Sound off from Current Nanny vs. New Nanny

So I found out yesterday that my 2 1/2 year old charge (I have been with for 2 years) is going to be going to "school" 5 days a week 730-530. My time with this family is Tuesday thru Friday- 7:00-6:00pm. Mind you: they gave me a "raise" $11 for one child; $13 for when I have both kids. I am never going to see my charge at all. In my opinion; it's too long of a day for him. They won't let me take the baby outside; so therefore can't take or pick up C from school.


Taleia said...

Yeah, I hope you realize that's not actually school, they've actually put him in daycare. Sounds like your bosses have trust issues with you and are phasing you out. :( any time someone says they're not allowed to take their charges out, I see that as a huge red flag (especially if there's another caretaker that IS allowed to travel with them).

If they're putting him in daycare, it sounds like they're not happy with the level of stimulation you're providing (I'm not being critical - obviously I don't know you and they could have really unreasonable expectations - I'm just saying whay is sounds like). I'd wonder about the security of my job, honestly. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Why is there a new nanny mentioned in the title? It sounds like they're sending their kid to daycare.

I don't think it's a trust issue. I nannied for a family that had someone else drive the kids to school too. It was annoying that we couldn't go out, but it wasn't a trust thing. Some parents are weird that way.

Anyway, what is the problem here? That you're losing $2 an hour? I don't really get the issue.

Sarah said...

OP here: Taleia

Did you read my original post. The family has no issues with me. The 2 year old was a premie. Always an issue of taking him out. Do you really think of they had a trust issue with me; they would let me care for their newborn?

Unknown said...

I gather that was the reason, because they know a new baby is a lot of work. I don't believe either it's a trust issue. They realize its a lot on your plate.