Hoping for the Epic Kiss Off

     I have been working for a shrew of a woman for 9 miserable months. I am wondering if anyone has ever left and delivered some parting shots? I would love to out her for being the miserable bitch she is. What do I have to lose? I found another job that starts in four weeks.

      Dear Lady,
      By now you are stomping your feet and complaining to the air that I am late. I am not late. I will not show. You are an egotistical, narcissistic sicko who never should have had a single child, let alone two. As an employer, you are invasive, corrosive and toxic. As a mother, you are cold and devoid of compassion. I can't imagine what you were like as a wife, but know that I am rooting for your ex to be awarded sole custody. Slow down. Get counseling for yourself to address your generalized nastiness and lack of conscience. 

      I thought I'd quit by and with the above text Wednesday morning.  I've researched family counselors, parenting helplines and the like. Would it be too much to link those to her? Once I'm out of her home and psychotic clutches, boy will I have some stories to share!


Smalltownnanny said...

As much as I would love to say this to some of my former employees.....I would not risk of. Especially not if you are still planning on being a nanny. Somehow it seems that everyone knows each other and you never know if your current boss would show a text like that to someone you want to work for. I'm not sure I would want you nannying my kid if I saw that you had sent something like that to an employer. Not saying that kind of outburst to your current boss isn't warren eyed but for future emotmwnt oppurtunities I would just suck it up and leave it. Or atleast say it in person where there is not a paper trail to show proof lol

Smalltownnanny said...

Ahhh hit send without editing, sorry!
*future employment oppurtunities

Jillian said...

I wouldn't do it! You never know who your boss knows. A lot of Moms are in play groups, parent committees, and or other organizations together. Unless you're planning to leave town completely, I wouldn't risk my career for a momentary satisfaction. Leave professionally. If you must write a scathing letter, write it, but don't send it.

this_nick said...

If the point of your text is to make her feel as shitty as she's made you feel, it may work. It's more likely she'll just chalk it up to you making excuses for quitting without notice and being a terrible person. Not at all saying you are, just that an attack like that isn't going to be responded to by a change in her view of herself.

If you actually want her to take you up on any advice and suggestions, you have to relay them in a less vitriolic, more nurturing way. And not on the heels of just not showing up. Write your reasons for leaving in a personal note, and leave it for her after your shift. Not on your planned last day, but on the first day you can reasonably afford to get fired before starting your new position.

If you just want to go toe-to-toe with her in being an asshole, though, go with your first plan lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh how sometimes I have wanted to write a letter like so! I would hold off like small town nanny said. You would be surprised who knows who and it really could hurt your nanny career. If you strongly feel that way about her parenting to the point you truly feel she needs counseling then get settled into the new job and then speak with the Ex. Maybe one day what you know could be used to help in that matter and you never want to put something in writing to be thrown back at you.

this_nick said...

I somehow missed the first paragraph. If you're really planning Wednesday as your last day but don't start your other job for several weeks, rethink that plan for the children's sake. You could give her notice on Wednesday and work a bit longer to give her a little time to find a decent caregiver. Otherwise these kids are gonna be stuck either with 1.) an angry bad mother or 2.) the fastest person willing to take them on that she could find.

She may just have you go on the spot, but it would be nice if you made the offer. She may not deserve it, but her kids do.

Thirty something said...

If you care for these kids, don't do that.

Anonymous said...

I suggest saying nothing and contact dad to be his witness and support. Ignore mom and you could have a job with dad on his date nights.


Obama's Nanny said...

Like I want to tell you to do it and be meaner because I went graciously.
But yeah, screw that nasty woman. She's one of many.

this_nick said...

^ Agreed.