Saturday, March 27, 2010

.... WHAT?!

1) I need a sitter at 9pm- 1-2am TONIGHT (Dallas)
My kids will be sleeping, how much easier can it get?! I need someone to come watch tv for a few hours, it couldn't be easier! Please email me ASAP!! Include your name, number and past experience! Please HURRY!! I'm offering $60 for the night, that's $60 in your pocket to sit and watch tv (although right now we have no couches so you're sitting on the flloor lol, sorry)!! We have 4 kids, 10 months, 2years (today is her birthday! :) ), 4 1/2yr old twins. Please email now!!
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dadiswrongonthisone said...

Nice birthday present: "here honey, I'm leaving you in the care of this stranger who may be a pedophile or an axe murderer. See ya!"

Lola said...

So #5 is looking for one of those adult babies right? I mean, you'll be using HER diapers, what a perk!!

djembé said...

It never fails to piss me off when I see mothers offering $3 or $4 per hour and justifying it by saying things like, it's easy work, I'll provide the food, the kids will be asleep, etc.

They just don't get it that part of the reason for providing decent pay is not necessarily that the work is so demanding (although it certainly can be), but because 1) you want to attract quality people and 2) you are paying what it's worth to keep your children safe. Your children! Just because they might be "easy" to care for doesn't mean the job is worthless, right?

Would you pay someone $3 per hour if you were hiring them to keep watch over a million dollars? Would you put an ad on Craigslist saying you needed a perfect stranger to come that night and watch over your million dollars, without even having a decent chance of screeing them?

Where your heart is, there is your treasure; I guess some of these parents value their children very little. Disgusting.

If you can't afford to provide safe, quality care for your children, don't spread your knees, dumbass. (And before you jump on me, no, I'm not talking about parents who find themselves destitute through no fault of their own.)

VAnanny said...

Well said, djembe. It's sick how little some parents value their children.

dadiswrongonthisone said...

I agree with VAN: well said, djembe.

I would rather be on welfare or living in a homeless shelter than get a stranger to watch my child for 3 bucks.

just another mommy said...

I never understand why people seem to think that providing diapers for their own child is a perk and makes it so that they can pay less! I mean seriously, why would a child care provider ever expect to have to provide diapers? That's like saying that you will make sure your kids have clothes...duh!

Phoenix said...

So do they hand out those permits to single moms that states they are allowed to F$%K people over all the time?

Laura said...

so i'm confused.....what is wrong with 4?

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

Technically... nothing. But still, it IS unusual. My opinion? I would not buy a stranger's breast milk for safety reasons. It would need to be tested so that I knew it was free of drugs and disease.

A said...

#12 I'm English AND I have my scuba certification! I'll take that one.

MissMannah said...

Isn't it illegal to sell breast milk privately? I thought you had to go to a donation place to get ahold of some.

I have a gripe about some of these ads. If you don't have a lot of money, why are you having so many freakin' kids? I come from a family of 5 kids, but my parents waited until they could actually afford all of us!

Also, I don't know why the daycare ads are still included on WTF? #18 said she wants an in-home daycare for 40 hours a week at $75-$100. I don't know about prices in Madison, but here that would be considered reasonable. I would only consider that a WTF? if she'd specifically said she wants a nanny.