Saturday October 24, 2009
.... WHAT?!

1) Can babysit for $8 a day per child or LESS! 10 yrs. EXPERIENCE! References (Florida)
Can baby sit $8 a day per child or LESS! NAME YOUR PRICE! YOU PAY WHAT YOU CAN GIVE ME! WILL BABYSIT FOR LITTLE MONEY SO YOU CAN GO TO CLASSES OR WORK! CHILD CARE PROVIDER WITH OVER 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AND GREAT REFERENCES! I have an awesome recent reference from the Mom of an 18 month old girl I did this for! I watched her much of the day providing lunch and snacks, regular diaper changes, nap time, & fun activities including reading her stories and playing barbies. I watched her for $1 an hour while her Mom went to classes to further her education. I want to do that again for someone and am available days, Monday through Friday while the kids here attend school. Among my references you can talk to the parents of 3 children (3 girls ages 5, 6 & 8) I have cared for right here in Milton. I HAVE BEEN A VERY RELIABLE TRUSTWORTHY NANNY! I was full time nanny for a family that includes a 4 year old girl and 20 mo old boy I did EVERYTHING for and I have a reference from them saying how great I was with their kids. Before that I did total care for 4 children - 2 girls ages 5 & 10 and 2 boys 8 and 11. They will also provide a reference for me! Safety is of utmost importance. Children's CPR COURSE completion! I create activities in a safe environment for all ages, and they all relate to me because I'm patient, caring, fun-loving, attentive to their needs, and very compassionate. I'm not one of those heavy drinker types, don't smoke and do not use drugs or profanity! I am a clean living trustworthy Christian man, caucasion 40+ that has lived happily with and has watched all ages of children. I get along well with everyone regardless of age, ethnicity, etc. I am a good listener and problem solver. Please reply with details of your situation and how I can help you and any questions. If you feel we have probable compatibility enought to talk to me further I will be happy to forward through email past references and arrange for you to talk to the family in Milton with the 3 girls.
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Special thanks to the following Readers for their help:hijabiniqaabi, NewYorkCityNanny, mbargielski, northjerseynanny, upny nanny, cinder38, MissDee, pansypot17, "B", JLow2474 and IndianRani87... all of you did a great job this week! Remember, CL-WTF will be Posted every Saturday. Please send next weeks Ads HERE or use MEEBO.



MinuteMuggle said...

lol number 4 is awesome! lmao! who wouldn't want a sitter who is "the TOP of fun?" lololol it's so worth the 40.00 an hour!


MinuteMuggle said...

the cl wtf is just insane this week! just the craziest one I have ever read! parents in the adult film industry who want a picture of you? parents who are asking you to send them (strangers!) pictures of yourself AND the children you have cared for?????

and i don't even know what to say about the pay being offered here.

as far as the Dad who is writing in about his nanny who stole things:

why was he not with his wife when on the day she was going into labor? also, if the license the nanny gave him was fake, doesn't that mean that he did not do a proper background/bci check on her? Seems like we are missing some of the story here. I am always wary of any parent who posts "warnings" about their childcare provider in the internet, with their name. I am surprised that the lawyer that cost them 3000 dollars to retain didn't tell them that they should not be posting these things about the woman. Especially when they failed to check her drivers license. If it were fake and she were in the country illegally, couldn't he have found out through a bci/fingerprint check? sounds fishy to me.

Unbgirl said...

#1 looks familiar. Does that guy post a lot of childcare ads? I could have swore I seen him featured on CL-WTF in the past.

dawlface said...

I just reread the first post( I sent it in)I think it does sound familiar...

MissMannah said...

I think several sounded a little familiar this week, particularly #s 1 and 29. My question is, what is with all these people wanting "grandmotherly types"? I can only assume they think older people are retired and don't need as much money. I wouldn't want an older person trying to keep up if I had 5 kids!

MinuteMuggle said...

Some people prefer older caregivers. I worked in a daycare once,in the infant room and I can honestly say that the older ladies (aged in their early 60s) had much more energy and were more skilled and patient than the young ones. If you are in good health, there is no reason why a "grandmotherly type" would not make a great caregiver.

To clarify said...

I sent in #19 NOT because the dad is a porn producer but more because the nanny has to pay for own food and gas plus the comment about the boy being big/tall for his age was kinda weird.

Though I do understand that the porn thing is kinda odd.

MakeUpAddictMissDee said...

So number 19 has a wife that doesn't live with him. Is that because he is cheating on her with his "starlets"? He refers to his son as "the boy", like he is an oject. He is offering a futon, TV and a 14 year old SUV? And he writes? Since when was writing a part of the adult film industry? He must not be making much as a director. Now I can see why his wife lives a few blocks away and why the nanny is leaving. Something seems off there. Oh yeah, the cap on the Viagara bottle.

Orange Snakeskin said...

I was so annoyed that I have up around number 14. Why do people insist on replying to ads offering low wages so rudely? Why not just write a discreet email letting the poster know she or he should be looking into in home daycare?

On a lighter note, I want to send a Christmas gift to number 8.

Village said...

Is anyone else freaked out by the sitters who want to look after children for free, or for a dollar? Child porn anyone? That would really scare me.

How about the parents who want to offer a room, but no pay, and sometimes, no food. HELLO? How are the nannies supposed to live? That is getting really close to slavery.

And the man who doesn't live with his wife, and refers to his child's mother in a rather strange way, and refers to his son as an object, WOW, I'd steer clear of that. No wonder he is looking for a nanny. His last nanny had to have a second job, and he thinks that is a good idea.

No matter how you feel about porn, it is dehumanizing, and not just to the people who watch it.

MinuteMuggle said...

I agree with OS about the christmas present: it is a nice ad.

Regarding low wages, I also agree with OS. I would just not respond. Why even bother to respond?

Regarding the people offering care for free? Huge red flag. God only knows their motivation, but I wouldn't want to find out.

MissMannah said...

I guess I didn't think about older caregivers because I look at my parents with their very "old-school" view of parenting. Maybe it just really isn't done here because most caregivers I've met are in their 20s and 30s.

I also want to send a Christmas gift to #8. That poor woman just wants to do right by her child.

As for #19 referring to his son as "the boy," I've met several parents that do that. It isn't so strange to me. However, everything else in that ad just gave me major creeps.

MinuteMuggle said...

There is a lot to be said for "old school" parenting. Contrary to popular young nanny belief, your life does not end when you turn 40. :)

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

#1 screams "Danger" to me in every way. I am sure he (or someone equally creepy) had posted in my local craigslist numnerous times in the past. Any man (or woman, for that matter) willing to do childcare for little or no $$ is getting some other sort of satisfaction out of the work.

As far as "rude" responses to cheap parents are concerned, I think it's great to respond on craigslist. Maybe such replies will educate a few people. If you send a private email, only 1 set of parents gets their eyes opened to reality, right?

This was a wacky week! Good job ad spotters and MPP!

Orange Snakeskin said...

Nanny Hood,

I have no problem getting the information out there in fact I think Cragslist should make you read a bit of information about different kinds of care and the average rate before you are allowed to post on the site. What I have a problem with is the foul attitude with which people address others for absolutely no reason. The people who have posted ads have done nothing wrong aside from not doing a little research and/or reading through other ads, they didn't call people out saying nannies don't deserve the going rate or say you suck. It happens here to, people take things the wrong way, don't carefully read or make assumptions and a are rude when it just makes no sense. I totally get getting pissed and saying what you need to say when someone offends you but there is no reason to scold people like children just to make yourself feel better.

MinuteMuggle said...

I personally would not respond like that to an ad because it is totally against the CL coc, and it makes you just as bad as the people who posted the ad in the first place if not worse.

If you have a rant you should go to rants and raves, not post it in the childcare section and clog up the ads. just my opinion.

nc said...

#1 does seem to be really familiar.

MissMannah said...

The only time I have responded to an ad by putting my own out there is when I saw a woman who wanted to hire a home daycare assistant for less than minimum wage. I basically put out an FYI and then I put in the general going rate for daycare workers and nannies. You're right, you don't have to be unnecessarily rude. (But I can understand these people who ask "are you nuts??")

Anonymous said...

I agree that the replies to some of the ads are pretty rude and that a discreet email informing the poster of average nanny wages would be better BUT, it really does need to be put out there that for a lot of us, nannying is what pays the bills. The tired old arguement about it "not being about the money but the love for the children," holds true, but realistically speaking, we have just as much a right to make a living as anyone else. This doesn't mean we don't love the children as much as a nanny who charges doesn't mean we're greedy or in it for all the wrong reasons. Why do those things have to be mutually exclusive? I'm 28 years old and have been working in childcare since I was 15, pretty consistently. Needless to say, I have A LOT of experience and I am an asset to any family that is willing to pay me well. I have worked very hard for almost 15 years to aquire this experience and like anyone else in any other profession, I deserve to be compensated for it. This doesn't have any affect on the quality of care I give, it just allows me to be choosier when deciding who I will work for. Don't I have that right? I don't understand why some people are so shocked and appalled (sometimes angry) when they find out how much an experienced nanny makes. So hey, if someone responds publicly to an ad that is offering to grossly underpay someone, I can deal with, no matter how snarky it may be.

On another note, number 1 is definitely the same guy from a CL WTF from months ago. Creepy.