Four is Enough... More would be too Rough

Nearly a year ago in August 2011 I took a job for identical twin girls that were 7 months old at the time. Mom was pregnant and due in January. I took the job knowing I would assume care for the new baby come April when mom returned to work. Well one baby turned into two when mom gave birth to fraternal twin boys last December. Since March I have looked after all 4 kids. Well today (Friday) MB informed me she was pregnant again. She wanted to know if I would be willing to stay on. She wanted to know what I would require to entice me to stay. I honestly don’t know if I can. They are sweet kids but I have my hands full with two 17 month olds and two 6 month olds. I can’t imagine adding another baby or babies to the mix. Would I be out of line to suggest a second nanny?


nannyboo said...

I don't think you'd be out of line to suggest another nanny. That is a lot of little ones! When I nannied for a 2 year old and newborn triplets, they hired another nanny for the first 9 months. It was supposed to be for a year, but she left early to go back to school. She was kind of like my assistant. I was in charge, and she just helped out with whatever I needed. It was essential to have another adult around to help out with the many feedings and diaper changes, not to mention babies that wanted to be held all the time! :) It was also great for the two year old that got to enjoy lots of one on one time with each of us. After that nanny went back to school, they hired an older woman to come over for a few hours every day. She would come over at lunch time, help me get everyone fed, and down for naps, and then she did baby laundry! As the babies got older, she would help out with transporting them to nursery school, going on daytrips with us, and just being there whenever I needed a helping hand! We all ended up calling her Gram, and she was there as long as I was. (until the children outgrew us) I think with that many babies so close together, you are going to need some kind of assistance. Even if you can handle it all on your own, you are going to be exhausted, and the kids aren't really going to get the attention that they need.

The Noble Nanny said...

I agree with NannyBoo. It shows strength on your part to admit that you need help. This mother sounds understanding in the fact that she asked you what you would need to stay, so she obviously wants to keep you. I don't know how much you charge, but just like nannyboo suggested, you could encourage her to bring on another girl almost as your assistant. If you found a high school girl or someone younger that doesn't charge as much then you would have the benefit of an extra set of hands without the price of two high paid nannies (I am assuming she pays you well, having to take care of two sets of young twins, you deserve it.)

Whatever you ask for, be up front, don't apologize and realize that whatever you request (as long as it's fair) is deserving and needed.

Hope that helps!

Bethany said...

I don't think it would be out of line to suggest even insist on having another helper or assistant as well as a raise.

Is she having twins this time?

That's a potential of 6 kids at two years or under!

I think mom is insane to have not added another nanny on her own.

1234 said...

I can't believe you think you have the right to tell the mom to hire an additional person.

If you can't handle the extra kids you should quit.

Cry me a river, no one told you to agree to taking care of 4 kids. But you went along with it.

How much are you really working anyway the kids probably sleep most of the time you are there.

ericsmom said...

Your an idiot 1234. Babies don't always sleep like they should. I never known a baby to sleep most of the time. She was already employed with the mother, when the mother became pregnant again. She started working for her with only the two. The situation changed in the family dynamics.
It sounds like she has a pretty good relationship with her employer.
Hopefully, her boss values her enough to get her help. Also, it would be a great benefit for the kids as well. Its too much for one person, otherwise.

Please let me guess you are this super super nanny that can do anything??

MissWI said...

Well isn't she fertile! Ha good for her!
I wouldn't suggest a second nanny because in my experiance and other nannies I know experiances, 2nd nanny is TROUBLE.
There is usually a "power struggle" (do you love me or your other nanny more?) and the kids have a hard time understanding that you two are a team.

Are you sure you can't handle it? Kids only get older and get easier to care for. Maybe you could make a lot more money. But if you can't do it you can't. If I was you or your MB I'd be terrfied of 6 kids under two!!!
If they do decide to go with a second nanny, maybe you could help find her? Or help them interview the new nanny so you get what you want out of a "teammate" and so do they.

leftcoastmama said...

Holy shit!

Talk about a fertile Myrtle!

In my opinion she should have gotten a second nanny for the second set of twins.

Where the second set a surprise or did she mislead you?

Is this also a twin pregnancy?

Absolutely insist on a second nanny even if she stays only a year that'll be enough for the girls to be in preschool at least part time.

I hope you are being compensated well.

MissDee said...

Thank you MissWI and LeftCoastMama for taking the words out of my mouth!

IMO, working with a second nanny is like working with a co-teacher in an early childhood classroom. It either works or doesn't work. In order for it to work, both need to have similar personalities and be on the same page in terms of guidance, management and discipline techniques. Failure to have these will result in a disaster.

A few posters said something about hiring someone to come in during "crunch time", such as nap and rest times. Others have suggested hiring a second nanny as an assistant. Whatever you and MB decide to do, I agree with the above poster who suggested interviewing the second nanny.

Because of my experiences having obnoxious co-teachers (K comes to mind several years ago, telling me the classroom was her way or I could find another room to work in, and asking me personal questions like if I am gay and starting a rumor that I was because I never spoke of a boyfriend or ever brought one to meet any of the staff members) I suggest meeting with the new nanny for coffee and getting to know her prior to her starting. If you two don't get along, you are setting yourself up for a power struggle, and children can tell when their caregivers don't get along with each other, using it toward their advantage.

Let us know what happens....

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

Is the mom a SAHP? If so, is she in the trenches with you every day all day? If she does not work alongside you the majority of the time, then you need a "nanny's helper".

If mom is a WAHP/WOHP, then you need a nanny's helper or maybe 2 nanny's helpers!

If my math is right, you may have 5 or 6 charges under 2 or just 2 and under. That calls for more than 1 set of hands, and I think you need to express to your MB (who seems to realize just what a heavy load she is asking you to bear) that your wish would be for a helper or 2 to allow you to continue to provide the quality of care she wants for her children. I would assume that your MB knows thew workload is going to be HUGE, so I would emphasize the desire for excellent care for her kids in any discussion.

In your shoes, I would suggest 2 college age students or aspiring nannies, to work 30+ hours a week or so, one from early am to early pm (7a - 1p?) and one from early pm to early evening (1p - 7p?), with you as the lead nanny.

I would also want a raise, and I would want to be able to sit in on and participate in the interviews of any candidates they chose to bring in.

You also need to talk to MB and make sure you are both on the same page as to what to expect from the helpers, and that your MB acknowledges that YOU will be the on-site manager with HER as the back-up for your decisions and that you and she will present a united front to the helpers.

(And yes, of course the DB/Parenting Partner needs to be involved in all this as well. I was trying to be a bit concise!)

NannyJenn said...

Wow, you have your hands full! I don't blame you for feeling overwhelmed, especially if MB has another set of twins.

I don't think you would be out of line to suggest a second nanny. We had a second nanny when my previous charges were all 3 and younger. Previous DB was a pilot, so was gone 2-3 days a week at that time. We hired someone to come in from 3 or 4 until 8 PM. She was there to help me with the dinner/bath time crunch and then help MB get them all to bed as I was off at 6. What previous posters have said is correct. Having two nannies can be tricky and it's very important to find two people who work together well.

Good luck OP!

DC nanny said...

Just to offer up another point of view, I've worked with 2 other nannies, and it was great! Now they're my close friends. I agree that both nannies have to "click" and be on the same page, which you would be able to determine if you were involved in the interview process.

Just wanted to share a good experience, because working with another nanny isn't always bad.

Susannah said...

Wow! I think having an extra person or persons is the way to go and I would suggest this to your employer.

Who knows she may be thinking the same thing.

I agree it's important to find two people who work well together, but I would be very careful about how you address your concerns about nanny #2. You do not want to come across as being a problem,overly difficult to please, especially to an expectant mother.
If you are perceived as going to be difficult out you will go.

Let me be clear, that I'm not saying you should make your needs and desires known, just be careful how you word things.

Please let us know what happens.

frack said...

LOL ericsmom, I LOVE your comments! Don't forget, 1234, being supernanny and all, does it on the cheap, too.. beings she ain't greedy and all! What a dumb bitch.

leftcoastmama said...

Mom perspective again.

I had two nannies in the past. My third child needed a lot of special care when he came home from the hospital.

My husband and I didn't feel it fair to put the care of three young children one with special needs on one person.

We did include our nanny in round two of interviews. Husband and I met with the girls first and we had our top picks come in to see how they worked along side our current nanny. We took some of her input as well.

Nannies got on well for the year that Nanny 2 was with us.

Both nannies were on equal playing field former nanny was not nanny 2's manager. Nanny 2 was brought in with a specific purpose and I think that helped things.

Honestly had Nanny 1 taken it as a rivalry situation and demanded to be the manager or what have you, we probably would have let her go. That situation was stressful enough without having to deal with a dramatic nanny.

I would frame your desire for a second nanny as being beneficial to the children.

If she is reasonable, and she seems to be, I'm sure she will agree that 6 babies will be too much for just one to handle. IMO the 4 you have is too much.

luckoftheirish said...

With modern technology, she knows if she is having twins before the second trimester. Dont buy another surprise! Twins! I think youd be taking on way too much, without another nanny by your side. What nanny would want to care for five small children alone? It sounds so isolating & stressful. Youd be more like a family home child care provider, than a nanny, imo. Of course youll want another nanny. But I wouldnt expect to be in charge of another nanny. Unless she agrees to that. Best of luck with all of these babies!

nashville nanny said...

Hey Frack...

Why do you feel the need to call another poster a "dumb bitch"?

Hypocrite much?

frack said...

nashville nanny, yep! in this case I do! 1234 didn't leave one decent comment, they were all nasty. So piss on her, and you too! (mean girl!) LOL

Nanny Franny said...

Wow..this mother sounds crazy to me. Who would be ready to have more children after having two sets of twins...all under the age of two??
Oh well, to each his own.

Anyway, you can suggest she hire another nanny. It wouldn't hurt and I would be interested in what she has to say. There is no way one person can adequately care for all five children under age two. It would just be a recipe for disaster OP.

If she isn't fond of the idea for a second nanny, then ultimately it will be up to you to decide if you can stay and handle all five kids.

I personally would quit, but is a personal choice.

I wonder what she had in mind for pay...I mean, if I was offered $40/Hr, I might consider it.

nycmom said...

Yes, another nanny is essential IMO. We also had two nannies for the first year or so after having #3. The main reason was that my older two kids had a long commute to school due to unexpected circumstances and I felt it was unfair to expect my nanny to do that commute with a newborn as well. So Nanny #2 was mainly for assistance with helping the older kids get to school and also for overlap during some difficult times such as afterschool homework/dinner/bath. I previously had 2 caregivers many years ago when I had a newborn and a toddler and was an intern working 80+ hrs/week and my husband was living on the opposite coast.

I think it works best if the parent remains the manager and designates duties to each caregiver. However, if there were a full "staff" involved with a cook, ft housekeeper, etc, then I could see a place for a "manager" role. I also agree that it is important to include Nanny #1 on interviews and ensure the two women get along okay. I don't think it is an ideal situation because undoubtedly each caregiver, just like any parent, is going to have their own quirks, strengths and weaknesses. However, when jobs are clearly delineated and everyone is onboard with the situation, I think it is MUCH better than trying to overpay one person to do a job that is impossible for one person to do as well as two can.

I do not, as a parent, think it would be reasonable for you to ask for a raise in addition to an assistant assuming she is also working full-time hours with significant overlap. In our case, Nanny #1's duties were actually reduced in some areas, such as Nanny #2 taking over kids' laundry and allowing me to give Nanny #1 much more flexibility with her hours for her own needs. I do think you could ask for a raise at the end of the designated employment period of Nanny #2.

lizzy marie said...

This is rude. Do you even nanny or have kids? 2 17 months old and 2 7 month olds...that is a lot for anyone!

And trust me, the older ones arent sleeping most of the day, just part of it. And there would be times when all four kids are awake and needing her.

I did not find your post helpful at all, just judgemental.

Village said...

At least $20-$25 an hour. Closer to the $25 with five children under 3. I can't even imagine that. If the parents balk, insist on a baby nanny. Then they will find out how much nannies can cost.

If you go the second nanny route, I'd go Mother's Helper. You don't want to try to work with another nanny. It could be a nightmare that might turn into a power struggle, and it will make your job much harder. If you have a Mother's Helper, you have institutional control over her, and she could really help with the other children if you are with the babies.

And I do mean babies. A MB who has had two sets of twins could have another set.

Phoenix said...

don't be surprised if mom is pregnant with twins again. To me it sounds like she is a multi egg ovulater.

Run far far away

bostonnanny said...

I would first request a mothers helper not another nanny. I wouldn't want to be replaced because nanny #2 tells mom she would care for all the kids for less. I'm paranoid. I would also request that the first set of twins attend preschool pt. If this women can afford to pop out 5-6 children under 3 while keeping her career and able to afford a nanny then she either 1) is very well off or 2) pays crap. I'm assuming 1 so ask for a helper and preschool pt along with extra vacation time a year.

Personally I wouldn't continue with this position unless I was making $35 per hour but depends on where you live.

me said...

Only one set of twins counts towards the possibility of another set.

Her fist set were identical just a fluke.

The second set being fraternal points to her being a multi ovulater.

I would be out the door even with another nanny or two that will be an insane situation.

If you choose to stay I agree with everyone else get help and get a raise.

Fiona said...

By my counts you're due a raise anyway.

You've been with this family nearly a year= raise.

You are caring for additional children. You should have received a raise when you started caring for the newborn twins. A substantial one since one baby became two.

Sidebar I have a hard time believing in this day in age someone has surprise twins. Especially a mother that carried twins just the year before.

You are due a raise for caring for this new babies or babies.

You are due a raise should you take on a more manegerial role in case a new nanny comes around.

I also agree with the poster who suggested more vacation time. You're going to need it!

Nashville Nanny said...


I love you. Just sayin.

Mean Nashville nanny

MissMannah said...

Holy cow that's a lot of babies! When I see people like this I just can't believe it--why do some get pregnant so easily and some just can't? It isn't fair!

OK, enough complaining.

I personally think you should have asked for a 2nd nanny when the 2nd set of twins were born. I have no idea how you are possibly handling all of them at the same time--I'd be going nuts! Can I nominate you for Supernanny?

1234 said...

Okay, so I take back my last sentence. As I know how poor infant sleep can be especially for someone not skilled in sleep training.

But I stand by everything else.

What is she thinking?

She agreed to stay when one baby turned into two.

No shit it's hard!

It's not going to get any easier just by hiring another nanny.

Have any of you considered that her boss might decrease her pay if that happens?

Probably not because you all think it's appropriate she demand to be nanny manager after 1 year of employment.

Phoenix said...


oooh the 'c' word is not something I approve of. And if you say it again to another woman on this board you will have me to deal with.

I back up my bark so mind your fucking manners.

That is a horrible thing to call a woman. That is like the 'N' word. Its so ugly

1234 said...

I'll take on you, frack and anyone ele who wants to mess with me. You don't know who the fuck your messing with.

Lyn said...

How lonely and bitter do you have to be to want to spend your evening trolling ISYN? Sad.

Phoenix said...

1234 I'm sorry you don't know any other words. Perhaps that comes with your ego.

in order for you to take me on you have to at least have half the intelligence that i do. And sadly you don't.

I'm sure i don't scare you. But stupid people can't be scared. in order for you to have fear you need to be able to process information and get the proper emotional reaction to it.

If you use a word like that. it makes you so very ugly. I know that you can't see that. Which is why you can only use that word as your only insult.

Very sad for you

1234 said...

Phoenix dear, I'm surprised you take such offense at a word you use so frequently yourself.

Perhaps this is the prim and proper version of yourself. Tonight we will all hear about how you attented finishing school , and run a charm school for young ladies.

What are we tonight , Phoenix?

I've honestly lost count of your endless personas.

No tales of your family this time. I have to say I'm surprised.

While we're on the subject of ugly , please refresh my memory.

Now you do ramble on so often darling, so forgive me if I mix up some of the details, but you're married to your brother or your brother is your father?

The details are getting away from me, but your inbred features or strong, I just have to know.

1234 said...

Still nothing from frack.

Can't play with the big girls can we.

Just shout from behind Mama Phoenix and Mama Lyn's skirts.

1234 said...

Lyn no more bored than someone who needs to pose half dressed on the internet to validate themselves.

Lyn said...

Is anything more unbecoming than jealousy, ignorance and hate? You'd be hard pressed to find worse qualities.

I'm off to bed. Hope the rest of you ladies don't let miss sour puss rain on your parades. People like that aren't worth the time it takes to read their comments. :)

Night all! :)

CorgiLover said...

To those of you that gave advice I have an update.

For the 4 or so of you who came here for no other reason than to pick fights or be viglantes. Do you mind carrying on elsewhere? Perhaps you can message each other privately.

CorgiLover said...

To the poster who asked

Mom works out of the home. It's just me and the babies all day.

I agree I should have asked for help when she had the second set of twins, but I think it will all work out.

They did give me a small raise for the second baby.

1234 said...

Lyn I've got nothing to be jealous of in comparison or you and the inbred one.

As I said before you and the others are no match for me.

If someone wants to get nasty with me. I'll get nasty right back.

If MPP comes on and asks me not to use certain language I'll oblige as long as she forbids the actions and language of other posters.

Sorry, Corgi. I gave you my honest opinion. It's unfortunate that some people here can't handle that, and like to start drama that they can't finish.

CorgiLover said...

Spoke to MB after work today.

As of now she does not know for certain if this pregnancy is twins. There is a possibility.She has an appointment coming up soon to confirm.

Over the weekend she and DB came up with the following plan.

1. The new baby or babies will have a baby nurse until they are 6 months old.
2.They are hiring snother nanny. Surprise to me. To take over care of the 6 month olds. Starting now.
Starting next week I'll only be responsible for the girls.
My pay won't be decreased. In fact in August I will receive a small raise.
3. When the baby nurse leaves the oldest set of twins will be sent to preschool/daycare. I will take over care of the now 6 month old twins and the new nanny will take on care of the new baby or babies.

This sounds good to me. They've already selected a nanny I believe so I won't be a part of the interview process.
Any other advice is appreciated.

NYNanny said...


Sounds like they have worked out a solution. I'm glad that you will be getting some help and hopefully you will like the new nanny and future baby nurse.

1234- I didn't get a pay cut when we hired another person, so I'm not sure where you got that from. In fact I got a 30% raise (in addition to hiring a second part time person) when my youngest charge was born because my employers knew how much more work the baby was going to be and wanted me to stay. If you have ever tried to staff a nanny position you would know that finding a nanny to take care of more than three children, particularly if they are young and close in age like my charges were, is difficult. Call any agency with this job description and they would tell you the same thing. There are lots of people who simply won't consider a job taking care of more than three children.

nannyb said...

Plan sounds good, CorgiLover!

I wonder why they didn't do something like this from the start.

The cynical side of me thinks they were trying to see what they could get away with.

I hope you like the new nanny, let us know how things go when she starts.

Theresa said...

I have nothing to add, but 1234's depiction of Phoenix was priceless. I'm still laughing.

mirrormirroronthewall said...

Shouldn't 1234/Theresa be banned from this site? Its only finterest appears to be harassing nannies. Surely the owner can block it? One can only hope.

Susannah said...

1234 has actually given good advice before.

While I may not always agree with the advice or approve with her choice of defending herself.

It would make for a boring blog if MPP banned everyone that didn't think nanniese were unique and delicate snowflakes.

Especially when the #1 goal of the blog is to report naughty nannies.

Susannah said...


I'm glad your bosses have come up with a plan that will give you some relief and a raise!

How nice for you. Keep us updated!

Katie said...

That's a lot of babies!

I'd still make sure your duties are clearly defined.

I can forsee trouble even though the new nannies will be helpful.

On the plus side maybe you'll get to leave the house.
I can't imagine you got out much with 4 little ones.

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

Sorry for interrupting the diatribe some of you ladies are having... but both the "N" and "C" words are forbidden.

I could care less about any other language... but those two words are especially demeaning and have no place on this blog.

And just so it is clear... no references to sexual orientation are permitted either, joking or not.


WeDontComeHereToWatchBullies said...

MPP, why do you allow posts that are nothing more than harassing other posters here? How is that any better than swear words? Its worse because it has nothing to do with anything. Its just bullying. I don't think any particular group of people are snowflakes. I just think when garbage like this is allowed it brings down the whole web site to a lower level and take away from any good that is done. If I wanted to see hatred, Id visit PAFO. Is there any chance you'll start deleting posts that are attacks and nothing more? If not, why is that okay with you? I'm trying to understand how that adds anything to this site.

MaryPoppin'Pills said...


If I notice a Reader has nothing to offer the blog but nastiness, they get deleted. In the past week alone I have had to remove several posts for that reason. But if someone that typically gives helpful advice involves themselves with bickering, I try and stay out of it. Otherwise, I would be so busy moderating I wouldn't have time to do much else.

For those that are easily offended, once they realize it is a comment that isn't of interest to them, they should just pass over it.

Nanny Sarah said...

I will probably have this post deleted, but I remember when I first started visiting this blog a few years back...actually about 4 or 5 years back, MPP dropped the "F" bomb on a semi-regular basis.

I have noticed she doesn't use it anymore which makes this blog much more classy and professional.

I remember her telling MONKEYSHINES not to "f" with her!! LOL.

Phoenix said...

I have never used that word. Ever. You can go back and look at every post I have ever written.

It makes the user very ugly. But that is your doing not mine. You can't insult a woman with that word. No woman no matter what deserves that. And I fucking hate women.

I guess I just don't like stupidity. I do not think you are intelligent enough to be here.

And I do think you have a lot to be jealous of Lyn for. She is a very cute girl and a smart one at that.

and btw... I do have many personas. LOL. I'm a redhead.


I do apologize. Some people get out of line for no reason. And they don't fit back into place well. Trying to fit the square peg into the round hole.

But what I was saying is that I really think that you should ask for a large raise or leave. I know a woman who had 3 sets of twins. She just multi ovulated. She was a mom without help. I don't know how she did it!

I am happy that they are giving you help. Do you have any doubts about it? Meaning you don't think they would replace you would they?

1234 said...

I'm sorry if someone wants to up and call me a bitch for no reason particular then I will come right back at them.

You don't get to dictate what can and can not be said Phoenix, and you have used that word.

In fact I don't think your issue is the word. You don't like me because I've called you out time and time again for your nonsense.
I agree Lyn is cute, but I have no reason to be jealous of her.

MissMannah said...

Wow, you people are nutso. I should go away on vacation more often, this blog gets a hell of a lot more exciting when I'm gone!

OP, I'm glad it worked out the way you wanted it to and you're getting a raise. You'll need to let us know how you get along with the new nanny later on down the road. (and if the new baby ends up being twins again!)

Phoenix said...

a redhead I'm not...

wow. are you blind?

Phoenix said...

MPP had the rules of no 'N' word or 'C' word long before I ever mentioned it.

Like me she doesn't like those words. They are deragotory.

Calling someone a fucking bitch is not the same. i know what I am. A fucking bitch is one of them. I don't care. I speak my mind.

I've had lots of my comments deleted when I've crossed the line and i didn't care. I knew when I did.

MPP runs this blog. No one else. The only thing I have for her is respect. She does this on her own free time and lots of you shit on her. She doesn't have to maintain this blog but she does.

Shame on you all for throwing her under the bus. If you have a problem with me, its with me alone.

she doesn't take sides. especially not mine. If I get out of line she will tell me just like she does with every other poster.

Good grief

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

I am not Phoenix, and she has nothing on me. She will also tell you I have deleted quite a few of her posts in the time she has been here.

Phoenix said...

1234. I actually never paid attention to you until you said that word. And that word is what I have an issue with. I have never used it, ever. I know what I say. I can't even say it, it makes my skin crawl

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

Thank you Phoenix... we posted at the same time.

I guess that proves I am not you, lol.

Phoenix said...

that is true!

unless it is a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde kind of deal. Both personalities using different hands to type on two different computers

If that is the case. We are headed to the loony bin!


MaryPoppin'Pills said...

I try my best to be fair... it isn't easy running a blog and dealing with several different personalities, ideas and opinions. I don't play favorites but I do respect those that give helpful advice no matter what the backlash may be.

Without so many differing opinions to make it interesting, I doubt my blog would have as much traffic as it does. And for those that are offended by the language, all I can say is I am sorry and filter out the worst of it.

And to Nanny Sarah: guilty ;-)

Manhattan Nanny said...

There are a couple of tiresome people here who will argue on and on back and forth ad infinitum
The best way to deal with them is to not respond. Being ignored will drive them nuts.

Bethany said...

I see the board is having it's monthly.

In 3 to 7 days we'll be back to normal.


To Corgi,

My one concern would be what is the plan for days nanny two & baby nurse can't come to work. Do MB & DB have a back up plan?

If you are looking longterm, what will happen when the now 6 month olds go to preschool? Will you be the constant and assume care for the new baby at that point or will you be kicked out?

Phoenix said...

what I am really interested in is seeing if this mom is going to have twins again.

OP, when you find out. Let us know!

lahlahlah said...

mpp thanks for explaining it to me. Ill just ignore them and not worry about it.

Phoenix said...

Im surprised you needed someone to explain to you how to ignore people

frack said...

Wow, this thread sure exploded! I was going to actually apologize to 1234 for calling her a bitch but since I need to put my big girl panties on I won't, LOL. Anyway, I have to work and couldn't respond til now so it wasn't like I was avoiding you girl, I ain't a-skeered of you!
Anyhow, I'm done with this little bitch fight, I've got much better things to do. Sleep tight, don't let those bedbugs bite! And hey Phoenix, love the new pic- you are one HOT FUCKING BITCH! (add that one to the plain old "fucking bitch" on your list, ok? LOL)

1234 said...

I think calling someone a fucking bitch is the same.

Actually, Phoenix we danced before. Go back take a look.

You'll also find where you used the c word.

You hypocrite.

I and anyone else can question anything we like.

MMP, you do play favorites.

1234 said...

You'rre a red head by virtue of a dye job.

1234 said...

How rude of you Phoenix!.

You had no reason to be so nasty to lala at all!

But I guess it's ok because you get a get of jail free card.

Frack, you're not fooling me you wait a day while everyone else fights your battle for you. A coward is what you are at best.

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

If you would kindly put up the link to where Phoenix used the C word, I will remove it. I am not perfect and honestly must have missed it. I easily receive over 100+ e-mails a day, in addition to moderating, publishing, etc...

I know you have been around awhile and I appreciate your comments but if you continue to slam me I will have them deleted.

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

Thank you, lahlahlah.

CorgiLover said...

To Katie & the other poster who asked

They have aback up in place . They have various family members and friends that are able to pitch in when I am unable to work. I assume it will be the same with the new nanny. But, I'll make sure to get that in writing.

I'm not worried about losing my job. I'll have one for the next few years if I want it.

CorgiLover said...

Thanks again to everyone that gave useful advice.

I don't think I will share anything else. I may have shared too much. I think I made a mistake posting here in the first place.

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

If you are uncomfortable with anything that you shared, I will remove the comment you are bothered with. Just give me the time it was posted.

lahlahlah said...

you're welcome mpp

Thanks 1234. I didn't think much of her anyway.

Nanny Sarah said...

LOL...MPP....I actually thought you would delete my post.

Phoenix said...

um. I havn't died my hair once. ever in my life. Heres a hint. A real redhead has my skin color.

you are the biggest idiot I've ever met in my entire life.

Shall I find a picture of when I was 3 with my beautiful red hair?

what a creep you are, seriously

Phoenix said...


dyed... wow. seriously can't spell today. The sun has been killing me

Phoenix said...


thank you for the compliment girl.

Sadly I was made fun a lot when I was little for having my hair color. I was so embarrassed and i wanted to badly to dye my hair blonde but my mother never let me. I am so happy she didn't. i'm finally thankful I have it

MissWI said...

is it just me or is aruguing with people you have never ever met or would not even associate with over the internet just seem a little POINTLESS? Doesn't anyone have anything better to do like idk WORK? or go outside or something

if someone gives me crap for comments I know what i do? ignore it cuz it doesnt matter!

all of this arguing is not relavant to real life so why bother with it?

OP good luck with the new nanny and baby nurse! Happy to see you are getting a raise!

MissMannah said...

"go outside or something"

That's easy to say when you live in Wisconsin!

Phoenix said...

yeah. one doesn't go outside where I live right now. especially me. can you like a lobster?

MissMannah said...

Yep, my husband is very pale and he has the lobster look going on right now. You can't really tell from my picture, but I'm actually pretty dark and get really tan in the summer. I never burn and it has gotten me in the bad habit of never wearing sunscreen. My boss scolded me yesterday about it.

Phoenix said...

I burn even with sunscreen. I have a black shall (I guess would be the right word) that I use to cover up with. I have to wear it when I drive especially cuz I get burned through the windshield.

your husband should do something tho. My Grandpa Red just got diagosed with melanoma. He had my skin and hair when he was younger. back then they didn't have sunscreen. My poor grandma on my dads side was a redhead too and she was a lifeguard! Shes got skin cancer as well. My dad is a black irish and has some skin cancer, not melanoma but still.

I'm seriouslym freaked out about it. They say tanning is bad for you too though. Tanning is your skins reaction to the sun. Instead of just your skin cells burning they get damaged :/

MissMannah said...

Ouch, that's a scary family history you have there. My husband does wear sunscreen every time he's outside and like you, he burns anyway. Just not as bad as he would if he went without. Yes, I've heard that getting a tan is just as bad but I do it anyway. And then I yell at my friends for going to tanning beds--I'm a total hypocrite.

BTW, I love your new picture you've put up. Very sexy! I should put a new one up, this one is 3 years old.

Phoenix said...

Aw, thank you! I got tired of my other one. I don't like how washed out I get when I wear lighter colored clothing. I normally only wear black and red. My clothes aren't very exciting. Open my closet and you can choose between black or red or some dark brown.

ericsmom said...

yeah I usually wear just red,black and pink. Just my fav. colors that make me feel good

OhhPlease said...

Um. I just wanted to say CorgiLover that I am interested to know if you MB is going to have twins. Keep us posted if you can. And I am glad they came up with a solution! Good luck :)

Phoenix said...

Yup I want to know if they are twins too!

Yeah I can't do pink, white, or yellows, or pastels very well.

One thing I look good in is green but I tend to stay away from it. I look in the mirror and think Leprechaun