1) Soul Nanny seeks baby love :) - (Portland) - Hello :) I have decided to be more creative in my search for work. I have a skill set to offer in exchange for money and the things that money can buy! I am including a list of what I desire right now to bring more joy into my life: 1. A place to live that is private and quite 2. an RV - learning about herbs and alternative healing, learning ways to live "off the grid" 3. comfy walking shoes 4. a car:) Please read my Nanny info and let me know if you have any ideas! I know that Universe provides when we ask :) THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE :) I AM A SEASONED NANNY/GUIDE WHO HAS BEEN LEARNING FROM LITTLE ONE'S FOR WELL OVER 20 YEARS NOW. I HAVE LEARNED ABOUT LOVE, STILLNESS AND HOW THE SWEETEST MOMENTS ARE THE SPONTANEOUS ONES. I CONTINUE TO BE AMAZED AND AWED AT THE NATURAL JOY THAT EMINATES FROM CHILDREN'S HEARTS. I FEEL BLESSED TO BE ABLE TO ENCOURAGE LITTLE ONES ALONG THEIR VERY UNIQUE PATH. I BRING SAFETY, CALM, KINDNESS, EMOTIONAL INTEGRITY, COMPASSION, SPIRITUALITY AND LOVE TO THE WEE ONES IN MY CARE. MY PATH IS TO BE MATURE AND PLAYFUL. TO ALLOW SPACE FOR THE LITTLES TO DIRECT THEIR OWN LEARNING THROUGH PLAY. TO BE SILLY AND JOYFUL. TO BE GROUNDED AND CALM. TO ENJOY THE SPIRIT OF NATURE AND ALL THE INCREDIBLE LEARNING THAT COMES FROM MOTHER EARTH. I am looking for a family that values calm as well as action. A family that values emotional health as well as physical and mental. A family with a big heart :) If you think we may like each-other, than please give me a shout out! I do not drive and live close in SE :) I walk, skip or bus everyday with your wee one's! Thank you very much for taking time to consider me :) Charity.
Submitted by Anonymous MEEBO guest. Thank you!

2) Nanny - (Houston) - I am in need of a experienced nanny babysitter in my Christian home from 7:30am to 6:00pm M-F $175 weekly for a 2 month old and 4 year old with very light housework. If you are close to the area I can provide transportation if you do not have a vehicle. Please respond with your telephone number, experience, and references if available. _______________________________________________________________
Submitted by Anonymous MEEBO guest. Thank you!

3) Nanny ASAP - (Houston) - We are looking for a nanny to start as soon as possible. Someone who is local is preferable, if you are out of town or out of the country we are not willing to pay for anybody's plane ticket to get here. For more information email me, for consideration please email a picture, references, and what your weekly salary requirement is. We need somebody to be home with the kids 24/7. No days off prefered but of course you would be welcome to come on outings, trips, vacation and everything else with us. really 24/7 with no time off.
Submitted by Anonymous MEEBO guest. Thank you!

4) Nanny Needed - (Little Rock) - I am a single mommy of an amazing 5 year old little boy. I am in the military and work shift work which is a little abnormal to most childcare facilities. One week I work 630am-5pm, the next week I can either work 5am-245pm or 215pm-midnight. Then the following week it is 630am-5pm again. Then the next week it is either early or late again and so on. My son starts kindergarden this school year, so if I were to work early shift I would need someone to be able to drop him off at school. I would be able to pick him up. When I am on day shift I would probably use the before/after school care. If I happen to work night shift the person would just have to pick him up from school. I need someone that can keep him these hours. Sometimes if I work the night shift I can get done early, but sometimes it will be close to midnight. I am willing to let someone watch him at my place or can bring him to yours. The weeks I am on day shift he wouldn't be in your care because of the before and after school care. I drive from home to base daily and I am willing to pay 75 a week for the care. This would be only the weeks he is there. So if I am on early shift you would have him from 430am until you took him to school. That would be it for that week and I am still willing to pay 75. For night shift you would have him from 330 until I got off work and will pay 75. It will average out, but I should rarely be on night shift. I would like references, and would like to meet with you if you are interested. Please email me if you are interested. He is a great kid and very well behaved. He plays well with others also. Thanks.
Submitted by Anonymous. Thank you!


Sarah NY said...

OMg what is the first one smoking??

Bethany said...

I love cl-wtf so very much!
It's a sad commentary on nannies & their employers.

It's also so very entertaining.

bostonnanny said...

I would totally hire #1 as long as she could prove her earth mother ways wouldn't cause her to be unreliable. Plus she's from Portland so her personality makes complete sense, it's a place where the 90s never died ;) and hipsters/hippies and the vegan Buddhists call home.

MissMannah said...

Wait, #1 wants her employers to supply her with a live-in position, an RV, shoes and a car? I like the hippy-dippy stuff but I totally did not get the whole "let me know if you have any ideas."

luckoftheirish said...

1.)Wow, shes high as hell. I would hire her to pull weeds on our property in OR. I can't imagine that anyone else would, lol!

2.)She can not afford a nanny.

3.)That is not a nanny, that is a slave. Even parents get time off.

4.)Another person who can not afford a nanny.

Bethany said...

1.Nothing wrong with being a hippy.

But she may be too hippy to look afte kids. I have no idea what she's looking for.

She's just rambling.

2. wouldn't the Christian thing to do be pay a fair legal wage?

3 &4 They should see if the Jetsons can lend them their robot. Because what they are asking for only happens in a make believe world.

Village said...

#1-I want some of what she is smoking.

#2-No comment.

#3-Really, 24/7 with no time off is ILLEGAL. Texas is not a slave state, is it?

#4-This is just incredibly sad. If there was ever a socialist state, it is the military. Everyone dresses alike, everyone is told what to do, where to go, and when to move house, everyone shops at a store with better prices than anywhere else, doctors are available, dentists are available, but no 24 hour day care. Why?

luckoftheirish said...

Villiage, because child care providers who try to get certified through military programs are.......(you answered yourself)....told what hours they have to keep, what the children have to sleep on, what they have to play with, etc. It scares cc providers off. Most don't make it through their program and those that do usually burn out due to the controllingness off the military. They have good child cares on base. But strangly, the ones I've seen keep daylight hours and are closed weekends!!!

Village said...

I'm not talking about outsourcing care. Hello, it's a socialist society. All they have to do is tell someone to do it, where to do it, when to do it, and how to do it. They take orders. That's the point. Why hasn't someone ordered a 24/7 day care be opened?

luckoftheirish said...

Haha, ya. Idk....

Nanny Sarah said...

The first one sounds like a complete nutcase...I wouldn't trust her w/my pet goldfish.

The second one sounds like they want someone w/no life whatsoever.

The third one is just plain cheap.

And the last one had my head spinning around w/all the time schedules....I am so dizzy now, I need to lay down.

Susannah said...

Ah good ol' CL!

Same shit different day!

Lol. The crazy never gets old!

NannyJenn said...

#1 sounds like my nephews teacher! LOL They are home schooled but went to an outdoor discovery school 2 days a week this year. Their teacher talked exactly like this and had a message on her voice mail that cracked me up. They live in Oregon, so maybe this is her :)

Lyn said...

I love number 1! I laughed so hard at the mental image of a Mary Kate Olson sized (in my mind) Nanny skipping down the busy sidewalks with her charge, people jumping out of their way, stopping only to point out and discuss the healing values of herbs found growing in the sidewalk cracks. I know nothing about her Nannying style, she could be amazing in all honesty. But I feel like these are the personality quirks we let slip out AFTER being offered a position, not before. Haha. ;)

#3, I think this post is satire. I literally think a Nanny who was looking in that area just got tired of seeing various posts that more or less said these things and went to town. At least, I hope that is the case.

#4, Why doesn't the military provide a 24/7 childcare facility? The PP's mentioned it briefly and now I'm wondering. If I could "enlist" to be a child care provider I probably wouldn't mind the low pay as long as I could still have all the benefits of being in the military, the housing allowances, health insurance, etc. My Dad retired several years ago as 2 star general and NEVER had to buy a house. We always lived off base but my Dad was given a housing "bonus" every time we were moved that completely covered the cost. Even after he retired and bought a big farm in the middle of nowhere to relax, the military still paid for it. I realize this isn't the norm.

erica said...

Sarah NY -- I know, right? Can I just say WOW! She must smoke something to have written such a 'creative' ad!

Phoenix said...

what!? #3 has gone mad. No days off and must be home 24/7

uh, why doesn't she just put her kids up for adoption.

Beezus said...

Anyone see CNNs video article on the "million dollar" super nanny?

Bethany said...

million dollar? say what now?

Ice Queen said...

1 - I've seen her posts, we live in the same area, I would NEVER post something like this but I guess she's probably 30-40s, and thinks it works?

Idk. I'm 24 and I would not post something so flamboyantly like 'I just smoked a bowl of this great weed you guys lets write a CL post for me to be a nanny!!!!!'