M96 Crosstown Bus in NYC

Double Bad Nanny Sighting!
I saw boarded the bus and sat behind this pair of nanny friends.
Location:  M96 Crosstown Bus.They got off at W96th./West End
Date: 6/25/15 @ 2pm-ish

Nanny # 1: I saw Your Nanny, a thin, about 5'6" AA nanny (no accent), wearing a white 3/4 sleeve shirt with silver metallic shoulder designs, blue jeans and navy colored 'boat shoes'. Nanny had medium length black hair in braids, worn all back with white beads.
Child #1: girl of about 3, white, reddish, curly hair, wearing an orange and red flowered dress and a yellow windbreaker jacket. White tennis shoes that showed toes.
Incident: The girl was whining and fussing. The nanny was carrying a purple plaid umbrella and the girl wanted to hold it. She was kind of fighting the nanny for it. The nanny kept telling her she was going to hurt herself. The girl kept pulling at it. The nanny handed it to her by holding it up right and stomping it on her foot. The girl immediately started crying. The nanny said, "see I told you were going to get hurt".The nanny was trying to read a book and everytime the girl reached for her or something the nanny moved away from her with disgust.

Nanny #2: I saw Your Nanny, a short, heavyset, wearing a multi color blue marble swirl colored mumu style dress, white tennis shoes with no socks, an ace bandage on one of her angles. She had her hair up in a bun with a colorful scarf wrapped around her hair. She spoke with a Caribbean accent.
Child #2: A boy she called Petey. Brown hair, blue and white horizontal strip shirt, blue pants, sandals.
Incident: This boy had a cold or bad allergies and kept sneezing. He sneezed and snot came out all over his face. I know because the nanny said, "Oh you disgusting, where's your tissue? Where's your tissue? I told you to bring the tissue".  She asked her friend for a tissue. She didn't have it. I offered her a tissue. She took it and gave it to him. The boy started crying and said "help, its grossy" and she said, "I am not touching your grossy,that's disgusting, wipe your nose boy". And for the next minute, instead of just helping a boy she called gross, she kepts saying, "boy you better wipe that nose". He was crying and she finally helped him only because she was afraid it was going to get on her precious dress! She grabbed the tissue and held the back of his head with such force.I was getting so angry at this woman. I wanted to say something but she was so angry about everything. The boy was wearing a sandal which either fell of or he kicked off as she was wiping his face. She picked it up off the floor and whacked him somewhere with it., I couldn't see where, but it was on his body. He started whining more. She said, "Oh now you're being silly, I didn't do anything". I think she was aware I was watching her by then. I don't know if his name was Petey or it was a nickname. She called him Poopy Petey like three times that I heard.

These two left the bus together talking about being hungry and wanting to get a sandwich.


Melanie B said...

I would have called the police on these disgusting women. Hitting the child with the umbrella is assault. I would have called the police with the description and maybe followed them to give the location to the police.

this_nick said...

Right? How did you not call the police? They're being hit right in front of you. I realize without physical injury this likely wouldn't lead to prosecution, but it WOULD lead to the parents finding out what these "nannies" really are - child abusers.

THINK, people!