Moving On when a Job Ends

Just need some words of advice or encouragement here. How do you leave a child that you have helped raise and a job you have loved so much? I have been a full time nanny for my current family for 5 years. I started when 'S' was first born, and I've been with them ever since. This was my first full time nanny job. The family no longer needs me because 'S' will be in school full time and my MB will be able to get him after school. I am not happens and I understand but I am so heartbroken about missing the family!! I know this is part of the job and it's not realistic to think we can stay forever but this is hard!!! I honestly didn't think it would be this difficult. Just want to know how some of you nannies out there deal with this!


I need a break said...

I understand how you feel. My position also recently ended after eight years. I made photo books of the kids and I try to occasionally take them out for lunch or something fun. I will still watch them on the occasional Saturday night too. Also as with anything time really does lessen the pain. Once you start with a new family you will be able to focus on them and not as much your previous family.

Laura said...

You've been so blessed to work with such a lovely child and parents. Keep in touch with them! Occasional babysitting, lunches, or dinners with them will help. Above all, remain positive and remember how lucky you were to be a part of their lives!

Bethany said...

It's normal to feel this way when leaving a great position especially when you've been with a family a long time.

It's ok to be sad but aloow yourself to move on and enjoy your new job and charges.

If both sides are willing you can still saty in touch by sending occasional cards or emails, and even weekend sitting from time to time.


Nanny Franny said...

Unfortunately, this is very common in the nanny profession.

Eventually all kids grow up and someday no longer need a nanny.

This does not mean that you have to erase them out of your life however.

Keep in touch. Schedule a visit every now and then.

And let the parents know, if they ever need a "date night" babysitter, to call you first! ♥

FormerSTLNanny said...

I know the feeling! I was a nanny for four years until the youngest child went to kindergarten last year. It was so hard to not only leave them, but have a new way of life myself as I'd been with them every day. What helped me was finding another job that I loved. I didn't want to be a nanny again because I felt that i would always compare the new family to the other one that I loved so much. Instead, I got a job with an elementary school working with pre-k kids. I LOVE my new job. I still miss my nanny job, but the sadness isn't really there anymore. The family recently moved out of state which is the hardest part, but I still keep in touch with Skype and plan to visit them in a couple months.

Phoenix said...

I think you should be at ease to know that you will now get to spread your love to another family and help influence the life of another child. You can always be in S' life and stay in touch. I am 26 and I still have contact with my nanny I had when I was little

Fiona said...

If you are able stay in touch. That's the one nice thing about living in the age of the internet.

No it's not the same as seeing them daily, but it's something.

also make yourself available for once in awhile babysitting.

It's the tough part of this career but a bittersweet end means a beautiful start.

Fiona said...

Also, I like to keep a memory book of all my families.

after 30 plus years in this biz it's something fun to look back on.

OP said...

Thank y'all for your kind is nice to be reassured that my feelings are normal and it gets better over time!!!

Katie said...

I'm in the same boat as you, OP. I've been with the same family the last 4 years. Little One will be in full day pre-k starting in the fall.

They go on vacation the month of August so my last day will be in July.

I'm sad I've cared for her since she was two weeks old.

I have a new family lined up and I'm sure I'll bond with them as well.
But it still breaks my heart, this is the downsied of the nanny career.

Tashinalove said...

I know EXACTLY what you're going through, sweets! Unfortunately heartache comes with the territory. :( I've been a nanny since 2004 and I mourn for months following a position with a family. It's SO hard, yes, but being a nanny is also SO SO rewarding, so keep in mind things WILL get BETTER! (: Promise.

ericsmom said...

oh god you all act liked someone died. I hope your former employers don't read this and laugh.

OneFUn nanny said...

Wow ericsmiom,

I hope you get shitty sitters that never have any feelings towards your children.