Suggestions Please!

I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for good personalized children's books?? Something beautiful and nicely illustrated. I would like to give my charge one for his 1st birthday... Or if you have any other special, creative ideas for his birthday.

Also if you have any unique ideas on a parting gift to give my nanny family that would be great too. Thought about a photo book, but may not have time to get one made... But maybe some other ideas with pictures?


Anonymous said...

Have you used shutterfly before? There are other similar sites, but I like this one best. Photobooks are great gifts, but they have so much more you can make. I've done a calendar and magnets as well. Coffee cups and mouse pads are also nice. These need fewer photos and take less time. As for the birthday present they have a great template for an abc book. I made it for one of my kids. The tricky part is finding something for each letter. I used family members, places they lived, favorite toys and animals, etc. They loved it. It was fairly time consuming to get the right pictures, but so cute and very worth it. Pictures of things from the internet that the child likes would work if you can't get actual photos of everything. The site has a good selection of images as well.

Anonymous said...

OP: Yes, I have used it some. What book would use for an ABC book? Seems it would be nice to have it be a board book so he won't tear up the pages but not seeing anything like that.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately no board books, but I've found the pages to be pretty good quality. The one I made has been bent, but not torn (for an infant with a two year old brother and five year old sister). There's a great template on there somewhere for an abc book. Under the kids themes for photo books.