Baby food at two years old?

At what point would you question a parent feeding their child Stage 2 baby food pouches after a certain age? This child is currently in the toddler (1 year old room), so I am not sure as to what is going on with her diet, but from what I heard, she is fed one pouch per meal, given her own snack at 430p, and that's it. Apparently if she is hungry after her pouch, we cannot feed her anything but the pouches and her snack with water. I don't think she drinks milk or anything from an open cup. This child is almost 2 years old, and will be transitioning to my classroom next week. There are no food sensitivities or allergies, just a parent preference. I understand it's a parent choice, but could this be considered a form of abuse, seeing the child is being underfed?


Anonymous said...

How do you know the child is underfed? Has she been labeled as failure to thrive? Unless that's the case, I'm sure the child is fine. And under no circumstance is a parent feeding their hold baby food considered a form of abuse. Is it weird? Absolutely. Abusive??? Not even a little.

Jess said...

How bizarre, those pouches are pricey! Tell your supervisor, you are a mandated reporter, but I don't think this would fall under any of the criteria. Perhaps changing a policy that unless there's a note from a doctor all children are fed the same stuff? Child's pediatrician would be the person to verify that child has some nutrient deficiencies. What would worry me is that the child's eating skills must be under-developed, that's chewing and swallowing. Maybe try mentioning it to the parent in a nice way? "I noticed X doesn't get a lot of chances at chewing and swallowing her food. This is something that's difficult to learn after a certain age, and would require an intervention from a feeding specialist, which are so expensive (and some insurance companies don't even cover it)! I just wanted to be sure, you are aware, and have X chew and swallow food at home"

Anonymous said...

My charge only like her veggies in a pouch...its a tots pouch but its not weird. Pouches have just become a convenience. The mother may not feel comfortable with the school going her child anything but pre packaged items. As long as the child is healthy(physically and mentally) and happy,pouches aren't a cause for concern.