Nanny Warning - Rhoda

Received Thursday, January 27, 2010 - Rants and Warnings
Rhoda is 31 years old from Jamaica (Montego Bay) originally.

She is a gypsy nanny, one that sails in and out of jobs asking for repeated advances in pay. She has been in the US for 10 years but has little to show for it.

She is a user and a manipulator. She needs to be stopped. During the 3 months she worked for me, she requested pay advances a number of times. Although, i did not want to give her an advance in pay --largely because I did not completely trust that she would return to work the next day, she had a meltdown in my home and then resigned by text message that night at 10 pm after she was given the pay advance. She is deeply disturbed and has some serious emotional deep rooted problems. I suspect she may have a problem with alcohol or drugs although I have no proof. No family should have to put up with her and her crap. Moreover she is a pathological liar, one cannot know where the lies end and the truth starts. There simply is no truth coming out of her mouth. I believe she is attracted to families of multiples and likes to work in Manhattan on the upper east or west sides.


disgusted by posts like this said...

Posts like this really disturb me. It baffles me how so-called "professionals" will post stuff like this on blogs like a 15 year old cyber-bully instead of handling it like an adult.

Speculating that this nanny does drugs is a serious accusation: if you have "no proof" as you say, I would keep my mouth shut.

Lastly, stop hiring illegals and perhaps you won't have such a problem with nannies in the future. Oh, wait: that would require paying a fair rate. And you of course want to cut corners when it comes to your child.

Your post reeks of someone who values their wallet over their kid.

AMom said...

We need more info about where this took place. Also, if this woman has been "doing this for years", then why did you hire her? Didn't you fully check out her references? Call them? Go and meet them?

Vanessa said...

Uh, disgusted by post like this:

The legal condition of a person does not make the person. Whether she's legal or illegal doesn't have anything to do with her mental state.
As you can see many legal nannies have been horrible people too.

Anyway, background checks people. BACKGROUND CHECKS. REFERENCES. Your children are the most precious things you have, the least you can do is do a reference check. Nannies should be the ones giving you their references without one having to ask them.

disgusted said...

uh, Van-ess-uh,

it has to do with the lack of integrity in an employer who would hire someone illegal. sure there are "legal" nannies who are horrible. but why in god's name would any respectable employer who cares for their children hire someone who was not legal to work in the U.S? the answer: $ $ $.

go play.

TC said...

I suspect she may have a problem with alcohol or drugs although I have no proof

You thought this and still allowed her to watch your child?

terrible said...

Um, okay, you didn't trust her with advance pay, but you trusted her with your kid?

Manhattan Nanny said...

"She is a gypsy nanny, one that sails in and out of jobs asking for repeated advances in pay."

Do you know this as a result of conversations with her references? And you hired her anyway. Why?

mom said...

We read about another nanny here a while back who dod the same thing. I can't remember, was her name Rhonda too?

But OP, if you thought this woman was deeply disturbed, had severe deep rooted emotional problems, and a potential substance abuse problem, why the heck did you leave your vulnerable, innocent child with her?!
It is not OK to choose childcare based on how cheaply you can get a warm body to sit in your home...unless your only criteria for mothering your child is that you maintain the minimum of care required by law to prevent your child being taken away and/or criminal charges filed against you. Based on the way you describe the woman you left your child with...with is basically as an unfit, incompetent, you have not even met that minimum standard.

dianne said...

8th comment: Rhoda NOT Rhonda. i never said she was illegal. she was referred to me by an agency who claimed to have valid id on her. luckily, i am afforded the luxury of being a STAY at home mom -- who is in the process of looking for full time employment so I always kept her under close watch. Do any of you have any awareness about how harsh and judgmental you all sound? i think i should hire a few of you to consult on the hiring of my next nanny. you all sound as if you you have such impeccable standards and have never had anyone pull a fast one on you. I wish I could be only so perfect. I have since been in touch with her 2 references who have both vowed not to vouch for her anymore but you all know how it goes -- she will find some other unsuspecting parent and run the same con game and probably with a false name. I also reported her to the agency who represented her and she is in their DEAD file where she belongs

mom said...

It's OK to sound judgmental when the safety of a child is at stake.
Sure, anybody can have a fast one pulled on them by somebody who is GOOD at conning people...but probably far less so when the person is already exhibiting behavior that is "disturbed", and when they appear to have emotional and ethical problems before the con is pulled. ESPECIALLY when it comes to who we decide to leave our children with. I'm just sayin'...a person such as you describe would have never been left alone with one of my children for five minutes.

This one's all on you, dianne. YOU are the mother, for gosh sakes. Your children's safety is your responsibility first, and far less so the responsibility of the bargain basement deranged crook you left them with to save a buck. You didn't check her references until after she was gone, and you knew enough, apparently to be suspicious of her,, and yet you left you child there anyway. Sheesh!

Go ahead and call me judgmental. Your post upsets me. Kids deserve better.

TC said...

You've stated she started acting strange before she quit on you....why did you still leave your child in her care?

You've also stated that you didn't check references BEFORE you allowed her to watch your child.

You also stated you are a STAY at home mom so you have no excuse for not checking references OR firing her the MOMENT you noticed something was wrong.

I think anyone here would have done a better job at hiring a nanny than you did.....

Anonymous said...

I believe every word the OP wrote. This website is called "" NOT
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Thanks so much for your post about RHODA. I will NOT be hiring her.