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April 7, 2010
She rushed barefoot through flames to save the young boy in her care, but she doesn't have healthcare to treat her own burns.
Without even thinking about the danger, Alyson rushed down the hall — barefoot — through 400-degree flames to save Aden, who was trapped in his bedroom. He escaped unscathed, and Alyson was badly burned on her right arm, hand and especially her feet. Fire Chief Willard Tucker said there was a minute left before the boy would have died. CLICK HERE to DONATE NOW.

Woman Caught on Nanny-Cam Pleads 'Not Guilty'
A woman accused of attacking a young boy pleads not guilty to child abuse charges.
53-year old Jeannine Campbell is accused of repeated hitting the little boy.His parents claim that the boy has escaped the attack without lasting harm.Prosecutor Jessica Trudeau said that Campbell is facing four separate charges.

Mom leaves children alone so she could go dancing
A San Antonio mom is in jail right now, accused of leaving her young children alone Monday night, while she went dancing. Police say Melissa Franco, 30, was gone for several hours. Her six, five, four and two-year old children to fend for themselves at their house on the 1400 block of Saltillo, without a babysitter.

Officials will investigate Madison day care after 6-week-old baby's death
The state Department of Children and Families will investigate whether an illegal day care was operating at a Southwest Side home where a baby stopped breathing Tuesday morning and later died. The cause of the child's death is not known, said Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

Judge sentences man to 7 years for ignoring abuse
Reginald Keith, whose wife was convicted of beating 13-month-old Christopher Thomas to death and of torturing his 2-year-old sister, was sentenced Tuesday to more than seven years in prison and four years of extended supervision for failing to protect or care for the young girl during her months of abuse.

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annon said...

I bet the Mom that left her kids to go dancing had put an ad on Craigslist that day and hadn't had anyone respond:) People are so stupid and crazy

A Mom said...

Kudos to the first nanny for saving that child! The parents should be paying for her medical care!!

Denver Nanny said...

A Mom--

I agree! I'm very curious how her employers are handling the situation...

ericsmom said...

The first story. I am curious about homeowners insurance. Would they be responsible for the medical bills??? I mean if you are working in someones home. And you hurt yourself either inside the house or outside the house.

Denver Nanny said...

That's what I was wondering... I thought if you're hurt at someone else's home (on the job or not) the homeowners/employers should pay the bills (except in cases of obvious negligence). So unless dad is saying the fire was her fault, what gives? If it were my son she'd saved, I'd help her out even if it wasn't required my law!

Kentuckychickrk said...

A mom -- and others.

There is a lot behind this story that isn't being revealed (or is, but is not being as widely public). JB Hawes "Aden's single father" is not his "real" father. He is in fact a good friend of Aden's mother who agreed (from the good of his own heart) to raise her son while she is in prison. There is in fact now a bitter custody dispute between Hawes and Aden's mother.

Hawes was struggling to make ends meet to begin with and I'm sure he didn't really even think about health insurance for his nanny when he hired her. At this point he's struggling enough just to find a place to live.

I think it's awesome what Ellen and others have done and continue to do for Alyson. I don't necessarily think that people should be rewarded just for doing good deeds, but there's no reason a young girl should end up owing a lifelong debt to society for saving a little boy's life.

xfileluv said...

Kentucky, I hadn't heard any of the back-channel details. I, like most others, assumed that the man was a single father. Is the bio dad around at all? Just wondering if he is able to help find them housing, etc.

Kentuckychickrk said...

xfileluv -- yeah... the back channel story is really quite ugly and overshadows the entire story of the nanny saving the litle boy. I think that's why (other than on Nancy disGrace, it hasn't been mentioned in the national news circuit.

Somehow the drug addicted mother who spent her entire pregnancy and a good chunck of her child's first few years of life in prison has become the "victim" in Nancy's eyes for giving this man custody and now wanting him back. And from what I've gathered, there is no biological father in the picture.

Of course I don't know the whole story and I honestly don't want to...

The story has gone from being heartwarming to being... lord, why did these people have to be from Kentucky.