Nanny turned Author Interview

We had a chance to chat with Anna Martinez-Minter about how she went from being a Nanny to a published author of her popular children's book "MABLE SETS THE TABLE".

How long were you a nanny? I was a nanny for 12 years. I did every type of Nannying...from live in to nannying at my home with children staying overnight.

How did you go from being a Nanny to being an author? I truly enjoyed teaching my charges and making learning fun for them. This was my passion and I found a writing group that encouraged me, (I first ended up with a publisher that took control over my book and my writing group helped me with that situation as well and I learned how not to make that mistake again)

What is your specialty as a children's author? focusing on manners helping build a child's "toolbox" of important life skills.

What do you believe are the most important example of manners? Kindness, Awareness outside themselves, Making "please" and "thank you" automatic, Learning to say "I am sorry" and mean it, and being available to help others.

What was the most challenging part of being an nanny? having to deal with the parents that felt guilty about not being there and the parents would try to be the child's "friend" and wanted to leave the child rearing to me. I felt like we were playing good cop, bad cop and I was always the bad cop.

What was your favorite part?
Being able to influence the children in everything that I believe is important aka being a Modern Day Mary Poppins.

How do you become an author?
WRITE, WRITE, WRITE. Watch your charges, they are a wealth of information. They will be your best influence.

Here is a link to her website Gracious Me Academy

Thank you Miss Anna Martinez- Minter, We appreciate the time you took to chat with I Saw Your Nanny and we look forward to more of your stories!

Thanks for reading!


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