Walter Stillman School in Tenafly, NJ.

Your nanny is a Spanish woman named Ruby. She picks up a child at Walter Stillman School in Tenafly, NJ. Her charges are 2 or 3 girls. I don't know how to say this nicely so I will just say it. Your oldest kid is a brat. Ruby, has the patience of a saint. I have watched her charge hit her, go in her purse and grab her cell phone to call you when Ruby is trying to follow your instructions, only to have you tell your child she can do as she pleases then she laughs at her nanny and gets her way. Your daughter is also a bully. She hits her sibling and the baby Ruby has in the stroller. If Ruby corrects her, she hits Ruby. She also bites and kicks. Nasty little piece of work. God bless Ruby and I hope she finds a family who deserves her. She is a wonderful nanny and extremely loyal I know because I have tried several times to get her to come work for me but she won't consider it. You should support your nanny and let her be in charge when you are not around. You should not let your daughter call you to countermand her nanny's orders. You are sure to be in for a lot of heart ache if your kid is allowed to continue this path.


Dr. Juris said...

Kid deserves an asswhooping, and I don't care if I offend anyone on this board. Sometimes time outs are NOT enough.

ELam said...

All these stories of kids just completely disrespecting adults blows my mind. I cannot fathom behaving like that when I was younger and my parents sure as hell wouldn't let me get away with it.

Did y'all see that story about the middle school kids harassing the bus monitor, who was an older woman? They literally brought her to tears. Disgusting.

Old School Natalie said...


I just finished watching the video and it makes me sick to my stomach to watch how those kids tormented that poor woman!! I just don't get it. As a working professional nanny, the majority of the families I work with have the kids running the show. Little Jonny doesn't want to eat such and such for lunch, so he doesn't have to and then he tells his parents what he will and will not eat. Like he is in a restaurant or something. Little Suzy does not want to wear her jacket to the playground, pitches a fit and parents gives in...instead of saying she cannot go to the playground for her bad behavior.

Parents, as long as you coddle your kids and let them run the show, the world will be a society of self-entitled brats. Thank God I will be gone by then.

Watching the video of those middle-school kids taunting that bus monitor is a tangible example of the direction the future generation is going unless parents start being parents, not enablers.

As a kid, I ate what was on my ifs, ands or buts. If I didn't like it, then tough...I went hungry. If I pitched a fit, then I was duly punished for it.

Bethany said...

I just saw the video of the bus monitor. I would never dream of speaking to an elder that way even now and as a child the thought would never have crossed my mind. I'm cetain I would not have lived to see the light of the next day.

Bethany said...

Poor Ruby!

I hope she is brave enough to leave this position.

Nothing will change as long as mom encourages an condones her behavior,

Lyn said...

My parents would have killed me! I would probably come close to killing my (future) kids!
I wonder why she didn't accept this other job?

misswi said...

I often compare being a nanny to being in a relationship
Just like it takes women who are beaten a long time to leave their abusers nannies who are in bad situations also wait forever to leave. And as with battered women, nannies often stay for the kids

ericsmom said...

Wow I live close by. I never see anything going on about Bergen County, NJ.

Beezus said...

Currently I'm a nanny to a MAJOR brat. I'm not afraid to say it. This kid needs a swatting in the worst way and I don't care who disagrees.
I really just wish parents would simply enforce their rules and not give in to every fleeting whim-5 year old's have a lot of them.
It doesn't matter if dinner is in a purple bowl or a freaking blue one, eat whats in it! For Gods sake and quit howling on about it!

Bad day:rant.

Windycitynannyof4 said...

Most families let children run the show and they think it's love. Hell no! I love my children to death and they know better, respect other people, listen and hey what else can I say. They r the best. Those kids need their asses to b whooped.

luckoftheirish said...

I think its too many working parents feeling guilty for neglecting their children, for the almighty dollar. They think they can buy happiness & be their kids friends. Good parents dont befriend their children. At least not until adulthood."Im mom, not your friend & I dont need your approval."

The video made me sick! Hopefully she will take the $330,000+ that was raised for her & retire far, far away from those heathens!

Bethany said...

Luckoftheirish that's what my mom always said.

I can't tell you how many nanny interviews I've been on where the parents tell me they let their kids do whatever they please because they don't want to spend the few hours they see them in a day discipling them.

UmassSlytherin said...

this is a great siting! OP: love this post!

MPP: you should add a segment called "Bad Kid Sitings" lol

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

I actually considered that as I was posting this, lol... OP sent it in as a "reverse sighting"! Problem is, I think I would be too busy with Publishing "Bad Kids" and not have a life! ;-)

OhhPlease said...

I agree with UMass I think a bad kid sighting would be a fun segment (even if you did it ocassionally like how you do with the holiday bonus survey). I would have quite a few to submit lol.

It's truly awful the direction these upcoming generations are taking. These parents "afraid" to parent are raising a generation of self entitled brats. I could NEVER imagine acting like Ruby's charge and my mom going along with that nonsense. I hope Ruby's bosses see this but by the way it sounds I doubt the parents would do anything about their little brat. If anything they would probably "punish" Ruby for not being in control of the child.

Lyn said...

I realize I'm probably going to get my butt chewed for even suggesting this, but: is it possible that Ruby hasn't accepted this other job because Ruby posted this "sighting" herself. Maybe knowing her MB reads occasionally. A way to mention what a brat her oldest charge is without mentioning it directly? Maybe listing the job offer as a way to say "hey, other people want me and they would probably pay me more than you".

Please don't stone me alive, haha. Just a thought.

OP (NOT RUBY) :) said...

I am the OP and I promise I am not Ruby. I have watched this go on all year and myself, other mommies and nannies are appalled. This little girl has quite the reputation on the school yard of being the worst sort of brat. The other day was the last straw for me when I was watching. School just let out for the year but I will try to get a picture next time and post it. My reason for posting in hopes the child's parents will see this and be embarrassed. I just felt that poor Ruby deserves some recognition. Whatever they pay her is not enough!!!

Thanks so much for posting this!

OP (NR) said...

UMassSlytherin...sorry I didn't see your post but thanks!
To the person who asked why Ruby didn't accept nmy offer.. I can't say for sure. I can say she seems to really care about her charges. maybe she feels she can do some good staying? It's been suggested that Ruby is working and in this country illegally so that could also be a concern. All I know is she is a wonderful nanny i hope the family at least treats her well finacially....Somehow i doubt it.