I currently work as a nanny in the California Bay Area and take home about $600 - $700 a week after taxes. Boyfriend and I very recently decided to attempt to start saving for a down payment on a house, but continuing our lives in California is totally unreasonable for us--it would probably take at least 10 years! We're both very interested in the Portland area of Oregon, and discovered that housing there would be way more within our reach. We were thinking about saving as much as we can here for the next year or two, and then moving there, finding jobs, and renting temporarily until we finish saving. My question is this: will I be able to find a well-paying nanny job in Oregon? I'm not worried so much about making as much as I am here, as from what I can tell and from what I know about California, our cost of living is quite a bit higher here. I just want to move there feeling confident that I can, first of all, find a job, period, and second of all, find a job where I will feel confident in my ability to put away money to continue our path to home ownership. So are any of you ISYN nannies Oregon nannies, or nannies who know something about Oregon? Even if it's not information specifically about the Portland area, I'd love any advice you can give me! Thanks!


Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

I live in CA and yes, I agree w/ is expensive living here.

I don't know much about Oregon, but I have an idea for you. Why not go on + and browse the Nanny list? You can see what a typical Nanny salary is, etc. Also, why not look into some agency websites in the area and see what they offer as well.

PortlandNanny said...

I work 10 hour days/5 days a week for two pre-school children in NE Portland. I take home about $650/week. I have been a Nanny in Portland for 11 years for 3 different families, and have worked in the Laurelhurst, Ladds Edition, and Alameda neighborhoods.
I have had the best luck just posting adds on craigslist!!
I really want to get out of Portland! Anaheim California is in my near future :-)

SF nanny said...

Bay area parents pay really well compared to the rest o California. I find hard to believe you'll get as much or close to what you currently get here. Good luck anyway!

prptytxs said...

Have you ever lived in OR? We own property in CA & OR. The col is evened out by the lower paying jobs. There are plenty of affordable homes in CA right now.

NannyK said...

Just moved back to California after living in Oregon for more than 3 years. Your best bet is to get in contact with sharyn at caregivers placement agency. She is amazing, and will find you a well paying nanny job! :) Beaverton, or (only 7 miles outside of Portland) is a great area to live. Check out la salle apartments there if you are interested in renting for awhile. :)

Chelsea said...

Thanks for the advice.

SF Nanny -- I'm not looking to make as much as I'm making here. The plan is to save while I'm ahead, and then make enough to cover a mortgage and living expenses once I move.

prtytxs -- I live in San Jose. The only "affordable" areas I know of in California are in the Central Valley or WAY north. I'd never EVER live in the Central Valley. I'd consider moving farther into Northern California, but I don't think there are many areas there where the nanny opportunity would be very high. Our price limit is under $250,000.

NannyK -- Thank you, that's very helpful!

Ice Queen said...

Portlander here.

We have a decent amount of available jobs but I'm sure just as many qualified candidates. It took me a long time to secure a consistent job with a contract and taxes deducted.

Then again, I did not work through an agency. If you do you'll probably have more luck, especially if you can land a NW Portland job; that area, Alphabet District as well as Slabtown and anywhere in the Pearl, is expensive and the positions will likely reflect that.

As for housing, if your budget allows for up to 250k, you will have no problem securing a decent home here if you plan to save ahead of time. If you're willing to live further from the city, there are plenty of cheaper apartments to rent that would help you to save even more.

The one major thing I'd say you should consider is sunshine. Do you live in an area with a lot of it? Can you handle almost none? Summers can be hot here, but this summer has been cool, misty and not super sunny so far. It's July already and we have only had 3-4 good days to float down the river.

That's a HUGE part of living here, and in the end is what usually drives people away. It rains a LOT. Like at least 75% of the time. Even in the summer depending on the year.

Not trying to discourage you at all because this is a GREAT place to live! I just think it's best to be really prepared for the weather changes, and I'm not familiar with the weather of California. :)

Chelsea said...

Thank you Ice Queen!

I know about the rain, and I think I'm prepared for it. We actually don't get ENOUGH rain here. I'm the type that prefers to be cold, and I'm not a huge fan of summer, period. I really don't mind rain, and from what I understand about Portland, a lot of the rainy days aren't torrential downpours--just wet days. Am I wrong? I'm used to months of no rain followed by a week of flood-inducing monsoons, lol.

The only thing I'm concerned about in terms of weather is snow. I do NOT like snow, at all. But my family is from Michigan, and when I think of the sort of snow that I hate, I think of Michigan winters. I could survive a little snow here and there--what's the winter like in Portland?

NannyJenn said...

I grew up in Oregon (Hood River) and have worked as a nanny in West Linn, so I'll chime in.

Winters in the Portland area are generally mild as they do not get much snow in the actual Portland area. If you like snow though you can always head to the mountains for skiing, sledding, snowboarding, etc.

Trista said...

Another portlander here, heya. I'd say definitely contact some agencies and go from there. I've been a nanny for 10 years now and have found it increasingly difficult to find well paying full time work. The competition seems to be fierce as of late too, with the bad economy and all.

Once you find a good job, portlands thr best place to nanny. So many things to do with kids, you'll never get bored...even with all of the rain we have :)

I'd be happy to talk more if you're interested, the more local nanny confidants the better. Best of luck!