Kentucky Nanny Runs Through Fire to Save Child

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(Yes we know there are great nannies. We were two of the all time best!) :)

A young woman caring for a 5-year-old Kentucky boy ran barefoot through flames to rescue him from a house fire. WAVE-TV in Louisville quoted 22-year-old Alyson Myatt who said she awoke to a noise early Tuesday and sprinted upstairs to find the carpet blazing and Aiden Hawes calling out that he was under his covers. Myatt grabbed the boy and ran out of the house. The child wasn't injured, but the home burned.
Shelbyville Fire Department Chief Willard Tucker said Aiden probably wouldn't have survived until firefighters arrived. He said the fire started in the attic near a bathroom fan. Myatt was burned on her feet, legs and hands and was under care at University Hospital in Louisville. She was working as a live-in nanny while the boy's father was out of town.

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xfileluv said...

Wow...what a great story. I was unmoved until little Aidan talked about can tell they have a special bond. Thanks for posting this!

Kentuckychickrk said...

Thanks for posting this :O) When I first saw it on the news I was just so touched by the relationship this little boy seems to have with the nanny... and then when they started crying (both the nanny and the dad) when talking about how the outcome could have very easily been so different... it truly touched my heart.

It's just nice to know there are nannies out there who would put their lives in harms way without thinking twice for the kids they love!

mananny said...

wow . . what a special nanny. After two months, to have such a great bond with that sweet boy :)

*crying happy tears*

PinkJulia said...

uh, what, you were "unmoved until little Aidan talked?"
you're kidding, right?
poor girl, i hope she gets better.

Upsetting said...

"It's just nice to know there are nannies out there who would put their lives in harms way..."

I'm sorry to say this but if you think about it that's really sad.

A nanny is someone else's daughter, sister, wife, aunt, niece, granddaughter and friend.

As great as it is that everything turned out well in this story, forgive me for saying that I don't think it's "nice" for a nanny to put herself in harms way. It's terrible she had to be in that situation.

Also forgive me for saying that I wouldn't blame a nanny for not choosing to put herself in harm's way.

Kindly remember that a nanny is not a firefighter, police officer, EMT or military. She didn't sign up to put herself in any kind of danger to save lives.

But this young lady is amazing.