannies" actually prefer housecleaning over nannying. I don't know why they just don't get jobs as housecleaners if that's the case. The housecleaners I've met make a bundle, merrily hopping from one house to the next.

ble said...

I think this nanny did the right thing....she tended to the child immediately. would agree that he attitude was annoyance at being bombarded by "help" when she was clearly capable.

Anonymous said...

7:19, Good observation.
I think ANY housework above and beyond baby is just flat out wrong. Whether you feel taken advantaged of or not, it takes energy out of you that's needed for a nanny to do a good and proper job.

Anonymous said...

I have seemingly normal, well-educated friends who say "I love my nanny! Look how clean my house is!"


Anonymous said...

5:45 call me crazy but I would rather watch tv than wash dishes.

Anonymous said...

Any follow ups? Anyone know this person??

Anonymous said...

ice ice nanny.
ice makes a burn feel better and doesn't cause a blister.

Anonymous said...

Ever tried cleaning while tending to kids? I'm a SAHM and attempt it all the time. Naps are ideal, of course, but you can't run a vacuum or do other loud chores during naps. Trying to clean with kids awake is possible but stressful. When my daughter is awake I feel there are better things we could be doing with our time than cleaning, anyway. I typically clean when my husband is home or out with her at the park, or he cleans up after dinner.

All this to say, if I hired someone to be a nanny for my child, I wouldn't think it right to also give her cleaning duties. That would take her attention away from where it should be. Sure she can clean a bit during naps, but IMO that is the time to a) take care of the child's stuff, wash sippy cups, put away clothes etc. (not the heavy household cleaning, floors, laundry, bathroom) and b) recharge her batteries so she can be fresh for my children.

I know that when I clean during naps I am pretty exhausted when my kid wakes up, and also not enthused about getting toys out and making a mess again. It's sometimes necessary but not ideal, it saps my energy. I wouldn't want a nanny's energy to be spent doing household chores. That is not what she is hired for or paid for. I fully appreciate that there are people who believe themselves capable of cleaning a whole house and being a wonderful, attentive caregiver - but I believe them to be rare and I would NOT chance it that someone who claimed they are this perfect nanny/housekeeper combo is really what you'd want in both jobs. Likely they will choose to "shine" as a housekeeper rather than with the kids, since the house is what the employer will see and judge. I'd rather a sitter not have to make that choice.

ble said...

When did this posting become about how much work various nannies do or do not do when they are working?

Maybe we should get back on subject here!

Anonymous said...

5:45 I am a nanny and I care for a 3 year old, and SHE takes a 2-3 hour nap a day. Now before you all jump to conclusions about that, we play hard in the a.m. and she probably stays up later then most, so she really does need the nap to prevent being grumpy later on . . . that said, just because the child is 2 doesn't mean she doesn't take longer naps. Geez. People trying to play detective on here crack me up!

Anonymous said...

Well said 11:50am. There are fake detectives, fake psychiatrists, fake immigration officers, fake photographers, fake moms, fake probation officers, fake supermoms, and even fake nannies. Welcome to the blog. Some are genuine, but others are out to pick a bone with anyone.

Elizabeth said...

Hot n' Crusty is hardly a trendy "see and be seen" spot. And perhaps the nanny went home to tend her charge in WHATEVER capacity he needed tending. Surely if he had a burn it was visible to his parents. It would have to be.

Anonymous said...

2:47 PM
You consider Hot & Crusty trendy? LOL The girls at my charges tt private school have a derogatory name for the moms who hang out at the very expensive patesserie around the corner after drop off. No, I would not want to be mistaken for one of them!
A nanny

Anonymous said...

Why do they have beef with moms who can afford a good pastry shop?

I think your "girls" who drop off their charges at the private school sound like a bunch of jealous bitches.

ceo said...

11:50, my son is 20 months and sleeps about that long. BUT the post says she sleeps for 2 hours 2 times a day and that does seem like a bit much for a two year old. Not to mention that for this to be the case (the child to be two years old) the nanny would have had to start watching the child at birth which isn't that likely, usually the baby is at least 6 weeks old when you first get a nanny and she doesn't mention starting with a brand new infant or anything.

Regardless it is recommended that as of 18 months old you drop the second nap. Kids are only supposed to get so much sleep based on their age.

Anonymous said...

2:19 PM
The "girls" I was referring to are the students, not nannies (who are usually adults.)

Anonymous said...


you are an idiot.

op- this post is pointless if you don't offer more details about the nanny.

and honestly, it was an accident. if people were bombarding me when i was already freaking out and trying to do my best to clean up or calm my child, i would probably cop an attitude too.

Esme said...