Bruce Park in Greenwich, CT

Received Friday, October 24, 2008.
nanny sighting logo (Wednesday morning 10/22) - I was in Bruce Park in Greenwich, CT with my sister and her two kids, 13 months and 4 years. I was playing with the four year old and we were checking out all aspects of the park (and what a great park for children indeed) when I noticed a child playing in the monkey bar area. There are several different play areas in this park and I was playing with my niece on one of the metal contraptions that has different levels and slides, ladders, bridges and monkey bars. A lot of the sides of this play area are open so I was keeping an eye on this kid. He had on blue sweats and a multi colored (looked like tye dye) shirt underneath a grey sweatshirt. It was a male child but his hair was quite long and was in ringlets like a honey brown color. He had giant blue eyes that you could see from a mile away.

My niece was running everywhere and then decided she wanted to do the monkey bars. So I was holding her and helping her across when this child (who was kind of following her at times) must have decided he too was ready for the monkey bars and ran to the edge and launched himself off. He fell face first into the mulch and began wailing at a feverish pitch. I put my niece down and walked over to him when a spanish lady ran over to him and began talking in spanish to him. I think she may have called him Evan or Nathan but it was hard to tell with the spanish. She was petite and very busty as evident by her skin tight jeans and extremely low cut shirt with massive cleavage bulging out. She hurried him away with her and went over to two other spanish looking girls, none of who had kids anywhere near them.

I was mortified that this was the child care giver to this sweet adorable toddler who was playing all by himself. This was on Wednesday morning and it was pretty early so the park wasn't TOO crowded but it is a huge park and I would hate to see anything happen to this child. This park is also relatively close to water and a child that young could easily run off, never to return. I was so mad at myself that I didn't go approach the nanny. I stewed about it, meant to do it, but just couldn't get my nerve up to confront her in front of her posse. I regret that so if you think you might know who this is PLEASE contact the parents and let them know. I didn't even know this site existed until I was talking to my sister about my experience (she was in the baby section of the park) and she told me I should try to contact the site. I really hope it works. Thanks so much.


not a park slope nanny said...

I get that "spanish, petite and busty" is a description, but what's up with the "as evident by her skin tight jeans and extremely low cut shirt with massive cleavage bulging out"? You're just editorializing there, and it's really not necessary.
All the same, I do hope the little boy's parents see this, so thanks for the sighting OP.

double d said...

Another busty nanny behaving badly?

JerseyXJacqui said...

Wow, nannies with big boobs are T E R R I B L E human beings!

No, but seriously, despite the editorializing parkslope mentioned, it WAS a good sighting. I too hope the parents see this.

Phoenix said...

to be honest I think that this nanny was watching the little boy. otherwise she wouldn't have run over to him so quickly and helped him up. you have no idea what she was saying to him because it was spanish... she could have been soothing him. If he was old enough to run around by himself. she can play with himself as he has independance. I don't think this was a bad nanny sighting, but an accident.

Wishin' I had DD's said...

I agree with Phoenix that the nanny must have been watching him as evidenced by her running over to him. I think OP might be a wee bit prejudiced towards women who wear skin tight jeans and have bulging cleavage? Who are we to hate just because someone has awesome DD's??

snarkymama said...

I don't get it, what is the problem? Kid falls, nanny runs over to help, takes him away to make sure he is ok.

Wait, wait.. she should have ran over Before he fell and allowed him to land on her ample breasts!

the mrs. said...

Too funny!

cali mom said...

Snarkymama, LOL!

Swiss Nanny said...

Once again, I feel that I will never be viewed as the terrific nanny that I am because I have been blessed/cursed with, depending on my mood, a large rack. Damnit!

JerseyXJacqui said...

OP stated he was a toddler...I don't know about you guys, but I stick pretty close to my toddler charge while we're at the park. She's getting a little older now, so I definitely give her more freedom to run around on her own, but for the most part, I'm close. If I see her doing something that could potentially hurt her, i.e. monkey bars, those rock wall things or anything that involves climbing, I assist her.

I think it was a good sighting. It's one thing to sit on a bench while your 6 year old charge runs around and plays...but not a toddler. This is a perfect example of taking OP's word for it and leaving it at that...She thought the child looked lonely. He was wandering around by himself. This nanny isn't terrible but she definitely could have been more involved.

she's prejudiced said...

I'm laughing @ snarkymama & swiss nanny. Seriously, read between the lines that the OP writes. She's obviously against:
a) spanish speaking people
b)spanish speaking people who have friends
c)people who wear skintight jeans
d)busty women with bulging cleavage

I think she's a sad woman who speaks not a lick of spanish, has no friends, has bunches of varicose veins ~ (although skintight jeans might act somewhat like support hose on that aspect, so maybe she should try them)and who is OBVIOUSLY prejudiced against ample chested women. (Perhaps she is upset about the size of her own cleavage or maybe she has had a boobjob that went horribly wrong and one is lopsided??)

I also still think the woman was right near the child - she came quickly when he fell. That's all I need to know.

I love Jason Castro. said...

This doesn't seem like a bad nanny post, this seems like a bad situation post. This could happen to anyone and the nanny came over right away, there isn't a problem then.

Maybe this kid was following around the op and her child, but kids do that. I am a nanny and I know the younger of the boys I nanny for follows around the older boys at the mall playplace all the time. Its completely healthy for kids to imitate other kids and follow them around, it does not mean that they are lonely.

Anonymous said...
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9:35 re-post for anonymous!! said...

Anonymous said...
I know this is an older post, and my comment is pretty much irrelevant, but just wanted to say:

I highly doubt the nanny was Spanish, or looked Spanish. She was probably Latina.

A Spanish person is one from Spain, a country in Europe where I have spent quite some time. Spanish people are European, and they look European. They are also less likely than Latin Americans to end up nannying in Connecticut.

I sincerely hope this does not come across as rude, or in any way derogatory toward Latin Americans (truthfully I prefer Latin America to Spain). This is just a semantic thing that bothers me a bit.

Not everyone who SPEAKS Spanish IS Spanish, you see?

9:35 PM