Nanny Question about pay


I recently applied for a position through On their profile they listed a rate of $15-$20/hour.

During the phone interview everything went fantastic and we schedule a follow up in person. During this interview (1.5 hours long) we re approached the pay and they stayed their budget was much lower. Almost $14/hr. I noted may last job paid me $18 and they were able to come up a little to ????????$715/week for 47.5 hours. That breakdown is $15/hour. So still do-able but much lower than i was hoping.

My question is, how should I approach vacation, PTO + holidays. I think the because the rate is lower than expected they should offer a generous package there.

However I will be paid off the books, so I don't believe they are required to do any of this.

They are a friendly and totally kind family, who are new parents and I think just new to hiring a nanny- so I would like to go into our next meet. Which is dinner at their house tonight, to get to know the space and hang with their child more, as a time to bring up concerns on Vacation Pay, PTO, Sickdays etc before fully accepting any position.



Anonymous said...

Being paid off the books mean that they don't have to give you vacations pay, PTO, or sick days. In my experience, many families on will pay you hourly and that is it, especially if you are paid off the books. I would definitely come prepared to the next meeting to try to convince them and inform them since many parents aren't used to paying a nanny.

the teaching diva said...

They are required by law to pay you on the books. FACT.

Anonymous said...

Keep moving. Find a better job with more money.