Saturday, November 7, 2009
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.... WHAT?!

Feature Ad:
1) I need a night babysitter for 4 nights (Reno)
I am looking for a female who can babysit my 2 kids: almost 3 yo boy, and 8 months old girl. Monday through Thursday only during the night because they already have daycare. Technically all you will be doing is sleep with them during the night and if someone woke up which could or could not happen just hand them a bottle or whatever you think they need because I don't know that stuff.

You can use appliances in the house and eat whatever you like from the fridge, and use wifi, movies.. etc.

My wife is going out of state during this period and I've never spent a night with kids so I can't handle it, besides I have to wake up very early for work.

I need this on Monday the 2nd through Thursday the 5th. Price is negotiable depending on the person. I prefer if you have done this before, and don't have felony, clean and a good person. Thanks. Please call me on 315-**** or email back. If you do this good we can always call when we need you.
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Special thanks to nevadananny for finding our Feature Ad... great job! Also, thank you to Faery71278, JLow2474, Cinder38 and hijabiniqaabi for their awesome contributions, we really appreciate it! Remember, CL-WTF will be Posted every Saturday. Please send next weeks Ads HERE or use MEEBO.



TC said...

Number 1 is sad but unfortunately happens all the time. Last week I asked my charges father if he slept through the night. He is 3 months old and the day before he didn't sleep a lot so I figured he would sleep for them. His response was I don't know....the baby still sleeps in the bedroom with them.

KCgirl said...

Fun to see some KC submissions!

CuriousDad said...

1) I need a night babysitter for 4 nights (Reno)
This really reads like a troll to me. Maybe that’s because I think losers like this should not exist.
2) Need babysitter TONIGHT easy overnight job (Hartford)
They probably should just skip the night out and take the time to find baby sitter that they know the background of.
3) Dog, Cat Nanny (Malibu)
Sounds like the premise of a bad Porno. New dog/cat sitter comes in meets the “famous” Hollywood producer and things go “down” from there. I know the Hollywood industry is based on appearances, but your pet sitter has to be good looking?
4) Care Needed (New York)
I was wondering why this was on WTF then I saw the list at the end.
Years of Experience
Ok, reasonable.
Your age
Only if your are requiring the person to be 18 and older
Your location
Umm, no, no, no, bad, bad. Wrong place and time to ask this question.
Perfered hours
Umm, no, no, no, bad, bad. Wrong, just wrong, this is not a modeling type job as such, pictures should not be required at least at the beginning of a normal job interview process. Do most Nannies have to provide a picture along with a resume, in a normal job interview for a family? I would understand if it was a long distance interview or if everything was done over the internet. Or if it required a security clearance or if it was a modeling type job.
5) Baby Sitter!!!!!!! (Bronx!!!!!!)
Did someone remember my pet peeve about the capitalization of “I!”?
6) Mother's Helper NEEDED TUES AND WEDS (Sacramento)
Someone explain to me the problem with this one? Besides both parents being home and still wanting a Mother’s Helper? Granted I can see the difficulty that can be involved with both parents home. But not sure if it should be that big of a red flag since they are up front about it.
The Picture thing I am a little leery of also, see #4 above.
7) Need Part-Time Nanny/Assistant (Phoenix)
no not a typical job, but why could you not stay at the house with the kids and not have to be stuck in a car going all over the place. The poster may have wrote it wrong, but it looks like if the baby is fussy then she gets taken out of her car seat? I would hope this is not while the car is considered in “operation”. I wanted to say moving, but then someone would say we were not moving when I took her out of the seat officer, we were stopped at a red light.
8) I need flexible childcare starting TODAY!!!! (Va Beach)
Wow, good luck. Hope it works out for you. So beyond it being “today” is there any other reason for being on the WTF Craig’s list? This looks like either a single mother who is in the military or a someone whose husband is also deployed away.
9) Full-Time Live-in Nanny/Mom's Assistant (Houston)
Looks like a tough job especially at first. Hope the pay is good.
10) i need a baby sitting job (Houston)
“I!” it is “I!” You know one of these posts I am going to have “i” instead of “I” and then get jumped on about it. Otherwise it looks like someone trying to break into being a nanny.
11) Need babysitter Wed - Fri (Las Vegas)
No comment. Good luck with the “Wii” babysitter.
Ok, am I the only one who kept translating Alki as alcoholic or some such variant? Alki when spoken out loud sounds like the slang for Alcoholic in my mind.
13) Live in Nanny Wanted (Houston)
I want a spinster with time on her hands, make her a part of our family, but she should disappear to somewhere else on weekends when she is not working.
14) Live in Nanny Needed! (Phoenix)
$300 a week dayum the massa’s r gud to us. (Misspellings are deliberate)
15) live in nanny/housekeeper needed (Las Vegas)
K, Massa u need da clu, dat other massa did better then u. (Misspellings are deliberate)

CuriousDad said...

16) NEED nanny/sitter $50/day 1wk (Kansas City)
Cheap, cheap ,cheap. A little birdie told me you are cheap.
18) Sitter Needed - $150 per week (D.C.)
Yeah day care is way more then $150 per week in Vienna, Virginia. But still cheap, cheap. There is that birdie again.
19) Nanny/Helper needed ASAP (Manhattan)
$5.00 an hour. I don’t think even 13 year olds still charge that. BTW English is not a must?? You sure? An awful lot of languages out there. Or are you the kind who thinks yelling louder allows translation across all language barriers?
20) Nanny needed for Dec 09 (D.C.)
Do they think a Nanny is the same as an Au-Pair, but without the college requirement an Au-Pair has?
21) Family needs a live in Nanny (Los Angeles)
Anyone with those qualifications can make more just as an admin assistant.
22) Full Time Nanny (Houston)
M-i-n-i-m-u-m wage and at 52.5 hours a week also learn O-v-e-r-t-i-m-e.
23) Part-time care needed for 3 1/2 year old boy (Seattle)
#24 address this
24) RE: Part time care needed for 3 1/2 year old boy (Seattle)
Good reply.
25) Night time nanny needed asap (Seattle)
At least they got rid of the picture of the daughter.
12.5 hours for $25 bucks. Good luck

CuriousDad said...

#3 Has some very interesting names in the movie linked at the bottom. Tony Curtis & Martin Landau. If the Karim name is the same as the Karim in the movie list. Then he is a composer, ochestrator and editor of music for the movie and not a producer. Unless he is working for a producer or maybe everyone in Holly wood is a producer.

seattle dweller said...

Curious Dad--

Alki is a place here, in Seattle. It is pronounced "AL-KAI" It is a little beachy place around here... think Venice Beach, CA but with out the "real" beach and body buildres :P. What pissed ME off about that ad is that if those people have enough money to go have a "few drinks" then they have enough money to pay a decent sitter wage.... just sayin....

CuriousDad said...

I realized it was an actual place, it is jsut what popped into my head as I read it. I even googled it on Googled maps to see it.

Snips and Snails - it's been awhile... said...

Holy Mary, mother of God -
Where do you find the pictures of these evil children, Mary Poppin'Pills

MissMannah said...

CuriousDad, like you, I'm hoping #7 worded her post wrong and was not, in fact, advocating taking the baby out of the car seat when the car is in operation.

I found it odd that so many people this week were asking for pictures. Are you kidding me? I'm not sending out my picture, phone number, location or any other personal info to a perfect stranger.

Am I the only one who thinks craigslist needs to have a spellcheck feature? Call me picky, but some of these people sound so ignorant by making really simple spelling/grammar mistakes.

nc said...

I feel sorry for the wife of #1. He has never offered to help at night, as he has no clue as to what happens, because his wife takes care of things so he can sleep. I wonder if his wife knows he has posted an add on craigslist for help while she is out of town.

CuriousDad said...

nc said...
"I feel sorry for the wife of #1. He has never offered to help at night, as he has no clue as to what happens, because his wife takes care of things so he can sleep. I wonder if his wife knows he has posted an add on craigslist for help while she is out of town."

Can't say I disagree with you. But I will take on a Devils Advocate roll. What if the wife and any other females in the family never let him deal with the kids on his own and handled everything? It does happen. What if the family is from a culture where the wife and other women of the family normally handles everything with child rearing? You get raised like that you might get what you see on Craig's list.

Another thought what if his wife is leaving him on her trip to prove to him that he can't actually handle raising the kid? This is his response. He doesn't have her there to raise his kid I can get someone else.

Horrible thought, but some have done worse for even worse reasons.

Though I still think it is a troll, I really cannot see someone admitting "Technically all you will be doing is sleep with them during the night and if someone woke up which could or could not happen just hand them a bottle or whatever you think they need because I don't know that stuff."

A guy saying “because I don’t know that stuff?”, openly?

Anonymous said...

Curious Dad, do you need something to do with your abundance of time? Where do you find the time to post something THAT long?

Village said...

All computers have spell check, so I don't see how CL having one would make much difference. People who don't know grammar or how to spell aren't interested in spell check. If they wanted to write correctly, they would have learned how long before now.

I think it is illuminating to see who can write and who can't.

Mary L. said...

Trying hard to tell whether #7 is too cheap to hire a babsitter to stay in the home with the children or too OCD to leave the kids with a stranger. It sounds like a nightmare job riding around for hours trapped in the backseat with two little kids.

CuriousDad said...

Guilty confession time,
I am at work, on a weekend and in between semi-emergencies (there were only three today). I have been here since 6am and will leave at 6pm when my relief comes in. I am writing up several process papers. Some of the Data takes allot time to transfer from the program into Excel format, so I have been surfing.
Besides THE Boss coming in today for a bit its just me and my guys. Because of the paper work I am doing I am the only one in the office area and my guys are all over the plant doing their work.
I also type pretty damn fast, as in actual professional secretary typing fast. Thank god for spell check, when I remember to use it.

MissMannah said...

Dad, I don't think you should have to explain yourself or your posts. Janet sounds like she was just being a jerk. I enjoyed hearing your insights on each ad.

I, on the other hand, am I classic example of someone who "has no life." I'm just sitting around at home waiting for the hubby to get off work. What better way to spend my time than tooling around on isyn?

Anonymous said...

MissMannah now you are being a jerk. I was just amazed at the length of a blog response (in comparison with what I usually see) and envious of CuriousDad having time to take it easy. So you can kiss my fabulous ass. Now that is being a jerk. Just incase you are wondering. Keep up the great commentary CD.

Orange Snakeskin said...

I have used Craigslist with much success, I found the family I am currently with and also interviewed with several very nice families all found on CL. I am stunned at the quality of "nannies" listed here. How does one type a post like one of these and think "this is the best representation of myself I can put out there"? I am appalled at the spelling and grammatical errors, I know we all make silly mistakes from time to time and one in a post maybe even two I could accept but c'mon! (I am annoyed at others errors but I probably will have 2 or 3 in this post alone, hypnotic I know.) It is sad that someone might actually hire these women to care for their children

East Bay Nanny said...

Orange Snakeskin,

Yes, I see your point about posting a comment about others' error-ridden postings when your own posting has errors. The difference is that, like you said, their CL posts are supposed to be their best foot forward to prospective employers. If their best work is so poor, how bad would their normal performance be? Your posting though doesn't need to meet that standard of quality.

Really excellent CL-WTFs today. Especially the LA couple looking to hire a nanny/PA at less than CA minimum wage and the "famous" Malibu producer. I always get a kick out of people who think they can get highly qualified, experienced nannies at high school babysitter prices. So hilarious!

And BTW, was is Curious Dad who asked about high schoolers still charging $5/hr? I made that in high school but it was ten years ago in a non-metro area. Now I'd imagine paying that to a little nine year old neighbor girl to be a mother's helper.

CuriousDad said...

Miss Mannah, I reply as I reasonably can to anyone who posts a question to me. I also replied to show that I was not just sitting at home writing this stuff up and ignoring my other responsibilities, like house chores, my wife and my kids.

East bay yes I was the one who was asking about the wage. But I was doing it to be sarcastic.

Janet, envious of me being able to take it easy? HAH! I wish I was, taking it easy that is. I am just really good at multitasking and like I said before typing really fast. Thanks for the compliment. BTW several of those long posts are actually just a few lines in between a cut and past of all the CL-WTF titles.

mom said...

Curious dad,
Long winded posters, unite!!! Hehehehe

MissMannah said...

Janet, my apologies if you were really not trying to be rude. However, when someone says "do you need something to do with your abundance of time?" I can't help but jump to that conclusion. Also, having read some of your former posts, and also seeing that you choose to retort with "kiss my fabulous ass" I can't help but wonder how sincere you are when you write seemingly back-handed compliments.

Note: I did not say you ARE a jerk, I just said what it seemed to me. Perhaps in the future I should just keep my mouth shut and my opinions to myself, but I was under the impression that this is what the forum was created for.

Anonymous said...

The problem with emails and such are that people can't hear tone of voice and things are easily misinterpreted. You misinterpreted mine. Saying someone is a jerk and suggesting it to someone else is pretty much the same to me. And the fact that you are suggesting that my comment was back handed is just starting to get a little silly on your behalf. And yes you my stay still "kiss my fabulous ass" as I don't think your apology was actually an apology when you continue to be insulting. But please don't revoke your significant commentary- this is after all a place for people to rant and rave as they please.

nanny turned mommy said...

Holy crap. I couldn't get past number 9 without commenting. So basically she is looking for someone to be a mom! People are so stupid. Why is he outsourcing all the bonding! Ug .

MinuteMuggle said...

wow! all the fun happens when I'm not here! christ!

this week's cl wtf makes me sick to my stomach: I just don't get people who think they are going to find a good nanny who will work in exchange for housing. don't they think that the nanny wants a life outside of their home? do they pay mortgage/rent equal to what they make? no. this tells me that they want a nanny who is, as Dad alluded to, a slave! someone who never wants to progress, someone who is content to make next to nothing and have absolutely nothing to show for it at the end of the day.

it just makes me so sick because these are the people who are being hired to care for the most important people in the world: their kids! it's just disgusting and sad. :(

Lola said...

Where did you find that child's photograph...If it is not photoshopped, I have to wonder, how can a precious little girl make such an evil expression! It is literally frightening. Like Chuckie's long lost cousin!