ISYN 2015 - Summer Salary Survey

Betty Pieper
Regular Pay: $625
Summer Pay: $800
Regular Hours: 7:15-9:00 AM, 1:00-7 PM
Summer Hours: 7:15- 6PM
Number of Children: 3; 3 yrs, 5 and 5
Favorite thing about Summer: I look GOOD in shorts
Least Favorite about summer: The kids, the hours, the fighting
Employee make it better: Enroll them in a partial day camp or something! These days are too long!
State: MA

Regular Pay: $825
Summer Pay: $825
Regular Hours:  8-6
Summer Hours:  8-6
Number of Children: 7 yo  and 2 yo
Favorite thing about Summer: Barbecues, music, water balloon fights
Least Favorite about summer: Being hot
How could an emloyer make it better: I work for the Incredibles! They are that great and no, you can't have my job!
State: CT

Regular Pay:  $900
Summer Pay: $450
Regular Hours:  7:45-6:45
Summer Hours:  7:45-6:45 for two weeks (regular pay), 9 weeks at half pay while kids are at sleep away camp
Number of Children: 2
Favorite thing about Summer: Living on the beach
Least Favorite about summer: I miss the kids. I'd rather have them here.
How could the Employer make it better: You want ME here in the fall, I don't think you should be chopping my salary in half, but hey, I know other people have it worse.
State: CA

Regular Pay:  $625
Summer Pay: $625
Regular Hours: : 8-7
Summer Hours: T,W,TH, 8-7/ Monday 2-7, Friday off or 7-10
Number of Children: 1 4 year old
Favorite thing about Summer: teaching kids to fish, teaching about sea life, lakes,
Least Favorite about summer: I love summer!
Employee make it better: The parents never leave activity money. We always have to pack a lunch and do free things.
State: NJ

Ed Asnis
Regular Pay: $550
Summer Pay: $550
Regular Hours: 7am-6:15pm
Summer Hours: 7am-6:15pm
Number of Children: 1 (15 months)
Favorite thing about Summer: Playing outside- all day, every day and long weekends!!
Least Favorite about summer: Humidlty. We love the water!!!
Employee make it better: Nothing, I love the parents I work with

Regular Pay:  $500
Summer Pay: $1000
Regular Hours: 2:30-7:30
Summer Hours: 7:30-630
Number of Children: 2
Favorite thing about Summer: They have a huge pool.
Least Favorite about summer: When their friends drop by to use the pool.
Other: Just want to say I think that nannies who sit on the sidelines and don't play with the kids in the pool aren't real nannies!
State: CT

Regular Pay:  $550
Summer Pay: $550
Regular Hours: 7am-6:15pm
Summer Hours: 7am-6:15pm
Number of Children: 1 (15 months)
Favorite thing about Summer: Playing outside- all day, every day and long weekends!!
Least Favorite about summer: Humidlty. We love the water!!!
Other: Nothing, I love the parents I work with

Douglas Simms Stenhous
Regular Pay:  $800
Summer Pay: $800 + $800 every other week.
Regular Hours: 7:40-6:40 M-F
Summer Hours: 7:40 - 6:40 M-TH and Thursday 6:40-Monday 7:40 every other weekend.
Number of Children: 2, ages 3 & 10
Favorite thing about Summer: The Hamptons every other week!
Least Favorite about summer: Working and being sober in the Hamptons every other week!
Employee make it better: Just to say, I work for an incredible single mother. The first time we went to the Hamptons (last summer), we were invited somewhere and she gave me the choice to go or not. I told her I might like to go and as nicely as possible, she suggested that I go to a certain store and pick out two outfits and a pair of shoes. She didn't give me any money, just called ahead and had the store owner help me.
State: NY

Regular Pay:  $525
Summer Pay: $525
Regular Hours: 7-6
Summer Hours: 9-6
Number of Children: 2, 14 months & 4
Favorite thing about Summer: Playing inside! Traveling with the family to the mountains,.
Least Favorite about summer: It's Arizona!
Employee make it better: I love my job!
State: AZ

Regular Pay:  $723.o5 on the books.
Summer Pay:  $0
Regular Hours: 7:30-6:45
Summer Hours:  8 weeks with NO PAY
Number of Children:  I am a nanny for two kids who will be in all day school in the Fall., I started four years ago. To keep my hours, I had to take over the housekeeping job. After four plus years, though they still decided to give me 8 weeks off with no pay. They justified that without the kids there would be no laundry or light housekeeping.
Favorite thing about Summer: Reading
Least Favorite about summer: Seeing other people enjoy paid time off.
Other: Chinsy family.
State: NY

Nicole Roggeman
Regular Pay:  $720
Summer Pay: $720
Regular Hours: 47.5
Summer Hours: 47.5
Number of Children: 2
What's your favorite thing about summer? Endless opportunities (parks, pools, zoo, etc)
What's your least favorite thing about summer? Long days (though the days are always long)
How might an employer make summer better for their nanny? Ensuring that their is money for activies, ways to get to various places, and not be unrealistic with long hours or not enough hours.
State: Washington

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Anonymous said...

"'NewYork Chinsey Family" you can find unemployment... You were on the books. Tell them you have bills to pay too and if they want you back, you need income

Anonymous said...

FILE unemployment

Lacy said...

I just quit my nanny family and took on a new one. Why? Because of their summer hours/pay.

Normal hours 24-28 a week, in the early morning and late afternoon. I had another job in the morning for 20/week. the 24-28 hour a week family wanted just 16-20 hours for the summer, right dab in the middle of the day (wouldn't be able to work for the other family); plus they were going to take two 2 week un-paid vacations. They had the never to tell me to take a job bar tending or flipping burgers-- instead of quitting them.

Well now instead of work 5 days a week for 44-48 hours a week (with 2 jobs) making about $670/week... I now work 4 days a week for 32 hours, making $600/week. Yes it less money, but less days, shorter days, and less driving!

So when a family shafts you for summer, replace them! The grass was greener on the other side for me. I am spending more then $70 less a week on gas/car maintenance. This was a worth while choice!