Rant in Pasadena Tx

Hi there,

I am not sure this is the right place for this rant, however I am sure I will not be the only one upset about this!!
Let me start off by saying this is TEXAS and we are not used to much cold weather and it was about 48 degrees at 6 in the evening and very windy.
I was at a fall festival at a church in Pasadena with my two charges (ages 4 and 6) and we were waiting in line to make a bracelet. Well there was a family in front of us that had 4 children ages from about 5 to 10 and the little boy was helping the attendant make the bracelet. This poor child was not wearing a coat and was shivering so badly it was hard for the attendant to get the bracelet on him. I looked at the mom and said "he is so cold" her response was he did not want to wear his coat, it is in the car. OK, WHO is the parent?

AND if that wasn't enough, I saw a mom (wearing a jacket) with a 2ish year old girl on her hip and that poor child was wearing a lady bug costume with nothing on her legs or arms!


Sorry, rant over....

Not Just a Nanny


Anonymous said...

Since you didn't mention alerting any authorities I must assume there was no real threat to the child's welfare. In other words, he was cold. Which does not "cause pneumonia" or whatever other fallacies people may hold about getting "cold" (uncomfortable) vs. getting "too cold" (risk of exposure).

IMO a child aged 4 or above with no developmental disabilities should be able to decide which is worse -- "shivering really hard" or "wearing a coat". Some people simply would prefer to shiver than wear a coat. Or if not, they are given the choice and learn from direct experience and make a difference choice the next time.

Not just a Nanny said...

Thank you for that opinion Anonymous. I had not thought of it that way before. Although, I don't think I would let my charges dictate what they would and would not do, I do understand what your saying and how some moms/caregivers may let the child learn from his own mistakes.

Taleia said...

Everything you just said. I totally agree (although I admit that as a nanny I sometimes forced the kids to wear coats even when they didn't want to and they probably would have been fine, if we were out in public, for the very reason that I knew some judgey person would comment.

Definitely not cause for concern alone. DEFINITELY not worth taking her picture and mommy shaming her on a public forum :'(

Giggles said...

48 degrees is not that cold. Those kids will be fine. Sounds like at least the little boy refused to wear his coat and has some natural consequences. It's not like he's going to get frostbite or hypothermia at those temps he'll just be mildly uncomfortable.

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