More WAHM Hell

I work with a WAHM and my issue involves feeding time. Babies, twins, are 11 months today. M was having a meltdown because she did not like what I served for lunch, while A ate his quickly and wanted more. Since the main part of the meal was gone I gave him fruit, which M wanted right away. MB came flying in and hugged M, told her it was ok, and I should have waited till M was done with main course before serving fruit. A was hungry and getting upset. I ended up serving M another meal. I am trying to teach the twins to eat what is put in front of them, and getting no respect from the mother. This is sent from my Iphone, I hope it makes sense.


Leigh Raymer said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I know exactly how you feel since i have been through the same thing as you. Maybe you should talk to the mom and tell her how you feel so things can change, if not maybe look for another job as things will get worse

Nanny Sharp said...

Talk to MB
Say something like.
Wow meal time was crazy! How do you think we could make it go better next time? Listen to her. Repeat things she says back to her so she knows you listened and understood.
Share with her your own ideas on how it could be handled next time.
Picky eater twins. tough!
If Moms expectations are too much for you (expecting you to cater to both twins ever changing needs always and at the same time)
Then you should look for a new job. You will be unhappy.
If she listens to your ideas and you guys can work together. Then this is Just a heated in the moment, moment.
Good Luck OP

Leigh Raymer said...

I don't think it is realistic to expect babies that young to "eat what is put in front of them". As a nanny I have had some really picky eaters and it's a constant job to get them to eat. Also stories on this blog are very numerous about the problems when the WAHMs breathe down your neck, you may decide to move to another position where you can have more autonomy - keep us posted !

Corina said...

I am on the moms side on this. I agree at 11 months you can’t be to strict on what they eat. Great you tried but it wasn’t happening that day. You should never then not offer them something else. Sometimes even a yogurt. You don’t know if maybe she doesn’t feel well or another tooth is coming in. Or could she be suffering from acid reflux. Meal time has to be a pleasant experience not stressful for a baby. Always keep healthy snacks on hand.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you. Babies are too young to HAVE to eat what’s in front of them. That’s actually HOW to create a picky eater. It’s best to offer a variety of foods, flavors, and textures at mealtime. As a mom, I’d jump in too. I don’t think it’s about getting respect from the mother here. I think it’s the other way around. You need to respect her wishes. She’s the mom, not you.

Anonymous said...

On moms side and would sit there with you during meals to teach you proper care of my children. You are wrong in wrongly teaching to eat whats on front of you. Ive never done that and have raised successful kids. Id tell you to either nanny the right way which is by realistic rules or find a new job and lose pay for that day to not completing the job.

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