Etiquette Request

Wednesday, April 7, 2010
When responding to postings, please remember that it is the policy of ISYN to assume that sightings are submitted in good faith. The goal of posting these sightings, as per the scope and establishment of this website is to reach the parent's eyes. We believe that parents should know how their nannies treat their children when they are not around. It's always nice to receive a positive sighting, but the bulk of these sightings are negative. We rely on the person witnessing the incident to take the time to type up what they saw, take a photograph and contact the website. For, without that person, there would never be any sightings; and hence no website. We respectfully request that the tone of comments in response to a sighting take all of this in to consideration, as the last thing we want to do is discourage those with sightings from coming fourth. There are many other features on the website that are more suitable for debate and criticism and we will work diligently to provide more of those.

Thank you for your longstanding loyalty and support.

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NYCMOM said...

Thanks Jane!