1) Summer Organizer - Nanny (Chapel Hill)  - We are a small family of two in Chapel Hill, just moved to a townhouse, and need help with unpacking and organizing during the summer. Also my son 11 is staying home so we need a person to stay in our home 8:30am-9pm. Duration June, July and part of August. If you need to stay in our home during the summer, you are welcome, at no cost. If you need transport we can possibly pick you up morning. $200 per week, this is not a demanding or stressful job, it's ok if you watch TV or check your email. The important skill is that you are reliable and available. We encurage anyone to apply, students, unemployed, eldelry, and can assist with any questions and help you with what you need.
Submitted by Rhiannon. Thank you!

2) Full Time Nanny At Our House - (Bristol, RI 02809) - Starting on Jun 20, 2012 (Wednesday) Interested in finding a full time nanny starting Jan 1st. $200/week flat. Daily hours approx between 7:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Some days less. Posted by Erin Y. from Bristol, RI. Job Details: •Ages of Children: Up to 6 months •1 child •$5 - $10 per hour* Ideal Provider Qualifications: •Non-smoker.
Submitted by MEEBO guest. Thank you!

3) In need of sitter - (NJ) - I am looking for a sitter from 8-3 on weekends. I am not looking for a daycare just someone that is mature and responsible. Our son is 2yrs old and this will be done in your home. Please do not contact me asking for more than $35 a day as i already pay that in daycare. I am looking for a sitter who has a love for children and isn't in it for the money.
Submitted by nannyinnj. Thank you!


Bethany said...

It's great that these people think that their children's health and safety are worth at the max $5/ hour!


Why is wanting to make a fair legal wage a bad thing?

slb3334 said...

I'd need to know more about #1 to decide. If it is only a few hours a day, might not be so bad.

Belle Vierge said...

I earned $5/hour 10 years ago, as a teenager, with weekend and summer baby-sitting. How on earth do parents think this is acceptable?!

OhhPlease said...

In #1 it says that you will need to be there from 830-900. Is that each day? For $200 a week?

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

The first ad sounds like basically the parent will hire anyone off the street. Sad, and I pray for this innocent child of hers. :(

The third is insane...this woman wants to pay what she would pay a daycare...$5/Hr yet she wants the luxury of a nanny.

Manhattan Nanny said...

Looking for a sitter who isn't in it for the money. lol, I'm sure they can find someone who will do it for free. Maybe even pay the parents for the privilege of caring for their children.

slb3334 said...

oops, missed the hours. I agree that's way too low.

ELam said...

Awww, Chapel Hill! That was where I had my best nanny job! But...nothing like what was posted here lol, $3 hour?!?!!? Yowza.

I noticed #2 looks like a copy/paste from Care or SitterCity, can we submit those? Because I've seen some real gems lately.

And I am so sick of seeing the whole daycare/nanny comparison! Why do so many families not understand that NANNIES COST MORE!

Nanny Renae said...

I hate seeing childcare ads where the parents want someone who is not "in it for the money." Like being a nanny is charity work.

Ignorant to the extreme.

Rhiannon said...

#3 says "I'm not looking for a daycare, just a mature, responsible individual" as if a daycare is better. JUST a mature responsible individual?

And she should be careful what she wishes for. There are probably people who would answer that ad who don't care about the money and have the wrong kind of love for children.

You know, daycare isn't the worst thing in the world if parents take the time to research and do drop in visits. My mom ran an in home daycare in order to support my sister and me. She ran it like a preschool and the kids loved her. If you cannot afford a nanny, you can still get good Childcare. Just not one on one and you have to do your research.

Rhiannon said...

I do understand the hesitation to put a child in daycare, and I agree that nannies are the best if you can afford it. But these ads kill me! They are not even paying enough for part time work, yet they want the nanny full time with no extra time for any other income. Maybe they've watched too much Mary Poppins and they think we are all magical, mythical people who float on over under our umbrellas. Magical, mythical people don't have bills, right?