RANT: Loser DB - You REALLY do not want to be running over me, I will send you LIMPING BACK!

Ok, DB, your days messing with me are going to be numbered one way or another. Specifically, when I work hard to get all my duties done and usually more, and have 15 minutes downtime while beautiful NK is napping and it P's { actual word redacted, ED.} you off to see me checking my messages or making a call to family, or even reading a book or paper. So you - unemployed loser that you are while MB brings home the bacon say " We pay you too much to just sit there doing nothing" so since all my duties are caught up you come up with things not in my contract like taking out the trash, doing all your dishes, not NK's, putting away your dry cleaning and more.

When I gently remind you that the previous day I stayed 20 minutes extra past my contracted time, worked extra diligently to get all done, and it should all come out in the wash, you LOSER look at me condescendingly and say " Oh really"

Yeah really unemployed delusional lose bully.

I absolutely do extra things beyond my contract such as teaching NK another language, espanol, even though not being paid extra, I frequently use my own gas to run trips, and do extra dishes of my own decision and more. But going the extra mile is MY choice to decide not yours to demand. I refuse to do a worse job and dawdle based on a fear of you taking advantage - that is a page out of YOUR LOSER book.

I have not decided how I am going to handle this yet, I see you treat MB the same way and she takes it. If I decide to quit the main person hhurt will be NK as he and I have a good time together but I will not sacrifice my self esteem and stress health for anyone!

So beware loser DB, You can continue to bully me but it will not end well for your family- that is IF you care about them. UGH!


Anonymous said...

Try and think of the child. If you have not talked to the mother yet,try talking to her and letting her know the problem so she can at least try to solve it. She may want to know her husband is being wrong to the nanny who the child loves

Unknown said...

Get a new job. Kids are resilient, don't let yourself be treated like crap bc you're worried about your NK or how sad you'll be to say goodbye. In the end your NK will be fine (unfortunately he'll most likely grow up to be like his dad) and you'll be with a better family who values what you bring and treats you accordingly. Nannying is a very personal connection but in the end it's a job and when they are done with you they won't hesitate to let you go, give yourself that kind of respect and start looking asap. You deserve a family who sees how much you bring to the table. Best of luck!

Corina said...

Bad advice. Think of yourself and your mental health. Because in reality the child will not remember you even if you stay on for a few years. Once gone you will just be a distant memory. He has his parents. Why would she speak to the mom about the dads treatment? Reading her story the father treats his wife like crap too. It won’t do any good

Corina said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous again, ok you have made me change my mind!

Erlinda Kaes said...

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