30 June, 2012

L station at 14th St. to Brooklyn--Canarsie - NY

Hi, I was in the L station at 14th St. and a black woman walked by with a white blonde-haired baby in a stroller. The short blond-haired baby with brown? eyes looked to be about 2 yrs of age. Her eyes were blank. I have never seen anything like that. It was frightening. No life at all behind her eyes. This was extreme emptiness. Her face was smudged with dirt. She had been crying and something crusted was by her nose. I am 60 yrs old and have seen tons of babies and cared for babies. I should have talked with her caretaker. I couldn't... the caretaker was wearing a very garish outfit--very tight clothes. Her hair was dressed in a bouffant style. She had a tattoo on her left bicep. She wore dark blue jeans: with multicolored patches on the waist and pockets. Very unusual. The clothes made her look like a hooker. This may have been her baby -- either way-- I believe something is happening to that baby. I am a social worker and its part of the job to look for abuse. I am not ever on the L train. I wasn't expecting this. She got on the L train going to Brooklyn--Canarsie. God help that baby.

Detrimental Reviews

I have a question for nannies and mothers about reviewing caregivers on websites. I worked for a family for nine months, and while there were many, MANY issues with the job, I nevertheless did the job, and did the job well. The issues were mainly personal, as the mother never really took to me and would get really mad at me for turning down extra hours...even though the extra hours would be her asking me (insisting!) to leave my classes at university early to take her son to the dentist. This happened twice...over my finals week. Of course I'm not going to leave class DURING MY FINALS to take your son to the dentist. Needless to say, I left at the start of the summer break with the mutual agreement that it wasn't working and that we would be going different ways for the next school year.

But now, for some reason, I cannot find another job. I found her on a nanny website that's well known (if I can mention it here, it's care.com) and ever since I stopped working for her, I am getting nothing but rejection letters. Is this a coincidence, or has she served me with a devastating review online that's effecting my ability to get another job? If this is the case, how do I get around this issue? I feel it's completely unjustified to give me such a bad review when I bent over backwards for her family during the time I worked for them. I nannied, tutored, cleaned, and did laundry all for $10 an hour.

Both parents are big travelers, and four separate times during the school year they were both required to travel during the same two-week period. I stayed with the two kids and was the primary care giver for two weeks straight each time. All for ten dollars an hour, because she didn't feel like she needed to pay me while I was sleeping. She has refused me a written reference, and I know for a fact I can't include her on my resume. In a sense, I have wasted the past nine months working for this family. After all I did for them, I received absolutely no thanks, and now I'm stuck with a hole in my resume and bad reviews (if the case) to boot. Thoughts? Advice? Please help me get another job!

DB Recoiling over Daughter's Soiling

I need advice. I work for a two parent family, mom works out of the home and dad works in. I've started to notice that dad leaves poopy diapers for me to change in the morning. The first few times i thought it was a fluke, but I'm starting to notice a trend. One of the kids has diaper rash this week and I come in a couple times this morning and find her in a soiled diaper. Dad can't hand her off fast enough. I know this needs to be addressed, but not sure how. I'm fairly new to being a nanny and I hate confrontation.

Insight and Explanation

Hi, I am a parent and just discovered your blog. I wanted to comment about posts I saw regarding people walking with a crying child in a stroller. When my son was 4 months old, I was walking to meet my husband at work. I was on a busy street with no benches and my son started crying when I was 3 blocks from my husband's office because he wanted to nurse. When I was a block away, he was frantically screaming and I was walking as fast as I could to get to the office where I would be able to sit down and nurse him. I was yelled at by a woman who was incensed that I would let my baby cry like that. She told me I needed to take him out of the stroller immediately and I was being awful to him. I debated responding to her, but knew that explaining the situation would just prolong my babies screaming, so I passed her without response as she yelled after me. I am sure she thought I was awful. My point is, sometimes there is a reasonable explanation for a kid crying in a stroller- just wanted to share that! Thanks!

Hide and Seek

How do you handle a boss that is constantly moving or misplacing items for your charges. I feel like I spend half of the time at work searching for items for the kids on my own or texting MB for a needed item.

Two Times the Fun

Hi everyone! I just found a new position with an amazing family with 2 month old twins. I'm very excited, but I'm wondering what activities I can do with them besides tummy time and going on walks. Thanks!

In the Loop

This is a question for nannies/families who have worked/lived in largely staffed household. I've recently went on a few job interviews where I would need to keep a lot of nannies/household staff in the loop about the family's schedule. I haven't worked in this position before and was wondering how others keep it all together. I know you can use Google calender and iCal to share schedules, but I haven't worked with either in this way. Have any of you used either of those? Or have another recommendation? Thank you!


I currently work as a nanny in the California Bay Area and take home about $600 - $700 a week after taxes. Boyfriend and I very recently decided to attempt to start saving for a down payment on a house, but continuing our lives in California is totally unreasonable for us--it would probably take at least 10 years! We're both very interested in the Portland area of Oregon, and discovered that housing there would be way more within our reach. We were thinking about saving as much as we can here for the next year or two, and then moving there, finding jobs, and renting temporarily until we finish saving. My question is this: will I be able to find a well-paying nanny job in Oregon? I'm not worried so much about making as much as I am here, as from what I can tell and from what I know about California, our cost of living is quite a bit higher here. I just want to move there feeling confident that I can, first of all, find a job, period, and second of all, find a job where I will feel confident in my ability to put away money to continue our path to home ownership. So are any of you ISYN nannies Oregon nannies, or nannies who know something about Oregon? Even if it's not information specifically about the Portland area, I'd love any advice you can give me! Thanks!

28 June, 2012

Especially Sad Ads...

1) In transition looking for babysitter - (Seattle) Im looking for a babysitter who can temperarily work with me... Im asking to have this next month of watching my two children for free...I am trying to get back on my feet...Im getting out of an extremely abusive relationship and divorcing.
Submitted by MEEBO guest. Thank you!

2) Seeking babysitter - (Virginia Beach) Hello. I am seeking a babysitter for my little sister who is six years old. We lost our mother in 2010 unexpectedly and our father retired from the Navy and now works from Monday to Friday, 2-11 p.m. but sometimes later. I recently broke my leg and by doctor's orders, I am unable to be up and about as much as I would need to be to take care of her. A payment plan can be discussed but times are hard (doctors bills and moving expenses got us) and I won't be able to pay a WHOLE lot. All I request is that you be responsible and drug free. My home is a non-smoking environment. If you are a babysitter or have childcare experience, please e-mail me and we can discuss things further. Thanks. :)
Submitted by Anonymous. Thank you!

3) Babysitter - (Norfolk) I am a 15 yr old student and I love little children. I prefer ages 6 wks - 2 yrs. I am expecting my own child in September. I vow to care for your child as I would take care of my own. I've been babysitting since I was about 10yrs old. I have younger nieces and nephews. My price range would be $70.00 a week. I can come to your home, or you may bring the child to my home. Please e-mail me as soon as possible if your'e interested. Thanks!
Submitted by Anonymous. Thank you!

4) Need Baysitting Summer Job - (Missouri) I'm 12 years old, but don't let my age fool you i'm very mature for my age, being an honor student and I truely love children. I can work any day or time but you have to call and you have to pay in advance. I work with newborns to 10 year olds. I am very fun and active and I know how to cook and clean so I can help you with that too. I've had a lot of experience with babysitting considering I have a huge family and I babysat many children in the past. I hope that I hear from you.
*Compensation is 10.00-12.00 an hour
*I work part-time
*You can contact my e-mail.
Submitted by LS. Thank you!

5) Looking for Sitter - (Orlando) Hi! I am looking for a sitter for tomorrow morning, and then possibly for the occasional date night, etc. Prefer someone close...your house or mine. Teenagers encouraged to apply. My kids are 2, 5 and 8 years old, they are easy to care for and play well with each other. If you are interested, please email me with your name, rates, and any experience you have. Thanks!
Submitted by Anonymous Nanny. Thank you!

6) Childcare needed asap! - (NC) I am looking for childcare in my home for my 4 year old daughter. My husband and I are very busy with work and school and just don't have the time right now to give her the care she needs. Thats where you come in! I need a responsible individual to watch over our daughter, to devote as much time and love and attention as they can! Hours needed: Monday and Tuesday 8am-8pm, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9:00am until 9pm (maybe later if my husband is selling a car) This would be a great opportunity for an older teenager, stay-at-home mom or someone needing extra money. Compensation is negotiable!!!! Please call 642-**** so I can set up interviews. Services will be needed starting Sunday, July 1st.
Submitted by NCmom. Thank you!

Bringing Baby

I have been a full time nanny for five years. Before becoming a nanny, I worked as a teacher for 5 years. I have a BS in special education and am certified. I burned out in the classroom and have loved working as a nanny. I got married two years ago and am eager to start a family of my own. I would love to be stay at home mom but we just can't swing it financially. I'm curious how other career nannies have handled getting pregnant and how things worked out. I would like to bring my baby to work but am unsure that would work with my current family. How hard would it be to find a job I can bring my baby to work with? Thanks.

Fair Wage for Rhode Island

I have a question for nannies near Providence, RI. What would you consider a fair weekly or hourly wage to care for 3 kids six hours a week. The job is to make them dinner, get them ready for bed, and entertain them until I or my husband return. I've used the calculator on care sites, but I want to make sure I am offering a fair wage. The kids are 4 & 6. Also, the person would be working no more than two hours at a time. We are asking for a long term commitment and would like someone with experience.

26 June, 2012

Meatpacking District on 9th, between 13th and 14th - NY

I have NEVER done this but felt the need to do this today. I was sitting in the middle of the meatpacking on 9th between 13th and 14th, when I noticed a little girl and a nanny walking south. The nanny was on her phone, for a long time, walking WAY ahead of the little girl who was walking by herself in the middle of a very busy time in the meatpacking (anyone could have picked her up and the distracted nanny would never have noticed). While she kept looking back occasionally, she was much more in to her conversation as opposed to the where abouts of the little girl who couldn't have been over 3 years old. Then the nanny crossed the street with her, walking ahead and to the side of the little girl, not even looking at her. Cars were making turns and the little girl was just wandering around. The nanny continued to walk and talk and I saw a man look at the little girl as if, WTF? Is she alone? I know we ALL get distracted here and there with our phones, etc, but this really disturbed me as it went on and on. The nanny I believe was Asian, long black hair in a ponytail with bright blue sneakers. The little girl had brown hair, a purple floral dress and purple leggings. I snapped a couple of pictures after they had walked away from me (was on the phone when they were just in front).

* Physical description of nanny/caregiver
* Physical description of involved child/children
* Address or venue of observed incident
* Date and time of incident
* Description of what you witnessed
* Description of vehicle, bag, or stroller that may aid in identifying caregiver
* emailed to isawyournanny@aol.com
* Left as an ANONYMOUS comment to this post
* Left as an ANONYMOUS instant message using MEEBO
* Left as an ANONYMOUS comment here
* (Your identity will be respected and withheld)
* You may also send in Questions, Nanny/Employer Horror Stories, Rants/Raves, Day in the Life, CL-WTF, etc...
* There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on personal attacks or flaming of those that send in Sightings.
* PLEASE remember to PICK A MONIKER... anonymous comments will be deleted!
1) Soul Nanny seeks baby love :) - (Portland) - Hello :) I have decided to be more creative in my search for work. I have a skill set to offer in exchange for money and the things that money can buy! I am including a list of what I desire right now to bring more joy into my life: 1. A place to live that is private and quite 2. an RV - learning about herbs and alternative healing, learning ways to live "off the grid" 3. comfy walking shoes 4. a car:) Please read my Nanny info and let me know if you have any ideas! I know that Universe provides when we ask :) THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE :) I AM A SEASONED NANNY/GUIDE WHO HAS BEEN LEARNING FROM LITTLE ONE'S FOR WELL OVER 20 YEARS NOW. I HAVE LEARNED ABOUT LOVE, STILLNESS AND HOW THE SWEETEST MOMENTS ARE THE SPONTANEOUS ONES. I CONTINUE TO BE AMAZED AND AWED AT THE NATURAL JOY THAT EMINATES FROM CHILDREN'S HEARTS. I FEEL BLESSED TO BE ABLE TO ENCOURAGE LITTLE ONES ALONG THEIR VERY UNIQUE PATH. I BRING SAFETY, CALM, KINDNESS, EMOTIONAL INTEGRITY, COMPASSION, SPIRITUALITY AND LOVE TO THE WEE ONES IN MY CARE. MY PATH IS TO BE MATURE AND PLAYFUL. TO ALLOW SPACE FOR THE LITTLES TO DIRECT THEIR OWN LEARNING THROUGH PLAY. TO BE SILLY AND JOYFUL. TO BE GROUNDED AND CALM. TO ENJOY THE SPIRIT OF NATURE AND ALL THE INCREDIBLE LEARNING THAT COMES FROM MOTHER EARTH. I am looking for a family that values calm as well as action. A family that values emotional health as well as physical and mental. A family with a big heart :) If you think we may like each-other, than please give me a shout out! I do not drive and live close in SE :) I walk, skip or bus everyday with your wee one's! Thank you very much for taking time to consider me :) Charity.
Submitted by Anonymous MEEBO guest. Thank you!

2) Nanny - (Houston) - I am in need of a experienced nanny babysitter in my Christian home from 7:30am to 6:00pm M-F $175 weekly for a 2 month old and 4 year old with very light housework. If you are close to the area I can provide transportation if you do not have a vehicle. Please respond with your telephone number, experience, and references if available. _______________________________________________________________
Submitted by Anonymous MEEBO guest. Thank you!

3) Nanny ASAP - (Houston) - We are looking for a nanny to start as soon as possible. Someone who is local is preferable, if you are out of town or out of the country we are not willing to pay for anybody's plane ticket to get here. For more information email me, for consideration please email a picture, references, and what your weekly salary requirement is. We need somebody to be home with the kids 24/7. No days off prefered but of course you would be welcome to come on outings, trips, vacation and everything else with us. really 24/7 with no time off.
Submitted by Anonymous MEEBO guest. Thank you!

4) Nanny Needed - (Little Rock) - I am a single mommy of an amazing 5 year old little boy. I am in the military and work shift work which is a little abnormal to most childcare facilities. One week I work 630am-5pm, the next week I can either work 5am-245pm or 215pm-midnight. Then the following week it is 630am-5pm again. Then the next week it is either early or late again and so on. My son starts kindergarden this school year, so if I were to work early shift I would need someone to be able to drop him off at school. I would be able to pick him up. When I am on day shift I would probably use the before/after school care. If I happen to work night shift the person would just have to pick him up from school. I need someone that can keep him these hours. Sometimes if I work the night shift I can get done early, but sometimes it will be close to midnight. I am willing to let someone watch him at my place or can bring him to yours. The weeks I am on day shift he wouldn't be in your care because of the before and after school care. I drive from home to base daily and I am willing to pay 75 a week for the care. This would be only the weeks he is there. So if I am on early shift you would have him from 430am until you took him to school. That would be it for that week and I am still willing to pay 75. For night shift you would have him from 330 until I got off work and will pay 75. It will average out, but I should rarely be on night shift. I would like references, and would like to meet with you if you are interested. Please email me if you are interested. He is a great kid and very well behaved. He plays well with others also. Thanks.
Submitted by Anonymous. Thank you!

Personal Profile for Employment with Prospective Parents

I have recently set up a website that details my childcare, babysitting, nannying experience has parent reviews, my skills, and rates etc on it. I felt that it made me look more professional, and put together than just posting adds random places though do have accounts on sittercity, enanny, and care.com. I also give families I speak with the link to my personal site too because its a bit more personal shows more about my abilities and qualifications than my profiles on the sites. Has anyone else ever done this before, or would you ever consider doing it? If you are a parent looking for a sitter/nanny what would your opinion of a person who applied for the position be if they had something like my site set up and shared it with you during the interview process? I'd love to get some feed back!

No DC Metro for these Three

Hi.. I've never sent in to your site before but I saw this is how you can send in nanny sightings so I'm hoping this is ok! It pertains to an issue I'm having regarding today but I'm positive it'll come up again so I need opinions :)

I recently began working for a new family and for the most part, things are going ok. Not great, but nothing major or out of the ordinary. They live right outside DC and want me to take the kids on the metro when we do things. I have taken the metro here ONCE and used the subway in NYC before but that's as far as my experience goes. I feel really uncomfortable taking 2 small children on the metro when I don't feel confident I'll get where I'm going even by myself. I'm perfectly comfortable driving in the city, though. I guess they don't want to pay for the expensive parking in DC, though that hasn't been mentioned, and I haven't asked for money for anything thus far (small things like crafts at Michaels - I would for the parking garage though). I mentioned to MB that I know nothing about the metro system and she said "oh it's easy! The kids love it!" And last night I got a message from DB asking if I'd like to meet mom for lunch tomorrow (today) and how much the kids love the metro. I responded that lunch sounds good but I'm unfamiliar with the metro system and don't mind driving. I got no response. There was nothing mentioned about this in the interview, and my contract only mentions terms of me driving the children. Am I being a baby about this? This is my first nanny job, I'm taking a break from teaching at the moment. I don't want to make a big deal about nothing but at the same time I simply don't feel comfortable with it. I don't know how to make that clear to the parents. They're obviously used to doing it since they live right there but I'm just not! What do you guys think?

Deduction or Reimbursement?

A question for everyone; is it more worthwhile to be reimbursed for the money I spend on child activities/etc., or should I deduct it on my taxes? I understand for deductions it has to be over 2% of what one makes in a year? For reference; I make 16800 per year at my current hourly rate and hours. I have a great contract and I'm happy with my family - I am just wondering if I should take the money they offer to reimburse for things I buy, or if I should simply deduct it from my own taxes. PROBABLY A LITTLE JUMBLED - Feel free to reword if needed! Basically I want to know, if I only make $16,800 a year, and 2% of that is like $336, should I take them up on their offer to reimburse for supplies I buy, or should I deduct it on my own?

5 Reasons Nanny Care May be Cheaper than Daycare

GUEST COLUMNSubmitted by Teresa Blecher
While many parents think that nanny care is the most expensive childcare option available, this isn’t always the case. For families with several children in need of care or parents who work odd hours, nanny care may actually be cheaper than daycare. If you’re looking for quality childcare, don’t rule out the possibility of hiring a nanny, because it may be more affordable than you think. Here are five reasons why:

1. With a nanny you pay per family, not per child. According to the International Nanny Association 2012 Salary and Benefits Survey, nannies earn $700 gross per week on average. While nannies are often given a 5% increase if a child is born during their employment with a family, the gross weekly salary doesn’t vary much based on family size. With daycare, you are paying per slot. If daycare costs you $1500 per month, per child, hiring a nanny could end up being cheaper.

2. When you have a nanny, you set the hours. Daycares tend to have standard hours that start and end somewhere between 6am and 6pm. Securing daycare outside of these hours typically involves an added expense. In fact, some daycares charge parents per minute for every minute that they are late for a scheduled pickup. As a nanny employer, you can set the nanny’s hours to coordinate with your work schedule. If you require childcare for long or odd hours, having a nanny may be cheaper than sending the kids to daycare when you factor in the added expenses for early or late care.

3. When the kids are mildly ill, you still have coverage. Most daycares have strict rules when it comes to sending kids to daycare with any type of illness. When you have a nanny, caring for mildly ill children is part of the job. If you have to secure a backup babysitter for when the kids can’t go to daycare then it’s an added expense over and above what you are already spending. With a nanny, it’s an expense you won’t have to incur.

4. During school vacations and breaks, your nanny is still there. Many daycares follow public school schedules. If there is a break or holiday, the daycare may close. When this happens, you’ll incur additional expenses to secure childcare. While nannies typically get the major holidays off as well, you can negotiate what holidays she will get off when she is hired.

5. You’re the boss, you set the pay scale. Unlike with the price of daycare, a nanny’s salary can be negotiable. As a nanny employer, it’s up to you what to offer to pay your nanny. You set the rules, you outline the duties and responsibilities, and you establish the salary you are willing to offer. Nannies salaries differ greatly depending on geographical area, experience, education, and the duties and responsibilities of the job.

When you consider the overall cost of childcare, you may be surprised to find out that hiring a nanny is within your reach. Looking at the big picture and depending on your care needs, you may find that daycare could end up costing you more than having a nanny in the long run.

24 June, 2012

Ballot of the Books

I was wondering how many of you actually pay taxes on your nanny income. Not judging, I was just wondering. I'd like to start paying on the books, but was wondering who really does!

Contract Feedback

Hi! Need opinions regarding new job. I was offered a job through an agency and after interviewing with 6 different families-the top choice I wanted, was what was offered. The family said I was their top choice too! Looking forward to seeing the little one and engaging with her. BUT this is period where the step grandma will supervise me and show me the ropes, so any advice on how to make it work best when hedge is training me? I am hands on but of course I do not want to show her I'm confident to be in charge and over do it, so she know I'm not incompetent. 1) If I have a unique way of doing something and she does it differently, should I adjust to do it her way? 2) Is this contract workable? -midwest resident on salary for only child-getting 12. Parents estimate working 37hrs BUT will pay full time. Also get 5 sick paid days and one week paid vacation. I do child care related duties and occasionally meals for them (I love to cook, so it's a treat for me). I have my own insurance. It's a live out position. I do have my own car. Should I get business ride on it and discuss them helping with this fee?? 3) Last but not least, is it wise to interview for another family through same agency while on new job, in case it does not work out? Say while I'm training, is it OK to interview for another family? *any input on the contract, what you think about interview with another family as backup in case, is welcomed.

Could Canceling an Interview Hurt Chances of Hiring?

A few weeks ago I canceled an interview because I was extremely sick, and I didn't want to spread my germs to the family which included two very young children. I called and explained the situation and apologized. Mom said she understood and we scheduled a date for the following weekend. Well two days before the interview I got a call from mom saying they had hired someone, and I was no longer needed. She said that I had seemed lovely over the phone, and my resume and references were fantastic, and that she and her husband were looking forward to meeting me, but they had not liked that I had canceled the first interview and had to go with someone more reliable. I didn't say anything other than thanking her for the opportunity and wishing them well. My question is, was I wrong to cancel? Parents would you view a nanny that cancels the first interview as unreliable even if all her references say otherwise?

Four is Enough... More would be too Rough

Nearly a year ago in August 2011 I took a job for identical twin girls that were 7 months old at the time. Mom was pregnant and due in January. I took the job knowing I would assume care for the new baby come April when mom returned to work. Well one baby turned into two when mom gave birth to fraternal twin boys last December. Since March I have looked after all 4 kids. Well today (Friday) MB informed me she was pregnant again. She wanted to know if I would be willing to stay on. She wanted to know what I would require to entice me to stay. I honestly don’t know if I can. They are sweet kids but I have my hands full with two 17 month olds and two 6 month olds. I can’t imagine adding another baby or babies to the mix. Would I be out of line to suggest a second nanny?

Moving On when a Job Ends

Just need some words of advice or encouragement here. How do you leave a child that you have helped raise and a job you have loved so much? I have been a full time nanny for my current family for 5 years. I started when 'S' was first born, and I've been with them ever since. This was my first full time nanny job. The family no longer needs me because 'S' will be in school full time and my MB will be able to get him after school. I am not bitter...life happens and I understand but I am so heartbroken about missing the family!! I know this is part of the job and it's not realistic to think we can stay forever but this is hard!!! I honestly didn't think it would be this difficult. Just want to know how some of you nannies out there deal with this!
1) Nanny - (Toledo) - **I have a very smart 3, almost 4-year-old girl. I work 7am to 3:30pm 5 days a week. MON, TUES, THURS, FRI, SAT //// WEDNESDAYS AND SUNDAYS OFF. I need someone to teach her things because of the age she is, all she wants to do is learn. I need a very patient sitter, she is a whiner... not gonna lie here. You must come to my home everyday that I am working must be in my house by 6:20 am. I am looking into this option of a sitter/nanny because I cannot afford the daycare bills now. I do not get help from the state for childcare anymore due to my income... however I am being charged to much for my income and cannot afford it anymore. Must be out of school and 18 years old. I dont care if you graduated, I also dont care about your job history. If you can prove to me that you are a fine person with something to offer my daughter, your right for the job. I can pay $300.00 a month. Pay dates are split $150.00 every other friday. I am looking into the option for a sitter as a permanent position. So.... If you live at home with mom and cannot find a job.... maybe this is good for you... If you are working its not... if your in school its not... I will never have back up... your it. I cannot miss work because you are running late. I have a perfect attendance record and expect the same from my child care. The first time your late your not coming back... need to have a car. I dont care if you have insurance. I will not hire someone who needs ctran. I cannot rely on them for my job. I also dont care about the cpr crap. I expect you to call 911 in the event of an emergency not breath down my daughters throat. I also dont care how much college you have on a resume... Being smart in school doesnt mean anything when it comes to common sense taking care of a child. Being a mom is hard.... I know... being a sitter is harder because you are not only taking care of a child, your pleasing me. I am a hard ass. I do not care about the regulars like the cpr and daycare jobs, all that jazz is great dont be shy to bring it up... but thats not how i will decide who i hire. Also, Im not going to waste anyones time posting what needs to be done at my home everyday. Everyone looking through these posts should know that you must feed and play with a kid. There is obviously somethings i would discuss with you during an interview. Thanks for reading.
Submitted by Porky Pig. Thank you!

2) Babysitter - (Pensacola) - Looking for someone to watch my two boys at your place or mine. $20 for up to 5 hours a day or $30 for anything over 5 hours. This is not a full time position to start. I will only need someone for at least 1 time a week or possibly more depending on appointments and on how I'm feeling due to me being disabled and dealing with medical issues. I have a 2 year old and a 3 yet old boy. My 3 year old is fully potty trained and needs no help going potty. We are working on Potty training our two year old. It's possible I could need one of the two boys watched one day resulting in pay being $10 for up to 5 hours and $20 over 5 hours. They are well behaved and very happy little boys. I am also willing to have a school aged girl come help me on certain days such as going to the park,beach,zoo or shopping. Willing to pay $10 for up to 5 hours and $20 for over 5 hours for my little helper. Admission an food will be provided by me on top of pay! Contact Dolly at 740-802-**** or email me.
Submitted by Porky Pig. Thank you!

3) Full time experienced baby Sitter/Nanny - (Lawrenceville, GA) - I am seeking an experienced, dependable, responsible and respectable baby sitter to care for my 15 month old daughter 5 days a week M-F 6:30a to 6p in my home. Occassional weekend care part time might be needed too. There might be times when I will need you to stay with her overnight or late but that would be in the future. I am willing to pay $85 a week. **Must have own transportation for outings to the park** If interested, please send a detail e-mail about yourself, location, experience and any other pertinent information with references. ___________________________________________________________
Submitted by Porky Pig. Thank you!

4) Family ISO Nanny/Sitter - (Rock Hill, SC) - Hello: I am a single mother of two boys, one is 4 yrs old and the other is 8. I have found out today that I am no longer going to be able to keep them in the daycare facility we have been going to and unfortunelty I dont really have the time or money to invest in another facility. I work from 8am -5pm Monday- Friday in Gastonia so I will need to someone from about 730-530 due to travel time. I am willing to pay someone around $100 per week to watch them. Serious inquiries only please. I know its not a lot but its what i was paying the center and really all i can afford in my budget. I would be happy to speak with you or answer any questions you may have; I look forward to speaking with you. Thank you and God Bless. ___________________________________________________________
Submitted by Porky Pig. Thank you!

23 June, 2012

Difficulty in Deciding Day of Departure

I have an issue I need opinions on. Here's the situation. I have already decided to quit my current nanny job. I was planning on leaving at the beginning of September, which would mark my 1 year point. This is an extremely stressful and difficult job, and I've just realized that it's too much for me to deal with. Now here's where it gets complicated. The family goes to their summer home for 2 months. The other nanny and I were planning on splitting the time at the summer home, because it is a much more demanding situation being there. There's little time off and the hours are LONG (think 15 hour days). So we were going to switch on and off so we could both get some much needed R&R in order to maintain the necessary flexibility. Now it came out awhile ago that the other nanny has a health issue that would make it so she could only go to the summer home for 2/3 of the first month. Because of that, I would end up being the only nanny for 6 weeks straight. I was given the first 3 weeks off, and it was understood that that would offset whatever overtime I would accrue while at the summer home. I was okay with that. I knew it would be a difficult summer, but I had made my peace with it. Let me reiterate that this summer staff schedule was approved MONTHS ago. I knew what time I would have off, and I made plans for that time.

Fast forward to 3 weeks ago. I had determined that I was going to quit. I was planning to give my notice as soon as I got to the summer house, so the family would have a month to look for a replacement. I was planning to offer my assistance to make the transition easier. I knew it wouldn't be pretty, and it was making me look forward to being there even less. Then, while I was in the middle of making that decision, I heard secondhand from the other nanny that the family had decided that she shouldn't go to the summer house. They felt that with her medical condition she wouldn't be able to keep up with the rigorous schedule. That is all I heard about it. I already had my summer schedule, and summer plans, and I was never asked to switch things around. There have been times in the past when the family has not wanted a nanny at the summer house, depending on their activities, so I thought maybe it was one of those situations. And now, fast forward again to this week. I was basically told that I would be working the entire summer. The other nanny and I were reprimanded for not arranging our schedules to make sure they had full coverage. There were some words exchanged. It was stated as being "unacceptable", and they informed us that they don't have time to deal with something like this, and we need to figure it out. I told them that I would be able to work the schedule that I was given months ago, and no more. I don't think I'm in the wrong here. It was not the other nanny's choice not to travel with them, so I don't think it's her responsibility to take care of finding a replacement. And I don't think that I should have to cancel my plans and rearrange my life because they want me to. 

Now here's the actual question. I have a feeling things are going to be hostile. I have one more week at the house before the family travels to the summer home. I know when I get to the summer home in a month, they're already going to be upset that I "left them in that situation". And then, I'm going to get there and give them notice. That is going to make for a horrible summer. What do you think I should do? I could give them notice now. Technically that could be considered either 4 weeks, if you count the 3 weeks I was scheduled to have off anyway, or it could be considered 1 week, if you feel as they do, that I should be working during that time. I don't really think that's enough notice. I could give my notice now, and tell them that I'm happy to still come work during the time I was scheduled if they haven't found someone else and help with the interview process. That's much more notice, and then they have the option of finding a replacement during those first 3 weeks and then I may not have to go at all, but I'm still available if they need me. Or, I could just do as I had planned originally and give them notice when I get there in the summer. Honestly, none of these scenarios are ideal, because I know they're going to be so mad and I'm going to be miserable. I have money saved up and if I get this new job (I have my second interview tomorrow so I'm crossing my fingers!) I'll only be without a job for 3 months. I'll just be going home to stay with my parents during my off time, so I would love to have as much time as I can get with them and my friends. I just don't know what to do. Any advice?
I wouldn't call this a "bad" nanny sighting but more of an eye roller. Idk to each his own. MB and DB belong to a country club with a fantastic pool that we frequent. While playing in the pool with my charges, 2 little girls about 6 or so came up to us and asked if they could play. They soon mentioned they were here with their nannies and pointed to them. I saw two scantily clad women, laying all the way back in their chairs (so faces looking straight up) tanning in the sun. I come to the pool in a tankini (by no means is this my normal swimwear) and play with my charges (throw dive sticks, play basketball, etc) because that is my JOB. I understand that I am a guest and while my MB and DB are very easy going, I am there to work. I'll say my state: Wisconsin.

22 June, 2012

Nasty Neighborhood Nanny

I'm really not sure how to word this but I will do my best. There are 3 nannies on the street where I work. 1 and 3 hang out and 2 and 3 hang out. 1(me)...  I love my job and adore my charges but its not my life. I have other interests and my boss likes that about me. 2... is a bit off to say the least. She is into every weird thing imaginable, like as far out as you can go, she does. But yet she's a hypocrite. I have cute nick names for my kids, which she finds unprofessional, but yet she will dish on her creepy sex life in front of her charges. She is constantly trying to stir up trouble between us and our employers. She's a good nanny for the most part but its very understandable why she has nothing of a social life. I could go into more detail but I'm trying to protect our identities and jobs. 3... is a wonderful girl who outshines any nanny that I've ever met. Plus she is a fun girl. She just gets sucked into 2's bull simply because their charges are friends. There is a bit of drama but I'm on the outer edge. So I guess my question is: is this common? Do any of you deal with drama with other nannies? I've been a career nanny for years and honestly this is the first time other nannies have been so close... its just weird. I'm not looking for advice but I'm just curious who has had a similar experience.

The Neighborhood Library at Lone Tree in Lone Tree, Colorado

At The Neighborhood Library at Lone Tree in Lone Tree, Colorado - Wednesday June 20th around 3:00 p.m.

Nanny: Young black woman in her early 20s, slim, with a short bobbed haircut. She was wearing black pants, a cream sweater, and a colorful blouse.
Two little girls: Morgan (about six), wearing a colorful floral sundress with short blonde hair with a bow; and Devin (about four), wearing a purple shirt and black pants with longer blonde hair in a ponytail. This nanny was AMAZING. She was lying on the floor of the children's section surrounded by books and reading animatedly to the two girls, who were paying rapt attention. The nanny engaged the girls by asking them what they thought would happen next in the story, if they felt bad for the main character, and what they thought was interesting about the pictures. Once she finished one book, she immediately asked them which one they'd like her to read next. The girls were very well-behaved and quiet the entire time.

At about 3:00, the nanny's phone buzzed and she said "Just a moment, your mother is calling." She answered the phone in a whisper and spoke to the mother about what they had been doing that day and what their plans looked like for the rest of the day. Once she finished the phone call, she politely asked Devin to use her "library-voice" when talking to Morgan, then continued reading. I was blown away by how polite the nanny was to her charges and the people around her (at one point she asked a woman if she was reading too loudly). The girls obviously adore her and she clearly has a good relationship with her MB, judging by the comfortable tone she adopted when speaking to her on the phone. And honestly, how many people still value the importance of being quiet in a library? Not many, but this nanny does! This sighting really brightened my day.
I recently hired a nanny for my 4 month old daughter. My maternity leave was ending and I didn't feel comfortable taking my baby to daycare. So I interviewed a few potential nanny's and settled upon Samantha K****. She was young and talked incessantly and excessively but I thought her experience and resume looked worthwhile. Turns out it was a mistake hiring her. She lied about her education. She lied about how much her past families 'loved' her. I did call two of her four references before hiring her. One raved about her and the 2nd one was on the fence but said she was good with the kids. I should have taken the hint.

Later I found out that one of her past jobs was not happy with her - they paid her in advance and she was a no-show. I also found out post-hiring her that one family believed she had stolen a $200 item from their home. Samantha proved to be unreliable almost immediately. She would call in frantic that some tragic circumstance was preventing her from coming in. Two days in a row, two different, unrelated, crazy events; (this was the third time she called to cancel - she cancelled her first interview we scheduled the night before). I decided to let her go. She was "insulted" and she wasn't holding back on her unhappiness. I now believe that drug use may play a role for her erradic and irrational behavior. My boss was not happy being that it was only my 2nd week back to work and I was late one day and having to leave early another day, unexpectedly. I had to take my baby to daycare, sign her up the same day so that I could get to work. This was not going as I had hoped.

I originally told Samantha that I would start her pay cycle along with mine (she would get paid when I got paid). When I let her go I told her when I would mail her check. A few days later she began harrasing me on my work phone, threatening to come to my work (with the police) and make a scene if I didn't get her the measley $180 I owed her, immediately. Also, threatening to sue me. (The check was already in the mail! In fact, now, based on her allegations, I have to pay to cancel the check and mail it again). Her behavior is not grounded, she is irrational to say the least. I would like to warn families before they employ her. Be careful what kind of cuckoo you are letting into your home.

Nature vs too much Nurture

 I have had it! I have been nannying for 22 month old triplets for the past 3 months and their parents won't even let me take them outside. They are basically gated in all day long with no fresh air with the exception of going out onto the screened in patio which MB calls their "outside" time. These parents are driving me crazy as they are "work at home" parents. I am their 4th nanny and plan to leave very soon. It is sad for the children because they are developmentally very behind and I think if they would get outside and interact with other kids and nature that would be of some help. They barely have even a few words between them and MB refuses to get them evaluated. She is in total denial. They also have some strange behaviors. I am wondering is this because they may have autism or are just odd because of their environment? Just curious what everyone else thinks. I am not interested in changing the situation because I think it would be impossible with this MB.
1) Summer Organizer - Nanny (Chapel Hill)  - We are a small family of two in Chapel Hill, just moved to a townhouse, and need help with unpacking and organizing during the summer. Also my son 11 is staying home so we need a person to stay in our home 8:30am-9pm. Duration June, July and part of August. If you need to stay in our home during the summer, you are welcome, at no cost. If you need transport we can possibly pick you up morning. $200 per week, this is not a demanding or stressful job, it's ok if you watch TV or check your email. The important skill is that you are reliable and available. We encurage anyone to apply, students, unemployed, eldelry, and can assist with any questions and help you with what you need.
Submitted by Rhiannon. Thank you!

2) Full Time Nanny At Our House - (Bristol, RI 02809) - Starting on Jun 20, 2012 (Wednesday) Interested in finding a full time nanny starting Jan 1st. $200/week flat. Daily hours approx between 7:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Some days less. Posted by Erin Y. from Bristol, RI. Job Details: •Ages of Children: Up to 6 months •1 child •$5 - $10 per hour* Ideal Provider Qualifications: •Non-smoker.
Submitted by MEEBO guest. Thank you!

3) In need of sitter - (NJ) - I am looking for a sitter from 8-3 on weekends. I am not looking for a daycare just someone that is mature and responsible. Our son is 2yrs old and this will be done in your home. Please do not contact me asking for more than $35 a day as i already pay that in daycare. I am looking for a sitter who has a love for children and isn't in it for the money.
Submitted by nannyinnj. Thank you!

Homeschooling Information and Requirements

I have been nannying for an amazing family for a few months now. I love my job and the parents go above and beyond to tell me that I am appreciated. I have never had a job that I feel so respected, appreciated and a part of the family. They have made it known that they want long term 5+ years from me and I am happy to stay.  

We travel a lot for their business and on our last trip MB told me since they travel so much and would miss school it's not practical to keep them in school and they would need to be home-schooled. The kids are 1 and almost 4 (very smart) and I was wondering:  1 - what are the steps to homeschooling tips, what I need to know, ect.  2 - should I expect a raise? 3 - how do I keep the 1 year old occupied when I start preschool/kindergarten in the fall?  Any advice is appreciated.

21 June, 2012

Walter Stillman School in Tenafly, NJ.

Your nanny is a Spanish woman named Ruby. She picks up a child at Walter Stillman School in Tenafly, NJ. Her charges are 2 or 3 girls. I don't know how to say this nicely so I will just say it. Your oldest kid is a brat. Ruby, has the patience of a saint. I have watched her charge hit her, go in her purse and grab her cell phone to call you when Ruby is trying to follow your instructions, only to have you tell your child she can do as she pleases then she laughs at her nanny and gets her way. Your daughter is also a bully. She hits her sibling and the baby Ruby has in the stroller. If Ruby corrects her, she hits Ruby. She also bites and kicks. Nasty little piece of work. God bless Ruby and I hope she finds a family who deserves her. She is a wonderful nanny and extremely loyal I know because I have tried several times to get her to come work for me but she won't consider it. You should support your nanny and let her be in charge when you are not around. You should not let your daughter call you to countermand her nanny's orders. You are sure to be in for a lot of heart ache if your kid is allowed to continue this path.

20 June, 2012

Jailhouse Hubby

We have had the same nanny for a year. She's fantastic. She is great with the kids, pets, and housework. My husband and I work a lot and don't necessarily have adequate time for our children, our nanny has completely taken over that role as well as all house hold functions, she also makes sure kids and animals appointments are met and kept up with. We have two children who absolutely adore her. She is not only a great nanny, but a phenominal person as well. She really does go above and beyond normal nanny duties and never complains, we can not imagine day to day life without her. She is very young, but you would never know while having a conversation with her, she carries herself well.

We have always had an open and honest relationship with our nanny, but we have recently just found out that she has been hiding something from us. As I said, she's been with us a year, and we've yet to meet her husband. Curiosity got the best of me and I googled his name. I was shocked to find he is incarcerated. For what, I'm not sure. I'm sure I could find out if I looked into it but as of now I'm still trying to take it in. My biggest question (other than for what, of course) is why? Why hide this from us? I would assume it was a fear of prejudgment. Which kind of hurts my feelings, because I consider us to be very close. But on the other hand, seeing my reaction upon finding out makes me realize that I am a lot more judgmental than I thought I was. She is amazing, but this news makes me uneasy. I don't know how to go about it or what I should do. I have two children and one on the way. As much as we absolutely adore her, I am now just concerned. I am open to any advice, comments, questions.
1) I need cheap childcare (East Tulsa) - Date: 2012-06-18, 8:40AM. I am looking for childcare for my 9 month old daughter to start June 2nd. I need hours 7:30-5:30 M-F. I am only able to afford 50-75 a week. I know this is very low for childcare but if you are available at that rate, please email me asap. Thank you.
Submitted by MissMannah. Thank you!

2) I'm looking for someone to watch my kids while I go to Disneyland with my ex-husband's new kids (Nashville, TN 37201) - Job Details: Ages of Children: 12+ years,  4 children,  $50 per hour.
Submitted by Felicia. Thank you!

3) Wanted: Nanny to sit in my home (Chesapeake) - Hello I am looking for an experienced nanny, to start the end of of July, our family will be looking for a nanny to watch new twins boy/girl in our home from the hours of 0700-1700, M-F. We would like to find a nanny who has a lot of experience, patience, doesn't mind very minimal light house work, just keeping common areas tidy, it wouldn't be much as our children also have chores to keep these same areas clean. We would like to pay approximately $200 weekly. We also have 4 other children ages 6, 9, 12, 15. The 9, 12, 15-year-old are self sufficient and do not need care, and are able to assist with the twins needs. The 6 yr old will be at daycare during the day. We would love to interview several nannies before making any decisions. CPR, First Aid, References and background checks will be required. Thank you for your time and patience. If you are interested please feel free to email. I will send out an all reply email the 7th of july with address and interview times. We will be doing interviews the weekend of july 14th. Thank you so much for your interest. Thank You Yvonne and Bryan.
Submitted by MEEBO guest. Thank you!

4) Need last minute childcare ASAP! (Seattle) - I have 3 children ages 4, 7, and 9. I can drop off or you can sit in my home. Preferably my home though so I don't have to wake the kids. My babysitter plans fell through and I need a night out with the girls tonight, I'm losing my sanity! Hours: 8pm-approx. midnight. $50. I would put my number but last time someone just kept calling without saying a word! Thankyou!
Submitted by nynanny. Thank you!


I am interested in what other nannies are called by their charges? And who came up with what they called you... you, the child, or the parents?

Prime Time

What is the best time of year to look for and find a job as a nanny?

18 June, 2012

Bold Move

Hey everyone, I'm ready to move and change my name from bostonnanny to SFnanny but need some advice about agencies, housing and traffic in the city of San Fran. I plan on moving in May 2013 when my current contract is up but know basically nothing about the area. I have a dog so live in positions are out of the question. I have never visited the area and just wanna jump right in without visiting because I know I will chicken out, finding an excuse not to go. I would appreciate all advice provided!
1) 2 Nanny Positions Available (Upper East Side) - Please read job description to make sure you meet all requirements before applying. We are looking for two loving, energetic and EXPERIENCED live in nannies to work with our family. We have six children, including twin two year old boys and an infant, so this is a high energy household! Listed below is a general idea of the description during the school year, the kids are in camp during the summer so responsibilities change. Every day is different, you must be FLEXIBLE. Position 1: Monday- Friday Position 2: Friday night- Monday early morning. Here are some of the responsibilities. Attend to children in the morning when they wake up, making sure they are dressed and ready for school. Make sure they have breakfast. The infant will be the only child at home during the day during the week, so make sure he is fed, bathed, taken out for walks and played with, help him learn new skills. There is light housework, mainly preparing food, cleaning up after the kids and organizing the toys. Help the older kids with homework, interact and play games with them. Getting everyone ready for bed. Generally your day is done when the kids are asleep. Nanny must be a non smoker, have a clean background screen and strong references. English Speaking a must. Experience with a Kosher household preferred. We are an extremely busy household and require a RESPONSIBLE, PUNCTUAL, DEDICATED team player. You will be able to perform all duties required without being reminded. You will be capable of multi tasking, have the energy and stamina necessary to work within our household. Live in for days you work. You will need to sleep in the children's rooms. Please respond with salary requirements.
Submitted by Rebecca. Thank you!

2) Nanny Needed (Chicago) - Looking for a nanny to come to my home and watch my daughter starting mid-August until June from 6:45 am until 4:30 pm Monday-Friday. She will be 5 months old by then. I need someone who is reliable (ON TIME) and has experience with infants and is motivated to do activities with her. -Please provide references, experience. -Must be willing to care for a sick infant. -Can drive to doctor or park. -light house keeping. -Ability to speak urdu is a plus but not a must. -$150-170/week.
Submitted by MissDee. Thank you!

Hi, my name is Stephanie Lewis and I’m a casting producer at a New York City production company. You may be familiar with some of our hit shows, such as "Pawn Stars" and “American Restoration” on the History Channel, and "Oddities” on the Discovery Channel. We are currently working with a popular cable network on an exciting new project, and I’m hoping you might be able to help! For this project, we are seeking dynamic and unique families in need of a great nanny, as well as some possible great nannies. We’re particularly looking for parents who have tried countless times to match their child with the perfect nanny, but always find it a struggle to find the right one. We’d love to find parents with particular rules or unique lifestyles, who need help finding the perfect match for both them and their child. They may have the opportunity to work with the east coast’s premiere nanny matchmaker! If you have referrals for unique families, please let us know, and we'll make sure the source remains confidential. On the other hand, we also need potential nannies to choose from on this show. If you wouldn't mind forwarding this email to your subscribers, that would be wonderful! If this opportunity sounds right for you or someone you know, please email us and tell us a bit about you or the family you're nominating, and why it’s been so tough finding the perfect nanny match. Please send info and photos to: FindMeANannyCasting@gmail.com

Smoke and Mirrors or Problem Solvers?

I was hoping to get your advice on something. Two weeks into our relocation, and we are having the hardest time finding a nanny! We've interviewed a bunch of people whose names we got through a [free] organization called Sitter City. But the applicant pool has been pretty shallow. So my question is: do you think agencies are worth it? My wife has the name of some place that charges $2,000 for placements. They do rather extensive screening, and even some training apparently. But most significantly they claim to match a qualified nanny to your exact needs. It could be worth it if true, but I of course am naturally inclined towards skepticism. So what's your take on agencies? Are they smoke and mirrors or legitimate problem solvers? One we've looked into is called Boston Nanny. The other, Beacon Hill Nanny, charges $4K! Any insight, advice or perspective would be hugely appreciated.

Chicken Noodle vs Nuggets

Is it possible to get my charges to eat healthy foods when their dad just doesn't care? I mean, he considers fruit snacks a fruit. The kids don't eat vegetables, except for carrots dipped in ranch, and even then they mostly just lick off the dip. For breakfast they eat sugary cereal. I encourage them to have fruit with their cereal at least, but that usually ends up in the trash. For lunch and dinner it's mostly processed crap like chicken nuggets and hot pockets. I don't do his grocery shopping, and he won't take me up on it when I offer, so I get stuck with whatever he buys. I've tried making healthy meals for the kids, even bringing in food from my house, but since their dad won't make them even try it if they don't want to, it's pretty much just a waste of food. I'm not a health nut by any means, and I don't expect them to ever be begging me for spinach, but I just wish I could get them to try a ham sandwich, or chicken noodle soup! I joke around with my boss that his kids are going to get scurvy, but he doesn't seem to be getting the hint! I really appreciate that he doesn't want to burden me with household stuff, but this is something I'd really like to help him out with. On the other hand, I don't want offend him. He really is a great single father, who just doesn't have the greatest eating habits!

Learning Life Lessons

I recently took a position as a nanny for a wealthy family, and things did not go smoothly. Now I don't need to go into details, but just know the pay was amazing, and it would have helped with a lot of my money struggles. I quit fairly quickly, because I was treated SO poorly and talked to SO rudely. In the end I realized I am much more important than any sum of money. I wanted to write in to let people know that if you are in a horrible position you need to find a way to get out as soon as possible. You are WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL and A GOOD PERSON. You deserve to find a job where they understand that. Money comes and goes, but you only have one you, which means you need to treat it kindly and surround yourself with positive people who make you better, not people who push you down. Another thing I learned is to always trust your gut. You know what's best for you (most of the time) and your heart and intuition will lead you. Don't choose jobs because of money. If you are really following your heart and gut money for what matters most will follow. Woah, this sounds like it isn't realized to nannying at all.... I just learned this life lesson and thought I'd pass it on.
To the monster capable of wishing harm on a sick child. The person who rashly and loudly judges those they know nothing about. The person who finds such amusement in tearing down others just to watch the fallout. We are a community. In our own weird way we stick together. And honey, all we have to say when someone like you pops up is:
-This has been a public service announcement from Lyn :)

17 June, 2012

Candid Camera

Hi. I don't know where to begin, I am not much of a blogger, but have enjoyed reading stories here on ISYN. I have a very sticky situation and am highly upset and just need to vent, advice would be great.

I was recently let go from an amazing nanny job I had. I had this job for almost 8 months and am so upset, I can barely eat anything and I have been just trying to recollect myself. Im staying with my sister and her husband, and my niece. So, right now finance is not a problem. I have a spare room with bathroom, for myself. So, for now just supported by family and when I'm ready, I will begin to job hunt, sister has lots of friends with kids. I was basically caught off guard and terminated out of no where, what hurts the most is feeling betrayed.

I interviewed for a SAHM, who also had a side business and did a lot of charity events, focused on animal charity and stuff. They have a wonderful little girl, who was shy of being one when I interviewed. Basically she was a good MB. Great, actually. She overpaid since I was only working for her 4 days a week, 7 hour days-to complete 40 hours pay. On top of that she gave me a gas card weekly, as it was a 15-20 minute commute from my place. So, basically I did not spend gas money, because she gave me gas allowance. I had free roam of their house, she was not home when I was there--obviously why I nannied. They had a pool I could use and go free on foods I wanted. And, she encouraged outings for the little one and I would get gas reimbrusement for the milage. I didn't have to worry about paying out of pocket for anything really. MB even stated if we stayed in good terms, and some unforseen reason hours had to be cut, she would help find a job for me and severence pay of 2 months, with good references!

What I did NOT know was that, as kind as she was and laid back... was that I was on camera! They also had mini microphones hidden, so it on when I was there and she wasn't. I had no idea, she never asked my opinion on nanny cams or anything! Basically, I thought I had a dream job. I loved the LO. I said something stupid....and I know I shouldn't have. The DB was never ever home!!! Went months before meeting him, though I did occasionally pick up the phone when he called, as I was allowed to take messages. I had seen pics of him, and to be honest, with the way she talked about him and what he seemed to provide, I thought he must be an amazing man. I had no plans of doing anything, even if I met him...which I eventually did. Basically, he came home unexpectantly while MB was away and, I just felt mezmerized by him. I felt like I knew him, and we clicked. I saw him again, when they had date night and was asked to sit for them. He and I chatted like old friends, while she got ready. I had NO idea I was being filmed and developed a crush on DB. A girlfriend called and without realizing it, I mentioned how fond I was of him and how lucky she was. Thing is, I also mentioned, I would not mind having him and since MB had told me the same day that DB would be working from home 2 days a week for the next few months for a project. I told my friends, I could not wait to get to know him better, was more curious then meaning any harm. BUT of course it came off like I was ready to make a move, but I know better! It was just girl talk!

The next week, MB started acting kind of uneasy, at first I thought she was having a bad day, but as the week flew I knew it was something more serious and probably something I did or said regarding my charge, and by that evening before my shift was over for the week, she said we needed to talk. She basically stated that I was a wonderful caregiver and that it was amazing to see how well my charge and I had bonded and she knew my charge was in good hands. Then she stated, "I also now know, that I am not too comfortable with the whole idea of having someone nanny in my home when my husband is home, that I feel could be more interested in him then in the job"...and then she explained how for her own sanity and peace of mind a camera, and microphone were on when I was there, and she had planned on removing the camera and microphone but neglected to as she forgot. Once she remembered and was fine with not having footage about our day, she started packing things up and then stumbled upon a recording, and in that recording she heard the phone conversation. I guess she back tracked to videos of days where DB was home, which was rare-- as he popped in unexptectantly 5 times since I was hired on, and noticed how intent our conversation was and I guess became upset about leaving me alone with him. She said "It's not my husband, but more of you, I do not approve of homewrecking, and if I can control who comes to my house, to stop it, I will. I've seen innocent things evovle and I know it can go sinister, and the kids do not deserve this nor the innocent spouse!" She then stated, maybe it wasn't like it seemed but for peace of mind, she would prefer an older caretaker until her duties were finished and told me, she would compensate for the months pay that I was owed but nothing more and stated, she was did not feel right being a reference.

I am highly upset, while I admit, it was dumb what I said, if I knew I was being recorded, I would have NOT said that, I would be more professional....so upset, and it's hard to put myself together, but am trying. Was what I did a firing offense?... I do not see it this way..... and is there anything I can do about this ?...
1) Free babysitter 4 kids in need of 1 (Pittsburg) - I am posting this ad b/c I want to help babies/ kids that have parents that drink, use drugs ect... around them. I am willing to watch any child for free as long as you want me to if it keeps them away from drugs drinking , crazy parties crazy people ect... It gives you a break and me the gift of giving. I have all clean records no tickets, no charges, I have live in Nicholasville and lexington my whole life. i go to church I am a stay at home mom I can name people you can call that will tell /show you I am a good person. We can even meet a few times before I watch your kids. I want to help just b/c I care. Please email me if I can help you. do be afraid I will keep your baby safe. I'm not asking for any info bout your problems. I wont ask bout your using or drinking , All I want to know is how I can help with your child so you can get your life back together. PLEASE EMAIL I WANT TO HELP AS A FRIEND TO YOUR KID AND AS A CHILD OF GOD. THAT'S WHAT I'M HERE FOR. Send the email now 24/7 I am willing to help. I am not doing this for the grown ups but for the kids that need me. This is not a spam i just have a soft heart when it comes to kids. I want to help them all. God bless you all!
2) Childcare Needed (Pittsburg) - I am looking for someone to watch my 7 year old son about 4-5 days per week over the summer. My shifts are either a 9-5pm or a 1-9pm. I typically work every Saturday and some Sundays. I would prefer to find someone with a child around his age or who watches other children his age but it is not a requirement. You also must live near the Monroeville area. I would like to pay around $15-$20 a day which is what I would be paying his daycare but it's negotiable. If interested contact me at luvmycouture at yahoo and be sure to tell me your rate, the area you live in, and a little about yourself.
RE: Childcare Needed (Pittsburg) - Not being mean! but what daycare are you talking about!!! cause what daycare or babysitter is gonna work for 8hrs a day and make 15 bucks thats only 1.08 per hr! are you NUTS! the least your gonna pay is mabe 5 dollars an hour! what your asking doesnt even pay for gas to get back and forth now adays! wow!
Submitted by Porky Pig. Thank you!
About a year ago I was leaving one family to start working for another one. There was a full week "free" before I started working for my new family. I was contacted by a family on Sittercity asking if I was by chance available to do a week of overnights (Sunday-Friday night) for their daughter. I thought it would be nice to pick up a weeks pay when I thought I wouldn't have one and agreed to a phone interview to see where things went. I had a perfectly normal conversation with the father who filled me in on his situation. He was a newly divorced man with a 15 year old daughter and a 12 year old son. His son lived with his ex wife and therefore wouldn't be around. He went on to rave about his daughter and all of the things she was involved in. Typical dad stuff. He said he would need me from 5PM until I dropped the girl off at her school the next morning at 7:15AM. He asked me my rate and I told him it was $150 per night for the hours he had listed. He negotiated down to $125, which I was totally okay with considering that the girl was 15 and probably wouldn't be much effort, he didn't want me to do any major cleaning and I would only be awake for 5ish hours once I got there at night.

The father had me come over to meet his daughter and so that he could meet me the night before I was to start working for them. The daughter seemed nice enough, the father seemed fine as well. No red flags. And as I look back on this experience a year later I am stunned that I still notice no red flags. I went through all of the usual questions making notes as I went along. "Any medications? Any allergies? Contact information of emergency contacts, doctors numbers," etc, etc. Nothing notable or important comes up. Sunday at 4:55 I show up at their front door. The father is just finishing up packing for his business trip and makes pleasant small talk with me as he runs around gathering last minute things. The daughter is out with some friends and due to be back any moment. He places an envelope with $200 in spare cash on the counter for take out and whatnot. As dad is walking out the front door he answers his cell, hangs up quickly, then turns around to tell me that his ex wife will be bringing his daughter home in an hour and that she is not allowed in his home under any circumstances. Okay, people get weird after divorces. Especially when they are so new. It's odd but okay.

Mom comes and drops the daughter off. She greets me with a big hug and a warm smile. From the porch of course. Apparently she knows not to step any closer to the front door than right there. I'm amused at this but of course say nothing. The evening goes pretty smoothly for a while. Dad sends me a text message at 9:05 telling me to make sure his daughter goes to bed RIGHT away. She heads off to bed and I sit down on the couch to watch the news for a few minutes before going to bed myself. As soon as I sit down my phone rings. It's the Father and he made it all the way to Georgia in record time and realized he forgot to mention a few things to me about his family. Eyebrow is definitely raised at this point. He tells me that his daughter is on 2-3 (I can't remember exactly how many) pills every morning and evening (after he had specifically told me when I was going through my "check list" that she was on none). He explains and has me write down what meds she gets when and stresses over and over again how important it is that she get them around the same time every day. He goes on to say that daughter is bipolar. I'm super pissed that the father lied to me about this information earlier when I was still making my decisions about whether or not to accept this job but I can't help but think about how even tempered and pleasant the daughter has been the past 4ish hours she's been around. I let Dad know that I asked the questions I did in the interview for a reason and I feel like he misrepresented his situation to me. He seems understanding but doesn't say much. I ask if there is anything he forgot to mention to me and he says no. He briefly says his daughter hasn't had a manic day in months and months and all should be fine as long I check behind her in the morning/evenings to make sure she has taken her meds as directed. Whatever.

The next day I ask her if she had her meds, double check, walk out the door right on time for school. Monday goes smoothly. Tuesday it's harder to get daughter to wake up in the morning, but I remember being 15. So I don't think much about it. Same routine as the day before, double check her meds, head out early enough to pick up a coffee for her with the cash her dad left for these things. Around 2PM I get a call from her mother. The one who seemed so happy a couple of days before. She is sobbing about her divorce and how hard it is on her and the kids. Then mentions that she is having a very hard time letting go. She continues to sob and I have no idea what to do as I have NEVER heard a stranger, much less an MB, behave this way. She goes on to talk about her extreme depression and her battle with her bipolar disorder. Yep, she is bipolar. Not "I'm okay and I'm coping with it" bipolar, but the kind of emotional trainwreck lifetime movies thrive off of. This call had ZERO point/rhyme/reason. She just wanted to vent I guess.

Later that night I notice what I think is Mom's car parked in the top of the driveway. It's pitch black outside and all I see are the headlights in the pouring rain. After about 10 minutes it turns and pulls away. I have no idea if it was her or not but I have every reason to think it was. The next day Daughter wakes up before my alarm has even gone off and bursts into my room screaming about her make up. She thinks I stole it and is very loudly accusing me. I calm her down and offer to help her search. We find the make up exactly where it had been the entire time I've been there, right on the bathroom counter in her room. We are running behind now and I rush to give her the meds she needs to take. It's Wednesday and she is pissed when I tell her we are running too far behind to stop for the B1G1 coffee special the place she likes to go has each week. She has to be at school at 7:15 and it's already 7:05 we'll be lucky to get there on time as it is. Daughter cries in the car the entire way to school. I call her Dad after she gets out of the car and explain the mornings events to him just so he knows what is going on if his kid calls him and says differently later on. On the drive back to my house I think to myself, "this is no worse than when a toddler has a meltdown and I've dealt with that thousands of times before. Just two more days and I'm free". I get a call that day from Daughter at 1:15. She is in school and wants me to call her schools office and give them permission to let her out of school immediately. Her reasoning has something to do with wanting to catch the public bus and venture to a mall on the other side of her town. Seriously?!?! I tell her I don't think that's appropriate, but that I will call her Dad and let him know what his daughter wants. Dad laughs. He finds this humorous? He agrees with me that she shouldn't leave school. Daughter calls me back from the office crying. Too bad princess (I think in my head).

I head up to her house at 4:45. Daughter is literally on the floor sobbing. I never did figure out what for. Eventually I coax her into taking her meds and maybe going to bed early that night. Her Mom calls me again. This time she has some bizarre idea that her daughter needs to drop out of High School ASAP and go to community college. Something about her daughter getting sleepy while in school and the flexibility of community college instead. I politely tell her I really have no opinion on the matter and she should wait until her ex husband comes back into town to talk to him about it. I quickly get off of the phone. She calls back at 1AM and leaves a long rambling message with frequent crying breaks talking about how when her daughter was a toddler she used to shove her hand down her throat to make her throw up. I have no idea if she meant the adults hand down the childs throat or the childs hand down the childs throat. Not that it makes much of a difference. Shit was weird.

Thursday morning. I can't get the daughter to wake up. I pound on the door. Nothing. She finally gets up without saying anything and walks to the center of the living room sobbing. We have less than 10 minutes now to leave to get to school on time. I'm dreading telling her that we once again do not have time for coffee because I remember the temper tantrum thrown previously. She rips off her shirt and bra. I kid you not. And sits there rocking back and forth screaming/crying. I don't even try to talk to her at this point. I grab the knife block when she isn't looking and put it in the hall closet. Just to be safe. I call her dad as soon as I have the knives hidden. He talks to her on the phone. She throws the phone across the room (my phone) and it breaks. Great. Dad immediately calls the home phone and I pick up (keep in mind it's been less than 5 minutes since the girl woke up) and the girl stands up topless and runs into her fathers room. I hear the bathroom door SLAM shut. Daughter is cursing as loud as she can. I can't really hear what Dad is saying but I tell him that I do not feel safe any longer in his home and I am canceling all services immediately. I will email him my bill for the week and be by to pick it up the following day. The daughter runs out of the bathroom after I hear an extremely loud sound. She punched through her fathers vanity mirror and her fist is cut open and bleeding everywhere. It looked horrendous. I step on the front porch with my bag and the phone. I call 911 for the girl and I leave as soon as the call is done. I realize I probably should have stayed. Even if it was while locked inside of my car with the ignition on. But the kid just punched a mirror and 2 holes in the wall. Hell no I wasn't going to stick around after that.

Saturday evening I was going to stop by and pick up my check for 4 nights pay. My Husband insisted I stay in the car and he would go talk to the father and collect my fee. Thank God he did because my nerves were completely shot when we pulled up to the house. This time I was the one sobbing for no apparent reason. My husband got back in the car and handed me my check. He was gone for over 5 minutes and I almost called the cops because I couldn't see him in the window anymore. It turns out that that envelope of $200 cash the dad left for us was taken by the daughter and hidden somewhere and now dad believed I had stolen the extra money from him and was trying to subtract it from my check. My Hubs threatened to bring the police into the matter and the dad quickly wrote a check for the correct amount. Lesson learned. But it was a terrifying one.

Over the Edge

Have you ever quit a job because you can't handle the kids? I've been a nanny to twins for 3 months now. I've done twins before so that isn't the issue. But I'm about ready to lose my mind . I mean really snap. The babies are a mess and mom & dad refuse to stick to a schedule even though they complained at first about not having one and blamed me for not having enough sleep. I'm supposed to be with them for a year, but don't think I can do it. I'm with an agency, do you think I'll have a problem being replaced?