1/2/3 Subway Stop on the UWS - 96th St. - NY

Received Wednesday, January 13, 2010
112009 sad face Wed. Jan. 13, 2010; ~ 3:20pm, 96th St 1/2/3 subway stop on the Upper West Side headed north on the #1. Two young boys, the younger one named Pepe, with a female nanny. Pepe was crying incessantly and I believe calling out for his mother. The nanny then told him, "Mommy doesn't want to see you crying like a baby." She threatened to just leave him there at the subway station alone if he didn't stop crying. The nanny repeatedly barked at Pepe, "Shut up!" She went so far as to look him straight in the face and say, "Die!".


bystander said...

Makes me sick to my stomach. I once saw what I believed to be a father say "die!" to his son. How must it make that child feel to hear someone they supposedly trust say something like that to them?

cali mom said...

Oh my God. Jaw hitting the floor, feeling sick. How unspeakably evil to say that to a tiny child. This is SICKENING. Just as much so for a father to say it. They should both be shot and tossed off a bridge.

sorry said...

i hate spammers.

and this post made me laugh my ass off. I don't know why. It is a horrible way to treat a child. Bad Nanny.

lmfao: "Die!" lolololol

I need coffee.

NannyJ said...

Jeez, sorry, this was far from laughable. Were you told to "die" as a child?? I hope that this nanny is not his nanny (or a nanny!) for much longer, and I hope that this little guy's parents are loving. That treatment is downright awful.

greenvase said...

I was actually told to "die" MANY times as a child, but not in the context that you guys would think. My father is israeli, and hebrew is his first language. The hebrew word for "stop" sounds exactly like "die" in english. So since my dad spoke to my brother and i primarily in english, with some hebrew words peppered into the conversation, I am sure many passerby were surprised to hear things like "What are you doing? Stop pinching your brother, Die already!"

Though it doesn't sound like that was going on this post.

Christine said...

This post makes me sick if it is true. My gut is telling me that it is not. I hope my gut is right.

ChiNanny said...


Actually I think that very well might have been what was happening. My first thought when I read this sighting was that maybe it wasn't "die" but another language. In the area I work there are a lot of foreign nannies. Frequently I'll overhear conversations or discipline where random peppering of non-English words occurs.

Either way, the nanny should have treated the child nicer.