Nanny Notes 2015, #4

"Sugar would be classified as a narcotic". This is my employer. -Rachel, US
"Left in the morning between the drycleaning check and grocery list." -265lb nanny

"Yeah, that's not offensive at all" -Anonymous

Texted to me with the message, "Things that are not working for me". -DB, NY

"Thanks for the room inspection" -Anonymous

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Anonymous said...

Why is it offensive to ask the nanny not to use her personal grooming tools on a child's head? She surely isn't sterilizing them first, as a reputable salon would. I wouldn't want my hairbrushes or combs used on my charges' hair either, with the potential for spreading lice.

dora said...

Why the fat girls always got to be hassled? You never see a fatty getting arrested for hurting a child.

Anonymous said...

I can't really feel bad for most of the nannies with these notes. Yes, maybe the delivery on some were passive aggressive or dramatic but if they don't want the kids to have sugar- don't give it to them. If they don't want muddy shoes in the house (who would?!) - clean them outside. If you're living in their home - it's their right to want you to keep your room and bathroom clean. And sharing combs/brushes is gross.

The weight limit thing was a little rude but if you're too big for the trampoline, you're too big for the trampoline.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think that the first three are not offensive. It seems like the first employer has already asked the employee to not feed her children sugar, and the nanny should respect that. It really may have been an accident that the trampoline manual was left where the nanny may find it. And I really don't think that it is unreasonable for the parent to ask the nanny not to use her personal grooming utensils on the child.

Nanny kj said...

the trampoline thing was passive, but I imagined they struggled with telling the nanny to her face. Hell I'm overweight and would have no idea how to tell someone they were past the weight limit. It's a liability for them if nanny got hurt using their trampoline because she was too heavy for it. That's life.

I'm a nanny and don't think the sugar or the shoes are that bad. I could never work for someone like the first employer because I don't agree with her. But if they've asked the nanny not to give the kids sugar and she continuEd to do so, she's 100% in the wrong. The shoe one is passive aggressive. But come on! There is no reason that mess should be left. The kids can clean up that area with nanny's direction.

this_nick said...

Most of these requests are fine, but related in a juvenile, passive-aggressive manner. Parents, talk to your nannies. (Not like this, for God's sake, but as if they're actual human people.)

That last one, though. HELL no. If the nanny's room would feature on an episode of "Hoarders," then just move it along and find a new nanny, since this one's never gonna work out for you. If the nanny's room is just messy, though, there's every likelihood it's because she doesn't have time/energy left in her day after caring for your kids and completing whatever tasks you have set her to. (Based on the bitch-ass tone of the note, I suspect it's a lot.)

My own quarters are a bit of a shit-show right now, and that will be remedied when I feel up to addressing it (usually every couple weeks). It's literally the lowest item on my list of what to do with the limited free time I have. Unless the situation involves real filth/requires HAZMAT intervention, it's not anyone else's problem.

Anonymous said...

I only see an issue with the last one.


Corina said...

If nanny is living in the house. Her room should be cleaned too. I am not saying for the HK to pick up mess. But why not vacumn, dust, etc.

Meh said...

Most of these are normal. Passive aggressive, but normal. There's a whole site dedicated to passive aggressive notes so IMO notes almost always read a PA. The only one with issues is the nanny room post. What were they doing in her room?

Anonymous said...

Um ... personally I see nothing wrong with the weight one though instead of leaving that I would make the rule that she's not to use it. Sorry but an adult could potentially knock a small kid off of one of those if they're jumping at the same time. What's she going to do anyway tell the kids sorry you can sit on the sidelines and watch me instead of me watching you as is my job? The mud and sugar thing would bug me. Sorry but if a parent tells you not to give their kid sugar then don't. It doesn't matter your feelings, they're not paying you to make those decisions. You leave at the end of the day and if the sugar gets them hyped up all night or something you're not dealing with it. The mud thing is just messy and that means the nanny's being lazy.