Especially Sad Ads...

1) In transition looking for babysitter - (Seattle) Im looking for a babysitter who can temperarily work with me... Im asking to have this next month of watching my two children for free...I am trying to get back on my feet...Im getting out of an extremely abusive relationship and divorcing.
Submitted by MEEBO guest. Thank you!

2) Seeking babysitter - (Virginia Beach) Hello. I am seeking a babysitter for my little sister who is six years old. We lost our mother in 2010 unexpectedly and our father retired from the Navy and now works from Monday to Friday, 2-11 p.m. but sometimes later. I recently broke my leg and by doctor's orders, I am unable to be up and about as much as I would need to be to take care of her. A payment plan can be discussed but times are hard (doctors bills and moving expenses got us) and I won't be able to pay a WHOLE lot. All I request is that you be responsible and drug free. My home is a non-smoking environment. If you are a babysitter or have childcare experience, please e-mail me and we can discuss things further. Thanks. :)
Submitted by Anonymous. Thank you!

3) Babysitter - (Norfolk) I am a 15 yr old student and I love little children. I prefer ages 6 wks - 2 yrs. I am expecting my own child in September. I vow to care for your child as I would take care of my own. I've been babysitting since I was about 10yrs old. I have younger nieces and nephews. My price range would be $70.00 a week. I can come to your home, or you may bring the child to my home. Please e-mail me as soon as possible if your'e interested. Thanks!
Submitted by Anonymous. Thank you!

4) Need Baysitting Summer Job - (Missouri) I'm 12 years old, but don't let my age fool you i'm very mature for my age, being an honor student and I truely love children. I can work any day or time but you have to call and you have to pay in advance. I work with newborns to 10 year olds. I am very fun and active and I know how to cook and clean so I can help you with that too. I've had a lot of experience with babysitting considering I have a huge family and I babysat many children in the past. I hope that I hear from you.
*Compensation is 10.00-12.00 an hour
*I work part-time
*You can contact my e-mail.
Submitted by LS. Thank you!

5) Looking for Sitter - (Orlando) Hi! I am looking for a sitter for tomorrow morning, and then possibly for the occasional date night, etc. Prefer someone close...your house or mine. Teenagers encouraged to apply. My kids are 2, 5 and 8 years old, they are easy to care for and play well with each other. If you are interested, please email me with your name, rates, and any experience you have. Thanks!
Submitted by Anonymous Nanny. Thank you!

6) Childcare needed asap! - (NC) I am looking for childcare in my home for my 4 year old daughter. My husband and I are very busy with work and school and just don't have the time right now to give her the care she needs. Thats where you come in! I need a responsible individual to watch over our daughter, to devote as much time and love and attention as they can! Hours needed: Monday and Tuesday 8am-8pm, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9:00am until 9pm (maybe later if my husband is selling a car) This would be a great opportunity for an older teenager, stay-at-home mom or someone needing extra money. Compensation is negotiable!!!! Please call 642-**** so I can set up interviews. Services will be needed starting Sunday, July 1st.
Submitted by NCmom. Thank you!


jen said...

For #2: if her dad is retired military, shouldn't her and her sister have medical? I know me and my brother did until we were 21 (and if I'm not mistaken, until 24 if you're in school/college) Just makes me wonder if sometimes people aren't trying to give a sob story to get one over, you know? I hope I'm wrong.

And #5/6: wanting care within hours or a day? How can these parents possibly check a person out well enough? I feel bad for those poor kids. So scary!

UmassSlytherin said...

sad ads indeed. :(

for number one: I can only imagine this ad was written in a moment of desperation. I understand where she is coming from, but the reality of getting out of abusive situations and divorce is that your life falls apart for awhile, and what your child needs most is for you to be with them, not leave them with people you cannot trust and do not know. the best thing for this woman to do would be to seek help with the state, and explore support for abused women (housing, etc).

I understand how difficult it is to pay the bills and be going through a divorce. But leaving your child with strangers for free is not the answer. If she is going through an abusive situation, that is the really important time to make sure your child is with you or someone you can trust. I don't think this woman is thinking clearly.

I truly feel bad for this child.

Bethany said...

1. I wonder if she knows of a shelter in her area that would find care for her child. I'd be scared to leave her with someone on CL. I mean her abusive ex could easily find them that way.

2. I wonder why they don't qualify for military benefits.

3. This just depresses me.

4. How is a 12 year old allowed to post on cl? That's a crime waiting to happen.
5. Again with the last minute care. Reschedule or talk to a friend and see if their regular sitter can cover.

6. So they only have 1 day a week to devote to THEIR child! Ugh! I know we shouldn't judge,but some of us want a child badly, and those that have them can't be bothered to spend any time with them.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

Number one and two are truly sad. The rest of them are pretty normal, I guess.

I really feel for the divorcing/abused mother. She is probably just very desperate and is hoping there is an angel out there who will help her and her family in this time of need. Hopefully, she can qualify for welfare and childcare assistance to help her back on her feet again.

The second one is tough too.

I really feel for these posters. Life can be pretty tough all around.

MissMannah said...

Jen, I wondered that myself. I am willing to believe the two people who posted their sob stories but I have a feeling that they only put it in there to make people feel sorry for them so they'll be more willing to work for free/cheap. I have sympathy for their situations but I am not going to help them out when they can clearly help themselves first and not have to resort to begging on CL.

NotAnArrangedMarriage said...

1.)Women who choose abusive men to marry and have children with always expect the world to cater to them when they decide its time to leave. Your piss poor planning does not constitute an emergency on my part.

fluffywhitetowels said...

Two hallmarks of ads designed to envoke emotion and manipulate are: misspellings & "god bless!"

In no other business transaction, would (or should) someone use a sob story to get a discount. Can you imagine doing this in any situation? Some people have no sense of pride or dignity.

I certainly have a soft spot for tough times. I've had my own & it was scary to say the least. But I never ever expected anyone else to bail me out, so to speak. It was our job, as a family to get through it together.

Phoenix said...

#3 - 15 and prego. so stupid. one of my friends little sister is 15 and she is actively trying to get pregnant. Her boyfriend found out what she was doing and stopped dating her. So she has been sleeping around and not taking her birth control. Why? She thinks it would be cool to be a teen mom. I mean look they are on TV! They can't stop her. They lock her in her bedroom when she gets home so she can't go out. So what does she do? She skips school and goes to the park with strange boys and sleeps with them... did I mention she's 15?

some of these adds like #1 and #2... don't they have the Y or something in their town?

#4 - sounds very mature. i would let her watch my kid

what is wrong with #5?

UmassSlytherin said...

To Notanarrangedmarriage:
what troll are you?
You don't deserve a response, but here is mine: educate yourself. You sound like an idiot. We women need to stick together, not berate each other with ignorant, closed-minded attacks.

Nice job victim-blaming. Where did you learn that? From your parents? I feel bad for your friends and sisters: what if they were to marry someone and then be abused? You would be a shitty support system.

Go back to your troll rock. There is no place for you here.

Bethany said...

OMG Phoenix, that's scary,! getting pregnant is the least of that girls worries!

She could end up dead or with an STD

I don't have a problem with a 12 year old sitting, but I wouldn;t want my 12 year old advertising on CL. I would possibly allow him/her to sit for friends and family that I know extremely well.

youpickedhim said...

Umass, why are you trolling me? Can't stay on topic? When you start attacking posters, that's trolling. Just because you don't agree with me, that does not make ME a troll.

umasssisaschoolforrealwinners said...

UMASSSLYTHERIN: you realize you're doing exactly what you're accusing youpickedhim of doing, right? How is calling someone an idiot sticking together? How is telling someone they don't belong here helpful and non trolly? Is this your blog? You get to kick anyone out who doesn't have the same opinion as you? Didn't think so.

Must have hit a nerve, lol.

UmassSlytherin said...

UMass is a pretty good school. I enjoyed it. And I was not responding to "youpickedhim" I was responding to "notanarrangedmarriage."

I stand by what I said. I don't feel standing up for women's rights and supporting and empowering battered women and domestic violence victims is trolling.

Most of the women (obviously not all) on this blog are strong, supportive, empowering women. I feel that victim-blaming has no place here. The only purpose your comment(s) serve is to put ignorance in the spotlight and educate others regarding domestic violence.

"youpickedhim" and all your other troll monikers: you are an idiot. Anyone who would defend ignorance is an idiot in my book. Calling someone who would victim-blame an idiot is appropriate: calling someone an idiot with no cause is not.

So you can suck it. I surround myself with strong, supportive women who are my friends and sisters. You are not like this. You are judgemental and ignorant. Your comments show this.

umassisjudgmentalandignorant said...

The first time you're a victim, after that a volunteer. Grow up. You sound like a whiny child who isn't getting her way. Troll.

lol said...

How is being a bully and name calling standing up for womens rights? You're delusional at best.

MissMannah said...

UMass, I'm going to play devil's advocate and say that this person who keeps changing her screenname has a point. It has happened time and time again that women who made bad decisions have expected others to bail them out. But that's not the real world. In the real world, you have to take care of yourself and especially your children. If you make a bad decision, you take the necessary steps to rectify the situation yourself. I am not victim-blaming at all, because I have been there. I got out of my abusive relationship and got help from the right resources that did not include the childcare portion of CL.

Get back on track said...

Is there a way to report this one poster posting under different monikers? I'm sure MPP will be able to tell it is all one person.
And before i get this back on track, I was in an abusive relationship in college. He started out as the sweetest and most charming guys of those "he seemed so nice " guys you hear about on the news. By the time he started sexually abusing me, his subtle emotional abuse had destroyed my self esteem and i had no fight or confidence to leave. Once he realized that, it all went to hell. I was eventually able to pull myself out and while i deal with minor self esteem problems, i have an amazing and healthy relationship now. Sure, go ahead and blame me for what happened. But know this, it is when a woman blames herself that she gets stuck in the abusive relationship. A strong and courageous woman is able to see it isn't her fault to be beaten or raped or demeaned and get out of the toxic relationship.

Now that I've totally hijacked this, i wonder if the 15 year old will find any jobs. I feel like most people would feel she does not have good judgement

whatsinamoniker said...

I was punched in the face by an ex. I dumped him that day. I have little sympathy for women who go on forums like CL and beg for freebies. The easy way out isn't going to get you anywhere.

If MPP wanted us to commit to a single handle, she would make sure we did. I use different monikers bc its allowed. Maybe you're confused about where you are. But I'm following the rules. Unlike some people who are trying to play hitler. I think different points of view make this place more interesting.

Would I help a woman in need? I always do. But that's not going to stop me from judging them for making poor descisions. Just like I'm judged for not thinking highly of people who beg. Were all judged and we can all be ignorant. But when it comes to abuse, I think personal responsibility takes someone further than coddling.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said... jaw is on the floor now.

How can all you posters be so judgmental regarding abused women??!!

Don't you see there are children involved?

So if a woman is being abused, then she deserves it just because she married the guy. And worse, if she has kids w/him, then it is even more her fault.

Many women end up dead. There are many who end up being killed by their spouses.

If you don't believe me, turn on the five o' clock news tomorrow.

Bethany said...

I think it's interesting we all assumed number one is a female. There are no indicators of gender and could just as easily be a male leaving a female or another male.

Witht the exception of a few trolls . I think most people are sympathetic to the situation, but questioning the wisdom of seeking help on Craigslist.

Phoenix said...


is 100% correct. We don't know that the first poster is a female. It very well could be a man.

It is not fair to judge any relationship. Men usually don't come forward because thet are embarrassed to show people he was being weak.

Good observation Bethany!

MissMannah said...

Amy, you said: "So if a woman is being abused, then she deserves it just because she married the guy."

That is taking everything on this thread out of context because nobody said anything remotely like that.

To the person who doesn't want an moniker: when you refuse to properly identify yourself, you appear troll-like. It is a simple as that. Yes, you are following the rules, but there is something to be said about those who choose to fit into societal norms. The norm here is to pick a moniker and stick with it so we know who's who.

Linda said...

You ladies are priceless. I'm not the previous "renegade" poster who uses various monikers, but I'm just as guilty. I post on this blog all the time and have never once used the same moniker. And guess what? The sun still rises every day!

Phoenix said...

OMG Linda! that is so fantastic. Here i thought there were lot of stupid people. Tunrs out it was just you. Sigh of relief the whole world is stupid, just the one person

LookInTheMirrorr said...

Phoenix, that's so uncalled for. Why are you being such a bitch to Linda? How on earth could what she have said offended you? Seriously, grow up...

Linda Again said...

OMG Linda! that is so fantastic. Here i thought there were lot of stupid people. Tunrs out it was just you. Sigh of relief the whole world is stupid, just the one person

Oh snap, girl! Boy you sure did put me in my place, didn't you? Clever clever girl you are.

Oh nos! Her royal highness Phoenix called me stupid! However shall I sleep tonight?!

LOL. Like I said, priceless... :D

MissMannah said...

Phoenix, I really hate to tell you this but your initial hunch was right...the whole world really is stupid. And getting worse.

A said...

Linda, judging by her posts & photo, I think she's a he and an ESL student. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

??? said...

Amy, where did you read that? Another blog?

boggle said...

Phoenix, I really hate to tell you this but your initial hunch was right...the whole world really is stupid. And getting worse.

For sure.

Well, except for Phoenix and Miss Mannah, of course!

nycmom said...

I think it's quite clear that people who do not choose one moniker tend to be ruder and more antagonistic simply because they lack accountability. That is their choice, but I think it is silly not to acknowledge it does affect your behavior. When this site first was around, we could all be anonymous and having monikers definitely changed the tone on here.

As sites like urbanbaby and youbemom show, no ID/accountability brings out the worst in some people. Not that a moniker means we all "know" each other, but if you stick with one it does mean we get some sense of each other in this forum. I do occasionally post a rare comment under a different title (maybe once every 2-3 months), but that is specifically when I want to present something and not have it clouded by preconceptions of me and all I have shared on here in the past.

So, yes, there will always be posters who do not stick with a dedicated moniker and they will almost always be those who feel free to write/speak with impunity, and are thus unkind and rude (sad commentary on what it means when we feel "free!"). I'm sure that is freeing in some way, but I'm not sure it is the best approach for a "community" such as ISYN has become.

Nonetheless, that is just one opinion and PP is correct that it does not violate any blog rules. It is just somewhat depressing that lack of accountability translates to the right to be nasty to some people. At least Phoenix, for all her controversial opinions, owns who and what she believes! I have to say that I respect that on many levels, even if I don't always share your views.

dont_kid_yourself said...

Umass & Phoenix use the same monikers and they're both being very rude. And whose to say the just because someone uses the same moniker, that they're not also switching it up and using random ones, when they feel like it?

random moniker said...

Wow you've got to be kidding, nycmom, the rudest posters here are the ones who have consistent monikers.

I run a blogspot blog, too, and it is incredibly easy to toggle the switch that requires people to be logged on to their Google account before they can comment. If MPP felt it was that important, she would have done it by now.

J said...

I don't think not usingthe same moniker makes anyone appear "troll like." While I respect your opinion, I do not agree with that what so ever. I think your behavior and your behavior alone makes you appear troll like.

WellStated said...

You took the words out of my mouth "random moniker."

nycmom said...

don't kid yourself,
Yes, of course that is possible. But it does not change my opinion on those who choose to never use a consistent moniker.

Well, we just disagree. Many of the nastiest comments which are almost always by non-regulars are deleted. Nonetheless, I do not think the "rudeness" of the regular posters is nasty. I think it is their genuine personality. Those who post w/o a moniker, IMO, are often being deliberately inflammatory and hurtful for no greater purpose. But, as I said, that is just one opinion and you are certainly entitled to yours.

nycmom said...

As an aside, Tales from the Nanny Hood, you may have a unique perspective here. I saw the recent thread you posted re DCmoms group and your name there as NannyDeb. I also saw how much you were attacked by almost entirely anonymous posters on one thread. I was/am impressed that you were one of the few people who does identify themselves on there despite the fact that you get so much flack. You are brave!

JustSaying said...

Could you keep dcmoms on dcmoms? This is an entirely different blog. Or take it to a private message. Its rude.

nycmon said...


The DC blog and the issue I mentioned were both discussed on ISYN very recently. I am not raising any new topics, but rather referencing a relevant recent ISYN post.

You would be better served by following ISYN more closely before appointing yourself vice-monitor.

bostonnanny said...

I agree with you nycmom having constant monikers has changed the way ppl communicate on this site. Whats wrong with mentioning DCUM on this site? A lot of ppl on this site go on it and from the use of "troll" in this post...DCUM is spreading hard

MKAY... said...

Many of the nastiest comments which are almost always by non-regulars are deleted.

So you claim. How on earth do they figure into this conversation if no one knows about them except those who delete them? They vanish and then exist only in your imagination for discussion purposes.

Aries said...

JustSaying: That isn't up to you. The owners of this blog can delete messages or set rules, not you. And the owners of this blog do not get 'jealous' of other blogs. Infact, i seen a post recently on here that they posted up. IT was a question regarding other cool nanny/parent sites. She wanted to no if there were other sites like this one. IF MPP didn't want it, she wouldn't of posted the question.

Aries said...

#1 needs to realize that in the real world, it's every man for himself and NOONE will willingly work for free. There are programs and assistance she can get. Her past abusive relationship is irrelevant. I've been in a past abusive relationship and i've never once tried to use that to my advantage. I think she's just trying to make others pity her.

roundandround said...

Aires, where was "jealousy" ever mentioned? And yes of course the owners set the rules and I respect that. But why would that stop anyone here from expressing their oinion?

backontrack said...

#1 I noticed that there is NO mention of the days, hours or the job. I don't think this woman intends on working. And I doubt the abuse story. Its just a ploy to get free babysitting.

#2 Doctor bills? That's your excuse fpr not paying a decent child care wage? Tats insane. All doctors will accept small payments, until its paid off. This is just an excuse.

#3 How is this 15 year old mother going to survive on $280 a month?

#4 $10-12 an hour for a 12 year old child to babysit? No way. Id pay her minimum wage & I wouldn't leave her alone with my children.

#5 Who would leave a 2,5 & 8 year old with a stranger they just met? How dangerous.

#6 Twelve hours a day, six days a week! No way! I bet the pay is very low. Probably around $100 a week.

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

Random moniker,
Re: "it is incredibly easy to toggle the switch that requires people to be logged on to their Google account before they can comment. If MPP felt it was that important, she would have done it by now."


You brought up a good point... the only reason I don't require registration is that I seriously think it would hinder commenting. Some have mentioned it would be a pain in the ass and I want ISYN to be user friendly, especially with the high traffic and so many new Readers coming through.

To MKAY... as for what NYCmom said about the deleted comments: sometimes they sit for a few hours before I can get to them and the regulars will see them.

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

If this is "the" Linda I think it is (you can message me)... I wish you would come back under your old moniker. Some people have missed you. ;-)

nycmom said...

Is Linda the LindaLou from several years ago? She was an interesting poster! I miss many of the old regulars, especially those I did not always agree with.

I recall the thread about requiring registering when ISYN went no-anon allowed. JD/MPP (sorry, still not sure what the current ownership/relationship is) did express a preference that posters would stick with a name:

"As the blog owner, I am asking those who read and post here to try and make this work. If the readers and posters can't comply, I will be left with only one choice and that is to disallow all comments but those from registered people.
Ideally, each person would pick a moniker, and stick to it. (For the most part at least.)

Thank you for your cooperation."

Registering was decided against as it might discourage new traffic though this is 4 years later and I suspect almost everyone has a Google account by now (especially now that Zagat is free then too!). Regardless, a compromise was suggested that people at least stick with one moniker per thread if they wanted to maintain a unique persona, but still be engagable in a meaningful way. JMO.

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

I don't want to give away her original moniker (a very unusual one at that, lol) but she was definitely an interesting poster. She had her fair share of fans.

As for the relationship between Jane and I, we are good friends and have a profound respect for one another. Both of us are former Nannies. A few years ago she asked me to come on board and help because she was so busy with the blog, school, work and caring for 2 children. Shortly after, she asked if I would take over ISYN for her and I jumped at the opportunity. She still does most of the graphics and handles all of the media (that is something I still cannot do, lol) i.e., radio interviews, talk shows (Good Morning America, The Rachel Ray Show, etc.) news magazines (The New York Times, Ladies Home Journal, etc.) Unfortunately, I have not kept up with tagging them... Media used to be listed in the sidebar. I will ask her if she can help me dig all of it back up for those that may be interested in reading it.

UmassSlytherin said...

I miss BLB. I didn't always agree with her, but she added a lot of color and insight to the blog.

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

Umass got her initials right. ;-)

Of course, you have been around for a long time.

I miss "mom" a lot, too...

nycmom said...

Yes, I miss "Mom" too. Calimom was always interesting. I know BLB also and agree she added a lot to the discussion in the past.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write out that explanation! You guys make an awesome team :}

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

Jeez, I can't believe I forgot Calimom! She is still around... although very rarely.

There were a lot of great posters back in the day... but we have a whole 'nother crop of regulars that are just as entertaining! ;-)

MissMannah said...

Aw I remember BLB! I didn't post very often back she was here but I really liked her. Of course, I always like the opinionated ladies.

ericsmom said...

I miss Calimom. Where has she gone??

Mrs. Billy Lamar said...

Back to Cali.


Linda Cubed said...

If this is "the" Linda I think it is (you can message me)... I wish you would come back under your old moniker. Some people have missed you. ;-)

MPP -- I am the Linda (and "Linda Again") from several posts back and no, I do not have any kind of history on this blog in the sense that I used to have a consistent moniker. I am also quite certain that no one would miss me or reminisce about me if I were to stop posting! Heck, I've been declared "stupid", so apparently don't really have much to offer anyway, hee! ;)

I have commented many many times and have submitted over a dozen various articles for publication here, all of which have generated terrific discussions. (If you want to know my email address, let me know and I will reveal myself to you -- you will immediately recognize me and remember my past submissions.)

But when I comment I always pick a different moniker. Not for any nefarious reasons, just because it amuses me and I tend to be stubborn and immature and break rules when it doesn't really hurt anyone. :O

I am a career nanny and love this blog but frankly feel no allegiance to it nor do I care if others want to get to recognize me.

However if you ever toggle the blog setting to force commenters to have a Google account in order to comment, I will probably continue posting under that rule. :)

Linda Cubed said...

P.S. $100 to the first person to flame me for admitting to being both a career nanny AND immature. :)

chick said...

nycmom said..."As an aside, Tales from the Nanny Hood, you may have a unique perspective here. I saw the recent thread you posted re DCmoms group and your name there as NannyDeb. I also saw how much you were attacked by almost entirely anonymous posters on one thread. I was/am impressed that you were one of the few people who does identify themselves on there despite the fact that you get so much flack. You are brave!"

nycmom, I appreciate the compliment, but it's not bravery as much as it is a visceral dislike of internet bullies and trolls who slam people under various monikers or start arguments just to stir the pot, then post under 6 different monikers to support their own silliness.

I try very hard to not post under multiple names or anonymously, just because I think if I am going to say something on-line I should have the guts to do so under one ID, and the cajones to stand behind what I say.

Plus, when others use consistent monikers, I know who to avoid engaging in inanity. :-)

I kind of find the whole idea that there is a thread all about me on DCUM hysterical. I must have pushed a helluva lot of buttons there to generate that response, and all I did was question the validity of several much-loved theories about nannies and how to pay them and treat them.

talesfromthe(nanny)hood said...

errm, yeah. Chick is me, talesfromthe(nanny)hood.

Massive irony outbreak anyone?

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

I thought that was you... I remember a lot of e-mail exchanges back in the day when I was just moderating, lol... especially from that one huge never-ending flame war. And I know about the different monikers, I was talking about the one Umass referenced: BLB. Glad to see you are still around!

To Chick/Tales,
I figured out long ago you were one and the same... if a Reader chooses to delete a post, I still receive it through my e-mail. But you knew that, right? ;-)

It really is nice to have some of the older regulars on board!

Phoenix said...

eh i call people stupid all the time. get over it

and also i don't have the time to create profiles for each one of my personalities. LOL. i just have the one and I don't hide.

Linda said...

eh i call people stupid all the time. get over it

I wouldn't know... I rarely bother to read your comments.

and also i don't have the time to create profiles for each one of my personalities.

I don't have the time to do that either, which is why I don't. I simply type in a different name every time. Takes all of 3 seconds.

Linda Again said...

I thought that was you

MPP, I said that wasn't me. I have no idea whom you are referring to as BLB. :)

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

Yes, please e-mail me... I can't tell if you are being sarcastic. The both of you share the same mannerisms. ;-)