Finding a Nanny/babysitter for a child with Diabetes

Jasmine Burns, a RN has sent us this article to post about finding a babysitter (Nanny) for a child with diabetes. It is a very thorough article. She would like some feedback from us.

this is the email we received from her..

"Thank you for getting back.
Here is the editorial piece we are working on

I was wondering if you can take a look and let us know if there is anything missing or if there is anything that we need to change/add/modify.

We have done our best to cover everything but we want to ensure that we are putting out the right information out there.

Your feedback will help over half a million readers with diabetes"


Anonymous said...

yawn, this is a nanny site not a medical site, i make sure my kids eat NO fast food and play outside almost everyday - there is no reason a kid should have diabetes

Anonymous said...

You understand that there are two types of diabetes, right? Type two is typically diet and exercise. Type one is completely different. Do some research before you comment because you're at the risk of sounding ignorant.

Corina said...

Type 1 unfortunately you are usually born with. The pancreas isn't functioning properly. So I agree with above poster. You should really read up on this disease.