Terms of Service

I Saw Your Nanny is under new management - we have taken many suggestions and views under advisement and we are giving the terms of service of the blog.

1. Topics -- we are going to be welcoming a wide array of topics - bad nanny sightings,good nanny sightings,concerns of parents, nannies in the news, any child who needs help, child activism, concerns and stories of nannies, recipes. If you are a nanny and you want to say something - go for it, If you are a parent - the same - we are here. The sky is the limit - we will rarely if ever turn away a topic.

2. Tone-- Constructive criticisms and rants etc are very awesome. We will be discouraging personal attacks on any posters character, and will delete profanity ;(

3. Moderation - We will be finding our way with this - sometimes we will need to moderate the comments and other times not - but your input is very valuable and with valued - blog-friendly comments - we will post them asap

4. This blog has a rich rich history of advice and topics which are valuable to children - we will be taking advantage of it and posting "blasts from the past" - we hope some of the greats from the past run across the new blog and make an appearance.

1st star to the right and on till morning!