Discuss Domestic Worker's Rights with Edina

I am confused by something. Since there are a lot of NY nannies here, maybe you can help me figure this out. Domestic workers are protected by laws. There is a minimum wage. There is also required overtime. Here are the details:

Among other provisions, this law gives domestic workers: 
-The right to overtime pay at time-and-a-half after 40 hours of work in a week, or 44 hours for workers who live in their employer’s home;
-A day of rest (24 hours) every seven days, or overtime pay if they agree to work on that day;
-Three paid days of rest each year after one year of work for the same employer; \
-Protection under New York State Human Rights Law, and the creation of a special cause of action for domestic workers who suffer sexual or racial harassment (*I have a friend who offered her $300 to clean the kitchen floor with a sponge on her hands and knees naked. He was serious.)

This includes live in nannies. They too, must be paid overtime. A live out gets overtime after 40 hours of time and a half and a live in gets overtime after 44 hours. 90 percent of families are not doing this.

I am a nanny who makes just barely that (650 for 62 hours). When I meet nannies on the playground, some of them work more than I do and are making $500 or even $400. What is going on? Three years ago I didn't know anyone who made so little in the nanny business.

Why aren't more nannies demanding the fair pay they are entitled to? Do you realize that if you, a beginner nanny, demanded the very basic pay and overtime rate, that you would make it easier for seasoned nannies to demand a better wage? You are muddying the waters for us and causing us to take a non livable wage. You need to wise up, unionize, organize or just realize they can't live without you.

I beg of you to talk to other nannies and let them know what their rights are. If you are looking for a job on a website and see posts that advertise jobs that are not correct, email these people back and tell them they can be reported to:
NYS Department of Labor Division of Labor Standards
W. Averell Harriman State Office Campus Building
12 Albany, NY 12240
Phone Number for Labor Standards questions is: 1-888-52-LABOR
Here is a link to the Domestic Worker's Rights.

Look out for each other,
-Edina (I used to make $900 a week!)


Jill said...

I don't know why nannies sell themselves short. I wouldn't nanny for min wage no matter how wonderful the family is! I expect and get a full benefits package and make way above average. I've seen nannies making 5 or 6 hundred because they're new or family promises a raise. I think that's ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

I sooooo agree with you!! I am based in the U.K though but they are a lot of families that are taking the piss here as well!!

The trend of the moment here is to hire an "AU PAIR PLUS" for 100-150£ per week to work 40-50 hours per week when in reality , her job will be totally the same as a nanny.

What is the most shocking is that the families you are talking about are INCREDIBLY common.

Agree that it's partly the fault of the nannies that take on those underpaid jobs but not totally as I use to be one of them and was totally desperate when I took it. As soon as was better finanvially , I dumped their stingy asses ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No joke, there was an ad today on my local craigslist looking for a skilled caregiver, must also do laundry, meal prep, and light housecleaning - for Monday through Friday, straight 24 hour shifts, no breaks, for $500/week. Let's see, 120 hours, that's $4.17 an hour, no overtime. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you reported it. Copy itbas an HTML page and you can forward it to DOL for investigation. Criminal. Slave work.


Anonymous said...

I was emailed by a lady who needed me to work 56 hours a week.
She wanted to pay me a $100 a week!!

I dont live near a huge city but the pay around here is not bad. I nearly had a heart attack when that lady emailed me.
She was completely serious!!

No I am not making it up I have the emails to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, no words. It's people like that who need to look at childcare centers or stay home


Anonymous said...

Even childcare centers charge more than that

Anonymous said...

Slight more. You can get into a ft Y program for $125 per week. Some also provide stipends


this_nick said...

You're suggesting it's the responsibility of those just starting out in the field to insure your fair pay as a seasoned nanny. That makes zero sense.

Anonymous said...

No, she's suggesting that they're responsible for educating themselves about this field before entering, so that they, and other nannies, are not taken advantage of.