Columbus Circle - NY

Received Thursday, January 28, 2010
112009 sad face Filipina nanny with 2 year-old boy in a gray stroller. Boy could hardly breathe - gasping, fell limp - and nanny hit him to wake him up.


troll alert said...

where's the beef? if this nanny struck the child, I would think you could do a better job of describing her.

unless...oh, wait.

you're a troll?

??? said...

How did this even get on here?!?

AMom said...

Huh? Gasping for air and she hit the child? Is this abuse you are reporting or was this a medical issue? We need more info!

Seriously said...

Really? And what happened after you called 911? I'm sure you did--what you described sounds like an emergency, whether medical or police to report an assault.

cali mom said...

This wins the award for most absolutely meaningless post. Why was the child not breathing? If my child was choking on an object while in the care of my nanny, the method she used to try and revive him would be the least of my worries. Was he asleep because he was napping? Because if someone is choking, you don't "wake them up".