Sighting at 10th ave and 21st in Manhattan

Received Wednesday, November 11, 2009
112009 sad face Young looking nanny (early 20's) with black hair dyed red on the bottom half completely ignored 3 yo girl named Lila. Read the paper and was on her phone the full 45 minutes I was there, even when Lila was crying because a bird ate her snack. Lila mentioned having a 4 yo sister, and had a bugaboo stroller (I think). She was on a big wheels, wore a purple dress and pink boots.


MinuteMuggle said...

awww :( the bird ate her snack. :( that's so sad. :( poor little girl. :(

Phoenix said...

oh no, the bird ate her snack. If it wasn't under such sad circumstances that would actually be one of the cutest things I've heard a little girl say. But now it just makes me really sad for her. I love the name Lila that was the name I picked out for my daughter. I can't get over that bird thing almost makes me want to cry