BAD Parent Sighting - A Tragedy Waiting To Happen ( We Hope Not)

A woman who seems to be the mother of 2 kids, a 3 year old girl and a very young infant, endangers them on a regular basis at 610 and Beechnut in Houston. The woman uses the kids to get attention for panhandling. Reports by witnesses say that the little girl runs into traffic and has caused a fender bender. The girl and mother ( we assume ) are regularly picked up by a man in a late model white SUV. They seem to do well on the money. Witnesses  say they have called the police and CPS to no avail. (Pics are coming)


Anonymous said...
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Leigh Raymer said...

I am going to need to delete a comment above - I want to apologize to anyone who has seen this for 2 days, we are in Texas and underwater right now, I will however, quote the above writer without the inappropriate language

" Jane Doe's N--(deleted) machine is still at work. You ugly racist worthless c-(deleted). You're the SCUM that pays nannies low wages"

interestingly - this comment is the absolute worst classless language I have seen written on this site in over a decade - I hope the above person does not have influence over children

Anonymous said...

Why not just delete it and leave it at that? Why repeat it in censored form? Why give that person any validity? I saw the comment and didn't care because that person was just waiting for someone to come along and validate them. Don't give these people the time of day. Next time, delete it and move on.
And I hope all is well in TX for you.

Leigh Raymer said...

you have a very good point - here is my thinking - that person has some very intense emotions, but they are seemingly not able to express themselves in a reasonable way. They obviously have followed the blog for a long time to remember the former owner - Jane Doe, who has been gone for about 2 years. I seriously wish to know why the poster feels the way they do.

Amanda said...

I live in Houston, inside the 610 Loop. Is there ANY MORE DETAIL you can give? License plate of white SUV? Dates and times? I would like to contact the authorities.