Personal Profile for Employment with Prospective Parents

I have recently set up a website that details my childcare, babysitting, nannying experience has parent reviews, my skills, and rates etc on it. I felt that it made me look more professional, and put together than just posting adds random places though do have accounts on sittercity, enanny, and care.com. I also give families I speak with the link to my personal site too because its a bit more personal shows more about my abilities and qualifications than my profiles on the sites. Has anyone else ever done this before, or would you ever consider doing it? If you are a parent looking for a sitter/nanny what would your opinion of a person who applied for the position be if they had something like my site set up and shared it with you during the interview process? I'd love to get some feed back!


bostonnanny said...

Yes I've had one for three years plus an excellent portfolio and business cards. The website does set me apart from most candidates but the family has to be willing to actually take the time to look at which most don't. Families who have employed a nanny before could careless and would prefer an awesome resume and interview then look at the website. First time parents are either extremely impressed or intimidated. Either way I found the website to be an extra boost but nothing that factors into a final decision.

Bethany said...

I've considered it but I'm too lazy to keep up with a website, and I've found it just as easy to get jobs by word of mouth or the traditional way.

nynanny said...

I would love to check out these employment profiles, anyone want to leave a link here for us to read?

Bethany said...

I agree with bostonnanny , on how parents view websites and portfolios.

Seasoned nanny parents typically don't care.
Newbies either like it or think you know too much and will step on their toes.

anonymous mom said...

I personally think its a great idea!

Village said...

I think it's a great idea!! It shows initiative and professionalism. It would make me more likely to hire you.

nycmom said...

I would not really care as a parent. As long as I get your CV, references, background info one way or another I am happy. I guess my only concern as a parent would be how many jobs do you have/apply for that having a website is worth the effort? But that is probably because to me it seems like a lot of effort, but to someone skilled at basic web design it is probably simple. Either way, I think bostonnanny is correct. I can't imagine NOT looking if you provided me the URL though.

Nanny Sarah said...

Call me naive, but I think this is an excellent idea and would love to start one up.

Anyone know how? If you could somehow post up a link, I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance.

OP said...

Thank you everyone for the feedback! I set it up more for sitter jobs before my long term nanny job starts, but it has all the information a nanny needing family would need also.

@nanny sarah: I made mine using google sites i just linked it to my email and its super easy to set up and customize.

@ nynanny: i'll add the link in my name, idk if it works or not but if you search google sites littleroyalssitterservice you should be able to see mine.

LAnanny said...

OP, great site!

Here are a few suggestions.

1. Put your picture on the front page instead of the frog, and try and have a friend or family member take it instead of the one you took yourself.

2. put your qualifications above of the services you provide. It's shorter and more important. clarify what hours are included in the 'weekly' sitting. Also say that it is an additional 10 dollars for 2+ kids for an over night, not just 10 dollars. Also list what hours that over night includes.

3. break up the 'about me' info into a few paragraphs. it was a lot to look over.

4. can you take the ads off? I'm not sure if you can, but from past website experience those hardly bring in any cents and take away a sense of professionalism.

5. list if you have a clean driving record and or an insured car.

Everything else looked great! And you definitely don't need to make any of my corrections, I'm just a little bit of a website nerd so I thought I'd put in my 2 cents!

LAnanny said...

Okay, one more thing because I am a creep and looked at your care.com and sittercity accounts.

well, two things. It says you are 18/19, started working at 'about' 13 as a sitter, and have 7 years of experience. That math doesn't really work out. I would take out the 'about' definitely (always be sure of yourself) and I would take out that you started working at 13 all together.

I'm on the younger side as well and have been nannying for three years, so when asked I say I've been nannying for three years, not working with children for 11 years when I started at 8 as a mother's helper. It points out how young we are, so we have to fight to be taken seriously.

Also, only say your age if asked. Technically they aren't supposed to ask you, but people normally do.

Lastly, if you haven't already, ask everyone you've worked for if they can you write you a letter of recommendation. They are worth more than reviews, in my opinion.

Hopefully you found all of this a little helpful!

nynanny said...

I thought your web page was great OP, and I loved the idea! I do have to say I agree with LAnanny though. If you'd follow her tips your site would look amazing! There were a few grammatical errors/run-on sentences on the main "about me" page (no big deal but some parents notice that kind of thing). But you have that sweet nanny look, the parents and kids will love you! :)
Oh, and not to be a creep myself, but I have a little annoyance with ppl that take pics of themselves, lol - especially the "bathroom mirror" pic, lol. But yeah, loved the website!

bostonnanny said...

I have to agree with LA Nanny on some of the tweaks. I also suggest you change the URL so that a family can just type in www.littleroyalssitterservice.com instead of that huge URL name. If you could get rid of the advertisements that would make you look more professional. I created mine on iWeb using a Mac and brought my URL name from godaddy. com. If your going to make a site you should make sure it's as professional as possible and if you ad photos of child make sure the parents sign a waiver.

Cut down your about me section to bullets and a small paragraph, parents don't want to read that much.

Lyn said...

I clicked over to your Sittercity account and read your review. So you are the "I'm not flaky" Nanny from a week or so ago that got such a hard reception. Glad to see you're brave enough to come back, haha. I'm not sure I would have been!

Bethany said...

I love your site!

Do you shut it down once you find a family?

Do you refer families to nanny friends looking for work if you are no longer looking?

I can imagine people getting annoyed coming across your site and contacting you only to find you aren't available.

bostonnanny said...

Oh snap, I didn't click on your links. You need to cut down on the detail on those sites, dont state any experience before the age of 18 because it doesnt count, remove all the checked boxed for special needs unless you have actual hands on experience with those. Get the background check on care.com and change your picture because there is to much hair. Have someone take a professional looking picture with your hair tidy and pulled back. Take out the part about you liking to feel part of the family, makes you sound young and unprofessional. Also reword and edit because there are to many "I am". To be honest the whole thing screams young, inexperienced and desperate. You are trying to seem more experienced then you are and it makes you sound silly. If you email me I will send you a link to my website so you can compare and make changes to your own. If you give me a couple of days and more information about yourself I can rewrite your entire ad.

MissMannah said...

If you want, I can fix all your spelling and grammar and rework your paragraphs to sound more professional. I love writing and editing, just email me if you like.

I also think you should get rid of the frog picture and put your profile pic on the main page--agree with Bostonnanny that it should be a more professional one with your hair out of your face. Also, are you wearing a swimsuit in it?? This is just my opinion, but you should seriously reconsider the "tiaras and toads" thing. It is hokey and very young-sounding. If it was me, I'd just put my name and contact info right at the top next to my picture. Finally, change your email address to something more professional. Having "1993" in it proves how young you are and it might turn some people off.

Nay The Nanny said...

I did the same thing and it really did help. Originally my friend and I started the website for weekend babysitting positions but it became a great tool when I was moving to a new state and looking for a full time nanny position. I had business cards printed up as well. It shows that I take my job seriously. Additionally, on the page I have slideshows from my past nanny positions (only after gaining permission from the parents.) Freewebs.com is great, they walk you through it and its...FREE lol.


Nay The Nanny said...

Also, I'm not sure I agree about the age thing...some families are looking for older nannies, some would prefer a younger nanny. I feel its best to disclose your age upfront to avoid wasting anyone's time, but that's just my opinion. :) LA Nanny, I just moved to LA recently. So far so good!

bostonnanny said...

Nay the nanny,

Did you go through an agency? If so which one? I'm planning on moving to SF in a few months and trying to prepare. Were you able to find a job before you got there? And if you did go through an agency from out of state how did they place you, did you have to interview in person first?

LAnanny said...

From my experience so far, most people are looking for nannies 21+, and it's harder to get into agencies under 21 as well.

But I'm so glad you're finding work! I've been really lucky as well and haven't had too much trouble, and it totally is about the person. I've just found hiring a 'teen' freaks families out when they're looking for professional nannies.

Where are you located, nay the nanny? I'm always looking for new nanny friends! :)

LAnanny said...

Bostonnanny, san fran is over 6 hours from Los Angeles, so most agencies in Los Angeles don't relate. Boston is a closer fit than LA.

Nay The Nanny said...

Boston Nanny: I didn't end up going through an agency because I was really set on finding a position before the move and the agencies were unwilling to work with me until I was officially a resident in LA. I went on every childcare site possible, sittercity, gonannies, nannies4hire, care4hire, etc...but ended up receiving my official job offers from enannysource and care.com. I skyped with each family and ended up choosing the one I thought was the best fit and the one that was offering the amount of pay I needed out here. We met during my visit (to find housing) and we knew it was a great fit. Be persistent, apply for every job you think you're a good fit for and don't get discouraged...the more in advance you apply the less likely you will get any leads but they will come the closer you get to your move!!!

LA Nanny: I didn't realize by young you meant teen...yes I can imagine that some parents may be uncomfortable hiring a teenager to be their full time nanny. I thought you meant early-mid twenties, I started nannying at age 23. And I am working in the Santa Monica area. :) Where are you?