Bad Nanny sighting in Piedmont Ca

I first watched two Spanish speaking nannies changing about 1 year old babies on top of a wall, the height of which was like a counter, but was not a very wide surface and the nannies just trusted the babies would not fall off as they turned away. I didn't watch one of them diapering but the other skinny one didn't wipe the child when changing her.

Later, a very fat, Spanish speaking nanny with long straight black hair and 2 or three kids shoved one blond maybe 2 year old kid in the swing angrily, despite the kids' protests. Then gave the swing a violent shove, at which point the child screamed and flailed and reached for the nanny, obviously trying to get out, but nanny violently shoved the swing again and again, while scolding the child.

​I'm sorry I didn't think to take a picture. Now that I know about this site, I will next time.​

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nc said...

I never understood why people don't wipe when changing a pee diaper....