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.... WHAT?!

1) After School Care Needed for Boy (Seattle)
Our situation: I'm a single mom who works third shift (11pm-6am) for Boeing. My son is an independent kid of 12, who if left to his own devices, would play video games, eat me out of house and home, and run all over to various friends' houses. Unfortunately, I have to sleep during the day and can't always be up to supervise! ;) What I'm looking for is someone to watch my son in the afternoons after school while I'm sleeping. You would need to make sure he does his chores, takes out the dog, does his homework, and does his laundry. No need to cook him dinner, as he's perfectly capable of doing it--I taught him how to cook and do laundry at an early age. Just make sure his "dinner" isn't 4 bowls of cereal. Feel free to play video games with him after chores, watch a movie, or just hang out with him. He's an interesting little soul--he's just 12 and he needs to be supervised to make sure he gets his responsibilities taken care of and he stays on task. He's extremely bright, engaging, and talking to him is generally like talking to an adult. This isn't "babysitting" in the classic sense--more like "protecting a 12 year old from himself." ;)
Your gender is unimportant--he may even relate better to a male. I would prefer, however, that mature people apply. No teenagers, please.
No housecleaning necessary unless you feel like earning extra (I certainly am willing to pay more if you feel like cleaning!) I don't mind if you have a child of your own and need to bring him or her with you. Alex is extremely good with younger children. You'll need to be familiar with pre-teen boys, if possible, and be okay with dogs (We have a small Pomeranian/Yorkie mix who loves to cuddle).
Pay is negotiable--I have no idea what to offer, so you tell me what you'd charge for 2-3 hours of care per day, and we'll go from there!
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2) Looking 4 a Teenage Babysitter (D.C.)
I need a babysitter for some Friday nights & some Saturday afternoons. The pay will be only $25 a day, however you will have access to the internet, cable, snacks & juice/soda! My kids are 10 yrs & 15 months. The 10 yr old can watch the 15 month old, so you really wouldn't have anything to do......but I would just like someone older in the house when I go out @ nite or when I have to work a long day on Saturday. Saturday's I generally work from 1pm - 9:30pm. You will need to be a good student in school, no criminal history or expulsions from school and just a good role model for my kids. I will pick you up and drop you off at home. Thanks for looking at my ad!!!
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3) Living Nanny Wanted (D.C.)
My wife and I are both young, professionals who work 40hrs/week. We live in Manassas, VA. We have a 12 Months year old baby boy and 2 kids ( 10 & 8). We are looking for a female, live-in nanny who is seeking a long term (minimum 2 year position). We live in a beautiful community and home. The live-in suite is on the lower floor with a private bathroom. We have wire less access throughout the house. We would prefer to hire someone who has previous experience with babies/toddlers and someone who speaks English fluently. We need someone who is comfortable with taking care of more than one child, potentially. Light housework (emptying dishwasher, doing family's laundry/child's ironing, cleaning child's room/play area, etc) and meals for our kids would be expected. . We expect the person to be very proactive about planning things on a daily basis to keep the kids stimulated. We have a great parks within walking distance of our home and many local activities. We also have great neighbors and our kids have many friends who live on the block for play dates. On average, our previous nannies had Week nights and weekends off unless special arrangements are made in advance. We want someone who can instill discipline, love, patience, and laughter into our home. We are not looking for a babysitter. We are looking for someone to live in our home and love our kids and be a part of our family. Pay for this live-in position is $300/week. Work hours average will be 40hrs/week. You will never be paid less than $300/week regardless of how many hours you work. If interested the following are required prior to an interview: (1) picture (2) resume (3) references with phone numbers. The position is available immediately.
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4) Need Childcare by 4:30!! (Norfolk)
Hello having a SUPER hard time finding affordable childcare!!
I have to work at 5 and need childcare by then !!
Im looking for the occasional time out and drop ins when my hubby has duty.. (like today)..
I have two boys .. 3 yrs old and 6 mths.. Please Email ASAP if interested!!! Thank you!!!!!!!
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5) cheap nanny available full time on weekends! $6 an hour (Seattle)
hi,if you need a takecare call me 206 390 **** have 5 years experiance,I did in home daycare.I'm available saturday and sunday from 6:00am to 12:00 pm.thanks..
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6) need a dependable sitter (Norfolk)
my daughter s 2 years old. she is a very energetic, happy goofy baby. She has a smile that will brighten your day with the blink of an eye. but when she is bad...SHE IS BAD!!!!....her name is gabrielle and she needs to be around other not looking for someone now but once i start working im going to need somebody that is willing to watch her i just need to be prepared..see i just lost all of my information and and i just sent out for my birth certificate..when ever i get that i got to get my id and thats all i pretty much need..but when i am ready and once my money start coming in i will be paying $75 per week and i do need sum time to my self so on-call would be $20..and i do got a bday coming up on the 21st of this moth so im willing to pay $50 for the friday and satuday before..but getting a job is not an if you can handle my dramatic, energetic, goofy baby...then give me a call at757575****plz provide your own transportation..i will give gas money if its ok.
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7) Temp FT Nanny needed Dec 7 - Dec 18 (D.C.)
I need a full time nanny in my home for the next two weeks, M-F, 8: am to 5:00 PM. Pay is 750 for the two week period, cash. My children are 1 and 2 years old. They are very well behaved and easy to care for. Contact me at the email above to schedule an interview.
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8) Breastmilk for Free (Chicago)
I would like to give 500oz of frozen brestmilk to someone who needs it. It has been carefully stored in deep freezer.708 655 ****
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9) Real World Nanny for Real World Family (Chicago)
Hi my name is Tiffany and I am 27 years old.
So I'm not sure where to start because I am not posting you normal nanny AD ...
I will just tell you a little about me....
I am honest and I don't sugar coat anything (unless your a child)
First few things you should know about me... because i need to be 100% honest with the family that I hope to become a small part of.
1. I believe in GOD and I don't hide it.
2. I do not drive..I don't even have a license, I dont see the point when we live in Chicago and there is more then enough public transportation to get around. (might be welling to get a license, but i would rather not) this city has enough cars...
3.I do smoke cigarettes (NEVER EVER will i smoke around a child, (I don't even bring them with me when i go to sit for a child) starting smoking is the worst thing i EVER did and i wish i had never stated and I am not about to let a child (who i hope to be a POSITIVE influence on) see me smoking. ( I hope to be smoke free before the new year)
4 I love kids and I love hanging out with them and I don't see watching kids as a job.
this is just me telling you the truth...I don't see trying to hide anything from someone who i might end up being close too....I wouldn't want a liar watching my children (when i have them) so I wont lie to you. ( Karma is real )
I know that I am not the right kinda Nanny for a lot of people on here , but I might be for you.
and I know i dont wanna be a just nanny I wanna be a close family friend
I have had 2 long term "Nanny" jobs in my life (not counting the once in a whiles) and thats because the first one was for 6 years (in CA before i moved here, and i still talk to them once a week on the phone and see her when i go home for visits) and this last one was for 4 years and only ended because they moved and the children started school full time.
This is the kinda nanny i wanna be, with only one family until i am no longer needed....
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10) Emergency Care Needed (Milwaukee)
I am seeking someone capable of making a committment to watching my children tomorrow. I have had some unexpected extra work come up and it will be impossible to watch them. I would only need someone from the hours of approximately 11:00 til 4:30. My boys are ages 3 and 5, and one of them is getting over a head cold. Please advise as to experience and pay rate expectations.
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Are you a mature, responsible and fun loving Nanny willing to live in to care for 3 year old?
Are you legal to work in the country?
Are you able to move in this weekend by saturday or sunday?
If Yes, this job may be for you.
No driving needed. Room and board provided.
Pay is 1200 a month with paid vacation time.
Nanny will have two weekends off a month.
Call 410905**** or email with details : age, experience , and callback number for an interview.
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12) Sitter wanted friday 4-8 (sat & sun possible as well) (Seattle)
Last minute Baby sitter. So I work from home half the time but my last minute sitter recently started a new job and is no longer available. Usualy evenings and weekends, I need someone tomorrow from 4pm till 7pm possibly later. We live on the hill in seattle in a nice small appartment and have pets, please no one with pet allergys or fear of larger dogs. Pay is $9.50 an hour. Hope to find someone who might be available sat and sunday as well if possible.
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13) Babysitter Needed (Seattle)
Hello, I need a babysitter for tomorrow - Saturday December 4, 2009, from noon to 5:30pm. My daughter is 4 years old. Must have experience and able to babysit at own home or onsite near Commons Mall. If available please send your price, experience, and references, and your contact information. Thank You!!
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14) Nanny Wanted (San Francisco)
Single dad of 6 year old boy is looking for a nanny. Hours are 2PM to 7PM when he has school. When school is closed, hours are 10AM to 7PM. Live in is an option. Pay is negotiable but remember I'm a single dad so I can't afford $20 an hour. You should be between 21 and 35 and non-smoking. Please send a photo.
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* Response from angry CL readers... (note: Single Dad may have made slight changes to his Ad after reading some of the negative feedback)

14) RE: Single Dad needs a Nanny for 6 year old
Just a heads up...this not only sounds fishy and insulting, it isn't going to get you tons of fantastic candidates. There are woman out there younger and older, with partners who are fantastic nannies. I would understand not wanting a partner living in, but to ask for only single candidates is rude. You said live out is a possibility for one, and two there are non-single individuals who live alone. The way this ad is worded is just strange....
Oh and fyi, insulting and ranting in a caregiver wanted ad...really not a lovely first impression.
This is coming from a nanny of 7 years and a parent of two.
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15) RE: Single Dad
His ad belongs in craigslist personals and NOT childcare. His ad states NO requirements related to childcare and ALL requirements related to getting a "girlfriend." There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about requiring experience with kids or a good driving record. It's all about looks, age, and marital status. How does being "hot" and a 20 something or early 30 something and being single pertain to being a good nanny? It doesn't!
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16) RE:RE: Single Dad Needs a Nanny for 6 year old
Hey Pervert, you're a total Weirdo who needs to get OFF of Craigslist Nanny Ad's and put an ad on a dating site! You're disgusting and why does your nanny need to be in a certain age bracket and have to send their photo unless you have ulterior motives and intentions. And your rude comment about the girl needing to take a computer class because she can't upload her photo? Well, if you had an ounce of a brain yourself, you would have never posted such a creepy post, YOU FREAK!
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.... HOW MUCH?!

17) Full Time Nanny and Housekeeper Wanted in Union City (CA)
We are looking for a full-time nanny and housekeeper to work in our home in Union City. We hope that this individual will become part of the family instead of just viewing this as a job.
Job Description:
This position is for a full-time nanny to take care of a currently 5-6 month old baby. We are located near bart and the hours will be 7:30 am - 5:30 pm Monday to Friday. Weekly salary to be determined, depending on experience ($250-$325).
Responsibilities will include the following:
• Playing / engaging baby in appropriate activities
• Feeding baby
• Changing diapers
• Bathing baby
• Putting baby to sleep
• Cleaning up after baby
• Family laundry and ironing
• Family cooking (non-veg and veg)
• Household work including dusting, dishes, etc
• Recent experience with infants under 6 months
• English speaking is necessary; other languages are a plus
• CPR certified (or willing to get certified)
• TB tested negative and willing to provide medical record of health
• Must provide references
• Willing to have a background check and fingerprints
• Punctual, organized, and personable
• Legal resident with valid ID
If you feel like you would be a good match, please send us an email. When responding to this position, please provide your name, phone number, the best time to reach you, along with your resume and list of references. We will be conducting phone interviews followed by in-person interviews.
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* Response from angry CL reader:

18) RE: Full Time Nanny and Housekeeper in Union City - DO NOT REPLY! (CA)
If you read this posting earlier DO NOT REPLY if you have any standards for yourself what so ever! They want a full time nanny AND someone to be responsible for housekeeping duties 7:30-5:30 Mon-Fri AND only willing to pay $250-$325 a week!!!! Let me get this straight, 10 hrs a day 5 days a week equals 50 hrs. Then 50 hrs divided by $250 = $5!!!!
They are only willing to pay $5-$6.50!! That is waaayyyyy less than minimum wage in Ca!! These people are either looking to rip you off BIG TIME or they are REALLY BAD at math!! WOW.....this was VERY insulting even wasting my time to read their ad. That was a few minutes of my life I will never get back. I just had to take the time to write and show you people how CRAZY these people are!
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19) Child Care Needed (Milwaukee)
I am going to be going back to work Starting December 1st. I am looking for someone to come into my home (preferably) tenitivly Mon- Fri from 6:30AM- 4PM to care for my 2 year old daughter. I am willing to have someone bring their own child around the age of 2. In the past I have paied $150.00 per week, both with someone in my home and a bringing her to a center. I have 2 cats and an iguana, all of which are very friendly. If need be I can put the cats into another part of the house if you are not a cat person, the iguana is in a cage and will not bother anyone. I work in West Allis and live in Whitefish Bay. Please contact me if intersted in providing child care, or if you know of affordable child care between Whitefish Bay and West Allis. I would be willing to bring my daughter to someone's home if it is on the way and within my price range.
Thanks, Brianne
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20) On-Call Babysitter Wanted - Evenings & Weekends (Milwaukee)
Hi! I have a gorgeous 3 1/2 year old son who will need occassional evening childcare as well as weekend. I am looking for someone who has a car and can pick my son up from daycare on short notice - many times that day. Also, looking for someone to watch him, on average, one Friday or Saturday night per week. I pay $7.00 per hour, plus gas if you pick him up from daycare. This position will be in my smoke and pet free home. This position does not have "set" hours, it's on an as-needed basis. I work late hours on occassion, and daycare closes at 6:00 pm. This is perfect for a college student or someone who works a day shift and is looking for some extra money.
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21) Temporary Childcare Needed - Christmas Break (Milwaukee)
Need Childcare December 21-January 4ish for my 4 month old daughter, in my home. My regular sitter is going out of state for Holiday break. I am open to a teenager on Christmas break, but you should have experience with babies. I can provide transportation if necessary, although having your own is preferred. If you are interested I can e-mail you the exact days and times, but it would be about 27 hours the first week, and I believe around 32 the second week. Unfortunately I can only afford to pay $4 an hour, but this would be good for someone looking to pick up some extra money over break from college or high school. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks!
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22) Live-out Nanny needed starting Jan3, 2010 (Milwaukee)
I am looking for someone to care for my two children, ages 4 years and 8 months, in my home 4 days per week. They are great kids that have always attended daycare out-of-home but their current daycare has changed hours of operation that no longer meet our needs. Hours vary based on days: Mon and Fri 7:30-5:00, Tues and Thurs 11:30-5:00. You would have both children on Mon and Tues and only one child Thurs and Fri.
Duties would be as follows:
-play with and care for both children
-prepare breakfast and lunch
-clean up after meals
-clean up after playing
-take dog out when needed
$10/hour when both children are home
$5/hour for one child
3 paid sick days every 6 months (with at least 2 hours advance notice)
2 paid vacation days every 6 months (with 2 week advance notice)
If I cancel, you would be paid for that day
Only serious applicants need apply and this would be a contract position. I would require at least 3 references (at least one business) and would conduct background checks which I would pay for. You would need your own RELIABLE vehicle and must carry car insurance. Look forward to hearing from you:)
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23) Seeking Childcare for 10 month old baby (D.C.)
We are looking for someone to watch our 10 month old , the hours are from 3 PM to 1:00 AM 4-5 times a week including weekends , we would prefer a bulgarian speaking person , but not required ! You can reach us at : 571722****-Jen , and 202292****- Teodor, we offer $500 a month negotiable . Also you can e-mail us at minevi06@****
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* Response from angry CL reader:

24) RE: Seeking Childcare for 10 month old baby are asking someone to work 10 hours a day..late hours at that, and are only offering $500 a month for it? If they are working full time for you, then that comes to $2.50 an hour. I dont know how great quality of childcare you are going to get when you are offering way below mininum wage. Perhaps you two don't have a great income but still, this is your infant we are talking about. If you want your child to recieve excellent care then you have to accept that you need to pay more. If you can't afford to pay more, then one of you should stay home and take care of your child!
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25) Live in Nanny needed (Nashville)
We are looking for a live in nanny to help us starting in May. Your duties will be to help with the children in the morning through 5PM. You will have most weekends free. General housekeeping once per month is also required. You will be provided with your own room, direct tv, tv, food, access to our laundry room. It is your basic live in nanny setup. Compensation will be $700 per month in addition to your room and board. You are welcome to have a part time job as well on the weekends. Please include a picture with your response.
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26) Looking for full-time babysitter for 12 month baby (Tulsa)
We are looking for an experienced and reliable babysitter to take care my 12-month baby at my home.
Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday;
Location: Broken Arrow
Payment will be $900/month
By the way, mother is also at home to help.
Please email me back with your contact information if you're interested. Thanks
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27) A trustworthy carer wanted now $20/hr neg. (Minneapolis)
I need a carer who is on time and responsible to sit for my eight yr. old daughter and twelve yr. old son in my home four evenings a week, for the hours of 3pm to 8pm. Positive referrals are a plus. You are welcome to bring your own kids with you if you would like. $20 per hr compensated daily, can go up to $27 per hour for the right person.
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28) Looking for Occassional Baby-sitter (San Francisco)
My husband and I hardly ever go out, just the two of us and feel it is now time to find an occassional baby-sitter for our four year old son so that we can every once and awhile. He is a wonderful little boy who is very well behaved, imaginative, and fun to be around. He does have a heart condition so we would ideally like to find someone who is CPR/first aid certified or trained, but he requires no special needs, only medicine which you wouldn't have to be responsible for. We are just looking for a reliable and responsible person who would be available in their home on an occassional night, sometimes with only a days notice. Depending on what time your house has dinner, some nights, we may need for you to provide him dinner, although we could bring him something for dinner if needed. Most nights we would go out would be after dinner, generally between 8pm-midnight. Dinner nights would be 6pm-9 or 10pm. We don't have a lot of money, but can offer $25 for 4 hours...or maybe we could work out a trade??? The house must be cigarette free, but pets are not an issue and other little ones would be awesome. I know I am not offering a lot of money, but if you find this may be something that could work for you for a little extra money every once and again, we would love to hear from you. We are definitely looking for someone to watch him on Sat. Dec. 19 so we can go to my husband's company Christmas party. It would be from 6pm-10 or 11pm and if we were later than 10pm, we could give you an extra $5 or work something out. Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays!
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Special thanks to MissDee, mbargielski, hijabiniqaabi, live.moxie, missmannah, afnt81 and SFClaire for their help this week... we really appreciate the time you spent looking for these Ads... great job! Remember, CL-WTF will be Posted every Saturday. Please send next weeks Ads HERE or use MEEBO.



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