Nanny needs advice

Hello All,

I am a full time nanny is desperate need of some advice. I work with a wonderful family caring for 2 little sweet boys. I work some pretty long hours sometimes mostly from 55 to 60 hrs per week.

I usually start at 7:30 in the mornings until 7, but sometimes when my boss travels I come in for 6. When I come in for 6, I have to be up at 3 a.m because the trains run local and have to leave home by 4 just to be on time.

My trouble is, the younger child who is still 2, still takes his morning nap, and that is usually the time I take a break, but problem is, parents wants to cut out the nap. If I cut out his nap, he would cry, fuss, fight and be miserable all day. I am a little frustrated about this because, if I am up so early, and the baby is crying all day (without me taking a break) no one would be happy.

Please advice me, I really love my job, and don't want to be force to quit because of this. I am considering the children happiness and also my happiness, sanity and health. Being up so early without a break and a fussy child all day is no good for anyone.

Concern Nanny.


Anonymous said...

You're not really considering the child's "happiness." You're thinking about yourself. 2 is old to still take a morning nap. Yeah they'll be fussy and grumpy, but that won't last long. They'll adjust, and so will you. Just take it easy on the mornings you're up early. Honestly, I'm a mom, and I'm usually running on very little sleep, but we manage! You'll figure it out. I wouldn't quit my job over it.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

2 is too old for a morning nap. And once they drop the morning nap the mid day nap is usually longer.

The issue here seems to be less a nap problem and more and overworked problem. If you have to wake a 4 am then maybe they need a live in nanny. or at least have you stay over occasionally. Or maybe they need to split duties between two care givers.