Prime Time

What is the best time of year to look for and find a job as a nanny?


Lyn said...

I think it depends on the area you are looking. I've found the most ads typicaly start up for summer care around the end of May. However I've always found my long term jobs posting right towards the end of summer before/just after school starts. Good luck if you're looking!

OhhPlease said...

I agree with Lyn. And sometimes it seems that parents start interviewing in the fall for jobs starting in Dec and Jan these are usually parents of small children or babies.

Ashley said...

I think the best time is around mid- to late August as many nannies are returning to school so some nanny jobs open up.

However, due to our current economic problems, I would say the best time was probably four years ago.


Manhattan Nanny said...

I agree with late summer and early fall. Even families with young children not yet in school tend to vacation in summer and look for a new nanny around the beginning of the school year.
The exception is new parents of infants. If that is what you are looking for those jobs come up all year round.

OceanBlue said...

In the US monst people are born in October so I would say 3 months before until 3 month after that month for a newborn.

Susannah said...

Now if you need work or need out of a bad nanny situation!

Other than that try late summer or early fall. There also seem to be lots of job ads poster around the start of the new year.